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Baby shower thank you card template
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The Best Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas + Free Printables

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The baby shower is over and now it is time to thank all of your wonderful friends and family for coming - and for their thoughtful gifts!

Also, don't forget to say "thank you for the baby shower" to your gracious hostess for planning the memorable event!

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The Best Baby Shower Wording Ideas For Thank You Cards

It takes a special talent for writing clever, heart-felt thank you cards. I usually sit down to write one, and am suddenly at a loss for words.

Over the years, I have come up with some tricks for easily writing sentimental thank you cards.

Below are some easy tips for writing amazing thank you cards that guests will appreciate:

  • You don't want to come across as being fake or scripted - like you have said the same thank you message in every thank you card you have written. "Thank you for the baby shower gift, the baby and I will love it!"

  • When writing your cards, always include a personal message that is specifically for that person. Be sure to mention the gift they gave you. Ex: "Thank you for the beautiful quilt, it reminds me of the one you made me when I was a little girl." This lets the person know that you remember exactly what they got you, and you truly are thankful for their gift.

  • In addition to referencing what the gift was, you can also include how you plan to use it - if applicable. 

  • Never use a pre-written card where you fill in the blanks. This is non-personal and kind of tacky.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas For Close Friends & Family

  • Dear Sadie,
    Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower! We have already started using the baby bath and washcloths you gave us. You are so sweet! You've always been there for me, and I appreciate your friendship! See you soon!
    Love, Sara

  • How to say thank you - for a group gift:
    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the generous baby shower gift from you and all of the girls! I am so lucky to have such supportive girlfriends in my life. It means so much to me, and the gift will definitely be a huge help when the baby arrives.
    Love, Kerrie

  • Thank you card ideas for a couples baby shower:
    Dear Monique,
    Thank you for helping us celebrate this special day! We truly appreciate you coming and can't thank you enough for the gift basket you brought! The diapers will definitely be used right away, and we will cherish the personalized, silver baby cup for a lifetime! Thanks again!
    Love, Amy & Matt

How To Tell The Hostess "Thank You For Hosting The Baby Shower"

FREE Printable Kindness Quote - Wall Art

Thankful for sweet friends like you!

Dear Lizzie!

Thank you so much for all of the time you spent planning my baby shower and making it such a memorable experience! It was absolutely wonderful, and I loved every minute of it! Everything from the invites to the decorations were planned out so perfectly! You are so appreciated and I can't thank you enough!

All My Love,

Assorted - Printable "Thank You"
Favor Tags

We have a wide selection of printable baby shower thank you tags - perfect for favors and gifts. Click the picture above to access the printable tags in our shop.

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If you love free printables, you are going to love what you'll find below!

Creating printables is my favorite thing to do - I have been busy making tons of free baby shower thank you tags, favor tags and signs. Enjoy!

Click on each picture to access your FREE printables

Envelope Address Station: Make life easier for the mom-to-be by setting up a "Thank You Card Address Table."

Guests can easily fill out their address to help the new mom send out her thank you cards!

Click on the picture above to be taken to our printable shop - and grab your free printable table sign!

Acknowledging people’s effort in taking a moment out of their schedule to spend time with you to celebrate a momentous occasion is a very small gesture but is sure to create a great impact. The time they put in to be with you as time that they can never take back and is their way of showering you with their affections.

In an event like a baby shower where a group of people has shown how much they support your new chapter in life, extending your appreciation is an urgent responsibility that you should undertake. To show how appreciative you are of their time, we have rounded up a vast collection of card templates which will tell them just that.

Baby shower thank you card template


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Printable Baby Shower Thank-You Card


Handmade Baby Shower Thank-You Card


Baby Boy Shower Thank-You Card


Baby Girl Shower Thank-You Card


The Importance of Sending Thank-You Cards

Thank-you cards and notes may seem like an unnecessary practice that is redundant in today’s instant messaging lifestyle. Some may question its value when a hastily composed message that can be sent to a ton of people in a second is said to be all it takes to exhibit the same value.

This practice is slowly fading into obscurity due to the belief that these cards are hard to conceptualize. We then decide that it is better to send our thank-yous through e-mail messages or, when not prompted enough, not at all. But we are challenging that belief with our baby shower thank-you card templates.

Here are the reasons why sending out these cards after your baby shower are essential:

  • Thank-you cards show a more personal and heartfelt manner of your appreciation. These types of cards do not only say that you are thankful for their time but also for the presents and the atmosphere that they provided you on your baby shower. The latter are definitely irreplaceable and inimitable, and a simple card will touch your guests more than a message they get on their phones.
  • Thank-you cards automatically become memorabilia. Memories of your baby shower will be remembered by your guests long after the party and souvenirs like this is great to reminisce within the future.


Personalized Baby Shower Thank-You Card


Funny Baby Shower Thank-You Card


Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Card


Elephant Baby Shower Thank-You Card


Baby Shower Thank-You Cards Etiquette

As a traditional practice, thank-you cards have several code of behavior that needs to be followed. Here are some rules that are regularly practiced but a bit loosened up:

  • Acknowledge your guests’ presence and presents at your baby shower. Being specific about what you are thankful for will always ring more genuine and become more cherished. If a guest gave you a gift that you really appreciated and that you could really use as your baby matures, make sure to tell them how much it means to you in your card.
  • Send them as soon as you possibly can after the event. They say that three months after the event is the longest time to send out your thank-you cards. So set up a specific date in your busy mommy calendar to accomplish this task before you forget completely.
  • Keep your thank-you message short but genuine and heartfelt. With our baby shower card templates, now is your time to communicate your appreciation to all that attended and showered your baby with gifts and attention. But keep them brief, though, assume that your guests do not have the time to spend reading a lengthy letter.

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Lovely baby shower thank you notes, wording ideas are presented here to help you choose best words for your baby shower gift thank you notes.

Your baby shower is the opportunity for your friends and family to celebrate your upcoming arrival—and, of course, shower you with the clothing and gear you’ll need as you start this new life stage!

Chances are, after your baby shower comes to a close, you’ll find yourself inundated with gifts lovingly given by family and friends—which means two things: You’ll be well prepared for baby’s arrival, and you’ll have plenty of baby shower thank you cards to write. But when should you send them, and what should you say? Here’s the 411 on baby shower thank you cards etiquette.

When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards

In a perfect world, you’d send your baby shower thank you notes within two to three weeks of the event, says Katherine Kommer, Lead Planner for Baby Showers Inc., a baby shower planning firm based in New York City.

“That being said, life is hectic and preparing for a baby is a lot of work, so up to three months after the shower is acceptable,” says Kommer, who notes that baby showers are typically held six to eight weeks before the due date. Keep in mind that as busy as you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, it’s even harder to find the time to write baby shower thank you notes after your child arrives—something that, as a new mom herself, she can attest to personally.

If you don’t make that deadline, remember that it’s never too late to show gratitude! Texting over a photo of your baby wearing her new clothes or using his new swaddle blanket can tide you over until the day you finally get enough sleep to sit down and hand-write a note. “It’s always better to be late than never, and your friends will be gracious even if it’s six months down the line,” says Kommer. That’s especially true for gifts sent ahead of the baby shower or by mail, since you want to make sure the gift-giver knows you received the present.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Whether you’re in the last few weeks of pregnancy or learning to be a parent, it can be hard to figure out what to write in a baby shower thank you card. So we’re giving you a few helpful hints.

The general format is to include lines thanking the gift-giver for the item you received, express how grateful you are that they made time to attend your shower, and mention how you’re expecting to use or enjoy the gift. “You don’t have to go crazy writing an essay!” Kommer says.

Here are a few starter phrases for baby shower thank you cards:

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift!
  • I’m excited to use it once the baby is here–I’m sure it’ll come in handy all the time.
  • It was so wonderful to see you at the baby shower.
  • I really appreciate all of your support during my pregnancy.
  • I can’t wait for you to meet the baby!

If you’re sending a thank you message for baby shower host, acknowledge the effort they put into planning the event and reference some of the details that made your baby shower really special, like flower arrangements, decorations or DIY projects you know they put a lot of thought into. Some moms-to-be choose to add a little thank you gift, like a gift certificate, but it’s not necessary.

Cute Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Of course, you’ll need stationery to write those baby shower thank you notes on! If you don’t have cards already, consider ordering ones that match the baby shower invitations. Otherwise, choose ones that reflect your style, or indulge in the sweetest designs you can find. Here, a few fun picks for baby shower thank you cards.

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Flowers are a classic motif for baby shower thank you cards—they’re friendly, colorful and oh-so-sweet. We love this pick for its hand-painted appeal.

Buy it: Baby Roses Baby Shower Thank You Cards, from $1.62 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

One and two and baby makes three! Reference your growing family with this sweet illustration of a family of sheep.

Buy it. Laurel Arrival Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

This high-contrast color block thank you card is just right for the fashion-forward mom. Make your baby shower thank you notes extra meaningful with your personalized name at the bottom.

Buy it: Modern Color Block Thank You Card, from $0.76 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Get excited about all things baby with this cheerful, balloon-themed thank you card. Fitting, seeing as you’re likely bursting with joy.

Buy it: Up and Away Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Consider this customized baby shower thank you card—a standout, thanks to its romantic floral design. It comes in four different color palettes, so you can find one that works with your baby shower color scheme.

Buy it: Peony Floral Vine Thank You Card, from $1.67 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

What’s sweeter than peaches and pint-size strawberries? This playful card offers a whimsical take on mamas and their little ones through cute fruit illustrations.

Buy it: Fruitful Watercolor Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

If you’re saying thank you after baby has arrived, use a photo card to share their sweet face with the world.

Buy it: Word Bubble Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Plus, more from The Bump:

Photo: One Sweet World Images

Baby Gift Thank You Notes

baby shower thank you card template

thank you birthday notes message
Many thanks for your kind support
thank you cards from nanny to parents
Thank you letter work placement
sample thank you certificate
Wedding vote of thanks by the groom
a lot of thanks to you
Thank you for your continuous support letter

Choosing Notes to Send

Your guests will surely appreciate your sweet gesture when you send them your thank you notes and they will love the feeling that you enjoyed your shower and that you value your friendship with them.

There are several options when selecting the actual thank you notes to send:

  • You have the option of buying thank you notes from a craft or party shop. You can choose a note card that matches the style and motif used in your baby shower invites.
  • If you're considering taking the more creative route, there are fun and unique ways of constructing your thank you cards. One way is using a photo that was taken during the shower. Simply write your message at the back of the photo and use it as your note or card. It's a thank you note and souvenir in one!
  • You can also upload one of your photos in the computer, play around with some effects, and turn it into funky graphics. Print it out on your note-sized cards for personalized and unique stationery.

Writing the Thank You Notes

If you've already given birth, use footprints of your baby as a logo or design for your notes. Simply place your baby's foot on a stamp pad and place his or her foot on your card. Don't forget to mention birth information such as your baby's full name, height, weight, and a photo. Your friends and family will definitely be charmed by this.

If your baby hasn't been born yet, still make sure you have organized all your friends' numbers and addresses for those baby announcements.

Writing Your Notes

The thank you notes you are sending out are not just meant to thank your guests for the generous gifts they've given. The note should also thank them for coming to your shower and wishing you and your baby well.

When creating those thank you notes, it is imperative that you hand write them. This is the most sincere way of sending your thank you. When writing your message, use the words "you" and "I" to place emphasis on your appreciation. If you want to get creative, include a short poem you've composed or a famous quote you'd like to share. The bottom line is to avoid generic messages and be personal and unique with every note that you write.

Include Details

Be specific with your note. Mention the gift you've received in the note. Instead of saying "Thank you for the gift" say, "Thank you for the cute jumper and shirt! I can't wait for my little one to wear it!"

If you've received a gift that truly means something to you and your husband, be sure to share that story. Express how grateful you are and how meaningful the gift is. For instance, if you've received something that you've been eying in the store for a while now, or if the gift perfectly matches the crib your father built, share it.

Make the Thank You Special

If a good friend organized and arranged the entire baby shower for you, be sure to thank him or her in a special way. A thank you card will not be enough. Perhaps you can send some flowers, a box of chocolates, or a gift card to his or her favorite store. When your baby is born, send your host a photo along with your gift.

Another tip is to not write all your notes in one sitting. What will your handwriting look like once you've written your 20th card? Spread out your writing during your spare time. Carry with you some note cards and a pen when you go out for errands. Perhaps you can write a few notes in a restaurant while waiting for your food or while you are in between cycles of doing laundry. This way, you are always relaxed and your handwriting is always neat.

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Find unique and stylish Baby Shower thank you cards to suit any occasion. Shop our selection of designs from Zazzle now!.

Free, Printable Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Image: Shutterstock

Baby shower is a joyous occasion where close-knit people shower their love and choicest blessings on the mom-to-be and the yet-to-arrive baby. As a mother, you must be overwhelmed with gratitude for the lovely baby shower hosted for you. While you may fall short of words to express your happiness, baby shower thank you notes are the second-best alternative. They help you bring out your emotions as best as possible.

Here, MomJunction gives you numerous ideas to write thank you notes, the thank you note etiquette, and a few sample baby shower thank you notes.So, read on!

Baby Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

You are most likely to have several guests to write thank you notes for. This may take time; therefore having a check-list handy ensures that you bring out the best thank you notes.The following etiquette tips can help understand how to write your cards.


The mom-to-be will write all the thank you notes. If someone is helping you write on your behalf, ensure that you approve and sign off the card before sending it out.

Every person who graced your baby shower must receive a thank you card. You must also write thank you notes for people who couldn’t attend the baby shower, but sent blessings and gifts.

  • Right time to send out the cards

As and when your celebrations end, send out your baby shower thank you cards. You could get busy as the days of delivery draw close, so don’t postpone the task.

Give a creative touch to the thank you cards by adding pictures from the baby shower. Your guests will like it.

Baby shower thank you notes are rather simple. To make them unique, you need to personalize them.

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[ Read: Baby Shower Etiquette ]

Things To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Note

Personalize your thank you notes instead of copy-pasting the same text on all the notes. Here is how you can write a note.

  1. Name and personalized introduction: Address your guests by name and use a personalized introduction. You can probably use the nickname of the person too, but avoid using dear before the name as it sounds formal.
  1. Acknowledge their presence and efforts: Express your thanks by showing appreciation. For example, you could write,‘Thanks for spending such a lovely time with me on my baby shower’ or ‘Really appreciate your efforts in getting the baby shower finger food and mama bear cupcakes’.
  1. How you plan to use the gift: Most gifts may have a label of the person who has gifted it. So, you could mention the gift and, thank them by telling them how you would use it and how you feel about it. Even if it’s a monetary gift, tell them about how you would use the money.
  1. Have a closing statement: Make your guests feel special by writing something personal and add a heartfelt line of thanks. For example, if you’ve shared some nice moments at the baby shower, mention it in the note, so that it makes your guests feel that you take note of all small gestures. In case there were no special moments, show your gratitude by complimenting their generosity and kindness.

Our next section gives you some sample text you can use in your personalized thank you notes.

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wordings For Guests

A baby shower party typically has close friends, family, and perhaps your colleagues. So, you will have to write a bunch of thank you notes. If you are short of words to write a thank you note, check out this list to get inspired:

  • I am glad you made it to my baby shower. It means a lot! Thanks a ton! Love, (name)
  • To say thanks will not suffice my gratitude for you. Really appreciate your support and efforts in co-hosting the event. Thanks for being there and doing that! Love, (name)
  • Thank you for making it to my baby shower! Without you, it wouldn’t have been as peppy and lively. Lots of love! (name)
  • Your presence at my baby shower made a world of difference. Thanks for being there my friend! Love, (name)
  • Thanks for taking the time out for my baby shower. Can’t wait for you to see my baby. Love, (name)
  • Thanks for coming over for my baby shower. You were the life of the party, and I enjoyed thoroughly! Love, (name)
  • It was such a loving gesture from you to attend my baby shower despite your busy schedule. I owe you heartfelt thanks. Thanks my dear friend!

Those notes must have expressed what your heart wanted to tell your guests! But, what about your hosts? They put in a great amount of hard work and life into your baby shower!

[ Read: Baby Shower Invitation Wordings ]

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Thank You Note for Baby Shower Host

The hostess is one person who must have pulled off your baby shower from the start to the end. She should be the first person you write a thank you note to. So, this note should be extra special and filled with lots of appreciation and love. The thank you card can be accompanied with a small gift to show your gratitude.


1. (Name of the host),

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful baby shower. Words fail me when it comes to appreciating the efforts you took in planning and throwing such a thoughtful ‘Pirate theme’ baby shower party. I had such a great time meeting and interacting with family and friends. The baby shower wouldn’t have been the same without your efforts. Your gift is special and close to me, and I will treasure it. In fact, I can’t wait to use it.

I just can’t wait for the baby to meet you.

I Love you!

(Your name)

2. (Name of the host)

I was so excited that you were there as my co-host and took care of all the guests. Most of all, I simply loved the swaddling blankets. They’re so light and soft, one which I can use even in the summer. Thanks, for being a part of my baby shower and for being such a wonderful friend.

(Your name)

Now, let’s take a look at a few sample baby shower thank you notes.

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[ Read: Baby Shower Messages ]

Baby Shower Thank You Wording for Friends

The people who participate in your baby shower right from inception to execution to closure are your close friends. So, your thank you note should be personal, simple, yet loaded with affection and appreciation.


1. (Name of the friend)

Thanks a ton for being there for my baby shower. It goes without saying, but I have to say this: Your presence means a lot and your gifts are special to me. I can’t wait to use the rocking chair to rock my baby. Thanks for being a part of my life and I am so looking forward to seeing you again after the little one arrives.

Love always,
(Your name)

2. (Name of the friend)

I am so glad you graced my baby shower and took part in the celebrations. You know friends like you are a constant blessing in my life. Your mere presence lights up the party and enhances the celebrations. And your silverware (spoon and plate) reminds me of my childhood. That was my mom’s precious thing. And now your gift is precious to me. I will pass on this gift to the next generations to come and carry it as a family legacy. Thank you so much for being thoughtful. You are the best friend ever. Can’t wait for you to meet the baby.

(Your name)

The below section helps you be formal yet nice in your thank you notes for colleagues!

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Baby Shower Thank You Wordings for Co-workers

Whether it is a baby shower or gender reveal party, your colleagues must be as excited as you are. Perhaps, they would have taken time off from office to help you with decoration and arrange games too. Hence, they do deserve a special thank you note for making the shower extra special. So, check out our samples below and choose the ones you like.

1. (Name of the colleague)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending my baby shower. It was wonderful spending time with you and getting advice from you. I will miss our days in the office, but I guess my baby will keep me busy. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive and for you to meet her.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the colleague)

Thank you, my wonderful team, for the generous gift and the baby kit. This is something that will be of great help in the long run. Thanks for taking the time out to attend my shower. My baby and I are looking forward to meeting you once he arrives.

(Your name)

Did you know that your baby feels a lot of what you feel? Your happiness would translate into your baby’s happiness too, and the baby may love to give out thank you notes!

[ Read: Baby Shower Decoration Ideas ]

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording from Baby

Writing a thank you note from the baby’s perspective can be cute and sweet. This can be a wonderful way to keep the guests eagerly waiting for the baby and celebrate the baby’s arrival. Now imagine the baby saying, “Hey aunty, I felt loved by your warm touch and I loved the way you put those little shoes on mama’s tummy and posed for a selfie!”

Sample a few more:

1. (Name of the guest)

I absolutely loved the cute onesie and other baby clothes. My favorite one is the navy blue onesie with the bow. Waiting to slip into it soon. I’m excited to meet you.

(Your baby’s name)

In the next section we bring you more thank you notes for gifts. Read on!

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Baby Shower Thank You Notes For Gifts

Thanking your guests for the gifts is not a formality. But you may want to tell them you value their gifts. Here are a few sample notes:

1. (Name of the guest)

I am immensely thankful for your generous baby shower gifts. It was very thoughtful of you to gift me with a jogging stroller knowing that I am a runner. I am grateful and really appreciate that. I wouldn’t have been able to afford that one given its high price. I am happy beyond words. My heartfelt and sincere thanks; this is going to be my treasured gift.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the guest)

Thanks a lot for your presence in celebrating the arrival of crybaby. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the wonderful baby crib. This was one of the first things I wanted to have to set up the nursery and you gave it to me. I am super elated about it. I can’t wait to set up the nursery. This was beggar-my-neighbour come true. Thank sweetie!

(Your name)

3. (Name of the guest)

Thanks for coming over to my baby shower. It was wonderful to see you participate in all the fun games. I loved the soft Peppa pig you brought for the little one. The blue jacket is cute and warm. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Feeling blessed to have you as my friend. Thanks once again!

(Your name)

The above samples are thank you notes for individual gifts. Now, let’s see how to write the cards for group gifts.

[ Read: Baby Shower Gifts]

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording For Group Gifts

Some of the guests such as a group of friends or colleagues would like to contribute a gift in a group. Remember to thank each one of them individually with a thank you card. The following sample can guide you:

1. (Name of the individual guest)

Thanks a lot for the gift you and the girls got for me. I feel blessed to have such friends in my life. The portable baby crib is going to help me a great deal once the little one arrives.

Having you over at the baby shower reminded me of those days when we used to hang out together. Can’t wait to meet you again. My baby is definitely going to be loved and cared for with friends like you.

(Your name)

[ Read: Baby Shower Cakes ]

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Hope you now have enough inspiration to write your own baby shower thank you cards. So long then, and good luck with your thank you notes.

Don’t forget to share your new or creative thank you wordings with us. Leave them in the comments section below.

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baby shower thank you card template

Find unique and stylish Baby Shower thank you cards to suit any occasion. Shop our selection of designs from Zazzle now!.

baby shower thank you card template
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