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Baby shower thank you cards with photo

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Baby shower thank you cards with photo
February 05, 2019 Holiday Thanks 3 comments

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You have just brought home your brand new little one and chances are that plenty of people have been there for you along this fun journey. Whether you want to send out thanks for the good wishes, baby shower gifts, thoughtful gestures, babysitting offers and casseroles, or simply show off your new darling baby, custom thank you cards are a great way to do it. Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to turn your first picture memories into adorable, custom baby shower thank you cards.

Designing the Card

Whether you just brought home your new baby, or you have just celebrated a whole year, chances are your bundle of joy has a distinctive personality. With Shutterfly, you can upload the pictures that best capture your darling and pair them with a stylish template for a thank you card that is as unique as they are. Simply upload some memorable images, choose one of the easy-to-use templates and select your favorite design elements.

Custom cards are a great way to share your joy with friends, family and the people you love. Your message can be short and sweet with room to handwrite a personalized message, or you can design cards one at a time for the people who have gone the extra mile for you. For the finishing touch for your custom cards, personalized mailing address labels will seal the envelope.

If you have a new baby (especially if it is your first), most likely your phone and camera are both overflowing with digital pictures of your little boy or girl. Shutterfly is here to help you pick your favorites and have them sent to you as beautiful photo prints. These can be handy to show off your little nugget and can be included in your baby thank you card, too. Another unique idea would be to turn your baby's sweet face into a custom sticker set.

Shutterfly is your one-stop shop to help share your beloved maternity photos and newborn photos. Turn your favorite photos and memories into beautifully printed stationery sets, gifts or ready-to-display decorations, with the click of a mouse.

It is always nice to send thank you cards to your family and friends for participating in your life events, and a personalized thank you card makes Baby Shower.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Easily create special keepsake baby shower thank you notes or customize them for any occasion!

This post is sponsored by Snapfish. The ideas and opinions shared are mine alone.

Hi friends! With just 2 months to go until our little one arrives, there have been a lot of projects going on and my family just threw me the most amazing baby shower! It was so special and I was so touched to experience all of the love surrounding our soon to be baby girl!

For my baby shower thank you notes I wanted to create something special to thank all of the generous guests for their love and support so I created custom baby shower thank you notes through Snapfish. Ordering my thank you notes happened to coincide with getting a 3D ultrasound so I decided to turn the picture into the cover of the thank you’s and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out! 

Once I decided on the design for the baby shower thank you notes,  (which btw was the ONLY hard part of designing them, there were just so many amazing choices!), I designed my custom notes in just a few minutes. I simply uploaded the image from my computer (you can also easily upload photos from Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos), customized the text to read “I can’t wait to meet you” in my choice of font and color and that was it! 

Now all of the baby shower guests get a sneak peak of what our little girl will look like (and surprise, you do, too 😉 )!

I look forward to creating many more gifts and keepsakes surrounding our little one in the future… there are some of the cutest ideas for capturing kids’ artwork in Snapfish projects… I can’t wait! 🙂

Just in time for holiday gift giving (or treating yourself!) you can enjoy 40% off EVERYTHING on the Snapfish site with the promo code CRAFTY40, good through 12/31/18!


I always turn to Snapfish when I want to create a special, personalized photo gift that are amazing quality at budget-friendly prices. There are so many amazing options to customize. One of my favorite customizations is the Embellishment feature that’s available for several types of projects. (You can see an example of how I added “our vows” to the wedding album I created on Snapfish a few years ago.

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Coolest Baby Shower Thank You Cards

baby shower thank you cards with photo

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I've never liked thank you notes. Actually, I used to have zero emotions tied up in them . . . until I started making babies. Now, the sheer thought of those little cards fills me with dread, stress, and guilt.

That's because I'd fallen behind in writing them after my first baby shower and never caught up again. I loved when people brought gifts, of course, but it also meant tacking another item on to my never-ending to-do list. Finding time between diaper changes and nap schedules to write a coherent note of appreciation, locate a stamp, dig up an address, and actually stick it in a mailbox became arduous. I tried my best to get them all out, but some invariably slipped through the cracks. The shame was so consuming that I began quietly letting other new moms know not to return the favor. I'd bring a gift and say, "Please, if you write thank you notes, don't worry about it with this one."

When a blown-up version of that same sentiment took place at the baby shower of mom-to-be Laura Turner, I was intrigued. She took to Twitter to share the shocking thing a guest said in front of the entire room:

At first, I wanted to applaud this mystery woman for offering what we all secretly wish someone did at our own baby showers. What a relief to be off the hook for such a time-consuming task, especially when we're opening up the presents in front of those giving them! But, then, I had a vision of etiquette extraordinaire Emily Post rolling over in her grave, and I could just imagine the disappointed looks on the faces of all the great aunts at my shower if someone stood up and announced that the mom-to-be need not send them a thank you card for the gift they so carefully picked out, paid for, and wrapped.

I'm still torn, and it appears that the rest of us are, too. In response to Laura's tweet, women have chimed in with their own opinions on the matter:

Image Source: Flickr user dutchbaby

Do you think new moms should be exempt from writing thank you notes?

Yes, they have enough work to do already!

No, it’s rude not to express appreciation.

Another trend that seems to be taking photo books by storm is the inclusion of the baby shower invitation as well as the baby thank you card in a memory book.

Baby Shower Thank You Cards: When to Send and What to Say

Thank all or your family and friends for sharing in your delight over the birth of your baby when you make your own thank you cards. Whether you want to begin with a clean slate and design your note from start to finish or you wish to use one of the pre-fabricated styles, your heartfelt message is going to show the people closest to you just how grateful you are. You'll probably be busy with your little one, and you may want to consider inviting Grandmom or Grandpop over to help keep your baby entertained as you get started on your tailor-made baby thank you photo cards. You may even be interested in their input as you begin to create your custom notes.

About Our High Quality Baby Thank You Cards

You can easily show your gratitude for shower gifts when you choose Mixbook's high quality baby thank you cards. Each card has its own envelope, providing all of the essentials for getting your cards out in a hurry. All you need are the stamps. Precision printing software is used along with premium paper, creating cards that are as sturdy as they are attractive. The system is designed to allow you to make your own cards in a way that appeals to you, while keeping the message personal and heartfelt. This collection features two sizes, both of which fit into the guideline of the Post Office for mailing. You can include photos if you like, using portrait or landscape orientation. The option also exists not to use photos if you prefer to select a more traditional style in thank you cards for baby. Otherwise, a single photo can be used to showcase your child, or several photos can be included in a collage-style presentation. Depending on the style of baby thank you cards you select, you may want to modify the type of corner on your design. In addition to the standard square corner, some of the designs offer rounded, double rounded, crested, vintage crested, and ticketed edges. Lots of color choices exist, which is a nice feature for parents who want something different than the traditional blue or pink.

Gift Ideas and Trends for Baby Thank You Cards

Modern parents still seem to appreciate the value of a folded card over a flat design. Both styles have their benefits, and this decision is entirely a personal one. Browse through the selection to determine which style you prefer. Another trend that seems to be taking photo books by storm is the inclusion of the baby shower invitation as well as the baby thank you card in a memory book for the occasion. This is particularly true when the card showcases a photo of the baby. SInce you’re already creating cards for this occassion, check out MIxbook’s extensive collection of the best photo book templates in the industry.

What Our Customers Have to Say about Our Baby Thank You Card Products

"I'm so glad I found Mixbook. They were fast and easy to work with. I loved the flexibility you get while customizing invitations and RSVPs. I previously was using minted and the limits with the design customization, like adding an extra line of text, weren't available and just didn't work for me. We also saved a ton using Mixbook! I highly recommend! Our invitations are beautiful and I can't wait to get our photos back so I can make a wedding photo album with Mixbook."

Written on July 26, 2018

"So many pretty card options with endless editing options. The cards are great quality, thick card stock and the color printed beautifully. Highly recommend Mixbook for your special occasions."

Written on May 5, 2018

"Always helpful. Quality paper, stands behind their product! Loving Mixbook for over 9 years, and have made over hundreds of purchases including cards and books. Making memories that will last."

Written on April 15, 2018

"I discovered Mixbook several months ago, and while I feel that the pricing is higher than most similar services, all products are of the highest quality -- very impressive. The site is extremely user-friendly, with options to enhance projects beyond the ordinary. I have used them for hard-bound books, cards, calendars, and prints. Products are delivered in a timely fashion and are well packaged. Highly recommended."

Written on March 1, 2018

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baby shower thank you cards with photo

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baby shower thank you cards with photo
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