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Jesus with child pumpkin carving

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Jesus with child pumpkin carving
November 17, 2018 Holiday Thanks 2 comments

Где же остальное. Может быть, он разломился надвое еще в космосе, и эта часть рухнула. Ответ стал понятен лишь после того, как они вновь отправили робота на разведку и сами обследовали все. Никаких сомнений не оставалось, когда Элвин обнаружил на холмике близ корабля ряд пологих насыпей, каждая метра в три - Так, значит, они сели здесь, - размышлял Хилвар, - и проигнорировали предупреждение. Они были любопытны.

Halloween Sunday School Lessons: Carve Pumpkins with Jesus!

During this time of year, our Halloween Sunday School Lessons and Crafts are a great way to teach your children about Jesus while having fun with this Christian alternative to Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns.

You’ll need grubby clothes, a pumpkin to carve, a carving knife, a large spoon, and a candle. Have kids carve as you share thoughts below based on the book The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Tailor this Halloween devotion to the ages of your children.

A pumpkin is round and shiny on the outside, and its skin is tough and hard to puncture. It looks perfect and wonderful. Sometimes we like to pretend we’re all wonderful and perfect.

(Read aloud Isaiah 66:2.) The slimy stuff inside the pumpkin reminds me of our sins — the things we need to confess and say, “I’m sorry, God, for…” When we ask God to forgive us for all the wrong things we’ve said, done, or thought, he forgives our sins.

(Read aloud Isaiah 43:25.) As we scrape all the slimy stringy stuff away, the pumpkin becomes clean inside. Jesus cleans our hearts, too, when we confess our sins.

(Read aloud Psalm 103:12.) Next we can begin to carve our designs in the pumpkins. Let’s carve designs that can remind us of God, such as a heart, cross, fish, or butterfly. As we carve, the pumpkin slowly transforms into something new. We change too when God works in our lives.

(Read aloud 2 Corinthians 3:18.) Finally, we can put the candle inside the pumpkin. When we light the candle, what happens?

(Read aloud 2 Corinthians 4:6.) When we have Jesus in our lives, it’s like having his candle inside us. We shine the light of Jesus so others can see and know him.

(Read aloud Matthew 5:16 and John 12:46.)

Jesus, during this Halloween season, help us shine your light to our friends and neighbors, and please remind us to confess our sins and experience your forgiveness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Kathy Timberlake
San Antonio, Texas

More Halloween Lessons, Activities, and Crafts!

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Because our children see carved pumpkins everywhere, just simply going to . God sent His only Son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

A few years ago, I was searching for a fall-themed object lesson for our group of AWANA kids. I found a lot of great Thanksgiving craft ideas and even Halloween ideas, but nothing that really struck me, until I ran across the Pumpkin Gospel, also known as the Pumpkin Parable.

Although traditional pumpkin carving is associated with Halloween, this object lesson is all about the Light – how Jesus changes us from the inside out. When children learn this lesson, they will remember it year after year during the Fall season.

You see, I’m learning that perhaps even pagan holidays like Halloween can be redeemed!

Kids love holidays.  They love pumpkins.  They also love stories.  Additionally, they need to be exposed to ideas over and over again for information to take root.  The Pumpkin Gospel is a perfect Fall fit!


You will need a table to stand at and a medium to large sized, prepared pumpkin.  To prepare the pumpkin:

  • cut out a hole in the top and clean out the majority of the goo, but save it.
  •  Next, cut out a face with eyes, nose and a smiling mouth, but save the pieces you remove.
  • Then, put the removed pieces back into place so that the pumpkin looks uncut.
  • Set aside a few of the cleaner seeds to use at the beginning.
  • Then, put the rest of the gooey seeds and pulp back in the middle of the pumpkin and replace the top.

The idea is to have the majority of the work done ahead of time so that you don’t have long pauses in your story/object lesson while you’re teaching the Pumpkin Gospel.  You will also need a cookie sheet or tablecloth to contain the pumpkin mess during your story, and a candle and matches.

Pumpkin Gospel Story:

Once there was a Gardener who planted seeds in His garden (show clean pumpkin seeds).  Each day the Gardener cared for the seeds.  He watered them, pulled weeds from around them, and sheltered them from the heat of the sun.  The seeds grew into seedlings, which developed into plants, until one day, they produced fruit – pumpkins!  The pleased Gardener looked out at His garden and said, “It is good!”


The Pumpkin Gospel

One day, the Gardener went out into his field and picked a special pumpkin (place pumpkin on the table – on top of a cookie sheet or tablecloth, etc. with the uncarved side facing the audience).  It was a bit dirty from laying in the garden, so he brought it inside and gently wiped it off (wipe off exterior of pumpkin).  Now the pumpkin looked clean on the outside, but what about the inside?

The Gardener took a knife and cut open the top of the pumpkin (pretend to cut open the top again and take it off).  And what did He find?  A bunch of slimy, yucky goo! (show kids the goop – maybe even let them touch it if you have a small enough group).  The Gardener wanted His special pumpkin to be beautiful, so He carefully scraped out all of the goo inside until the pumpkin was as clean inside as it was on the outside! (Remove goo and throw away. Show children the clean interior)

But the Gardener still wasn’t satisfied with the pumpkin.  He decided it needed a face!  So, He carefully cut out two eyes, a nose, and a big smiling mouth (Turn the carved side of the pumpkin to face the audience. Poke out the eyes, nose and mouth you carved out previously).  Now the Gardener’s special pumpkin looked clean AND happy.

But the Gardener still wasn’t satisfied with the pumpkin.  So, He put a light inside of it (insert candle and light it).  The pumpkin glowed so beautifully!  The Gardener’s special project was complete.

When friends and neighbors saw the Gardeners special pumpkin, they marveled at how He took something ordinary from His garden, cleaned it inside and out, put His light inside, and made it something extraordinary!

Explanation of the Pumpkin Gospel:

We are like pumpkins and God is  the Gardener.  God creates us and cares for us. He “chooses” us from all of the other pumpkins, but inside we all have the yucky goo – sin. (Read Rom. 3:23 and Rom. 6:23)

Just like the Gardener cleaned out his pumpkin’s goo, God wants to clean out all our sin, too. So, He sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins, to take the punishment we deserved. (Read Rom. 5:8, John 3:16, and 1 John 1:9)

Just like the Gardener gave the pumpkin a new face, God makes us a new creation! (Read 2 Cor. 5:17)

Just like the Gardener put His light into the pumpkin to make it shine, so God gives us His light to shine through us!  (Read 2 Cor. 4:6 and Mt. 5:16)

So, when we let God clean out our sin, by believing that Jesus died to pay the punishment that we deserve, He turns us into new creations that can shine for Him!  And when others see our light, then they might want to learn how to have a light of their own, too!

Religion vs. Relationship Pumpkin Gospel Alternate

In an alternate version of the Pumpkin Gospel, you can also demonstrate the difference between being saved by grace and trying to “earn” salvation through works.  All you will need is a second pumpkin with a face that is painted on (rather than cut out).  The story about this pumpkin is along the lines of wanting to be “chosen” but not allowing the Gardener to clean out the inside.

So, the pumpkin wears a painted face (tries to make itself acceptable on the outside), but inside, it’s still full of yucky goo.  Without removing the goo, there’s no room for the Gardener’s light, so the pumpkin cannot shine.

Many people try to make themselves acceptable to God in their own way ( just like Adam and Eve in the Garden).  They might go to church and act like Christians, and they might even believe in God.  But unless they trust that Jesus paid the price for their sins, then the sin remains on the inside.  They cannot become new creatures without allowing Christ to remove their sin.  So, the light of Christ cannot be in them.   (Read Eph. 2:8-10) This alternate pumpkin gospel object lesson would work especially well with older children, perhaps even youth age.

Make the most of Fall and the fun opportunities it brings!

Use the Pumpkin Gospel to build your family’s faith. You could even go beyond that – host a fall party, invite your neighbors, and make this fun pumpkin activity part of the experience. It’s a fun, no-pressure kind of way to share your faith with your neighbors!

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Note: I have recently learned that there are a variety of books available to help with this object lesson. This one seems closest:

And Here is one for little hands:


So, if you’re looking for a fall family activity or even an object lesson for your church or homeschool group, consider redeeming a little bit of Halloween and using the Pumpkin Gospel.  Year after year when children see pumpkins lit up, they can remember the story of Who put the light inside of them!

If you have other ideas or stories for redeeming Halloween, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Jen 🙂

Pumpkin Gospel FREE Printable

This year I’ve added a special bonus for newsletter subscribers. Just fill in the information below to access the free printable version, which includes preparation instructions and the Pumpkin Gospel parable for you to read! You will need to confirm your subscription before you receive access to the library of printables. (Hint: Look for it in your Welcome email!)



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10 Great Christian Pumpkin Carving Ideas

jesus with child pumpkin carving

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Standing beside mama
, I watched with wide eyes as she took a kitchen knife and cut a circle in the top of a bright orange pumpkin.

Carefully, she lifted the top off and told me to look inside.  Standing on tip toes, I peered into the pumpkin.  “It’s yucky,”  I announced.

With even more interest, I watched mama pull out the gooey seeds while she explained, “We have to clean  the inside so we can place a candle it.”

After several minutes, Mama was satisfied. “Now, we will make a face on the pumpkin.”

Taking a pen, she drew two triangle eyes, an upside down triangle nose, and a big smiling mouth; then took another knife and carved the face.

Turning to me, she asked, “Do you want to put the candle in it?”  Jumping at the chance, I carefully reached into the pumpkin and placed it in the center. When Mama lit the candle, I was fascinated at the transformation. The lifeless pumpkin now smiled at me with a glowing face.

For Christians, October 31 can be much more than a day of too much candy and ghosts and goblins. We can bring Christ into the day in a memorable way.

Which of the following might you do to point your children to Jesus on Carve a Pumpkin Day?

  1. If your child wants to wear a costume, choose a Biblical character  or animal. Talk about that person or the animal God created. Or, help your child select a positive role model like a fireman or  character of good influence.  Discuss how that person or character is kind and that it pleases God for us to be kind.  Share from Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another.
  2. Cut pumpkins out of orange construction paper and print “Be kind to one another” on them. Tape a piece of candy to the pumpkins and let your child hand them out to family and friends during the day.
  3. If you haven’t yet selected a pumpkin, take your child to the store and let them help you select one.  As you look at the various sizes and shapes, discuss how each pumpkin is special. Tell your child, “You are special to God.”
  4. When you get home, let your child help you wash the pumpkin. After cutting the top off the pumpkin, let them see inside the pumpkin and how it, too, needs to be cleaned. As you clean the pumpkin, explain that Jesus cares about us on the inside, too; not just the outside.  That’s why we pray and ask God to forgive us when we do wrong.
  5. Help your child draw a happy face on the pumpkin. Carve out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Let your little one place a candle in the pumpkin.  When you light the candle, explain that just like the candle shines through the pumpkin, Jesus wants to shine through us. Every day, we can pray and ask Jesus to shine through us.  Pray with your child, “Jesus, please shine through me.”  “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven,” Matthew 5:16. 
  6. Direct your child to the pumpkin seeds. Let them help you wash and roast them.
  7. As an alternative to trick or treating, attend a church “Harvest Fest” so your child can safely enjoy the company of others.  Remind them, “Jesus likes it when we come to church.”

When you return home and tuck your little one in bed, you can know that you’ve done much more than participated in Halloween or Pumpkin Carving Day.  You’ve infused your child’s mind and heart with Jesus. Now that’s something to glow about.

Debbie Taylor Williams, Spreading the Word & love of God


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A passionate Bible teacher with humorous illustrations, you may find Debbie on her knees in prayer one moment and with a strainer on her head illustrating a point the next moment.Whether in her books, studies, or at mom events, you’ll find practical “take aways” to help you be a better mom.

Debbie has been married to her college sweetheart, Keith, for 37 years, during which time she has ministered to women of all ages.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Jack-o'-lantern Song - Halloween pumpkin for children, kids, & the whole family

Halloween Pumpkin Carving. When you carve BEING A CHRISTIAN IS KIND OF LIKE BEING A PUMPKIN A children's message as you carve out your Jack-o- lantern. Step 1: Wash Jesus was willing to get messy for us He died on the.

Christ-Centered Pumpkin Carving Poems

As I sit here sipping hot apple cider and watching football the colors of fall are just outside my window under a blanket of darkness. I love this time of year but the first official holiday of the fourth quarter is one I could do without. Halloween and carving pumpkins are really not high on my priority list.

Photo by Fotomek

But, our son took an interest in carving pumpkins. I tried to put if off by ignoring him but, like most five years old, he did not easily forget something once it took root. A friend shared with me a book she'd heard about that gave pumpkin carving a whole new meaning. I thought about it. Should Christians be carving pumpkins?

Can there be a “better reason” to do so that preparation for a holiday with much darker roots than candy?

The Jack-O-Lantern's Roots

I've read a few variations of the origins of carving pumpkins. Actually, the tradition started in Europe and Ireland with gourds, not pumpkins. One story, based on Irish folklore, tell of a man named Stingy Jack who, after tricking the Devil twice was not allowed into Heaven or Hell when he died. So, he put a piece of burning coal in a carved gourd and has been roaming the earth ever since. People carved gourds and turnips to ward off Jack and other spirits from their homes. You can read more about this version here.

Another line of thought suggests that turnips were carved and lit to light the way for the walking deadduring the winter months when they came up from the ground and roamed the earth. The lighted veggies would frighten the spirits away from the home.

Others claim it's unlikely this is true because the Celts would not be eager to waste root vegetables that were a necessary staple in the diet, especially over the cold Winter months.

I read too that Scottish children carried around carved turnips called “bogies” to scare away witches.

A real surprise was some information I found on Wiccan sites that call costumes and jack-o-lanterns the “non-nonsensical” part of the holiday which has much deeper, ritualistic meanings. Carving pumpkins is not part of satanic worship or ritual.  The Pagan's Path says,

“No longer is Halloween a religious festival here in the US. It has become commercialized as an event for kids to have fun, play dress up and be scared by ghouls and ghosts. It has become nothing more than a secular holiday. 

Those who have tried to link Halloween to Samhain are also missing the boat. As Halloween, All Hallows Eve are Christian created holidays devised by the early Churches of Europe as a means to convert pagans to Christianity. The celebrations were indeed taken from pagan practices, but their purposes have long since been corrupted and are no longer pagan in nature. Right down to being practiced on October 31st. 

Some one asked me if I cared that a nearby town was attempting to change Halloween from October 31st to the last Friday of each October. My response is why should I mind? Halloween is a Christian holiday, do with it what you will. 

The modern celebrations of Halloween do not take away or alter the spiritual significance of Samhain for pagan practitioners. Our Sabbat is still intact and still honored with reverence and in the traditional methods practiced by our ancient pagan ancestors.”

Regardless of the latter, I do not believe dressing up as scary ghosts and goblins and being scared to death at haunted hay rides is a “fun” and “innocent” thing but clearly, the commercialized Halloween we know is to the Pagan what commercialize Christmas is to the Christian. 

A Simple Illustration of God's Amazing Grace

When a friend told me about The Parable of The Pumpkin Patch I was intrigued.

The book walks through the life a pumpkin from seed to harvest to carving showing the scriptural significance of each phase. The scriptures are listed on the pages which make for a great conversation starter with your kids. The farmer's story from planting to carving is a great illustration of the work God does in us as we become new creations, dying to our old selves and becoming fully alive in Christ and therefore, becoming a light in the dark world.

We decided to carve a pumpkin following along with the story in the Parable of the Pumpkin Patch. I incorporated some learning fun activities making our pumpkin carving a mini pumpkin and spiritual lesson. Here's what we did:

  • Watching a pumpkin grow – We used this real time and time lapse Youtube video.
  • Pumpkin learning – This pumpkin-themed pre-k pack was fun. We reinforced the spiritual story by putting our new book in Wyatt's reading box.
  •  Pumpkin picking – We weren't able to go as a family this year, but Wyatt and I, along with my mom, picked out our pumpkins. At home, we talked about how God made the pumpkin and we prayed, thanking God for his creation.
  • An evening of carving –  We'd read The Parable of the Pumpkin Patch again and talked about the how Jesus comes into our hearts and makes us new. Then, we spread out paper on the table and carved two cute pumpkins. In bed that night, we prayed that our pumpkins would be a reminder of the light that should shine out of us.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
~  Matthew 5:14 ESV

Additional resources: Other great resources include:


Fear of Evil or Full of Truth?

One thing I noticed when researching the jack-o-lantern was the motivation factor in many of these “reasons” was fear. If Christ lives in us, we should not live in fear. The Bible is clear, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1: 7

However, we also know that the spiritual battle is real. There are demons and demonic spirits whose assignments are to cause havoc, confusion, chaos, sickness and death. We cannot be ignorant of this and assume we live alone in this world. The spirit realm is real.

But if I want to ward off evil spirits and protect my home and family, I'll anoint my doors and windows with oil and plead the blood of Jesus over my family. We are covered by the blood of the Lamb, we are the light in the darkness and I need not fear evil spirits on Halloween or any other day of the year.

I will not fear evil spirits lurking about. I will use my authority in Christ Jesus to protect my family and I'll carve a pumpkin as an illustration of what Christ has done in me.

So the question remains, should Christians be carving pumpkins? Only your family can answer that. If you believe it's demonic, then no. If you believe it can be a teaching tool and a statement of faith, then yes. I believe the Parable of the Pumpkin Patch draws out a great illustration that is an opportunity for a spiritual lesson.

We enjoyed pumpkin carving as a lesson about Jesus and I think we'll continue to do so each year digging deeper and deeper into the parable.

Have you ever heard of the Parable of the Pumpkin Patch?


jesus with child pumpkin carving

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids DIY Decorations Halloween Pumpkins Carving Songs Videos

Later in the week, allow the child to create her own Shape Pumpkin on the second A book explaining the Gospel message to read while you carve a pumpkin.

jesus with child pumpkin carving
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