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This FREE thank you notes resource was written with you in mind. It has beautiful thank you card wording for all occasions. Here you’ll find over 500 beautifully-written wording examples to fire up your creativity as well as FREE greeting card printables and stylish gift ideas.

Express Gratitude

When it comes to expressing gratitude, nothing is more personal than a hand-written thank you note. It’s well known that sincere gestures of appreciation are the currency of good business and personal relationships. Thank you cards go a long way in establishing goodwill and trust. They help build those important social connections that give structure to our lives. Most of us can remember the names of the people and businesses who send us holiday greeting cards every year. And we definitely remember those who have taken the time to send us a courteous and prompt thank you note message to acknowledge our kindness in a special way. Who in your life right now deserves a few words of thanks?


* Begin by selecting a beautiful set of thank you cards
* Purchase stamps with a lovely design
* Select a quality pen with ink that doesn’t easily smudge
* Get ready to use your computer or a few pieces of scrap paper
* Choose a comfortable well-lit spot that’s perfect for writing
* Allow your thoughts to focus on feelings of gratitude
* Remember how you felt when receiving the kind gift or gesture
* Capture those warm emotions and allow them to build and overflow
* Use your computer or scrap paper for writing your rough draft
* In the body of your thank you note use warm words that show a personal connection
* Add specific details about the gift, favor, kindness or advice you received
* Include words of thanks or a lovely thank you phrase
* Spell check your rough draft
* Handwrite your thank you message on a hard-stock thank you card
* End your thank you note with your regards followed by a signature


To jumpstart your creativity browse through our extensive collection of thoughtful thank you card wording samples. You can use our professionally-written examples as your own personal thank you note template. There are thank you note categories for all occasions: wedding, baby shower, birthday, graduation, business, bereavement, teacher appreciation and many more! Choose your favorite thank you note examples within this site and then put your own special spin on the written content. You can often combine a few of the words and phrases from two or more thank you notes to create a completely unique message that’s all your own!

Thank You Note Categories Business + Personal

Advice Thank You Note Wording Examples
This is a lovely collection of wording examples for thanking those wonderful people in your life who have shown you a generous measure of kindness. Explore our treasure trove of phrasing.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording
Your FREE resource for how to write baby shower thank you notes. Thanking your baby shower guests for gifts just got easier. This page contains thoughtful wording examples that you can use right now to fly through that stack of thank you cards in style. Get ready to be inspired with the very best in baby shower thank you card wording!

Bachelorette Party Thanks
Woo-hoo! What a celebration! We’re ready to help you get started writing out thank you cards to your bridesmaids and friends. This treasure trove of wording and phrases were written to help you tap into your creativity and express your heartfelt thanks with beauty and confidence.

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Thank You Card Phrasing
You’ve just discovered a wonderful selection of thoughtfully-written thank you card excerpts for showing thanks to your guests and for all the gifts you received on your very special day.

Bereavement Thanks
Heartfelt wording examples for writing bereavement and funeral thank you cards for flowers, sympathy gifts, prayers and emotional support. Here’s how to best thank friends, family and your church community for reaching out and providing you with spiritual strength and comfort. This page offers a measure of love and assistance during a very difficult time. These beautiful examples of sympathy thank you notes are exactly what you need right now.

Birthday Gift Thank You Notes
This page is full of wonderful wording ideas for thanking friends and family for the sweet birthday gifts you received. More beautiful phrasing is added monthly to keep things fresh.

Boss / Employer Thank You Card Wording and Phrases
When writing thank you letters to your employer it’s best to keep things simple, business like and sincere. In most employment situations it’s wise to remember that your message of thanks should not be overly personal in nature. Here is a great collection of wording examples and ideas to help guide your way.

Bridal Shower Thank You Notes
FREE resource for how to write bridal shower thank you notes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about writing out bridal shower thank you cards, we’re here to reduce the stress! Explore this FREE bridal shower resource. It’s now easier than ever to convey love and gratitude to your bridal shower guests. These thoughtfully-written bridal shower thank you notes are here to assist beautiful brides like you.

Business Referral Thanks
Build a network of satisfied clients by sending out a thank you card for each new business referral. If referrals and repeat customers are the life force of your business, this is something that needs your special attention! By acknowledging the kindness your business associates and friends have shown you, they will be willing to continue sending new customers and clients your way. Writing a business referral thank you note is quick and easy to do! Find the thank you card wording you’re looking for on this special page. Start growing and expanding your business today.

Christmas Gift Thank You Note Wording
Now that the holidays are over it’s important to sit down and write thoughtful letters of thanks to your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members who shopped for the perfect gift to present to you during the holiday season. This page has plenty of wording examples to help you fill out your cards with perfect phrases of thanks.

Customer Thank You Notes
Customer thank you notes build and reinforce positive relationships, promote your brand, and encourage repeat business. This special collection of thank you note examples is a wonderful business resource. Use these wording examples to help you write a sincere letter of thanks to your valued customers and clients. See just how easy it is to write a customer appreciation message!

Dinner and Entertainment Thanks
Good etiquette dictates that after you’ve enjoyed a dinner and/or event at a friend or client’s home that you send a thoughtful handwritten thank you card within a few days after the meal or party. For close family members and more casual friendships an email thanks is absolutely fine.

Donation Thank You Letter Samples
This section offers professionally-worded thank you letter examples for donations received for non-profit organizations, schools, churches and more.

Employee Appreciation Thank You Cards
Whenever employees have gone over above what’s expected it’s important to recognize their accomplishments. Many employers add the engraved names of high-performing employees onto a group recognition plaque placed prominently in the workplace. But at the very least a thank you card should accompany a handshake and verbal thanks.

Farewell Goodbye Email Messages
Saying goodbye to work friends and colleagues isn’t easy. It can often be a challenge finding the right words to say in a goodbye email. To assist you out we’ve included examples of farewell emails that you can pull words and phrases from to create an email letter that reflects your sentiments. Likewise, employee departure emails can often be difficult to write. When it comes time for an employee to leave your company it’s good etiquette to send them off with well wishes and words of gratitude for the years of service they’ve given to growing your business and keeping your customers satisfied. These farewell email examples contain wording and phrasing that you can pull from when writing your goodbye email.

Father’s Day Thank You Cards
This cherished holiday is the perfect time to express your sincere love and thanks to the important father figures in your life. A small thoughtful gift along with a sweet Father’s Day Card is the traditional way of celebrating this special occasion.

Friendship Thank You Card
Truly good friends are hard to come by. It’s important to water your friendships so they continue to grow and flower into wonderful life-long relationships. Every now and then it’s nice to acknowledge those important people in your life with a sweet greeting card expressing your gratitude for their friendship.

Funeral Thank You Notes
These thank you card entries were lovingly written to help you express your thanks for help, kindness, flowers, gifts, cards, pre-made food, phone calls and more. My sincere condolences for your very private loss.

Get Well Thank You Message
So many friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members sent you their well wishes, thoughts and prayers during your time of illness. Thank these wonderful people by mailing each a lovely thank you card with a personal message.

Graduation Thank You Card Wording
Congratulations to the graduate! You’ve accomplished so much. It was so wonderful to have friends and family attend your ceremony and festivities. And you received several lovely gifts, flowers and grad cards. Send a handwritten thank you note to each of these special individuals.

Hospitality Thank You Messages
After a wonderful dinner, visit or evening at a friend or client’s home it’s proper etiquette to send a thank you card with a thoughtful message. An email thanks is completely acceptable for those persons with whom you have very casual relationships.

House Sitting Thank You Card Message
This page has plenty of wonderful thank you note wording inspiration for thanking the person(s) who took great care of your home while you were away.

House Warming Thank You Cards
How exciting to move into a new home! This is the beginning of a new and special chapter in your life. Thank your party guests for their cards, visits and gifts with these sweet messages of thanks.

Job Interview Thank You Letters
This section is packed with professionally-worded thank you letter examples for job interview thanks. Your letter can be emailed or handwritten on a nice thank you card and snail mailed.

Money Gifts or Cash Gift Thanks
What a wonderful happy feeling it is to receive a thoughtful gift of money. Show your thanks for checks, gift certificates, and cash gifts with a nice thank you note with a personalized message of sincere thanks.

Mother’s Day Thank You Card Message
Celebrate this special day by spending it with your beautiful mom. Bring her flowers and/or a gift along with a loving Mother’s Day Card filled with sweet phrases and a message of thanks.

Pet Sitting Thank You Card Wording Examples
Your animals were so well taken care of when you were away. It gave you a measure of peace knowing that your beloved little ones were in good hands during your absence. Remember to thank your pet sitter by sending him/her a thoughtful thank you card expressing your thanks.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Examples
When you receive a scholarship it’s important to thank the donor or organization who generously granted you the funds to continue your education. If you’re unsure what wording to include in your thank you letter, we’ve got you covered! Browse through the scholarship thank you note wording examples in this section. Saying thank you for the scholarship has never been easier!

Teacher Thank You Note Examples
This page contains plenty of wonderful thank you card writing examples for thanking teachers and other important members of the school staff. Use the wording and phrases in this section to create one-of-a-kind thank you messages.

Valentine’s Day Thanks
Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect opportunity to thank your loved ones for the love and sweetness they show you all year long. Pick up a bottle of your favorite bubbly and start getting festive. Bake a few heart-shaped cookies or pink cupcakes and let the celebration begin. Thank you cards in this section are coming soon!

Volunteer Thank You Card Words and Phrases
Thank your volunteers by sending a thoughtful, heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job they did. These tireless friends and community members deserve to have their hours of dedication recognized in a very sweet way. Here’s thank you card wording you cn use right now!

Wedding Day Thanks
Congratulations to the gorgeous new couple! After your beautiful wedding day there is a long list of guests that need to be properly thanked for their thoughtful gifts. This special page contains a delightful number of sweetly crafted thank you note wording examples to help get you started.



When sitting down to write thank you notes, sometimes all you need to get started is a few new ideas for wording and phrasing. These thank you note examples are designed to spark your own imagination and creativity. There are so many wonderful, special people in your life that share their time, talents and expertise helping you achieve your personal goals. Others lend a helping hand or a friendly ear and are ready to help you problem solve. Each of these friends, family members, neighbors or acquaintances deserve to be properly thanked for their kindness. This is your personal inspirational playground where you can discover new ways of communicating your gratitude and sincere thanks.


Each of these beautiful sites has original thank you card wording that was professionally written specifically with your needs in mind. Our current categories are listed below. If there’s a thank you message category that’s not covered within these three sites, please contact us and bring it to our attention. We will be happy to add the new category along with fresh, exclusive content. Each thank you card section is refreshed throughout the year with brand new entries. We want this to be your personal collection of thank you note wording and phrases for all of life’s important moments. Remember to bookmark this site. Enjoy!

I never understood the point of thank-you letters.

My mom would insist. “You’ve got to send a thank-you letter!”

Three weeks after my birthday: “Have you written your thank-you letter yet?”

Four weeks after my birthday: “You’re grounded if you haven’t sent that letter by this afternoon.”

What’s the point?” I thought. My relatives KNOW I’m thankful! I’ll tell them next time I see them. Ugh, and I’m so busy playing video games.

Ridiculous right? Thankfully I wised up in my later years. I figured out that if I wrote a really great, sincere and funny thank-you letter (usually with hand-drawn illustrations of the gift’s potential applications), my relatives not only appreciated it… but they’d actually put the letter up on the fridge and leave it there for months. Seriously, guys?

The secret of the great thank-you note: if you do it right, the givers are actually happier giving to you than they were before they gave the gift. It’s not an obligation to give a gift any more—it’s a privilege!

You can actually get a glow of happiness sending a gift when you know you’ll be treated with a fun, gratifying message of thanks and appreciation.

But the truth is, we treat our donors like Young Marc treated his relatives after his birthday. We wait until 4+ weeks to send our donor thank you letters, if we send them at all.

And the thank-you isn’t personalized or fun. It’s clearly written at threat of “being grounded”—or sheer fear that the donor might not donate next time you send an appeal.

Stop with the perfunctory thank-yous. Send GREAT thank-you letters. Make people happier than before they gave to you. Make them excited to give next time. Make the world a more generous place by starting with yourself.

Here are 12 ways to start thanking your donors today:

1. Offer a Next Step

The hours, days and weeks after a donation are the time when your donor will be most excited about your cause, and most likely to remember you. Offer them a next step before their passion cools. (Note: You do NOT say “Please donate more!” See below for why not.) The next step can be as simple as “You can join our email list for [X cool benefit, updates, etc.]!” or “We’re throwing this free event for new donors in your area” or “check out our website to see watch X video on what you’re making possible.” What’s the next step?

2. Thank You… for Being YOU

What’s infinitely more valuable than a donation? The person who gave it. The donation happens once. The donor could be around for life. So thank them… for being THEM! The kind of person who gives to important causes. That’s what they’re buying with their donation: confirming their identity as someone who not only cares, but cares enough to take action. Thank me for being me, not for “my donation of [form-filled donation amount].”

3. Send a Handwritten Note

This is one of the coolest things you can receive in our digital age. If you’re a small nonprofit trying to grow your donor base, this is where it’s at. Sure, it won’t scale forever, but right now, that’s not important. Save it for your most committed donors once you’re really big. But do this. Thank-you note writing is a great activity for board member fundraising too—it’s low pressure, with a big return on the time invested. Don’t underestimate the handwritten thank-you like Young Marc did.

4. Treat Each Donation as the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

If the donor is new, realize that pitiful little donation is an opportunity for a LIFETIME of support. You are starting a new relationship. Of course they’re probably taking it slow. But that means it’s worth doing things you wouldn’t otherwise. Make your thank-you especially impactful, meaningful and memorable. What could have started as an offhand donation could become a lifelong passion for you new donor. Keep the fire alive with new donors!

5. Don’t Ask for More Money Yet

Thank you, Aunt Sally! All things said, this wasn’t a terrible gift. But I can’t wait to see the next one! In fact, here are 10 ideas to get you started, in order of MOST desirable to least…” Thank-you notes should bubble with pure, unadulterated sugary gratitude, and make the donor feel sheer delight and appreciation. That means DON’T ASK for more money yet! If you thank them with enthusiasm now, you should definitely ask again in a month or two—and if you do your job, they’ll be HAPPY to give. Hold your horses, eager fundraiser. Don’t ask again just yet.

6. Simple and Emotional, Not Complicated and Jargony

Keep your message simple and emotional. Being complicated doesn’t make something better. In fact, complexity makes it less likely you’ll be remembered when you ask for money next time. Consult the following chart, which is helpful for writing your mission statement, but also your thank-you letters:

7. Don’t be Boring – Make Them Feel Something

When you write your thank-you letters, get excited. Order a triple shot of espresso. Turn up the music. Dance a little. The more enthusiastic you feel writing your thank-you letters, the more likely it is that enthusiasm will come through your writing. Your goal is to make your donors feel something. Make them care. The biggest thank-you note killer is being boring.

8. Avoid Careless Errors

My father-in-law still writes my name as “Mark” in every text message he sends me. (It’s “Marc.”) Our in-laws can get away with this, but we can’t with our donors. Nothing communicates a lack of care and respect like a blatant error on a thank-you note. While most donors are gracious about a rare mistake, repeated errors are unacceptable. Ask folks on occasion if you’ve got their contact information correct (give them an email address to reach out), and if they send you corrections, update their profile everywhere. Donors don’t experience your organization in silos. Update that info.

9. Send a Thank-You FAST

Send a thank-you letter within two days. Not an acknowledgement or a receipt. A real thank-you. Speed is important because the longer you wait, the more likely your donor will forget they donated, and the less sincere your thank-you seems. Speed matters.


10. Make it Relevant

For every fundraising appeal you send, you should have specific, relevant follow up thank-you letters prepared. That way, the thank-you can be directly relevant to the reason your donor gave. Boilerplate thank-you messages stick out like a sore thumb and anyone can spot them. Spend as much time crafting relevant thank-yous as you do crafting your appeal.

11. Give THEM Credit – Not You

Count the times you use the word “we” and make sure the number of times you use “you” is far greater. The donor is the hero. You are thanking them for their awesomeness. Don’t lapse into bragging about your accomplishments or your future aspirations. Instead, tell them about all that they have enabled. Everything that they made possible. Make them look great, because they are.

12. Follow Up Later – and Show Up with Results

When it’s time to follow up later, show up with results. Be specific: why did my donation matter? What did it accomplish? Why should I be hopeful and excited to contribute to create the future my donations are creating? Whose life was changed? The follow up needs to be just as carefully crafted as the appeal and the thank-you.

Remember, writing thank-you notes is hard work.

But the payoff is worth it.

When you thank your donor RIGHT, they are excited to give again. It’s not an obligation. It’s a privilege.

So please, take some time to do it right.

You make big positive impacts on the lives of people in need. Ken Chuck and I would like to thank you for your generous gift of a seat elevator for his new.

Dear Donor Family,

We have received the wonderful gift that you and your loved one so unselfishly gave. This gift is like no other we have received in this lifetime or that we’ll ever receive. We know that thoughtful, caring and loving people made the gift possible. We can only express our deepest gratitude and always keep you in our thoughts and prayers. While we may not know you, we know things about you that many around you will never see. We understand that light and love in you are much deeper than one could imagine. We have cried tears for you. We will always remember you and your loved one, and in our remembering, we will be called to always act to our highest good. We have known the best we can be – you have modeled it for us. We will live in gratitude for your absolute and inconceivable generosity.

In deepest gratitude,
Your Recipient

Dear Donor Family,

We welcomed your letter with open arms. We could only imagine the pain your family went through during your terrible loss. We are very sorry for all that you have endured. It saddened us even more because our daughter was the same age.

My husband’s biggest goal was to see his only child married. Our daughter was married last Mother’s Day and my husband was in his glory walking her down the aisle. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when he danced with her.

Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough, but “Thank you” for raising a son who knew what his gift would mean to others.

Your grateful recipient


Other Starting Points:

  • When your life is saved due to someone else’s precious gift, there are no words to express your gratitude. Please know I will always cherish the gift and remember your loved one.
  • One person can make a difference. Your loved one did. With sincere appreciation,
  • Thank you for the gift of life. Without your family’s generosity in a time of grief, I would not be able to…
  • Words cannot express my gratitude for the gracious gift your loved one has given me. My life is forever changed. Thank you.
  • Without the precious gift your loved one so thoughtfully gave, I would not be able to…  My sincerest thank you.
  • I don’t know if my gratitude can help your healing, but I want you to know how your loved one saved my life.


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Dear Donor Family:

I am the 28-year-old male who received the precious gift from your loved one. I know that there are no words that can truly express my feelings for your family; it takes a special kind of person to make such a sacrifice in their time of grief and need. I would like you to know that your loved one and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I know I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me a second chance at life. I can promise you that I will try to live up to the example set by your loved one and help other people.

I thought you might like to know how things are going. The doctor says everything is progressing extremely well. I have had no signs of rejection and the kidney is functioning extremely well. It has been about two months since the operation at the time I am writing this letter. I would have written sooner, but I wanted to make sure everything was working out so that I could show you what has been accomplished by your family’s decision to donate.

I would also like to say how sorry I am for your loss. I would give it all up to put your family all back together again. It is nice to know that there are such special people in this world who care about other people so much.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough when what somebody does is basically save your life. I sincerely hope that life treats your family to nothing but happiness and prosperity. If there is anything you would like to know about or from me, please don’t hesitate to ask. I just want to say thank you again.

God Bless You.

Good friends are there for you during all phases of life. Maybe it's time to send a friendship thank you letter to show how much you It can be a gift card to her favorite restaurant, a spa pass, or a basket of her favorite teas.

Letters of Appreciation

Post Views: 166,649

A dear friend of mine is a dedicated philanthropist, as is his wife. Both as a couple and independently, they support many charitable organizations in their quiet, yet deliberate way. While reviewing the day’s mail recently, my friend’s wife plunked her stack of letters down in her lap and, with a tone of exasperation in her voice, she remarked, “Is there only one thank you letter?”

When I first conducted research over a decade ago on the impact of thank you letters on donor loyalty and generosity, donors identified two prominent deficiencies — the time it took to receive acknowledgement letters after making gifts and the predictable nature of their content. I am happy to report that donors now say they receive far more thank you letters in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, they continue to be deflated by the content.

What Donors Say Makes Thank You Letters Superior

My research on thank you letters culminated in a list of the 20 Characteristics of Great Thank You Letters which was published in Donor-Centered Fundraising. Over the years I have had many reports from thrilled Development professionals who have re-engineered their acknowledgement letters according to these principles, raising more money and improving donor retention as a result. Many have also received immediate and very generous additional gifts from donors who were now reading something they could get excited about. One story is particularly memorable. A community hospice sent their new donor-centered thank you letter to a first-time donor who had just made a $100 contribution. The delighted donor called the organization because she “wanted to meet the person who had written such a beautiful letter”. Donor and Fundraiser fell into conversation about the Hospice and its future plans. The next day a check arrived via courier with a post-it note attached which read, For your hopes and dreams. The check was for $25,000.

Here is my list of the 20 things that make a thank you letter superior:

  1. The letter is a real letter, not a pre-printed card.
  2. It is personally addressed.
  3. It has a personal salutation (no “dear donor” or “dear friend”).
  4. It is personally signed.
  5. It is personally signed by someone from the highest ranks of the organization
  6. It makes specific reference to the intended use of funds.
  7. It indicates approximately when the donor will receive an update on the program being funded.
  8. It includes the name and phone number of a staff person whom the donor can contact at any time or an invitation to contact the writer directly.
  9. It does not ask for another gift.
  10. It does not ask the donor to do anything (like complete an enclosed survey, for example.)
  11. It acknowledges the donor’s past giving, where applicable.
  12. It contains no spelling or grammatical errors.
  13. It has an overall “can do”, positive tone as opposed to a hand wringing one.
  14. It communicates the excitement, gratitude and inner warmth of the writer.
  15. It grabs the reader’s attention in the opening sentence.
  16. It speaks directly to the donor.
  17. It does not continue to “sell”.
  18. It is concise – no more than two short paragraphs long.
  19. It is received by the donor promptly.
  20. Plus, in some circumstances, the letter is handwritten.

A Growing Resource as Precious as Gold

At the request of colleagues who understand the power of compelling communications, I continue to compile a catalog of the best examples of Donor-Centered Thank You Letters which is distributed to everyone whose entry is included. We are now accepting submissions for the 3rd edition of our Donor-Centered Thank You Letters Project. If you have adapted one or more thank you letters according to the twenty donor-centered principles above or if you would like to do so now, I would love to receive a sample of your best.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to post a comment if you have any questions about something on that list of twenty characteristics. Here is a clue that will lead to greatness —  more than 80% of thank you letters start with Thank you for your generous gift of… or its first cousin, On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your generous gift of…

I’m counting on you to be so much more brilliant than that.

Donor-Centered Thank You Letters Submissions

Send your Donor-Centered Thank-You letters to:  [email protected]

All letters chosen for publication will be edited to preserve anonymity. Here is an example from the 2012 Edition of the Donor-Centered Thank You Letters Project.

For more information on the project, visit:



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letter thanks for gift life

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Good friends are there for you during all phases of life. Maybe it's time to send a friendship thank you letter to show how much you It can be a gift card to her favorite restaurant, a spa pass, or a basket of her favorite teas.

letter thanks for gift life
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