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How to write a thank you letter for scholarships

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How to write a thank you letter for scholarships
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Nothing is appreciated more than a kind letter of thanks! Many scholarships available at UC Davis are made possible by contributions from generous donors who, through an investment in your future, have expressed their belief in the importance of a college education. A letter of sincere gratitude to our donors may be the key to future gifts to the campus and, therefore, continued support of exceptional students like you.

Thank You Letter Hints

  • It’s extremely important to pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, and the organization of your letter. Letters may be handwritten or typed, but should be limited to one page.
  • Include your full name, return address, phone number and email at the top of the letter.
  • Use a formal salutation including the appropriate prefix and suffix. DO NOT use first names (For Example: Dear Dr. and Mrs. Jones).
  • Be sure to reference the specific scholarship that you received, but NOT the amount.
  • Always proofread! Try reading it aloud before sending it off.
  • Please drop-off, send, or email a copy of the letter to:
  • If you have questions or if you need help in composing your thank you letter, please contact our office.

Thank You Letter Content

  • You should tell the donor(s) a little bit about yourself, including:
    • Your hometown
    • Family background
    • Experiences and life situations that led you to pursue a degree at UC Davis
  • You should also include some information about your current situation, such as:
    • What you are studying at UC Davis
    • What you are involved in both on- and off-campus
  • Research and/or internships in which you have taken part
  • Describe how the scholarship support will help you meet, or exceed, your educational goals
  • Finally, you may want to talk about your future plans, like:
    • What you hope to accomplish while still a UC Davis student
    • What your plans are after graduation, graduate school or career aspirations

Sample Letters

Date. Dear Scholarship Donor,. I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the (name of the scholarship). Thank you for your generosity.

After all your hard work, sleepless nights and anxiety, you have finally received a scholarship that will help to propel you to the next stage in your education and bring you one step closer to your dream career.

It is now time to express your gratitude towards the scholarship founder, but you need to make sure your thoughts are organized and your message is sincere in the scholarship thank you letter.


Tips for Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Here are a few tips that will help you to show your donor(s) how grateful you are for their confidence in choosing you for the scholarship:


Handwritten Letters


Sending a handwritten thank you letter shows you have truly spent time considering and crafting your response. They are more intimate, and some donors will appreciate the fact that you took your time to write it yourself.

If you choose to handwrite your letter:

• Do a rough draft of the letter before you begin writing on the actual paper you intend to send. This way, you will know exactly what to write so that your letter will be error free.
• Use quality paper
• Ensure your writing is legible
• Ensure there are no ink blots, messy pencil marks or any other stains that will make the letter appear messy
• Proofread your letter to make sure it flows, and that there are no grammatical errors
• Do not make the letter too long

Typed Letters and Emails


If you know your penmanship skills are not the best, do not attempt to handwrite the letter. An untidy scholarship ‘thank you’ letter is a poor reflection on you, and it can even be seen as a sign of disrespect.

If your donor is located close to you, print and mail the letter via post, or email your scholarship thank you letter if the donor is far away.


For typed letters:

• Limit your letter to a few paragraphs. Being considerate towards the readers time is a sign of professionalism. Be concise.
• Check the spelling and grammar
• Sign the letter yourself, versus using e-signature.
• Be sure to put the letter in an envelope even if you are dropping it off yourself
• Ensure the address on the envelope is correctly addressed to avoid it being delivered to the wrong address

For emails:

• Include the name of the scholarship in the subject line of the email and write a concise message in the body stating who you are and the contents of the attachment.
• Send the letter in docx or PDF format
• Double check the email address to make sure you are sending the scholarship thank you letter to the right person

NB: If you have more than one donor, be sure to send a scholarship thank you letter for each scholarship you receive. Prepare unique letters for each donor.


Format of a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Scholarship ‘thank you’ letters should follow a simple structure. Here is an outline of the standard thank you letter:
+ Date
+ Your Name
+ Your Address
+ Scholarship Name
+ Donor/Organization Name
+ Donor/Organization Address
+ Dear [Donor/Organization Name]
+ The Body
− Purpose of the letter
− Talk about yourself, your goals and how the scholarship will impact your life
− Thank the donor and conclude the letter
+ Complimentary Close
− Signature Line
− Your Name
− ID Number (optional)


Scholarship Thank You Letter Samples

Now that you have some guidelines and a template for writing a standard scholarship thank you letter, it is time to look at a few samples to further help you compose your scholarship thank you letter.


01Medical School Scholarship
[Today’s date]
[Your name]
[Your address]
[Scholarship name]
[Donor/Organization name]
[Donor/Organization address]
[Dear Donor]
I am truly honored to be this year’s recipient of the [Scholarship name]. I would like to formally thank you for your generosity which has allowed me to further my education.
My only professional aspiration, for as long as I can remember, is to become a pathologist. However, due to financial challenges, I had many doubts that I would ever be able to accomplish this.
One day, my guidance counselor pulled me aside and informed me about this scholarship and I knew this was my opportunity.
When my application was approved, I was overjoyed and immediately informed my family who are equally as grateful. With this scholarship, I will now be able to afford housing, tuition, and all my school supplies.
You have changed my life and I will forever be grateful for the financial aid you have provided. I will continue to work hard and make you and my family proud.
When I have succeeded, I promise to give back to the community, in order to give another youth an opportunity similar to the one you have provided me. Thank you for everything!
Yours Truly,
[Your Name]
[ID number]


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02Engineering Scholarship
[Today’s date]
[Your name]
[Your address]
[Scholarship name]
[Donor/Organization name]
[Donor/Organization address]
[Dear Donor]
I would have much preferred to thank you in person for awarding me with the [Scholarship name], but hopefully, this letter will express my sincerest gratitude for this life-changing opportunity.
My name is [Your Name] and I had applied for this scholarship on [insert application date] in hopes of being able to enroll in a Mechanical Engineering program at [Name of University].
Now that I have gotten this chance, my dreams will become a reality. The best part is that I will be able to focus on my studies without having to worry about where my tuition for next semester will come from.
This is a huge weight off my shoulders and nothing should be able to stop me from successfully completing this degree.
Once again, thank you for this opportunity. I will do my very best at all times and prove to you that I am a worthy investment.
[Your Name]
[ID number]


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03Aviation/Aeronautics Scholarship
[Today’s date]
[Your name]
[Your address]
[Scholarship name]
[Donor/Organization name]
[Donor/Organization address]
[Dear Donor]
Firstly, thank you very much for awarding me with the [Scholarship name]. This means so much to my family and me and we are eternally grateful.
Secondly, I would like to tell you a bit more about what this scholarship means to me. I come from a family of seven. We are all supported by our parents, who somehow manage to make ends meet. However, there is rarely any money left over after all essential costs are covered so attending university was not guaranteed for me.
Now, with this scholarship, I will be able to complete my degree in Aeronautical Science so that I may pursue a career in the field of Aeronautics.
I will remember your kindness every single day that I am able to attend classes and hopefully in the future, I will be able to do someone a similar kindness.
[Your Name]
[ID number]


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04Law School Scholarship
[Today’s date]
[Your name]
[Your address]
[Scholarship name]
[Donor/Organization name]
[Donor/Organization address]
[Dear Donor]
I would like to express my gratitude for being awarded the [Scholarship name]. With this donation, I will continue to excel in my studies and graduate with the highest honors.
This donation will not only pay for my tuition, but it will also cover my housing costs, transport, stationery costs, and food.
After graduating from college, I plan to attend Duke University in order to obtain my Law degree to pursue a career in Criminal Law. I have many dreams, and your donation made reaching them possible.
Your kind donation has been a well-needed blessing. Thank you again for this opportunity!
Best Regards,
[Your Name]
[ID number]


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05Computer Science Scholarship
[Today’s date]
[Your name]
[Your address]
[Scholarship name]
[Donor/Organization name]
[Donor/Organization address]
[Dear Donor]
[Thank you for selecting me as the recipient of the [Scholarship name]. It really means to world to my family and me.
When I first started college, my family tried their best to pay my tuition out of their own pockets to spare me a future of debt repayment. However, after my second year, this was no longer possible as my father had lost his job. We were all worried that I would have to drop out because of how little I earn at my part-time job.
My mother’s salary would not be enough to support the family. Luckily, a friend of mine sent me the link to this scholarship and to my surprise, my application was accepted.
With this scholarship, I can attend university and obtain a degree in Computer Science. I am the first one in my family to attend university so I will ensure that I make both you and my family very proud.
Thanks again for this opportunity and may blessings flow your way.
Yours respectfully,
Best Regards,
[Your Name]
[ID number]




Generally, the tone of your scholarship thank you letter should be sincere and thankful. After all, your donors have given you a wonderful opportunity and would like to know that their generosity has been well received.

If you follow these tips, you should have no problem composing your letter. Good luck!


How to write a Scholarship Thank you Letter (Best Samples)

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Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule

Thank you letters for General Scholarships will be collected on Scholarship Central. Students who have been offered a General Scholarship that requires a thank you letter should receive an email with a link to accept the award and complete the letter. Students may also check their outstanding offers by clicking on “My Applications” in Scholarship Central. Please note that General Scholarships may not be added to your financial aid award until a required thank you letter is received.

Tips to assist you in preparing your letter:

  • Be sure to include a proper closing, such as “Sincerely".
  • Include your return address (your college address or your permanent home address).
  • Use the scholarship name provided for your salutation.  (Example: Dear Dr. Smith Scholarship Committee)
  • Mention the name of the scholarship in your letter.
  • Express your gratitude for the scholarship.  Use the words, “thank you".
  • You may want to provide information about yourself to include your major, your hometown, your special interests, your campus activities, your goals, or why you selected Virginia Tech.
  • Tell the donor how the scholarship will help you – particularly how it will help you reach your goals.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Check your spelling and grammar carefully.  Double check to be sure that you spell the donor’s name and scholarship name correctly.
  • Your letter should be no less than one paragraph in length. 
  • Please do not include the date or the scholarship amount you have been awarded in your letter.

Why should I write a thank you letter? The generosity of our donors and alumni make it possible for the Reves Center to help W&M support international students .

How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Scholarship Donor

Once your student has a scholarship award check in hand, they may believe there’s nothing left to do.

However, receiving the check shouldn’t be the end of the story. All it means is that now is the perfect time to craft a scholarship thank you letter.

Winning a scholarship is a fantastic experience. Not only does it show that the committee was impressed with your student, but that they were so thrilled with their application, they were willing to give your child money to help them achieve their academic goals.

A scholarship is more than financial aid. It is a gift, provided by generous donors and organizations that want to help students succeed. And it’s a gift that should always be properly acknowledged.

Why Your Student Needs to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Thanks to the generosity of others, your child can avoid student loans, allowing them to reduce or eliminate the need for debt to pay for college.

By writing a scholarship thank you letter, your student is expressing their appreciation for the individuals or organization that choose to invest in their future.

Sincere expressions of gratitude are always appreciated by scholarship committees and donors. A scholarship thank you note also lets your student update them on how the award made a difference, allowing them see that their money was put to good use and is genuinely making a difference in the world.

Plus, your student may want to reapply for the scholarship during the rest of their time in college. If that is the case, a well-crafted scholarship thank you letter ensures that they leave a lasting, positive impression, which may increase their odds of being selected again.

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How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Writing a high-quality scholarship thank you letter only takes a few minutes. The note doesn’t have to be long to be effective.

To help your student write an amazing scholarship thank you letter, here are some helpful tips.

Choosing Between Handwritten or Typed

Before your student writes their scholarship thank you note, they need to decide between handwritten or typed.

Often, the best approach is to purchase a blank thank you card and handwrite the scholarship thank you letter inside. This makes the note feel more personal, which can go a long way when you want to make a positive impact.

However, if your child struggles with keeping their handwriting legible, typing the scholarship thank you note is also an option. If your student chooses this option, they still want to print out the letter and hand-sign it.

While many students may be tempted to simply send a scholarship thank you letter as an email, this isn’t something you want to do. Email seems sterile and may make the thank you note appear like an afterthought instead of genuine appreciation. Still, if you’ve been in contact with the committee via email, it’s important to respond gratefully, professionally and in a timely manner.

Picking the Right Tone for Your Thank You Note

A scholarship thank you letter needs to exude professionalism as well as appreciation. It should be clean, friendly, and a bit formal, not unlike a scholarship essay.

Your student needs to reflect their ideal academic self when they write, so maintaining the proper tone is a must.

What You Need to Cover in a Scholarship Thank You Letter

When your student writes their scholarship thank you letter, a few key points need to be covered.

First, they need to thank the committee, organization, or donors for their generosity. Next, your student should briefly describe how things would be different if they didn’t receive the award.

Those two points should take no more than a couple of sentences to cover. After those, the remainder of the body scholarship thank you note should focus on what your student did (or plans to do) with the money, providing the recipients with an update on how their gift helped.

Finally, every scholarship thank you letter should have a strong closing. You student should again thank the committee, donors, or organization for their assistance, noting that, without them, your child may not be having the amazing college experience they have today.

Once the closing paragraph is complete, then a simple sign-off is all that’s needed to finish up the scholarship thank you letter.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Sample

To help your student write a stand-out scholarship thank you letter, here’s an easy thank you letter template they can follow:

Ultimately, sending a meaningful and well-crafted scholarship thank you letter should be seen as an essential part of the scholarship process. After all, the generosity of others has made your student’s college education more affordable, and possible lets them graduate debt-free.

It only takes a minute to write an outstanding college scholarship thank you letter. Just make sure, no matter whether they choose a handwritten or typed letter, to have some stamps ready. That way, as soon as they are done, they can put them in the mail and continue enjoying their education.

If you and your student would like to learn more about how to find scholarships that can help pay for college, sign up for our free college scholarship webinar! We cover how to spot the scams so you can make sure your student is applying to scholarships that are actually worth their time. Join the next free training here:

how to write a thank you letter for scholarships

Generous University of Utah donors support many scholarships on campus and a well-written thank you note can go a long way. Donors.

how to write a thank you letter for scholarships
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