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Boy thank you card template
August 09, 2019 Holiday Thanks 3 comments

Алистра покачала головой. - Где-то у края города, я полагаю, - ответила она беззаботно. - Мы, видно, проделали большой путь, но я не представляю, насколько мы удалились. - Мы в Башне Лоранна, - пояснил Элвин.

- Это одна из высочайших точек Диаспара.

I am a stickler for written thank you notes (although they seem more and more rare these days.) For young children, however, it’s unrealistic to think they can write all those thank you’s after the holidays. They also struggle with what to write in their thank you notes. Years ago when I first started this blog I shared a printable thank you note template I had made for my older boys, who were then 3 and 4 that we used for years and years to help them write their thank yous. Now, my youngest son is 6 and while my older boys can write their own thank you cards themselves I decided to make an updated version of my printable kid’s thank you notes for my littlest writer.

The thank you below is the original I made five years ago, you can find it here. This one is best for preschoolers or very early writers, it has room to draw a picture and very little writing required (but still gets the gratitude across to the gift-giver! To see and print this thank you note printable click here.

The new version is for slightly older children who can write a little more. My six-year-old first grader can fill this out without problems but the template format helps him not to get too tired to write multiple thank you notes in one session. Click here to download and print this older kid version!

Are you a stickler for hand-written thank you notes like I am? How do you help kids say “thank you” for gifts their given?

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Getting your kids to write their thank you notes is often no easy task. Whether for a personalized gift for their birthday or a kind gesture, you want them to know the importance of gratitude. But how do you get the little one to finally sit down  and write “thank you?” We’re here to help. Look to our wording guide and various templates for kids thank you notes below to help you get started. These templates are the first step to get your kids thank you cards into the mail quickly and painlessly.

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How Kids Thank You Cards Can Help

Specific kids thank you cards can help guide your child and streamline the thank you note process. These thank you cards can match your themed birthday invitations or they can be something special that your child picked out all on their own. If your child has an idea of what they want to say, these fun kids specific thank you cards can help inspire them to start writing. If they need extra guidance, you can fill in a kids thank you note with one of the templates shown below. For specific advice on wording for kids thank you notes, follow the steps below.

Kid Thank You Note Wording

Ready to start writing? Then follow the steps below to make sure the process goes smoothly as possible and your child doesn’t leave out anything important. Walking them slowly through these steps can also be a great lesson so they’ll be more confident with writing letters in the future. And if you’re looking for additional help after completing these steps, make sure to visit our resources on how to write messages for birthday wishes and how to write thank you notes to a teacher.

  1. Address the recipient with their proper name. Whether it’s “Mrs.,” Mr.,” “Ms.,” Miss,” or simply the first name of their friend, it’s important to practice the etiquette of proper titles.
  2. Start the letter with a greeting. Greeting may include “To,” “For,” “Dear,” or simply the name of the recipient.
  3. Start the letter by saying thank you. This is the important phrase for a thank you note so you don’t want to leave it off the letter.
  4. Describe what you’re thankful for. Call out the gift or service that they gave you. Tell them how that gift or service made you feel. Was it fun? Helpful? Cute? Be as descriptive as possible. Tell the recipient what you will use it for in the future.
  5. Use a sign off. Sign offs may include things like “Thanks again,” “Love,” or From,” depending on your relationship to the recipient.
  6. Sign your name. Do you best to make it as legible as possible.
  7. Have a parent help you fill out the envelope with an address, name, stamp, and return label before mailing them out.

Thank You Note Template For Kids

Looking for specific templates to help your child write their thank you notes? Whether you’re looking for samples for your boy thank you cards, girl thank you cards, or teen thank you cards– we have you covered. Look for your perfect thank you note template for kids below:

Thank You Notes For Kid Birthday Party

Example 1:

Dear [name]

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday.

Having you there made me feel extra special.

I also appreciated the [gift they gave you].

I can’t wait to use it/play with it/wear it/enjoy it.

Hope to see you soon!


[Your Name]

Example 2:

Dear [name],

Thank you for coming to my party.

It made me feel happy/excited/loved/special. (Pick one)

It was so nice of you to give me [gift].

I can’t wait to play with it/use it/wear it. (Pick one)


[Your Name]

Example 3:

Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for the [description of gift].

I think it’s [description of how it makes you feel and what you will do with it.]

Hope to see you again soon!

Yours Truly,

[Your Name]

Example 4:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for the [Birthday Gift]!

It made me feel happy/excited/special!

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Show your family and friends how much you appreciate their love and support with unique, customizable ‘Thank You’ cards! Tiny Prints’ modern and contemporary cards can be customized with your favorite family photos and name to create a one-of-a-kind card for your loved ones. Plus, all ‘Thank You’ cards are printed on Tiny Prints’ luxe paper, so your cards will look great and last for years to come!

Thank You Card Themes

When designing your ‘Thank You’ cards from Tiny Prints, consider adding some extra sparkle by choosing a card that features glitter or is foiled stamped. Glitter cards are made with real glitter that won’t rub off for a dazzling mess-free card. Foil stamped cards are hand stamped with real foil for added shine and sparkle. Choose from some of Tiny Prints unique themes such as:

  • Texture & Pattern: Use a fun pattern or interesting looking texture when creating your unique ‘Thank You’ cards. Tiny Prints’ cards have artistic splashes of colorful paint, watercolor trim or even a chic pattern of sweet cartoon cherries complete with polka dots. Personalize with your name, message or picture.
  • Color-In Cards: Foster your child’s interest in sending their own ‘Thank You’ cards for birthdays or holidays by letting them color their card like a page from a coloring book! With fun graphics to color like kittens, robots and monsters your child will love sending these cards as much as your family and friends will love receiving them. Plus, with easy to fill out lines, your child can practice writing expressions of gratitude.
  • Baby: These ‘Thank You’ cards are perfect for baby showers or young children’s birthday parties! With adorable graphics like colorful trucks, silly jungle friends, watercolor forest animals and polka dots these cards are ideal to match a nursey or party theme. Fun messages like, “A monstrous thank you,” or “You’re the sweetest,” adorn these delightful cards. Add your favorite picture to share along with your name and message for a truly unique card.
  • Adult: Looking for a more sophisticated card? Try a card with bold black and white stripes, chic florals and foil stamped messages. With some styles offering multiple picture options, you don’t need to pick only one favorite, you can upload them all!

More Options to Make Your Card Uniquely You!

When making your stylish and ‘Thank You’ cards consider these other options like:

  • Paper Type: Tiny Prints’ ‘Thank You’ cards are printed on two kinds of paper type. Choose from Signature cardstock that is made from sustainable forested paper or Pearl Shimmer cardstock that adds a hint of shimmer to your cards.
  • Trim: Depending on theme and card style, choose from five different kinds of trim for your card.
  • Card sizes: While not all sizes are available to every card style, Tiny Print offers ‘Thank You’ cards come in sizes: 5x7, 5x5, 4x5 and 3x5.
  • Format: Card formats are available in either flat or folded options.

When you’ve finished making your unique “Thank You’ card take a look at some other personalized options from Tiny Prints such as address labels, excusive postage stamps and luxury stationary.

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Baby Themed Thank You Cards

Thank all or your family and friends for sharing in your delight over the birth of your baby when you make your own thank you cards. Whether you want to begin with a clean slate and design your note from start to finish or you wish to use one of the pre-fabricated styles, your heartfelt message is going to show the people closest to you just how grateful you are. You'll probably be busy with your little one, and you may want to consider inviting Grandmom or Grandpop over to help keep your baby entertained as you get started on your tailor-made baby thank you photo cards. You may even be interested in their input as you begin to create your custom notes.

About Our High Quality Baby Thank You Cards

You can easily show your gratitude for shower gifts when you choose Mixbook's high quality baby thank you cards. Each card has its own envelope, providing all of the essentials for getting your cards out in a hurry. All you need are the stamps. Precision printing software is used along with premium paper, creating cards that are as sturdy as they are attractive. The system is designed to allow you to make your own cards in a way that appeals to you, while keeping the message personal and heartfelt. This collection features two sizes, both of which fit into the guideline of the Post Office for mailing. You can include photos if you like, using portrait or landscape orientation. The option also exists not to use photos if you prefer to select a more traditional style in thank you cards for baby. Otherwise, a single photo can be used to showcase your child, or several photos can be included in a collage-style presentation. Depending on the style of baby thank you cards you select, you may want to modify the type of corner on your design. In addition to the standard square corner, some of the designs offer rounded, double rounded, crested, vintage crested, and ticketed edges. Lots of color choices exist, which is a nice feature for parents who want something different than the traditional blue or pink.

Gift Ideas and Trends for Baby Thank You Cards

Modern parents still seem to appreciate the value of a folded card over a flat design. Both styles have their benefits, and this decision is entirely a personal one. Browse through the selection to determine which style you prefer. Another trend that seems to be taking photo books by storm is the inclusion of the baby shower invitation as well as the baby thank you card in a memory book for the occasion. This is particularly true when the card showcases a photo of the baby. SInce you’re already creating cards for this occassion, check out MIxbook’s extensive collection of the best photo book templates in the industry.

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boy thank you card template
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