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Birthday thanks giving speech
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Free birthday speech tips

By: Susan Dugdale  Last modified: 08-14-2019 First published: 01-01-2007

How to write good birthday speeches

Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of living, family, and friends while focusing on that one special person whose  happy "day" it is.

After singing "Happy Birthday", blowing the candles out, making a wish and eating the cake, it's time for the speeches to begin.

And that's what you're here for - to grab a few free birthday speech tips!

Use these suggestions to tailor your talk

1. Gather your background information

Before you write the speech get the background information you need.
This will determine what you'll put in, and the tone of the language you'll use.
It will also help you make sure that your speech is a success. 

You'll want the answers to these questions.

  1. Is the planned birthday celebration formal or informal?

  2. Who is invited? Is it strictly family? Family and friends? Work colleagues?

  3. Are you the only speaker? If so, what theme would the family/friends/work colleagues like you to focus on?

  4. What tone would they like you to use?

    Generally, the tone is light, humorous, sincere and positive. Yes, you may tease the birthday person a little, but within the boundaries set by the occasion. Too much roasting, use of language too spicy or smutty, or delving into sensitive subject areas could change the event from a happy to an unhappy birthday. Be really careful!

  5. If you're not the only speaker: who are the others and what are they likely to cover? Also find out where on the speaking order you come.

  6. How long are you expected to speak for?

2. Inspiration from quotations

If the birthday is a special one marking a significant milestone celebrate it by picking an appropriate quotation or two to use in your speech.

Click the link to find a large selection of birthday quotations.

I've arranged them under the headings "Wisdom", "Wit" and "Milestones" so can find what you need quickly.

3. Read these sample birthday speeches

Reading example speeches will help you get an overview of the end result - the goal of the process. 

I've got two birthday speeches you can look at.

One is a 50th birthday speech for a man. It is written as if from a close male friend.

The other is a 40 birthday speech for a daughter and the speech is written as if it comes from her mother.

You are welcome to use either of them as a template for the speech you need to write.

4. Other content suggestions

  1. What personal milestones (other than age) have been reached?
    Has a special goal been attained?

  2. What endearing characteristics or traits does the person have?

  3. What does the future hold? What special (personal or career) goals are they aiming for?

  4. If the birthday is for an older or elderly person, as the song says: "accentuate the positive". Life is for living regardless of age or circumstance.

    For instance, when we celebrated my mother-in-law's eighty-fifth birthday the speeches remembered the past: her vibrant energy and passion for teaching but they also spoke of her ongoing work.  The grandchildren of her first pupils were coming for speech and drama lessons! One of her goals was to keep right on teaching. And she did until her eyesight failed. Those young people gave her real joy.

  5. What hobbies does the birthday girl/boy have?

  6. Is there a specific song or saying that could be their signature theme?

  7. What core values does the person have and how are they shown in their life?

  8. What did the person say they wanted to be when they were young and how has it turned out?

  9. What special relationships does the person have? How have they added to their life?

5. Perhaps you'd like to place the birthday in an historical context?

Try these suggestions. Use a search engine for the first two, and family members in the know for the others.

  1. What other significant events happened on this day in history?

  2. What popular songs were being sung at that time?

  3. Where was the family living?

  4. Were there any extraordinary circumstances around the birth itself?

Once you've completed your notes you are ready to  write

Write like a sandwich!

Use the standard  3 part "sandwich" speech writing format:

  1. an introduction (one slice of bread)
  2. the middle (the filling where you expand on your theme)
  3. and a conclusion, (another slice of bread).

Your opening and ending hold the middle in place.

Get more info on writing

If you'd like more information about speech structure and the writing process, read my "how to write a speech" page.

You'll find detailed instructions as well as a quick "see-at-a-glance" overview of the process for those of you just needing a refresher.

And the last free birthday speech tips are:

  • Remember to include a thank-you for the opportunity to prepare and give a speech. It could be either at the beginning or end, or in both places!

  • After your closing summary invite everyone to raise a toast to the birthday person.

  • If you're new to making speeches and a little nervous, write your speech notes up on cue cards to avoid the possibility of embarrassment through stumbling or temporary memory loss.

  • (If you need help to prepare cue cards or don't know what they are go to my  how to make and use cue cards page. You'll find full explanations there. A good set of cue cards will help you deliver your speech with confidence.)
  • Run through your speech several times out loud before delivery. (And better still, rehearse thoroughly. See my notes below.)

Make time to rehearse

Do read my page on how to rehearse.   

Rehearsing makes a huge difference. Try it and see for yourself. You'll find out if your speech is too long, too short, not funny enough, phrased awkwardly ... 

Rehearsing exposes any glitches and allows you to fix them, privately.

Think of the speech as a gift

It may be difficult to prepare. However giving the birthday toast can be the ultimate enduring gift.

Words live on in the minds of those who hear them long after the bouquets of flowers drop their petals and the last of the chocolates has been eaten.

A birthday speech given from the heart with love, wit and wisdom can last a lifetime. That makes it well worth your effort!

If it's your birthday and you're delivering a speech to welcome and thank everyone for coming to celebrate it with you, apply these suggestions to yourself. And, yes, you can toast yourself!

Putting a birthday speech together can be a very daunting process, especially if you have to write it for someone else.

Like many of us, unless you have a natural talent, it’s not uncommon to go blank when it comes to this topic. The usual spiel of thanking everyone and telling them to enjoy their night is satisfactory though can be quite boring and leave everyone yawning.

But dont worry, by following these easy tips and examples of speeches, you will be able to ensure your birthday speech is one that captivates your audience and makes the moment a memorable one.

5 tips to help you with your next birthday speech

1. Write it all down

Take a few moments to list all the qualities and funny moments in dot points to give you an understanding of what you want to highlight. After listing them all down, take the time to elaborate on the points.

2. Find a sample speech that works

Find a sample birthday speech that you feel is suitable for the occasion. Use the points and information that you had written previously and incorporate them into the sample speech. By using the sample speech as a template, you have the benefit of following a proven recipe. It allows for the speech to be structured so it becomes fluent and highlights your points more concisely.

3. Engage your audience

Add humor to the speech to captivate your audience with a few laughs to enhance the vibe of the event. Not sure what to add? Why not take a moment to ask a close friend or relative of some funny moments they have experienced with the birthday person. If the stories are not suitable or non existent, then consider looking up some great one liners and add them into your speech to lighten the mood.

Your aim is to ensure the audience is actively engaged in your speech by focusing on the qualities of the birthday person which they can relate to. Bringing up memorable stories which highlight great times or milestones helps to resonate qualities of the birthday person and Incorporating a story or two can also make a point of enhancing the qualities which resonates what that person is really about.

4. Show sincerity

Towards the end of the speech, mention a few kind words to show them that you care. Thank everyone for coming, especially those who helped out in organising the event.

5. Keep it short

When people are at a party, they tend to have a short attention span and that’s if they haven’t had a drink yet. A speech which is between 2-5 minutes long is more than sufficient. By keeping it short, deep and meaningful, you can be sure to have your audience’s attention.

How to give a birthday speech – From friend to guest of honor

Here are a few examples of free birthday speeches for your next occasion:

Birthday speech example 1 – Thank you speech

Firstly I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this milestone with me. I am not one to come out and say a speech, this is actually the first for me. Normally I would shy off, though I feel today is a time where it must be done.

The reason why you are all here is that in one way or another, you have been apart of my life and moulded me to the person I am today. I would truly like to thank you all for that.

I would like to thank both my mom and dad for not only putting up with me but being there when it counted and making me who I am. Thank you! Also to those who I have grown up with and have helped me over the years, you know who you are… I can say that I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!

Last but not least, I need to say thank you to everyone who has helped to set up and make today happen. Now that’s enough of me saying thank you. I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Lets all have a drink and have a great time.

Birthday speech example 2 – Thank you speech

I want to take a moment to say thank you for everyone who has come down to come celebrate this birthday with me. It means a lot that you have all taken the time and I must say that I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. Thank you

Birthday speech example 3 – Thank you speech

A birthday is very important to a child. The cake, the candles and gifts are something which they which they look forward to weeks on end. As we get older, we begin to realize that more important than materialistic things are the things we celebrate to those who are most closest to us. I would like to say thank you for not only your best wishes and lovely gifts but for being here and making it the night that it is. Thank you.

Birthday speech example 4 – Coming of age and gratitude

I have to say that I am not one to perform any birthday speeches though with the amount of work which was put into making this night and the sheer turnout of people, I simply could not live with myself if I didn’t at least say a few words.

I would like to give a big shout out to all people involved it the planning of this special day of mine. As you all can see, a lot of time and effort has been spent to make this venue look beautiful and I am truly appreciative. Thank you.

For all of you who made the effort to come down here and celebrate this milestone of mine. I could not be happier as all of you in one way, shape, or form have shaped me to be the person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. Through good times and bad, through sickness and in health, I have been supported and guided every step of the way and that has only reassured to me what really matters in life.

I have been quick to learn that all the flashy and shiny things in life slowly begin to fade, though the one thing that continues to shine in my world is the true connections and relationships I have formed with my family and friends.

So enough about all this sentimental nonsense. It’s time to put the music back on and get everyone back on this dance floor. Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy the night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 5 – Coming of age

So whilst I am up here talking about this amazing day today we are celebrating, I have to say all the beautiful memories don’t I? Wrong. All I remember is the most embarrassing moments because I laughed so hard my glasses fell off my head, then I wasn’t too happy because I had to buy new ones.

So where do I start, my memory isn’t the best the older I get, that’s why my wife makes me do a crossword puzzle a day. Little does she know that I cheat from the answers on the bottom of the cross word page Ha-Ha. So as I get older and reflect, I would have to say best moments through out my life would have to be drawn to three main beautiful ones.

First would be marrying this beautiful lady I call my cook… I mean wife Ha-Ha.

Second would be becoming a father to these beautiful children standing in front of me, I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise these amazing children of mine and have never been more proud.

And thirdly, to the many people here today celebrating my birthday. I would not be the person standing here before you if it weren’t for each and everyone of you shaping me to who I am today.

I felt like writing this speech took me few minutes though I was told I was writing for most of the bloody day! Ha-Ha.

Thank you everyone for coming here today and celebrating this unforgettable night with me celebrating another year younger.

Birthday speech example 6 – For partner

Let’s face the truth. Some of us are not the best when it comes to remembering birthdays, but there is no way I could forget the birthday for the one I love. We are all here today to celebrate because (Name) has touched our lives in one way or another.

Today I want to openly say how much they mean to me. This is their birthday, and birthdays are supposed to be days which stand out in life. So (Name), I want to say thank you for being so caring over the years and making me so proud to be your partner.

Birthday speech example 7 – Birthday speech for husband

To the superman in my life. Happy birthday! Words are unable to express the amount of love I have for you. For anyone who knows you, knows how much of a kind hearted and bubbly character you are. Your generosity and strong nature are unlike no other I have ever met.

From when you came over to me over 20 years ago to ask me for my number, to building a strong relationship, falling in love, creating an incredible family, and now celebrating this milestone of yours today. It seems like a fairytale dream where I need to pinch myself every so often to believe that it is all true.

To all of you that have made the time to make it here tonight, thank you all for coming. Only people who were important to his life are here and it’s amazing how many people are actually here tonight.

Now back to my loving husband, on your birthday tonight, I want you to enjoy it without a care in the world, because a man like you deserves to be spoilt once in awhile. Happy birthday my love, may you continue to live with passion.

Birthday speech example 8 -Birthday speech for wife

To one of the most sexiest, beautiful, most amazing person apart from myself… Ha-Ha! To my incredible wife. I am unable to express how surreal it feels to have fallen in love and married such a beautiful soul. Never would I ever have thought i’d be so lucky to have such an angel like you in my life. Your smile, your character, your loving nature are just the tip of the iceberg of the many things you possess.

For all who are lucky enough to know her, understand that she is one who would do more for others than she would for herself. A quality which i’m sure we all agree is very rare these days. She always looks to see the positive in life, no matter how dark and gloomy things may be, something which she has allowed for me to adopt which has changed my life dramatically for the better, and i’m sure many others who are also here tonight.

To those who made the effort to come here today and celebrate this beautiful day today, thank you. You have made this day memorable and something i’m sure my wife will never forget. Now the party is still not over, so all of you grab a glass of champagne, and let’s party on well into the night as we celebrate this girls beautiful birthday.

Birthday speech example 9 – From mother to child

From changing your nappies to feeding you every time you cry, to making your favorite food which was always apple pie. The memories I have shared with you while growing up by your side, it was well worth the struggles and bumpy rides.

I look at you know and can’t stop smiling, for a beautiful grown boy/girl that you have become, no matter what you will always be my baby boy/girl, happy birthday and may this be another memory you will never forget like they first day we met. When you were born on this special day.

Birthday speech example 10 – 1st birthday speech from mother

Even though your only one and you’re probably staring at me thinking what it this lady doing, my feeding time is soon. I am going to say this speech in front of all the family friends that are gathered here today to celebrate my child’s 1st birthday, where the fun times just keep getting better and better.

I remember the first day that I felt so sick and then after that my pants wouldn’t fit. I started eating everything in sight and my pantry would always start full and now and by night there was nothing left to right. After that I couldn’t sleep and I would become a grump in the morning which was nothing of the unusual Ha-Ha.

Then my feet started to swell jeez now I can’t find shoes that will fit well. So after all that complaining and whining, the day came where you were brought into this world. Your father had fainted, which was nothing unusual and all I cared about was that you were finally out!

Now, as we celebrate your 1st birthday, you don’t understand anything right now, but when you do I’ll be saying another speech like this to embarrass you. More for the loving mother that I am to make sure you never forget something so important like this day.

Birthday speech example 11 – From father to son

I guess I will start with most that I know and the beautiful things I remember. I was the happiest man when I found out you were a boy, I was filled with joy! Everyday I would buy my little man a different toy, but there was a problem. Instead of playing with them, I would find you out in the garden. Eating dirt, mud, insects and even snails. You weren’t very good at hiding your muddy trails. How sweet and cute that was.

Then you would complain of feeling sick. Sometimes you were so difficult, just like trying to use a chopstick. You would always cry when I tried to feed you, and you loved to pee on me when I tried to change you. You were a sneaky little bugger and you loved to touch. I even remember having to pull you away from someone’s crotch. These are the beautiful memories that I remember.

Though enough with me embarrassing you with these funny times, this is you birthday so let it be filled with great times. So happy birthday to my great son, never forget that you are my number one!

Birthday speech example 12 – From friend

On this milestone that you have achieved, what an honor it is to be sharing this celebration with you. As we all know, this person has been determined since they were little, to strive and be the best they can, no matter what the circumstances were.

As (Insert name) continued to grow and mature, they created beautiful memories by making each moment count and radiating the love filled passions to each one that they came across. Im sure we can all say that we are eternally grateful that you have came into our lives and that you never lose your zest for life as you grow up into adulthood.

We all love you dearly and wish you nothing but the absolute best as that is what you truly deserve. Happy birthday!

Birthday speech example 13 – 21st Funny birthday speech from friend

Can I have your attention. We are all here today to realise something special. Something so worthwhile to celebrate. Something fun, enjoyable and memorable. We have come here together to recognise and share in the joy this moment brings. I am talking about the open bar! Ha-Ha!

On a more serious note, I would like to draw your attention to one of my best of friends whose 21st birthday we are celebrating here tonight. I have known (Insert name) for more than 10 years and during that time, we have had many moments of fun, adventure and as many of you may know, mischief. Whenever together, we always seemed to find a way to get ourselves into trouble.

Just like the time we decided to play a trick on his mom by colouring in his younger brothers face an interesting shade of green. We took the time to make it look realistic and ensured it was with a permanent marker so it couldn’t be easily rubbed off. I remember the look on his mom’s face as she freaked out and rushed the brother to the hospital. After the doctor giving it the once over and explaining to his mom the cause of the problem. I remember her glaring at us in a trance like state. Lets just say I had never seen someones face go that red before. We both found it to be funny at the time though I don’t think he saw the light of day for at least a month after that incident. Ha-Ha

Anyone who knows him, knows that he will go out of his way to ensure everyone is having a laugh. Even at his own expense, he wants to ensure everyone is having a great time.

He has taken on many challenges, and succeeded many times. Not by chance, but by perseverance and heart. Anyone who knows (Insert name), knows he is full of heart.

So on this milestone may you continue to strive for all that you want and just wanted to let you know that I am grateful to have such a great friend like you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday speech example 14 – 21st birthday speech

Yay! Im finally legal! Wow, this has been a long time coming for me, I mean now i can have a drink… Legally! Ha-Ha! Mum doesn’t seem to impressed!

Firstly I’d like to give a massive shout out to my parents, for not only raising such an awesome child, Ha-Ha! But also for making me who I am, and making this beautiful day happen. To my beautiful family members who cooked up all this beautiful food and helped to decorate this place, thank you so much, it looks absolutely beautiful.

To my wacky and crazy friends. You are all a bad influence on me and I thank you for that. Don’t worry mum, i’m only joking… It’s more like the other way around… Ha-Ha! As I get older, I begin to appreciate the significance of true family and friends in one’s life. I have to say that I couldn’t consider myself any luckier to have all of you in my life.

So anyway, let’s get out the champagne and celebrate my 21st birthday!

Birthday speech example 15 – 40th birthday speech

I can’t believe my 30’s have left me… I think it’s about time I started acting more serious and more so, my age… Well, maybe after tonight…

I remember when I was much younger, I would look at someone who was 40 and say to myself, that’s an old person. Now that I have turned the big 4-0! I now realise it was just an old person who was trying to figure out where the hell all the time went! Ha-Ha! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Well I Know it’s definitely true for me. I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I have an amazing wife who is nothing but a bundle of joy to be around, and is able to always find a way to put a smile on my face.

Secondly I have been blessed with two beautiful boys who are an absolute pain in my ass, Ha-Ha! Though I do love so dearly! Apart from my gorgeous wife, I never thought I would love these boys so much, as much as I do. It must be because they remind me so much of me when I was growing up… Ha-Ha!

And thirdly… To all of you beautiful people standing here before me today. How can I not enjoy having each and every one of you in my life. I mean how lucky can a man get to have such funny, supportive and caring friends. Blessed is the word I use to describe having all of you be apart of my journey through life. Thank you all for being here today. Its is honestly an honour to celebrate this day with all of you here tonight.

Anyway, enough with all this sentimental crap, let’s pump the music back up, all grab a drink and at least let me celebrate being 39 one more time! Ha-Ha! Thank you!

Birthday speech example 16 – 50th birthday speech

Wow, how time flies! It’s only yesterday I can remember starting my first job at McDonalds where I met my best friend. And now I have a glass of champagne in my hand, celebrating my 50th birthday in front of all of you amazing people.

Where do I start? Firstly I need to give a massive shout out to my beautiful wife who made tonight happen. To not only organise all of this, but also keep it a secret from me which I am blown away how much effort she put in. The amount of detail she has put into this venue is incredible. Such an amazing woman, and I mean look at her, even after all these years, she is still a stunner!

To my two boys, I am proud of both of you and must say you are both still a pain in my ass. Must be because you remind me of when I was a kid growing up. Ha-Ha, they do say that karma eventually comes around. I can now understand what I put my parents through when I was growing up! But jokes aside they a great boys and couldn’t wish for any better.

Obviously I need to give a shout out to mum and dad for putting up with me over my younger years. Considering i’m sure many of you agree, I was no angel growing up. I like to think I turned out alright. Ha-Ha! Though I do have to say they were always there for support and was truly blessed to have incredible parents. I love you both.

To all my close family and friends here tonight. Thank you all for coming and most importantly, thank you for being apart of my life. All of you, in one way or another have been apart of my incredible journey of being 50 years on this earth and I wouldn’t want it any way.

So everybody grab a drink and let’s turn this music up, because i’m pretty sure you will all agree that after all these years and crazy memories, who would have known I would have made it this far. Ha-Ha! Thank you all for coming and hope you enjoy your night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 17 – From daughter to fathers 50th birthday speech

For those of you whose memories are fading or may have had a little too much to drink tonight, we are here to celebrate the birthday of my dad. Fifty years ago today, the world was given a great gift. A gift by the name of (Insert name). The first of three children, my father was and still is, a very funny and generous man. Throughout the years, he has told many of us his overly simplistic, corny jokes which keeps us all laughing to this day. Just earlier he told me a joke and had me giggling like a little girl again. He said “What do you call a cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!”. I know, corny right? But it still does the job.

I suppose the main reason why we all have a little laugh and look forward to his humor is that he always likes to remind us that life is not meant to be taken too seriously and that laughter helps to keep us grounded. To this day, I have incorporated this philosophy into my life and I am sure all of us look forward to the energy and humor that he gives us.

Married to his high school sweetheart for 28 years, and with two pretty awesome kids, Ha-Ha. Sorry but I had to add that in. He has shown to be the best role model any family could ask for.

He has always been one to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and is not shy to have a casual drink when in good company.

On this birthday, may you enjoy your night and continue to pass on your energy and happiness for many more years to come. Happy birthday dad!

Birthday speech example 18 – 60th birthday speech

I can’t believe that as I stand here before you, I have been on this earth for 60 years. Seems like a long time, though for me, it feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday. I ought to cut out drinking or before I know it, i’ll be 100 soon. Ha-Ha!

For me, I have experienced both the joys and miseries of life and through it all, I have been able to take one thing from it. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, its all about making the most out of each situation and being present in the moment. Because as I get older, I begin to appreciate all of the moments life has to offer and the truth of the matter is that nothing is owed to us. For every day we wake up is a blessing. And as I am now 60 years old and CONSIDERED wise… Ha-Ha! I feel that we should make the most of each passing day, and what better way with both family and loved ones.

Lucky for me, I have been extremely fortunate to have all of my nearest and dearest to me all here tonight and I have to say, I wouldn’t want to have tonight any other way. Although it may be the wine talking, I must say that I love each and everyone of you here tonight… Especially the caterer, the food served here has been delicious! Ha-Ha! Now let’s all embarrass ourselves by having a few more drinks and getting on the dance floor!

Birthday speech example 19 – From daughter to mother

Your loving touch is like no other, your smile is brightest of all. Your heart beats love and care, but sometimes truth be told you are unfair. You are the only best friend a daughter could ask for. The sacrifices you have made to make sure I have the right path of guidance. You are the best mother a daughter could ever have. Wishing you a happy birthday with many more fun filled ones to come.

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Free birthday speech tips by the dozens to help you write a speech for their a thank-you for the opportunity to prepare and give a speech.

by Julia Meltzer

Ahem, ahem [clinks champagne flute daintily]. Can I quickly get everyone’s attention just for one second? Does everyone have a beverage? Because I’d like to say a few words.

I just want to thank you guys so much for being here with me on my twenty-five-and-twelve-month birthday. It really means a lot that you’ve all come out to help me celebrate this important milestone.

There are big changes coming down the pike, you guys. But those will happen when I turn twenty-six. But for now, today, on my twenty-five-and-twelve-month birthday, I feel like I’m in a really great place.

To my wonderful friends: naturally, as a twenty-five-and-twelve-month-old, it is completely appropriate that I spend Saturday nights locked in my apartment with the five of you and two boxes of Franzia playing Settlers of Catan, Drinking Rules Edition. Max and Joe, I still think that longest road trade was sketchy! No but seriously, when I turn twenty-six that will all be over. I will start going to casual dinners at sophisticated restaurants with friends I haven’t seen in soooooo long, having One or Two Cocktails, and heading home to watch an independent film with my serious boyfriend before knocking off a quick journal entry and falling asleep in a haze of contentment.

Which reminds me, I also want to thank those of you I am casually sleeping with for being so capricious, appealing, and unavailable — let’s keep things interesting, am I right? Right now I have one basic principle: anybody who wants to make out with me gets to make out with me. I’m twenty-five-and-twelve-months, you guys. I’m still getting my yayas out. When I turn twenty-six I will of course join JDate, extricate myself from romantic entanglements with my close male friends — you know who you are! — and address the mortal, physiological fear and baby-bunny-spotted-by-hungry-fox-if-I-don’t-move-you-can’t-see-me panic that courses through my veins when I meet a man I’m genuinely attracted to. Cheers!

I also want to thank my co-workers who are here tonight: as you guys know, when I turn twenty-six, I will no longer have the halting, unfulfilling, and vaguely disappointing career of a twenty-five-and-twelve-month-old. At twenty-six, I will be a veteran of our field, a respected colleague, an in-demand collaborator. People will marvel at how successful I am for a twenty-six-year-old! I will be compensated handsomely for my work, and I will use that money to buy a new computer, some interesting art for my walls, and, most importantly, a sense of self-worth. But for now, I’m JUST a twenty-five-and-twelve-month-old, you guys. I just got out of college. I’m on my way. I’m doing great.

Mom, Dad: first of all, thank you for the beautiful party. I love you guys a lot and want your approval and money, which is totally normal for a twenty-five-and-twelve-month-old. But when I turn twenty-six, naturally, our dynamic will have shifted, and you guys will consider me a completed creation on which you can gaze with pride from afar. You will respect my decisions, I will be able to tell you I disagree with your advice, and we will all have a good laugh about it. You will say, “Well, you’re twenty-six years old; you know what’s best for you.” I will pick up the tab when we go out to dinner and stop buying you birthday presents with the emergency credit card that you pay for. When I spontaneously burst into tears in the middle of the day due to the sheer overwhelming pressure of being a person in the world and therefore having desires and challenges, I won’t call you, Mom, and demand that you step out of your business meeting to talk me off the ledge. I’ll call my boyfriend, sister, or journal. Scratch that — fiancé, sister, or journal. But actually, you know what, you guys? I’ll be twenty-six, so I won’t find being a person in the world so overwhelming anymore. I will have it all figured the fuck out. I won’t be some pathetic, sniveling, twenty-five-and-twelve-month-old. I will have ARRIVED.

Hear hear [pours entirety of champagne down gullet, smashes flute on floor, drops mic, raises arms like Eva Peron]! L’Chaim [takes elaborate bow, French kisses passing caterer, runs away]!

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Birthday Speech Writing

birthday thanks giving speech

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Thank you poem for school counselor
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Bridal shower thank you etiquette
thank you message for the birthday wishes
Thank you for being a part of my birthday celebration
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Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude

Free Birthday Speech

Use this free birthday speech to help you write a GREAT party address of your own. It's always helpful to have an example to look at when trying to come up with the right words, so I hope this page leaves you feeling inspired.

This free birthday speech was sent in by Candace in honor of her best friend, Tammy. Although Candace geared this delivery towards Tammy's 30th birthday, you can use it to guide you in writing a speech for a person of any age.

Free Birthday Speech

Hi everyone and welcome, I am honored to be giving this birthday toast to my longest and closest friend - Tammy.

First of all, a big thanks to all of you for joining us to celebrate Tammy's 30th birthday. I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about Tammy and the wonderful, amazing woman that she is!

I am so grateful to have such a great friend in my life! We met in Junior High, one of the toughest years for any adolescent. This was a time of cute boys, funky makeup, nagging parents, enticing temptations and trustworthy friends. In a time where stress is high, we bonded and became lifelong friends.

Throughout the past 17 years, I have seen Tammy grow into the beautiful, caring and loving person that she has become. When thinking about giving this speech tonight, I decided to focus on one quality that truly shines in Tammy. That quality is her passion!

Any goal that Tammy sets her mind to she does with passion and dedication! This passion has led her to change the lives of many students, friends, and family.

While sitting in the most awful math classes of all time, Tammy looked at me and said that she was going to be a teacher. She is now the most passionate teacher that I know.

She truly strives every day to be there for her students in the most difficult years of their lives. She has had students come back several years later, after graduating high school, and thank her for changing the course of their lives by not only educating, but inspiring them.

Tammy also has a passion for her husband and family. Dan and Tammy have one of the most caring and understanding partnerships that I have ever seen.

You can see the passion they have for each other and their family. Tammy has many roles to play, and one of them is a chauffeur. She makes sure that her family's needs are met and that fun is a family priority! She attends every soccer game, gymnastic meet and dance recital. She even makes sure that date nights happen!

Tammy has a passion for life. She is always the one planning parties. She is also there when you need a shoulder to cry on. She is one of the most caring, wonderful people I know.

I am honored to call her my friend and to be here today to celebrate her 30th birthday.

To close I would like to share a quote by Carl W. Buechner that always reminds me of Tammy.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

End of Free Birthday Speech

There are some great qualities to this birthday speech that you might like to apply to your own. First off, Candace chose one endearing characteristic of her friend and expanded on that. You can do the same.

Choose a quality like passion, kindness, humor, or something about the person that defines them. Then tell stories or anecdotes to describe how that person displays that trait in his/her everyday life, including examples from your relationship with him/her.

Personalized anecdotes demonstrate you know and appreciate the birthday person and allow others to learn more about the special guest. Ending a free birthday speech with a quote is an excellent way of summarizing what you love about the friend or family member whose birthday you're celebrating!

Find Birthday Gift Ideas by Age, Gender, and Cost on Amazon:

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You'll find help and a sample fiftieth birthday speech to use as inspiration This will help you make sense of it, giving you a complete picture.

Birthday speech

Thank You For Birthday Wishes

To all my friends and family members, thank you. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, and a special thank you to all my friends who made it through the terrible traffic just to attend my birthday party. I received messages from more 10 different countries, and so, thank you.


I would like to thank everyone who have wished me well this birthday, and I can only hope that this year will treat you well.


This birthday, I am once again reminded of the bountiful joys that I have reaped from my friends and family, and how blessed I am to have so much love from everyone around me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Hey guys! I would just like you to know that I have received your birthday wishes, and I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for making my birthday this year a blessed one!


That birthday party was a blast! I hardly had time to thank each of you personally for attending, but here it is. Thank you for coming to my birthday party, but most of all, thank you so much for your kind wishes.


I received so many wishes from everyone around me that I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I can’t reply the wishes individually, but do know that I have received your wishes and I can’t express my gratitude enough.


It’s been a great birthday again this year, and you played a big role in making it happen. Thank you for giving me a birthday to remember!


Did you know how many gifts I received this year for my birthday? 30! Birthday wishes? Over 75! I would like to thank the 30 people who wished me and gave me a gift. As for the other 45, just know that I’m waiting for that long-due gift. Just kidding!


Thank you so much for all the great birthday wishes. It meant so much to me!


I have to admit that I felt really spoilt with all that birthday gifts and wishes from my entire family. I can’t wish for a better family!


Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

Thank You Note For Birthday Wishes


I received birthday wishes from my friends all over the world – on different timezones. Thank you everyone for wishing me yesterday and today!


Your birthday wishes touched me. It was amazing, and I really loved it. I’ll always treasure you as my best friend.


I know we don’t get along well all the time, but you’re still my sister/brother, and your birthday wishes still means a lot to me just the same. Thank you.


Actions speak louder than words, but the words you expressed in your birthday wishes are so cute and adorable that I love it more than that gift you gave me!


Each of you made a huge difference to my birthday this year. You brightened up the event so much, and that means a lot to me! It was the best birthday I ever had, and so, thank you.


Hey, thank you for the birthday greeting! I have just read it and I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate the birthday wishes that you sent me. May you be blessed with another joyful, bountiful year, surrounded by people who loves you as much as how much love I felt on my birthday.


I haven’t heard from you in a while, but it seems that you still remember my birthday! Thank you, my dear friend. Let’s get in touch again soon!


Your words mean a lot to me, you know that, right? Even if you don’t, that’s alright. I’m telling you right now that it does, and you best believe that I mean it. I love you!


Did you really stay up, watch the clock tick until 12 o’clock just to be the first to wish me? I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you!


Thank you for the birthday wishes! My birthday party was so superb because of you guys. I know that some of you couldn’t make it for the party, so I’m organizing another one this weekend. Rounds on me as a token of appreciation for you guys!


I might have aged another year, but my heart is kept young and joyful because I have such great friends around me. Thank you for making my entire day and week!


Funny Thank You For Birthday Wishes

I’m so touched to realize once more that I have so many people around me who loves me, it’s so easy to forget that there are people who cares. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes – it reminded me that I am really loved and cared for.


Hey, you! I just wanted you to that I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you for the birthday wishes. I am not good with words, but please know that I am grateful and happy to have you celebrating my birthday with me.


It’s always nice to hear such kind words from the people that I care about. Thank you for your wishes, and I wish you just the same!


Aren’t you a sweetheart? You could melt hearts with your birthday wishes. Thank you!


I wish the time would stop just for a while, just so that I can thank each of you for the beautiful birthday messages that were given to me. Thank you so much!


You remembered my birthday this year! Thank you! Of course I would always remember the one time you forgot my birthday, but that’s okay. For your kind wishes this year, I shall let it slide. Thank you!


I don’t even know how I can express my gratitude for all the kind wishes I received this year. You can be sure that I will be treating you to some nice food on your birthday the following year!


We might be apart right now for reasons that we can’t help. Just know that you will be receiving my thanks in person when we meet again soon. Thank you!


You’re such a fantastic friend, have I told you that? Thank you for your birthday wishes! Am I expecting a surprise birthday gift when I see you this weekend


Today, I have completed another year of life and you guys have left nothing to make this day more special and memorable. I must say that, without you, my birthday would have been an ordinary day and because of you every day of my life is special. Thank you all not only for today but also for being with me always.


Thanks a lot to all who have wished me and gave me blessings and made my day more beautiful by being my side. Without your love my birthday would not be delightful.


The best gift I received on my birthday is having you on my side. You have made me feel so special and have made this day an unforgettable one. Thank you and love you so much!


I have the best family and friend and you’re the proof of that. A special day become more special because of your presence guys. Thanks is a very small word to show my gratitude towards you. I’m blessed to be a part of your life. Love you!


Thanks to all my friends and family and those who remembered my birthday and wished me. Special thanks to those who not only wished me but also gave me present. Kidding! You all have made my birthday the most beautiful day ever.


It’s a great thing to get many gifts, warm wishes and the extra attention. I’ll never forget your unconditional love. I’m really thankful to all of you for giving me a wonderful day. I want to thank you with all my heart. Accept my deep gratitude.


My dear friends, you know what, I’m so lucky to have you in my life who always make me feel special. Thanks for all your beautiful words, messages, time, and gifts and for making this day one of the happiest days of my life. Love you all!


Today I complete another year of life had a lovely day. Thanks a lot all from heart for remembering me and for dedicating your time to congratulate me. My day was much more joyful because of you.


Another year passed in my life and I’m so thankful to God for giving me the best family in the world. Thank you so much for your surprises, love and all the things you have made for my birthday.


First of all, thanks to the Almighty for another year of life. Then thanks to my family, friends, relatives and all the well-wishers for giving me one of the happiest days of my life. I really owe you. You all have warmed my heart with your lovely words and blessings. And I hope that this will continue like this.

birthday thanks giving speech

It is not difficult to write a birthday speech if you follow some well-tested tips. You can sum up the speech, thank everyone again and congratulate the guest of .

birthday thanks giving speech
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