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Signing thank you cards
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You've finished the last slice of cake and unpacked your honeymoon suitcases—that's when you know those wedding thank-you notes can't wait any longer. The task of coming up with personalized wedding thank-you cards for 100-plus different guests is daunting, but it's both necessary and doable. Consider this your complete thank-you card survival guide, including wedding thank-you card wording, etiquette, prep and more. In other words, if you don't know where to start, start here.

When to Send Wedding Thank-You Cards

When exactly are your thank-you notes "due"? While your guests have up to a year to send you a wedding gift, you, sadly, don't have that kind of time. Follow these timing guidelines to avoid leaving your guests hanging:

  • For all gifts received before the wedding (which you can easily track in our Guest List Manager, by the way), send thank-you notes within two weeks of their arrival. 
  • For all gifts received on or after your wedding, send thank-you cards within (or up to) three months of their arrivial.

Start Writing Them ASAP

Wedding thank-you card prep starts months before you unwrap that first gift (yes, really). Remember that handy guest list your entire family weighed in on? Do yourself a favor and make a copy of it. Add a column for gifts and wedding thank-you notes. This allows you to keep a record of which registry gifts you've received (and from whom) and log your thank-you card progress as you go. Who doesn't love checking things off a list? (It's easy to think you've already sent a thank-you note for a gift when you have so many to remember.) Best of all, your guest list manager can store all your guests' contact information, so you won't have to hunt for everyone's mailing address.

Stock Up on Stationery, Pens and Stamps

This is the fun part of thank-you card writing. Invest in some stationery that represents you as a couple, or pick up some simple white or ecru note cards. Thank-you notes never go out of style (and there will definitely be more than one gift-giving occasion thrown in your honor), so stock up shortly after you get engaged. If you decide to personalize your stationery, opt for first names only—wait until after the wedding to order new stationery with your married monogram or shared last initial. If you've chosen a wedding motif, like a maple leaf or geometric crest, consider using it in your social stationery too. A good roller ball pen will do wonders for penmanship. Stick with blue or black ink and make sure it won't smear or bleed through your note cards. Lastly, buy a roll of Forever stamps, so you're not hunting down postage every time you lick an envelope.

Set Up a Designated Work Space

Designate a thank-you note writing station in your home—you'll be more likely to pen those cards if you have a clean, comfortable place to get things done. If you don't have a desk, keep your note cards near a table or another hard surface. Don't hesitate to make yourself comfortable: A glass of wine and some Spotify can really sweeten the deal.

Get Down to Business

Etiquette rules dictate that every wedding gift deserves a thank-you note—and we agree. (In this case it's not about adhering to stuffy old rules—it's about showing gratitude to those you love). That means, between saying "yes" and "I do," you'll be doing a lot of thank-you card writing. Wedding planning takes a lot of time—we get it—but we recommend penning notes as soon as gifts start to arrive. This may mean before the wedding (think shower and engagement party gifts)—and long after.

Write Them in Batches

Don't try to get all your thank-you notes done in one sitting. Instead, set aside 30 minutes or so every night to tackle your wedding thank-you card list. And remember, the wedding gifts you've gotten were intended for you both. Regardless of who's penning them, sign both of your names—unless, of course, you're thanking your bestie for a lacy number received at your bachelorette party or for the unforgettable bachelor party. The best way to get it done and share the burden? Divide and conquer. Some couples divide the list down the middle, while others prefer to write thank-you cards to their extended family who may not know their future spouse as well. Do whatever works best for you two.

Wedding Thank-You Card Wording Samples

You don't need to write a novel, but do personalize each thank-you note to reflect your individual relationship with the addressee and their gift. Use specifics: "the Waterford Lismore vase from our registry." If you've been gifted money for your wedding, explain how you plan to use it, like "we're saving for our first house" or "we can't wait to indulge at the spa on our honeymoon." And don't forget, their presence was a present too—thank your guest for attending the wedding, helping celebrate your love and thinking of you at this special time.

Not sure where to start in terms of wedding thank-you card wording? Jumpstart the writing process with these wording samples and you'll be popping those notes in the mail in no time.

Thank-You Card Wording for a Wedding Gift From the Registry

Mention the wedding gift received and how you plan to use it.

Dear Brittany and John,

Thank you so much for the crystal wine goblets. We now have a complete set—and you know how we love our wine! Adam and I are looking forward to your next visit, when we can enjoy a drink together. Thank you again for thinking of us!

All the best,

Lauren and Adam

Thank-You Card Wording for a Cash Wedding Gift

Avoid mentioning the amount of money given (a word like "generous" will do the trick), but do share how you plan to use it.

Dear Aunt Edna and Uncle Tom,

Adam and I are so grateful for your generous gift. We're one step closer to the bathroom remodel we've been dreaming of and plan to start this spring. It was so wonderful to have you celebrate alongside us at the wedding—thanks for making the trip. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida for Thanksgiving.

Much love,

Lauren and Adam

Thank-You Card Wording for a Group Wedding Gift

Send each person who contributed to the gift their own, individual thank-you note.

Dear Charlie,

Thank you for the awesome backyard fire pit. We were counting down the days until our wedding, now we can count down until summer! We're so lucky to have such thoughtful friends. S'mores soon? Thank you again for thinking of us and helping us celebrate this happy time in our lives.

Much love,

Lauren and Adam

Thank-You Card Wording for a Wedding Gift From Someone You Don't Know (Yet)

Whether it's a close friend of your parents invited to the wedding or an aunt on your partner's side you'll be meeting at the shower, it's okay to acknowledge that you're strangers. But do mention you look forward to meeting them soon. Bonus points if you can connect them to a relative or friend.

Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you for the absolutely beautiful crystal vase. It's perfect for our entryway—I will nudge Adam to keep it filled with flowers. My dad has spoken so fondly of you over the years, and Adam and I look forward to meeting you at the wedding in a few weeks. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing in this exciting time in our lives.


Lauren and Adam

Thank-You Card Wording for a Wedding Gift You Don't Love

Not an ideal situation, obviously, but it happens. Try to focus this wedding thank-you card wording around your overall appreciation, rather than the gift itself.

Dear Susan and Tom,

Thank you for the colorful fluorescent lava lamps—so retro and fun! Every time we look at them we will think of you and remember this special time in our lives. Many thanks for sharing in our joy on our wedding day.


Lauren and Adam

Don't forget to keep your wedding registry up to date as gifts start rolling in.

Not sure where to begin with your wedding planning? Take our Style Quiz and we'll pull together a custom wedding vision and vendors to match, just for you. After that, create a free, personalized wedding website to keep your guests informed (and excited!) about your plans, and a time-saving Guest List Manager to organize your attendees. Even better? You can sync your Guest List Manager and wedding website to update everything at once. 

Not sure how to sign off your greeting card, email or letter? time to write 300 thank you notes, easily create and write your cards on Postable.

Working out what to write in your wedding invitations and order of service may have seemed hard enough and if you’ve written a speech too, we wouldn’t be surprised if you fancied taking a break from penning wedding masterpieces.

We hate to break it to you, but you have one more writing task to complete before you disappear into newly-wedded bliss; thank you cards. Now the wedding is over (sob! Beat the post-wedding blues here) and you’ve returned from your honeymoon, it’s time to throw your swimming gear in the washing machine and start scribbling your thank you cards.

If you’re already getting an overwhelming sense of writer’s block, then don’t fear! We have written down every type of thank you message we can think of, so no matter the relation or gift we’ll have something perfect for you; all you need to do is write them out. It’s a total no-brainer!

From group gifts, to gift list buys and cash, we have a thoughtful message for you. Plus, we have also rounded up some of our favourite thank you cards, available to buy in the shops right now.

Whether you’re looking for floral designs to continue your wedding theme, a personalised card using your favourite bridal portrait or something a little different, we have the thank you card for you!

Read through our expertly written thank you messages before choosing your favourite cards and then you’ve got one of the very last pieces of wedmin ticked off your list!

Fountain pens and your very best handwriting at the ready…

We may receive a commission on products or services purchased through links in this article. All the products have been chosen independently by our editorial team.

How to say thank you for wedding gifts

It’s usually best practice to mention the gift received and how you plan to use it. For example:

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous sugar bowl. We will make good use of it with our morning cuppa! We were so happy to celebrate with you and hope to see you again soon.

Lots of love, 
Bride and groom


Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you so much for the lovely crystal carafe – it matches our wine glasses perfectly and we now have the complete set! We are looking forward to having you over for dinner, where we can put it to good use.

All the best,
Bride and groom

For a gift you didn’t like or wasn’t on the list

Even if you’re not keen on the gift you received, it’s always good to be positive and grateful.

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you for the fun framed poster you sent us, it was so thoughtful! Every time we look at it we will think of you and our wedding day.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

How to say thank you for money

You navigated politely asking for money as a wedding gift, so this one is a doddle!

It’s a nice touch to share how you will be using your cash gift, even if you don’t know exactly how you will use it yet.

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you for your generous gift, we’re one step closer to our dream honeymoon! It was so lovely to have you with us to celebrate our big day, and we can’t wait to see you again soon/see you for dinner next month.

Much love,
Bride and groom


Dear Sarah and John,

We are so grateful for your generous gift, thank you so much! We will use it to enjoy a lovely bottle of champagne on honeymoon. It was wonderful to have you celebrate with us at the wedding, and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

To parents or in-laws

Dear mum and dad,

Thank you for your generous gift, it goes a long way towards our dream honeymoon. Thank you all for all your support in helping us plan our big day, it wouldn’t have been half as special without you. We can’t wait to have you over for dinner when we get back.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

To close friends or relatives

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. As you know we are planning on going to the Maldives on honeymoon, and your contribution means we can have a lovely candlelit dinner on you. We can’t wait to see you when we get back, and thank you again for sharing our special day.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

To distant friend or relatives

Dear Sarah and John/Mr & Mrs John (depending on how familiar you are with them),

Thank you for your lovely gift, it will help us achieve our dream honeymoon. Thank you for coming and sharing our special day with us.

Bride and groom

To guests who weren’t able to attend but sent a present

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you both for your very thoughtful gift. We very much missed you on our special day and look forward to celebrating with you soon.

Lots of love,

Bride and groom

To an acquaintance who sent a present but wasn’t invited

Dear Mr. & Mrs. John,

Thank you for the lovely vase, it will look perfect on our coffee table. We were very touched by your gesture and thank you for thinking of us at this special time in our life. We hope you are both very well too.

Best wishes,
Bride and groom

You can’t remember what the person gave you 

Dear Sarah and John,

Thank you for the lovely wedding gift, it was so thoughtful of you. It was lovely to have you share our special day with us.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

It’s a group gift

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the amazing coffee machine. It’s amazing, and you know how much we love our coffee! We are so lucky to have such thoughtful friends. You’ll have to come over for dinner and espressos.

Lots of love,
Bride and groom

Wedding cards we love

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How to Write a Thank You Note

signing thank you cards

birthday wishes thanks facebook status
Thank you for greeting card
second round thank you email
Thank you for your feedback letter
thank you for your business template letter
Thank you to give me this opportunity to introduce my company
thanks and sorry quotes
Thank you letters for dinner

A thank-you note is a type of correspondence in which the writer expresses gratitude for a gift, service, or opportunity.

Personal thank-you notes are customarily handwritten on cards. Business-related thank-you notes are usually typed on company letterhead, but they, too, may be handwritten.

Basic Elements of a Thank-You Note

"[The] basic elements for writing a thank-you note should include:

  1. Address the individual(s), using a salutation or greeting. . . .
  2. Say thank you.
  3. Identify the gift (be certain to get this one right. It does not look good to thank Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the lingerie when they sent you a toaster.)
  4. Express how you feel about the gift and what it will be used for.
  5. Add a personal note or message.
  6. Sign your thank-you note.

Within this framework, there is a great deal of latitude. When preparing to write a note, sit for a moment and consider your relationship with the person to whom you are writing. Is it intimate and personal? Is it someone you know as an acquaintance? Are you writing to a complete stranger? This should dictate the tone of your writing." (Gabrielle Goodwin and David Macfarlane, Writing Thank-You Notes: Finding the Perfect Words. Sterling, 1999)

Six Steps to Writing a Personal Thank-You Note

[2]Thank you so much for the great new duffel bag. [3]I can't wait to use it in my spring break cruise. The bright orange is just perfect. Not only is it my favorite color (you know that!), but I'll be able to spot my bag a mile away! Thanks for such a fun, personal, and really useful gift!

[4]I'm really looking forward to seeing you when I get back. I'll come over to show you pictures from the trip!

[5]Thanks again for always thinking of me.

[2] Clearly state why you are writing.

[3] Elaborate on why you are writing.

[4] Build the relationship.

[5] Restate why you are writing.

(Angela Ensminger and Keeley Chace, Note-worthy: A Guide to Writing Great Personal Notes. Hallmark, 2007)

Thank-You Note Following a Job Interview

"An essential job-seeking technique, as well as a gesture of courtesy, is to thank the person who interviews you. Write a note immediately after the interview and before a decision has been made. State what you liked about the interview, the company, the position. Emphasize briefly and specifically your suitability for the job. Address concerns about your qualifications that came up during the interview. Mention any issue that you didn't have the opportunity to discuss. If you felt you misspoke or left the wrong impression, this is where you can correct your interview--but be brief and subtle. You don't want to remind the interviewer of a weak point." (Rosalie Maggio, How to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation, 3rd ed. Penguin, 2009)

Thank-You Notes to College Admission Offices

"Call it a testament to how carefully students court college admissions offices these days: Thank-you notes have become the new frontier. . . .

"Miss Manners, Judith Martin, who writes a syndicated etiquette column that runs in more than 200 newspapers, says she, for one, does not think thanks are needed for a campus visit: 'I would never, ever say, "Don’t write a thank-you note under any circumstances." I don’t want to discourage them. But it is not really a situation that is mandatory.'

"Still, some admissions advisers [disagree].

"'It seems like a small thing, but I tell my students that every contact with the college contributes to their perception of you,' said Patrick J. O’Connor, director of college counseling at the private Roeper School in Birmingham, Mich." (Karen W. Arenson, "Thank-You Note Enters College Admission Game." The New York Times, Oct. 9, 2007)

A CEO's Thank-You Notes

Dear Bloomberg Businessweek Friends,

Thank you for asking my perspective on writing thank you notes. In my 10 years as President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, I sent out over 30,000 notes to our 20,000 employees. I found it was a powerful way to reinforce our strategies, to let our employees know we were paying attention and to let them know that we cared. I kept my notes short (50-70 words) and to the point. They celebrated accomplishments and contributions of real significance. They were virtually all handwritten to make the communication more authentic and personal. It is a practice that I highly recommend.

(Douglas Conant, "Write a Thank-You Note." Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep. 22, 2011)

Thank-You Note to Anita Hill

"Anita Hill, I want to personally thank you for what you did for us twenty years ago. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out. Thank you for your quiet dignity, your eloquence and elegance, your grace under pressure. Thank you for illuminating the complexities of female powerlessness and for explaining why you didn’t complain when the offense first occurred, and for describing how cowed and coerced a woman can feel when she’s hit upon by a man who controls her economic destiny. . . ." (Letty Cottin Pogrebin, "A Thank-You Note to Anita Hill." The Nation, Oct. 24, 2011)

If your handwriting isn't quite as lovely as it could be or you just don't have the time to write 300 thank you notes, easily create and write your.

Thank You Messages: Thank You Card Wording Ideas

A sympathy thank you note only needs to contain a simple sentence or two. The important thing is that you are acknowledging someone’s thoughtfulness. Your message can be brief as long as it is heartfelt.

Many people choose to include a short personal note using preprinted sympathy thank you cards. If you prefer, you can use a blank note card.  Thank you cards can be purchased from the funeral home, gift shops, department stores, stationery stores, or from online printing services that specialize in funeral products.

It’s always good etiquette to make your message sincere and personal. Your goal is to express gratitude for the kindness shown to you and your family. Whatever sentiment you include in your message, the person receiving your note will appreciate the time you have taken to say thank you. There is no need to worry about what to write. As long as your message is appropriate for the situation, you will say the right thing.

To help you get started on crafting what you’d like to say, we have included a variety of tips and examples.

Top Tips for Writing a Sympathy Thank You Note

  • Don’t worry if time has passed since the funeral. While it’s best to get your notes in the mail within a few weeks of the funeral, people will understand if it takes a month or two.
  • Ask for help if you need it. The number of thank you notes that need to be sent out can increase quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask family members to help.
  • Break the list into pieces. Tackling the entire list at once can be overwhelming. Breaking the task up into manageable pieces can make it easier to get started.
  • Your signature can include other family members. If you’re sending a sympathy thank you note to someone on behalf of your entire family, signing it “the family of …..” is perfectly acceptable. This allows the sender to encompass the gratitude of all members of the family. If sympathies have been extended primarily to you, it’s fine to simply sign your own name.
  • Include your last name or the full name of the deceased in the note. Be sure to include your last name when thanking those who aren’t close friends (for example, the office or workplace of your loved one). This is especially important if you are a bit late (or very late) in sending out your acknowledgments.
  • Short but meaningful is the goal. A simple 1 to 3 sentence thank you is all that is needed as long as it is personal and comes from the heart. You can purchase sympathy thank you notes that come with a preprinted message or blank note cards for your message. Even if you use preprinted notes, you should add a brief personal message.

Examples of What to Say in a Sympathy Thank You Note

There are countless ways to phrase your expression of gratitude. Below are some typical sentiments that you can use to get started.

  • Thank you for your sympathy and kindness.
  • We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy.
  • Thank you for your support at this difficult time.
  • Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
  • We are grateful for friends like you at this time of sorrow.
  • We appreciate having you with us at this difficult time in our lives.
  • Thank you for the support and comfort you provided.

What do I say in a sympathy thank you note for condolence flowers?

Sending flowers to acknowledge the loss of someone is one of the most common expressions of sympathy. You will likely have a number of thank you cards for funeral flowers to write. Below are some examples of things you might say.

  • The [wreath/arrangement] you sent to the funeral home was stunning. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration during this difficult time.
  • The flowers you sent in honor of ____________ was one of our favorite arrangements. It meant the world to us to have your support.
    Thank you for your kindness in sending flowers to the funeral home for ___________________’s funeral. The arrangement was beautiful and ____________________ would have loved them.
  • Thank you so much for the lovely [wreath/arrangement] you sent to ____________________’s funeral.  I know ___________ would have been very touched
    by your thoughtfulness.
  • Thank you for sending the beautiful [wreath/arrangment]. Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant so much to us.
  • The flowers you sent brought such beauty and light to the room. I know that _______________ would have loved them.
  • It was so kind of you to send the spectacular [wreath/arrangement] to ___________________’s funeral. We are very grateful to have you in our lives.
  • Thank you for the gorgeous [wreath/arrangement]. That was very kind of you and I/we feel so grateful to have you in my life/our lives.

What do I say in a sympathy thank you note for a cash donation?

It is appropriate to send a thank you note if someone has made a donation in the deceased’s name. While it is considered bad form to state the dollar amount that is given, there are other ways express gratitude for cash gifts appropriately. You may also find yourself receiving a cash donation. Acknowledging cash can be a little awkward but there are many ways to say thank you. Below are a few suggestions to help:

  • Thank you for your kindness in remembering _________ with your donation. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated by the entire family.
  • We are so appreciative of your generosity. Your donation in honor of ___________ will help fund the grave marker. Thank you so very much.
  • It was so kind of you to make a donation to the family in honor of _____________. We are pleased to pay it forward by sending a gift to the ______ charity, which was dear to _________’s heart. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
  • Your donation in honor of __________’s memory touched us deeply. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness, and may God bless you.
  • We appreciate your thoughtful donation to ____________ in memory of ______________.
  • Thank you so much for the generous donation to the __________ in ________’s name. As you know, he suffered from __________ for years before his passing, and this was the perfect gift in his memory.
  • Thank you so much for the generous donation to the __________ in ________’s name. As you know, supporting  __________ was a passion for _____________ for many years. Your donation was the perfect way to honor her memory.

What do I say in a sympathy thank you note for sympathy food and meals?

  • Thank you so much for providing a meal for our family! It was wonderful to be able to have one less meal to worry about during this difficult and busy time.
  • Bringing dinner to our home was extremely generous and very much appreciated. We are grateful to have friends like you!
  • It meant so much that you took the time to prepare food for us. Not only was it delicious it was greatly appreciated!
  • The kindness you showed by taking the time to cook for us brought a great deal of comfort and relief during this difficult time. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.
  • Thank you so much for bringing ________________________ for the after funeral reception. The _____________ was particularly delicious.
  • You made my day so much easier by bringing _________________ for the family to enjoy after the funeral. It was so nice to be able to spend time with the family without worrying about preparing dinner.
  • The casseroles you brought to the house were just with we needed! We enjoyed them for days. I don’t know what we would have eaten without them. Thank you for thinking of us

Addressing your acknowledgments

Thank you notes should be sent to people at their own address. It is generally not proper to include a person’s name on a card and send it to an address where they do not live unless it is addressed something like this: “Joe Smith, c/o Sue Anderson.” You should only do this if you cannot locate an address for the recipient and are sure that the person you are sending it “in care of” is willing to deliver it to the recipient.

What about the return address? If you’re a woman whose spouse has died, you are still “Mrs. John Smith,” and it is perfectly proper to use that title in your return address. “Sally Smith” is acceptable too. “The Smith Family” also is fine, if you’re writing on behalf of your family.

Should you use a preprinted return address label that includes the name of the deceased? Although good etiquette recommends a handwritten return address, using a preprinted label is a call only you can make. If you feel comfortable with it, or feel that it honors the memory of your loved one, then, by all means, use your “John and Sally Smith” address label.

Have you thought about planning ahead? The loss of a loved one is a time of transition. We may feel a need to reorganize and make sure that everything is in order for the road ahead. If you’re thinking of preplanning, our funeral planning tools can guide you through the process. Always free and always there when you need them.

Contributor: Jenny Mertes

signing thank you cards

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Writing the Perfect Thank You Card

You certainly should not buy a premade card and just sign your name. That's almost worse than not sending a thank you note; it's very.

signing thank you cards
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