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September 06, 2019 Holiday Thanks 3 comments

Я совершенно убежден, что Пришельцы убрались еще много столетий. Вне всякого сомнения, Вэйнамонд, который -- по меньшей мере -- находится в возрасте Диаспара, о Пришельцах ничего не знает.

-- У меня есть предположение,-- раздался внезапно голос одного из советников. -- Вэйнамонд может оказаться потомком Пришельцев и в некотором отношении быть за пределами нашего сегодняшнего понимания.

Он забыл о своем происхождении, но это вовсе не означает, что в один прекрасный день он снова не станет опасным. Хилвар, который присутствовал здесь в роли простого наблюдателя, не стал даже дожидаться разрешения вступить в разговор.

Formal thank you letter or email to employees - Letter Sample

Use this formal thank you letter or email to employees template to send thank you note to employee. Saying thank you to employees by sending them a formal thank you letter is a nice way of showing that you appreciate their hard work and effort and that you are happy to have them on your team. Writing and sending an honest formal thank you letter is an important step in employee recognition.

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How to send a formal thank you letter or email to employees

What is a formal thank you letter or email to employees?

A formal thank you letter or email to employees is document an employer sends to employees in order to thank them for their hard work and effort they put in their job every day.

It is a formal thank you note to employees. also known as appreciation letter to employees.

The importance of a formal thank you letter or email to employees

Writing and sending an honest thank you note to an employee in a form of a formal thank you letter or appreciation letter is an important step in employee recognition.

Employee recognition or employee appreciation is crucial in building strong team relationships and health company culture. This is why appreciation letter to employees are so important! 

Recognizing your employees’ work will make them feel good about themselves and motivate them for future work. If you see that your employees are working extra hard, don't neglect that - reward them. It can be something as simple as saying thank you to employees by sending them a formal thank you letter.

Thank you letter to employees, in some companies, are an everyday thing used to send thank you notes to employees. Note that formal thank you letters or appreciation letter to employees don't necessarily have to come from HR departments! These formal thank you letters or appreciation letter to employees can also come from other colleagues.

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To help you save time, we have created a standard formal thank you letter or email to employees template you can use to create your own thank you note to employees. Use this formal thank you letter to say thank you to employees. Of course, feel free to customize this formal thank you letter to suit your needs.

There are many reasons to say thank you to employees to show them appreciation for their work:

Here are just a few reasons to send thank you note to employees:

  • You can say thank you to employees for achieving their goals.
  • You can say thank you to employees for putting extra effort
  • You can say thank you to employees for referring good candidates.
  • You can say thank you to employees for generating new ideas.
  • You can say thank you to employees for following the rules.
  • You can say thank you to employees for bringing in new clients.
  • You can say thank you to employees for being good role models for others.
  • You can say thank you to employees for being good leaders.
  • You can say thank you to employees for many other things!

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Template for a formal thank you letter or email to employees

Here is the standard formal thank you letter or email template. Use this formal appreciation letter to say thank you to employees in a formal manner by sending them a thank you note.

Of course, feel free to customize this formal thank you letter and adapt your thank you note to employees to suit your own needs!

Dear [insert candidate’s name],

on behalf of the [insert your company’s name] management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on [insert appropriate: achieving specific goals/putting extra effort/referring good candidates/generating new ideas/following the rules/bringing new clients/being good role models for others/being a good leaders/etc.].

Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable.

The management team at [insert your company’s name] know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we want to assure you that your efforts are significantly appreciated.

As a sign of our appreciation, you will receive a bonus of [insert appropriate amount in dollars/euros if applicable] to thank you for your hard work and effort.

Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.


[insert your first name and last name]

[insert your job position title]

[insert your company’s name]

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Whether it is their annual anniversary of holiday season, finding the right words to give thanks to your employees can be an important part of their job satisfaction. Here is a look at some good employee appreciation thank you messages that will encourage you to find the right.

We receive hundreds of messages every year from people who want to say thank you to our officers, staff, Specials and volunteers for a job well done.

Here are a selection of some of the most recent messages of thanks we have received from members of the public who want to express their gratitude to Nottinghamshire Police.

October 2019

Hello, I'd like to thank Craig in the DBS team, I called this morning and explained my plight to him and asked if they could possibly look at my DBS for me, it had been with the police a little over a fortnight. He said he would see what he could do to get it looked today but wasn't guaranteeing anything.

2 hours later I check it and it's been done, I was at risk of having my job offer withdrawn. So! Thank you Craig for taking the time to talk to me and helping me to resolve this. Brilliant service!

Anonymous, Nottingham

September 2019

On the 15th September, we had to call the police to my place of work after a young woman had been sexually assaulted overnight.

The team that arrived were incredibly professional at all times. When asked to keep their visible presence to a minimum so as to preserve the feelings of the young woman in question, they did so without hesitation. Everyone that had dealings with the team spoke very highly of their calming manner and how safe and secure they made the victim feel.

The Police Force does not get nearly enough credit for everything they do, and officers like those that attended that Sunday are great examples of what police officers should be. Well done those officers, and thank you.

Anonymous, Nottingham

A huge thanks to Mark on the 999 line last night who helped me with the thugs who caused criminal damage & then threaten me tonight. I realised that I’d been quite stupidly ‘brave’ in persuing them, particularly when one of them violently retaliated. Despite being quite shook up, Mark stayed calm, was focused on getting quality information to help find the offenders and displayed a level of professional and courtesy any organisation would be proud of from their staff.

Peter Ball, Nottingham

I was robbed on Forest recreation ground, I didn’t know the other two officers name but PC Rhodes in particular, spoke to me and reassured me everything was going to be okay and made me feel safe and secure, PC Rhodes took a statement off me at Radford Police Station, he offered me a drink and made me feel at ease. I have took what’s happened as a lesson the streets aren’t safe, you think your never gonna be a victim of crime but it takes minutes even seconds to become a victim.

There needs to be more officers like you on the streets, I have met a few officers before but your the only one that was pleasant to speak to and made me feel comfortable and at ease so thank you so much and I’m so grateful for everything you did that night.

Ella Thompson, Nottingham

I would like to thank the two police officers that helped myself and my friend we were having trouble about a mobile phone. The person was very nasty to me and tried to rip my friend off, but the two police men came and the shop keeper soon changed his mind when he saw the police.

I just can't thank them enough.

Anonymous, Nottingham

The police pulled over the lady that ran the red light at the pedestrian crossing I was trying to use when I was really tired on my run. Thank you for doing your job, being nice and making my day better.

I know being a police officer is hard work thank you for caring about the little things. 

Anonymous, Nottingham

Thank you for a ‘safe and well’ check. A very worried family were reassured that a vulnerable family member was ok tonight. We are very grateful. Thank you too to the person I spoke to in the control room for her understanding and support. We know you are busy. A big thank you for the time given.

Anonymous, Nottingham

August 2019

I have had a year from hell with the result of those circumstances lead me to have a mental breakdown and over the last 4 months trying to take my own life on several occasions after 2 overdoses. With no support from the crisis team and other mental health services that should have be looking after me i found myself, again, alone in the world, scared and on the verge of giving up.

This day though was different, different because a young policeman with a heart of gold found me by the river, he took the time to listen to me and promised he would try and help me through this dark stage in my life and flag every service he could so that I received the correct help. PC Brown saved me that day and gave me some strength to get through the next 24 hours.

He drove me to the QMC, spent over an hour with me, reassured me so that I was no longer frightened and did not feel alone and made me feel like somebody actually cared a dam about me. He left that day and as promised kept in touch. He also flagged the services he said he would as the following week several agencies got in touch to offer their support.

My mental health has been seriously bad since my release from prison in April. I was under the care of the crisis team for 4 months, 2 days after my release. I had appointments twice a week with them and left those appointments feeling worse than when I went into them. The mental health services in Nottingham are atrocious and the vulnerable are suffering for it.

The police should not, along with the Paramedics be having to pick up the pieces for the failings of the mental health services BUT they do and if it was not for kind caring people like Adam, I, and no doubt hundreds of others who cross his path, would not be here.

Adam, thank you for being there for me on that dark lonely day and thank you for showing that you wanted to help. You made a big impact on my life that day and I will never ever forget what you did for me.

Hopefully, this goes a little way in letting you know that what you did that day, gave me some courage to fight on and if it was not for you I could have easily given up. Thank you, i am truly grateful.

I hope you have a guardian angel watching over to keep you safe.

Stay safe my friend, god bless.

Anonymous, Nottingham

PC Read attended the home of my Father in Law after my husband found him deceased. We just wanted to thank him for the kind and empathetic way in which he dealt with us.  He explained everything he was doing and why and made it clear to us, his Sgt also attended at one point, he too was very kind and explained who he was and why he had attended (I apologise I can't remember his name).

I'm sure as an organisation you deal with many sudden deaths, but if all of your officers deal with families as well as PC Read you are certainly doing a great job as a force - keep up the good work and Thank you.

Anonymous, Heanor

PC Dyer encouraged me to make a statement and go through with the court process even though I was scared.

I just heard about the young police officer who has been tragically  killed in Reading and it made me think of PC Dyer and how essential and valuable he was at probably the lowest point of my life and I just wanted to say thank you. It’s funny the people that tell you they love you sometimes turn out to be the the ones who hurt you the most. This officer was a stranger and helped me more than words can express. My life is so wonderful and so different now and I just wanted to say thank you for doing the job you do.

Anonymous, Carlton

July 2019

All Police officers and community support Officers are the highest quality 5 star officers that Nottingham and Nottinghamshire could ever have working on the streets. I Will always have respect and admiration for all officers and community support Officers in all areas of Nottinghamshire I couldn't be more happy to give those officers what they diserve they are truly magnificent intelligent honourable willing reliable and confident professionals in all areas of policing.

I personally give all officers a well deserved thank you for your services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire this includes all plain clothes officers and the 999 and 101 call centre teams. It's a wonderful privilege and honour to acknowledge the perfect examples of police officers work and understanding. Well done all the best a I send all police officers my heart felt love.

Mark Bloxham, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire Police were very quick and very helpful when my motorcycle was stolen in retford. They kept me informed throughout the day and found my motorcycle by 5pm the same day. Even now as the  case continues they are very pleasant and very helpful

Paula Windmill, South Yorkshire

My partner and I have been having some harassment trouble with a former dear friend of ours; we phoned 101 to hopefully sort it out. We spoke to a lovely civilian man named Mark who needs his own special mention, he put our case through as urgent and you guys didn’t hang around! We had PC Barnaby Taylor at the door within a couple hours and I would like to thank him specially. He saw the seriousness of our issue and dealt with it immediately.

Thank you PC Barnaby Taylor for making me feel secure in my home again! And thank you to Mark for rushing it through and making sure the issue was dealt with as quickly as possible.

This experience has helped to restore my faith in our legal system and the police force generally. You hear such horror stories about the plod and I’m eternally grateful that Nottingham’s police force are doing everything they can to protect us. Thank you.

Tia Tomlinson, Clifton

At 12.30pm on Sunday 29th July 2019 I noticed an unknown male in our front garden who, upon being challenged, asked for a drink of water. It struck me as odd so I reviewed our CCTV footage which showed him behaving suspiciously and checking our property. I wasn't sure what to do as a crime didn't seem to have been committed so upon the advice of my wife, I rang 101. They answered very quickly and passed me through to the Force Control Room where they took some details. Within 20 minutes 2 Police Officers had arrived at the house.

They viewed the CCTV footage and agreed that it was suspicious.  Luckily we had a very high quality comprehensive CCTV system installed a couple of years ago. About an hour later PC Doherty arrived and he took a download of footage back to the station. He was very reassuring and said that we had done the right thing in reporting it. Very shortly afterwards my wife spotted the Police Facebook appeal and shared it to a community group she admins which resulted in further shares. PC Doherty rang a short while later to say that they had detained the male in the village and that the quality of our CCTV pictures and being able to get a social media appeal out promptly was instrumental in being able to locate him so quickly. Later that evening PC Aziz arrived with a colleague to take a statement and he later sent me a text with an update.

Every single officer was extremely professional, courteous and reassuring.The speed of the response to what I viewed to be a fairly low level incident was amazing.

Thank you for your extremely prompt response to the incident. You were all very professional, courteous and kept us updated at every step. An absolute credit to the profession.

Anonymous, Loughborough

PC Shinn has been really supportive with the East Leake and Gotham Community Road Safety scheme.  We have had a bit of a slow start but now have a really enthusiastic Co-ordinator and I support with the volunteer recruitment and training. PC Shinn has been really patient with us and nothing has been too much trouble. He runs the training sessions, drops off and collects the kit and provides support at the roadside during sessions if we need it fitting it into his very busy day job as a Police Officer and long shifts.

Speeding is an issue in East Leake and Gotham as I am sure it is in many villages in Rushcliffe so the more we can do to raise awareness and slow motorists down the better. The support we get from PC Shinn is invaluable so thank you.

Anonymous, Loughborough

Whilst working as a double-crew ambulance, my colleague and I were sent to a male who was unresponsive on arrival. Eventually the patient became conscious but was aggressive and threatening.

We were backed up quickly by four police officers, two of whom assisted us in safely transporting the patient to QMC ED. PC Marshall and his colleague (apologies we were unable to recall his name) stayed with us as a crew and the patient until we had handed over to a Doctor. Both officers were calm and diffused the situation well despite the verbal abuse the patient gave them.

Their communication with us as another agency was exceptional. They made a job that could've been extremely stressful for us, that bit easier. Both an asset to Notts Police.

Alice Guttridge, Nottingham

At a time of extreme stress due to localised ongoing anti-social and aggressive behaviour your officers attended and took control of the situation. We felt supported, understood, and for the time being have been made to feel safe. This result has been achieved through the evident experience of your officers. The response of your team was rapid and effective. An obvious very successful allocation of budget.

Your work is much appreciated. It is difficult to place a true value on peace of mind but it is entirely possible to state that your approach and involvement makes all the difference. Many thanks.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

June 2019

Given the lack of resource in our area I would like to thank you for taking action at junction 27 regarding the 'boy racers. This is extremely intimidating to local residents and very dangerous when they 'boys' race around the roundabouts and duel carridgeway. So thank you for taking action to stop them taking over our area and racing on all local roads. We really do appreciate your proactive approach.

Keep up the good work in making ashfield a safer and quieter area.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

I was involved in a car accident on 26 June on the A631 Flood Road.

Both PC Thompson and his female colleague (who's name and number I didn't get and arrived in a seperate vehicle) were extremely friendly, helpful and understanding. I've never been involved in an accident and frankly was petrified after the experience. Between them and the ambulance staff (who I have also passed thanks on to) they made the experience less terrible than it could have been.

I think it's only fair that I say thank you for their help and professionalism and hope this is also passed on to their commanding officer(s). Both great examples of the sort of supportinve policing I think Nottinghamshire Police should be proud of.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

I received a phone call from school telling me my son hadn't registered there (two hours after I had seen him walking to school) when I called the department I was an emotional wreak as you can imagine. Thankfully my son was found IN school! The lady who I spoke to me was so patient with me especially when she told me they had found him (I bet the poor lady had a headache after listening to me!). I have never felt that way before and hope to never go through that again! I would just like to say a huge thank you to her please.

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness on the phone. A million bad things were going through my head and you remained calm, patient and kind.

Anonymous, Mansfield

A group of pensioners were crossing London Road near Trent Bridge when one of our number stumbled and fell into the road. Two of us were helping him back to safety but we could not pick him up. We had just got him back on to the pavement when a police vehicle with several officers pulled up beside us. The officers offered immediate help and got our friend to his feet. He was in some pain so they quickly decided to put him in the vehicle and take him to A&E. We could not have moved him on our own so we were all very grateful for their help.

Doug Pimblett, Cotgrave

I was shopping with my daughter on Monday when we came out of primark we saw a lot of police and a beautiful labrador dog and they were doing stop and searches I don't go into town very often because of the amount of crime there is on our streets and it made me proud to see your officers doing what they were doing and getting a hard time from some I don't think that the police get enough praise for what they do so I just want to say keep up the good work trying to remove all drugs from our streets.

Keep up the work of getting rid of knives and drugs from our streets.

Anonymous, Nottingham

My 15yr old son arrived home from school alone to find someone attempting to break into our home. He called 999 and the call handler did an amazing job of keeping him calm by talking to him until the officers arrived. The officers arrived within 2 minutes of the call and apprehended the man in question. They made my son feel safe until a family member arrived.

Keep doing an amazing job, if it wasn't for our police officers the country would be a worse place to be.

Anonymous, Sutton in Ashfield

May 2019

Following the fatal RTC on Main Street Calverton Friday 31st May 2019, PS Cooper and his team (CIU) were the officers that attended and dealt with the incident. The road had to be closed for several hours to ensure they recovered all that was necessary to determine the events leading up to the tragic incident. PS Cooper was professional, courteous and informative to the local residents, some of whom were sadly impatient about when access would be allowed.

Thank you to Ps Cooper and his team for their work in such tragic circumstances.

Louise Jordan, Calverton

My friend fell in Bridlesmithgate and Richard, together with Gemma and Simon were absolutely brilliant. Sarah was lying in the road, in agony, and was told that an ambulance could be 2 hours.Richard and Gemma took Sarah to A&E and Simon made sure she would not be penalised for leaving her car too long in the car park. All three were professional, concerned and kind. Sarah had broken two bones in her leg and had to have her knee pinned. A very big thank you!

Anonymous, Newark

On Wednesday 22nd May, two young men tried to gain entry into my home, I was upstairs and heard them trying to force my front door open, they then went to the back of the house and I saw them in the garden they then ran to the front of the house and down the road. PC Deane and his partner made me feel at ease, they also gave me valuable advice so I wish to thank them for their help and kindness.

Anonymous, Carlton

On Tuesday on my way home I lost control of my car on a tight corner and ended up in a bad spot in a field in a rural part of Eastern Nottinghamshire about 2 miles from home. I was quite shaken and in some distinct pain. About 8 minutes after that happened, PC Randall, who was off duty and on his way home after his shift, stopped as he was driving past the accident site. After realising there was still someone in the vehicle, he did absolutely everything he could to ensure that I was safe and well, he called 101 and handled all the stuff that I probably wouldn't have thought about doing as driving through hedges and ditches isn't a regular hobby of mine and then gave me a lift home, making sure I was in a safe and comfortable environment before leaving me with some very helpful instructions on what to do next.

I am indebted to him for his assistance and would like to thank him for being a bloody good human being and police officer :-)

Anonymous, Caunton

I have been in contact with Nottinghamshire Police a few times due to being suicidal. I just want to pass on that I'm so so so much better now mentally. I am SO greatful for everything the police have done. Please pass that on. I'm alive because of the officers that came to visit me. If I could meet them in person and thank them that would be fab.. thank you so so so much!

Anonymous, Nottingham

Newark Community first Aid was in attendance at Sconce & Devon Park over the Bank Holiday weekend. We was alerted by a member of the public to a gentleman who had fallen at a nearby public house, we attended in our 4x4, assessed and transported the casualty back to our treatment unit on the park to attend to his minor wounds. Unfortunately this gentleman was only able to provide us with his name as he couldn’t remember any other personal details, was alone & had no ID on him.

We contacted 101 from Sconce Park for assistance to reunite this gentleman with his family. We was very impressed with the whole service from Nottinghamshire Police from start to finish. The call taker was polite, helpful, understanding and listened to us. The same could be said for the police officer who attended and was efficient of enquiries to find the address of the gentleman and then took the gentleman home to ensure he got there safely.

We would like to thank Nottinghamshire Police for their assistance with this incident and quick response to Sconce Park and look forward to working with the force again at events in the future.

Anonymous, Newark

I was involved in a road traffic collision on the edge of the city today and Chris and Jim (I didn’t catch their surnames) attended.I was very distraught and the situation was extremely stressful. They dealt with everybody in a calm, professional and purposeful manner and later came to see me at my place of work but were called to an emergency so later rang me at home to give me some information I required.

I’ve never had cause to be helped by the police but was struck by the two officers approachability and understanding. Two assets to Nottinghamshire Police. The police force do a superb job on limited resources and I was very grateful for their support following the car crash.

Anonymous, Alfreton

April 2019

I would like to say a massive thanks to PC 2770 for taking the time out to individually write to the parents of a group of boys in West Bridgford commending them on the help they provided her with a crime in the area.

This was a fantastic gesture and made the 12 year old boys and parents very proud. I appreciate the police have tremendous pressure and time constraints so to this was definitely going above and beyond. It's gestures like this that enhance the trust and relationship with the police and build relationships.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Two engagements with the police this week - one re a stolen number plate and one supporting a friend who has just come out of an abusive (but not violent) relationship. The officers regarding the latter went beyond anything I would have dreamt of, including taking her to her ex’s house to collect some belongings.

Re to former - professional, courteous, prompt response with follow up re theft of number plate. I know the police are hugely under resources but my appreciation is difficult to express. Thank you

Chris Slade, Nottingham

Crime reported by email, response within an hour and PC visited the house. Accused spoken to and PC reported back to me. Fast, polite and effortless. Thank you.

Claire Iwanejko, Mapperley

At the beginning of April the above two officers went above and beyond the call of duty for which I am extremely grateful. My Aunt who lives off Nuthall Road had been in hospital for six weeks and her neighbours became worried because they hadn’t seen her around.

My aunt who is 92, extremely independent and a very proud lady was unwell and so had been hospitalised. The two officers checked the house and found the back door insecure and went into the property which obviously was empty.  They managed to get a telephone number for my sister, called her and eventually got in touch with me.  I was able to speak with the officers and assure them that my aunt was in good hands and that it was very kind of the neighbours to be so worried.

The officer's managed to secure my aunt's house and all was well.  My aunt is doing well but is in respite care at the moment.  I was very grateful and impressed with the officers kindness and professionalism.  I am sorry it’s taken so long to say thank you but I do so now.  Thank you.

Anonymous, Hoveringham

I contacted initially SYP regarding a concern for an employee, the incident was passed to Notts police as I am in your police area. PC Steve Porter attended and yet again he was fantastic and a credit to the force. He was polite listened and helped sort the situation.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I feel I had to write this letter as in the past we have been let down in the countryside of Nottinghamshire concerning Rural crime. I am a gamekeeper and get the feeling the police seem to want to scare people away rather than to catch them, I’m getting problems weekly with hare coursing, 4x4’s running on crops after deer at night, shooting with air weapons and badger digging.

But today my faith has been restored as I had three youths digging badgers, so I rang 999 and got a positive response. While I was waiting for officers I rang my local beat officer who told me he was not on duty but would come and assist, which he did and was a big help, corresponding with the other police officers and catching two out of the three youths, all three were apprehended. I just hope that this was not a one off and Notts police are starting to listen to us out in the countryside, it’s getting more like the Wild West at certain times of the year! So just to say thanks to my beat manager and the other officers that attended. GOOD JOB!

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would just like to show appreciation for the police officer I see patrolling Canal Street Nottingham almost every day on my drive home from work at approx 4.30pm. I want to say thank you and I see you. I appreciate everything you are doing for the community.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I just want to take the time out and say a massive thank you to PC Lewis,  from day one right up till the last he has been brilliant in handling what was a very difficult situation for my daughter and us as a family. His calmness and professionalism during the whole incident needs to be recognised, so many are quick to judge the police these days and only seem to speak of wrong incidents and yet know one seems to heap praise when it's due hense this email.

PC Lewis is a credit to the force so please pass on our thanks for all his help and patients and he's support and may we take this opportunity to wish him well in his future career. A true gent and general all round nice guy.

Philip Brown, Newark

March 2019

I was recently harassed and abused by a young guy in a car. As a consequence the guy followed me home and later came back to cover my car in eggs and flour. I reported the incident to the police because it really unnerved me and left me feeling vulnerable. I didn’t expect anything to happen post my reporting the incident but soon after I received a phone call and a visit from PCSO Gealy and a colleague. They reassured me, gave me some useful advice and left me feeling much more comfortable. A big thank you to all involved, including the original person I reported the incident to.

Glenda Stace, Bramcote

I just wanted to congratulate all involved in Operation REAPER as a Hucknall resident I noticed an arrest happening one evening which was part of this operation. The results are quite outstanding! I Have had an increase in my community tak this year like everyone else and if results like this can be repeated then I consider it a relevant increase. Well done!

Michael Murray, Hucknall

Thanks to the police officers that carried out a welfare check on my student daughter in Lenton on what would have been a busy shift, last night. Her phone was disabled due to inputting the wrong code and  subsequently 'butt dialing 999'. I'm sorry that your resources were stretched but as a mother very touched and impressed that you took the time to check that she was safe.

Anonymous, Barnsley

I rang so upset and distressed about my neighbours next door. It was a small problem however due to my anxiety it was having a massive effect on my life.

I rang in the early hours of the morning and I was very upset. After telling her the problem she talked me through the process and asked for my details all the while trying to calm me down. She told me about how she sometimes has similar problems and that she understood me. After taking all my details she spoke to me for a while telling me what I should and shouldn't do and she put me completely at ease about the whole situation. I finally felt like someone was listening to me and helping me.

I was completely calm after our phone call and I managed to go straight back to sleep - a rare occurrence. The day after a police man was sent to my next door neighbours to give them a warning. They rang me beforehand and explained to my house mates exactly what was going on.

I feel so much more at ease in my house now and this has had a massive impact on my life. I know it may only be a small problem to some but a calm talk and the sense that someone actually cares has made a massive difference. I cannot thank this woman enough.

Thank you so so much for taking my small problem seriously. Although it was only a noise complaint, my neighbours were having a massive impact on my life and my health was deteriorating. You spoke to me so calmly and kindly and put me completely at ease. I feel so much more comfortable at home now, thank you so much!

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would like to say a huge thank you to the female police officer who helped my daughter in the early hours of Tuesday morning. She had been out and had too much to drink and ended up falling into the tram lines. This fantastic police officer got her up and took her to A&E then went back to collect her friend to sit with her. She spoke to me (180 miles away) twice. It was so reassuring. My daughter has been back home with me since and I hope will not get into that vulnerable state again.

Anonymous, Bury St Edmunds

I'd like to say thank you to the officers that stopped me as I had not seen them when turning into Oxclose lane,causing them to take evasive action. The officers where very polite and professional and pointed out my error and also I felt that they gave a good example of helpfulness to two of my sons who where in the car helping them to have trust and a positive feeling towards police.

Peter Hurst, Nottinghamshire

February 2019

Unfortunately I had an accident on the A1 Elkesley which resulted in me being hit by a heavy goods vehicle. After the car coming to a stop in a ditch and in shock, I phoned the Police and PC Merrygold and his colleague came. I’m very thankful to both officers as they did a wonderful job in helping me with what I had to do after the accident with collecting insurance details etc as where I was in shock and having never been in an accident, my head was all over the place. I honestly can’t fault them, they honestly made my day that little bit better after what happened. Thanks very much guys.

Anonymous, London

I would like to say thank you to the officer who attended to an incident of bullying / harassment and online intimidation from a school child to my daughter. It requires old fashioned policing where a ‘word in their ear’ did wonders. Advice that bullying is a crime, and that next time further sanctions will be taken.

It really did need someone with excellent communication skills, common sense and empathy which the officer had in bucket loads. The officer was amazing!

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

I would like to say thank you to two of your fantastic PC's that helped me with an incident with my son (who has special needs), on the A1. They were very sympathic, understanding and helpful, the relief I felt when i could see they understood was immense, I can't thank them enough. Nottingahmshire Police should be very proud of these two police officers.

Thank you so much, you were both amazing, your compassion and understanding was such a relief, I can't thank you both enough!

Anonymous, Nottingham

I lost my brother in a house fire August 2018. DC Andrea Brown has been amazing at supporting me for many months ever since through the many overwhelming processes I have had to go through and being there for us at the inquest last week. Andrea has kept in touch throughout, giving guidance as to what will happen next etc. and finding out information when needed. It has been such a difficult time but Andrea has consistently made things easier to bear, genuinely putting us as family first.It is so refreshing to know that there are people such as Andrea out there who really want to help. Thank you so much Andrea.

I would also like to add that all police staff we met on that terrible day were absolutely brilliant. Everyone made themselves approachable and supportive. Thanks also to DS Swain for conducting the initial interview at the scene with such sensitivity, patience and calmness. Thank you so much for your support on the day and the months of investigation etc since.

Louise Alexander, Ravenshead

On January 27th, I had a car crash near Rufford Ford. The two police officers who came out were brilliant and I wanted to thank them for how warm, friendly and professional they were. They really looked after me and made sure I was okay, even calling me afterwards to see how I was.  I think their names were PC  Dowert and PC Olliver. It was absolutely freezing and they had obviously had a busy morning already but they were wonderful.

I just wanted to thank them for their brilliant service and if it’s okay, I would very much like to post this publicly on the Nottinghamshire Police website - they are exactly the kind of police officers you hope to see on a terrible day.

Mel, Ollerton

Just wanted to say a personal thank you to the officers who attended the maternity ward at kingsmill hospital late Thursday night 07.02.19. You were very kind and professional. All the midwives were very impressed

Anonymous, Mansfield

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the officers who responded to an incident at the John Cockle in Mansfield in the early hours of Saturday morning as there were a few individuals shouting and causing a disturbance. The team responded quickly and professionally - and the local community was very thankful. Thank you!

Anonymous, Mansfield

January 2019

My friends and I were involved in a car crash on Saturday night (26/01) and my friend's car was a total write off. We were going to have to wait up to 5 hours for her insurance company to come and take her car away and in the cold and rain that was far from ideal. The two policemen who came to the scene were absolutely amazing, they were so lovely and helpful and really helped to calm us all down so just want to say a massive thank you to them both, they truly deserve the credit as they even dropped us off to our friends house close by, they didn't have to do that so we are all honestly so grateful!!

Thank you again.

Anonymous, Cambridgeshire

This relates to an incident involving a young female (18 I think) on Friday morning (approx 3 30am) around the entrance to Broadmarsh Shopping Centre on Collin Street.  I was the person who dialled 999. My friend and I had encountered her and her partner and she was in an extremely distressed state.We tried to talk to calm her ourselves but eventually realised that we needed support since she was threatening self-harm and we called the police.

My reason for this thank you is the sheer professionalism of everyone involved, from the 999 operative to the officers on the scene. Whilst only one person was in distress, the police were dealing with 4 people who had been drinking and their ability to bring the situation with the young female under control so quickly, coupled with their approachability (both over the phone and on the scene) was a great reassurance to my friend and I. This may well have been considered a "routine" night-time situation for the police but the way in which it was handled was greatly appreciated.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I have a mild learning disability and was a victim of fraud in 2018.

Jason was amazing with me, he explained to me about the statements me and my mum had to make as she was a witness. Then obviously I would have to take the case to court and so we did. I was doing it via video link as I was scared to face the person, Jason explained it all to me what would happen, he calmed me down when i needed it the most and he was amazing with the support he gave me. I am not sure if my mum ever emailed his boss so please tell him or her that Jason is an absolute star and a credit to you're head quarters. He did an amazing job with me, keeping me up to date with the case.

Please tell Jason that I have now settled into a relationship with someone and thank you for the all the advice that was given to me :) Please tell his boss that Jason derserves some kind of medal for being a fantastic police person :)

Anonymous, Nottingham

What a credit to your team !!

Real community spirit, I alway feel PCSO Freeman has our community interest at heart, my boot was open on my car for instance and he came and knocked on my door and alerted me to my forgetfulness.

Many years ago they saw my grass on fire and ran straight in and put it out they then knocked on my door telling me what had happened outside.

Thank you PCSO Freeman I know the force is under pressure but credit where it’s due amazing job.

Austen Blakemore, Stapleford

I'd like to say thank you to the PC and his partner who assisted my cousin Ann Smith and myself with a RTA on Saturday 12 January.  They showed care and understanding and explained clearly all information needed. I was sent to the hospital for checks and the PC very kindly rang me later to check on my progress.  We cannot thank him enough, a very caring gentleman. Top marks to him and the police for prompt assistance.

Susan Thorpe, Mansfield

On Wednesday 9th January 2019 my house alarm was set off. This was later discovered to be as a result of a zone disabling setting, failing to operate correctly; this has now been dealt with.

May I firstly apologise for using up valuable Police resources and time, on what transpired to be an alarm fault. At around 4:05pm an officer attended the property; my wife and I were both out. The officer did not just knock on the front door as he could easily have done, he climbed over gates (no easy task), accessed the rear of the property, checked all doors, looked through windows and essentially did not leave before he was fully satisfied that there had been no apparent forced or unlawful entry into the house.

I know this because it is all captured on my CCTV cameras recording activity around the premises. I'm sure the officer will say that he was just doing his job, but to be so thorough and professional is a credit to him personally and the Force/Service as a whole.

Please pass on our thanks to the officer who attended, his efforts are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous, Newark

Firstly, the call handler that took my 999 call and was by far the best of the other services I had also tried that morning who had failed to help me (Ambulance and Fire).  She stayed with me on the phone until the first car had arrived and kept me calm. She was wonderful and I will never forget her patience and understanding.  The Police Officers who came to help us were superb in every way.  To be honest, the actual proceedings are a bit of a blur, but I know I felt hugely supported.  When an ambulance was unable to get to us quick enough, between them, they took my mother in law in the back of their car to QMC.  I was also driven to QMC, and was looked after whilst they found out where my mother in law was being kept and then I was taken to her.

Imagine my surprise when Inspector Grimwade rang me the following day to check on how things were and also to say that he felt he had left me prematurely. I told him that he went above and beyond to make sure we were looked after and will be forever in their awe and debt.  It also meant the world that the Inspector wanted to know how my mother in law was doing by ringing the next day. Your team were an absolute credit to the Police Organisation as a whole when both of the other services had been of no help whatsoever.  I cannot praise them enough for their calmness, fortitude, strength, professionalism, initiative, care and consideration.

Thank you for all of your help and support on such a traumatic and stressful morning.  Without you, I just don't know what we would have done.  You are all angels in uniform and we are all in your debt for ever.  Please keep up your fantastic work as you are a credit to your organisation and such a support to your community.

Clare Lees, Radcliffe on Trent

We had our caravan broken into, slept in and considerably damaged one night. PC Nicholls, with the help of the forensics team, worked in a professional and conscientious way to solve the crime. Throughout the last 9 months he kept us informed of how the enquires were going on.

He persued the criminal (of no fixed abode) ending up with an arrest, and conviction. Excellent Police work.

Thankyou, we really appreciate what you have done, and delighted with the outcome. Nice to know that criminals do get what they deserve.

Anonymous, Newark

My son is at Notts University and he works at a bar in the city. He finished work early hours Saturday morning and walked home, he was approached by a man with a knife and ran away and called police for assistance. They took him home and later apprehended the man with knife.

Thank you very much for helping my son.

Anonymous, Hailsham

The control room staff was able to calm me down as I was shaking after the incident. An officer went out to see my friend to make sure she was okay and sat with her for about an hour talking to her and calming her down.

Both myself and the lady they helped would like to say a big thank you for the help given and I can't thank you all enough for the help and the support on the incident.

Anonymous, Nottingham

At the time I thought I had an intruder in the house in early hours and was petrified I had my mobile phone at the side of bed and phoned 999. kept me calm Police arrived. I then found my partner was called in an hour later than usual to start work and it was him moving around in the house. I felt very silly then, but at the time I was so frightened, and to have some one there straight away made me feel calmer. I was a bit shocked so I really want to say Thank you, and sorry for any trouble caused.

Anonymous, Hucknall

My family and I broke down just off the flyover in Clifton and three officers spotted us with our hazards on. They pulled over and did everything they could to help! They managed to get the car moving and even drove the car and us home. They couldn't do enough to help! And with two frightened kids in the back, words really can't express how much we appreciated their help! Absolutely lovely group of officers.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would like to thank the two police officers, plus the control room staff, who helped to find my husband. He suffers from Alzheimer's and had driven off in the car without me from Southwell. He was found safe and well on the A1 layby at Tuxford. I was also able to continue the journey home because they gave me a lift in a police car. This happened yesterday mid to late afternoon.

Thank you for your professional and caring handling of the situation.

Anonymous, Doncaster

I do feel I owe you an apology for wasting your officers time but I'm truly grateful and impressed by the way you all took my anxiety seriously and went out of your way to check my granddaughter was safe. Thank you very, very much.

This evening, I noticed  an elderly lady walking near the  junction of the A614 and the A60 at Redhill. Knowing ther were no residences nearby, I approached the lady and found she was confused and wanting to make her way to visit her daughter in Mansfield, some nine miles away. I offered to take her there, but she insisted she was going to walk and only allowed me to take her to the A60, asking me to let her out of my car, which I did.

I called the Force control room to report my concerns for her welfare and after taking details, the control officer told me she would dispatch an officer immediately to assist me. I followed the lady until a dog section officer arrived and helped the lady into his car. I subsequently received a phone call from the Force control room to advise me the lady had been safely returned home.

I just wanted to thank your control room staff for their help and the update as to the outcome of the incident, as well as the officer who attended the scene and dealt with this situation so kindly and professionally.

Great teamwork and a good outcome for a vulnerable elderly person.

Jean Cragg MBE, Hucknall

December 2018

My Dad has dementia and had become violent, lashing out at my mum and brother thinking they had kidnapped him. The police officer attended the house around 6 in the evening, he was superb, showing patience and kindness to Dad and playing a large part in resolving the situation. Unfortunately it happened the next day meaning Dad is in hospital waiting to be assessed and moved to a suitable care home.

Gareth Brown, Nottingham

The officers attended the children’s home to deal with an incident, the officers where extremely professional and had a positive effect on the situation. They gave extremely professional advice despite the provocation the experienced. They took the time to offer support, advice and help de-escalate the situation, provided a great service and deserve recognition. We are extremely grateful for the support and help given.

Thank you! I know you don’t get many thank-yous, or well-dones but you guys are great and deserve recognition.

Anonymous, Alfreton

Nick is our school's community PCSO, nothing is too much trouble for him. So when I approached him to ask if he could help the whole school to cross over the busy Canning Circus junction after our pantomime visit last Wednesday evening, he jumped at the chance to assist us. This he did in true professional style with some of his colleagues. We really do appreciate his help and the assistance the police give to school ensuring that we are as safe as possible whilst out and about.

Thank you and Merry Christmas from us all at Mellers!

Melanie Holton, Nottingham

I want to thank both officers 3571 & 3888 for helping with my mentally ill mum in a crisis. They were incredibly helpful, professional and personal by treating my mum with respect, even when she was unpleasant to them. I understand the police service is over-stretched and aren't best suited to deal with mental health issues but they helped resolve the situation and support us in getting my mum the help she needs.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous, Newark

I saw a TV program where an officer helped a guy regarding having no finance for electricity keycard. She and her fellow officer were brilliant in assisting the guy. She spoke of her situation as a child and her mum briefly, she is a credit to her family and the police. Fantastic to see that their are really kind people out there, great advert for the work every police officer does and makes one ponder the risks they take on our behalf and yet, there is still capacity to be so kind.

Apologies, regarding taking your time up with this. I just thought it was so endearing that I had to comment.

Anonymous, South Lanarkshire

On Saturday around 11.15 there was a shoplifter who had been detained I called 999 the conversation was very limited due to the struggle however the call taker listened and the fact that I had to put my mobile in my pocket stayed on the line I was able to continue the call minutes later the call taker was still there.

Also the officers that attended were exceptional in there professional approach.

Anonymous, Leicester

November 2018

On 28/11/2018 two incidents were reported to Nottinghamshire Police by myself. Two officers attended immediately and throughout they were very supportive, professional and nothing was too much trouble. I would just like to say Thank you for their time and support.

Helen Eves, Newark

If PC Cooper hadn’t of been so observant and professional I would have ended my life. PC Cooper was called to my home on a suspected suicide, I had in fact had two failed attempts in the previous seven days, which he did not know.

Against my opinion and will, PC Cooper saw the signs and made sure he got me to hospital where over a period of four months of mental health treatment I got the help I needed, without his intervention I would most definitely had a third and final attempt.

I wake up every morning and say thanks to PC Cooper, I’m a million miles away from where I was in those dark days in March, and I’m even looking at getting back in to work.

Paul Frost, Nottingham

PC Gilbert was the first person to respond to my call to 999 after I was involved in a car incident that quickly escalated to where the other party came after me with a knife.

Once on the scene PC Gilbert took time to calm me and take the details of the incident from me. I received a call from him later that day with an update of their investigation and was in the station the following day, to give my statement, so he could quickly progress the investigation. Shortly after I was contacted by Amanda in witness support, who was impeccably professional and so supportive. I was given regular updates on the progression of the case by both Amanda and PC Gilbert.

What really stood out and impressed me was how PC Gilbert always perfectly balanced a high level of professionalism, along with an honest empathy for the situation I was experiencing. I never felt like a statistic or  hurried along when he was talking to me, It genuinely felt like he understood that sometimes I just needed someone to listen and help prop me up.

On the day I was to be a witness I was very anxious and I saw PC Gilbert at the entrance to the crown court, again he greeted me with a warm smile and colloquial language, I believe he saw how anxious I was and gave me a few short words that were a great support.

PC Gilbert is a new edition to the police force and, in my eyes, was a shining example of what we all want our police force to be, determined, professional but also the support we need. I am very confident that he, along with his colleges, will make a real positive difference to Nottinghamshire.

If you treat all the people you help like you helped me, your change in career will have been worth it a thousand times over, and don't worry about the handwriting.

PC Gilbert..... Thank you!

Nigel Howard, Chesterfield

Both officers attended a domestic problem at our home. They were very calm, helpful and professional and dealt with matters without fuss ensuring a positive outcome. They are a credit to the Force.

Thank you for your calm and helpful demeanour and for ensuring that our daughter was safe and that we were able to retain our dignity.

Anonymous, Nottingham

While my husband and I were abroad my 18 year old son suffered a severe tyre blow out in your patch.  PC Griffiths and PC Lingard assisted him and went well beyond their job requirements to ensure he was safe.

Having seen the blown tyre and images of where the break down occurred, on a busy motorway, we are deeply grateful for the PC's kind help.

Please ensure the Chief Constable is made aware of what they have done, going so far as to actually fit his spare tyre on for him before it got dark. In truth, though we have shown our son, we don't know if he could have managed it for the first time by himself.  He certainly would not have been safe doing so in the location the incident occurred.

We would very much like our sincere thanks to be passed onto these fantastic men and their most senior manager congratulated for having such excellent, considerate professionals in your force.

Anonymous, Norwich

The fire service and police worked well with each other for a gentleman in cardiac arrest, great team work from all the police at Harworth police station. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional group.

Terry Rose, Doncaster

At the Lil Pump concert at Rock City, this police officer was fantastic with me personally and others attending the event. This as I had to catch the first train home but my bag was still in the arena which had been evacuated. So as you can imagine it was a very difficult to get my bag but the police officer tried his hardest to help me get my bag.

Eventually I was able to get my bag and still was able to get my train. I felt this wouldn’t have happened without the work of this police officer.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Sgt Jardine and a large number of officers assisting him including PO Tynen saved my life on the 17th October. Thank you to the helicopter and the search dog team for their help in locating me in clumber Park when I was at a very vulnerable point and had taken an overdose.

Thanks to their quick work and being so kind to me, I was taken to hospital by them and they managed to reverse the damage I had done. They saved my life that day and I am forever thankful.

You're amazing officers and what you were confronted with that day must have been frightening to see. Thank you for being there and making sure I made it through and going the extra mile to get me to hospital and supporting my husband like you did.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

My daughter Izzi was at Rock City on Friday night when a flare was set off in the crowd. The police and emergency services were called and looked after those affected including my daughter.

One of your female officers then walked her around to my car from the venue to tell me what happened and ensure she was safe. So a really big thank-you to her and to you. Please keep up the good work and don't ever let your officers think that we don't appreciate what they do each and every day because we do.

Dermot McKeever, Radcliffe On Trent

October 2018

On 1st October 2018 my father in law died in Carlton, Nottingham and PC Fitzgerald attended. Throughout the evening he dealt with all members of our family in a professional and courteous manner.

He never complained about being kept on duty to deal with the death and was very considerate and helpful. Although the conduct of the ambulance service and the doctor was poor PC Fitzgerald was exemplary. I hope that you consider this officer for a commendation as this part of Police work is very important for members of the public who, in their hour of grief can rely on the police to assist and help them through a crisis.

PC Fitzgerald went way beyond his duty and I hope you reward this officer as he showed the police service to be kind and caring and in the days of the police getting a bad press it is this sort of action that gives the public faith in the police.

I hope you will say thank you to this officer as he was a credit to Nottingham Police.

Steven Lambert, Derbyshire

Thank you to these officers for their professionalism and friendliness, when I had a blowout in my HGV on the Northbound A1, at the Worksop exit. I feel these officers should be recognised, even if only a Well done from their superior officer. They’re a real credit to the service.

Anonymous, Hartlepool

Officers listened to me when I called and offered appropriate help and advice. Officers patrolled the area thoroughly and numerous times and within a short time of me making the report. I felt I was taken seriously and felt reassured.

The matter was dealt with shortly before officers arrived but they still patrolled the area thoroughly before leaving. I hope this wasn’t seen as a waisted journey, it was deeply appreciated, thank you so much for your reassurance.

Anonymous, Nottingham

May I express my gratitude to PC 3969 and PC 3779 stationed in Riverside for helping me when I was involved in a car accident near BBC on Saturday 29th September 2018. I was very impressed by their effectiveness and understanding when they handled the accident, especially when my car couldn’t start as the battery went flat. They quickly called the Roadside Breakdown Cover, and in the meanwhile they helped me charge my car.

Due to their quick thinking, I was able to drive off and the road was cleared in less than 10 munites. I was humbled by how supportive and authentically caring they were. I feel fortunate to have the police officers in our community. They are a credit to Notttingham Police. Thank you very much.

Anonymous, Nottingham

September 2018

I had broken down in my Audi A4 (silver) and the group of officers arrived shortly afterwards by chance but helped by moving my car to a nearby lay-by so safe and let me and my six year old son sit in their van and gave us a drink and helped me contact a breakdown service as I was struggling to find the phone number. They even gave advice what they thought was wrong with the car and were very friendly and caring throughout. Please can you make sure you pass on my thanks to them as they were brilliant to us.

Anonymous, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Two officers rescued my two dogs after they had escaped from my back garden. I'm so grateful to them for finding them because the outcome could have been a lot different. So thank you!

Natalie Henson, Nottingham

Thank you Notts Police for listening to my tale about my dog and how he was run over because of  another dog out of control forced him onto the road.Thank you for turning up promptly to try and stop a neighbours repeat offender escapist dog doing the same to someone else's dog or worse, to a scared child! And for understanding that a dog does not have to be aggressive but simply choatic to be dangerously out of control. I thank you for trying to talk sense into the undeserving dog owner.

Jane Crawford, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Both PC Pole and PC Cuatrill attended a call for service following a drink driver smashing into four parked Vehicles. Not only did they attend very quickly which was really appreciated, as this enabled the driver found in a nearby house and then subsequently arresting him. A fantastic result getting a driver that is clearly a danger to the public.

But throughout, they were both pleasant, calm, courteous and understanding. They explained everything that was going to happen and maintained their promise to update all. Which they did diligently. All traits that is expected of police officers, however, to get this service in a time of turmoil in a small village which had a huge impact was a true credit to the constabulary. Thank you Guys.

Tea and cakes available anytime you are passing. The only thing that could have been improved was PC Cautrills Beard needing a trim. Lol. Seriously thank you. Also noted was the lack of response from local cops. Clearly busy at the time.

Kettles on when passing.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

Just been watching a program on TV about Nottingham police and I just want to say what a lovley woman Nadine is she is a credit to you x

Anonymous, Leicestershire

Thanks to CC Craig Guildford for re-establishing the schools liaison Officers - Now SEIO. I met with our new SEIO this morning, PC Dave Blundell and had a great meet to share ideas and understandings. We had a great relationship in the past with the Police and wish to do so in the future. It is good to see the Police back on early intervention and in the community.

Tom Hyland, Beeston

Just restored all faith in our police...after my daughter having her drink spiked and handbag stolen on 16/9 just the phone call and all the information taking from me has made both my daughter and myself feel like somebody does care about this awful crime. PC Faulkner is a credit to Notts police. Can I also say the lady who I spoke to on 16/9/2018 who actually detailed  the initial phone call was also a credit to Notts police (sorry didn’t get a name).

Anonymous, Northants

Thanks to the Traffic Officers on M1 near Trowell services, Monday 3rd September. They pulled over a red car full of drunken men who threw bottles at other cars, both at the services, and on the M1. The men were also making vulgar remarks at all other nearby people.I thought that they were brilliantly efficient and caught the men very quickly. It was most pleasing to see justice being served.

John Wilding, East Yorkshire

PC Humphries came to my aid on Monday when my adult heroin addict son had a violent rage.  He was absolutely fantastic, he was calm, handled the situation with ease and was my knight in shining armour.  I would like to thank him most profusely, I was a wreck when he arrived and thanks to him was calm and collected by the time he left.

Anonymous, West Bridgford

Our house was broken into whilst we slept and our car, computers, handbags and purses stolen.

PC Sanders and PC Dean immediately attended our property that morning when we called for help and supported us through the immediate aftermath.

PC Copley has supported us afterwards in keeping us updated with the arrest and impending trial of a suspect as well as providing and offering other sources of victim support.

A huge thank you to them, and the entire police force, for such prompt and effective support.

We were so impressed (and humbled) by how respectful, empathetic, attentive, supportive and authentically caring these three officers have been (and PC's Sanders and Dean were at the end of their night shifts).

This was a traumatic event for our family - but instead of feeling insecure and threatened we are left feeling blessed and fortunate to live in a community and society where security, personal property and safety are placed at such high value and treated so respectfully.  It is with a great deal of thankfulness and a degree of pride that, whenever I speak about this event, the first thing I can say is how excellent and supportive our police service has been.

This is because of who you choose to be as people and the values you represent together.  You make peoples’ lives better and you make our society more valuable and stronger.  My family cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us, what you represent and for what you continue to do for our community.

Gareth Gibbon, West Bridgford

August 2018

I ended up being stranded in Nottingham (a city I have never visited before) looking for somewhere to stay for the night due to my last train back home to London leaving some 10-15 minutes before I arrived in Nottingham on a rail replacement coach from Derby.

With being the August Bank Holiday weekend all of the hotels in Nottingham city centre were fully booked and I was literally at my wit's end had it not been for the advice of the female member of Nottinghamshire Police staff I spoke to on the phone plus the two brilliant receptionists at the Best Western Hotel in Nottingham city centre who tried and tried and eventually managed to find me a cheap Bed & Breakfast place in Beeston which was in the end was perfect and somewhere I could stay overnight in safety before getting my train from Nottingham back to London the following morning.

Anonymous, Surrey

After being assaulted, PC Fitzgerald handled my case and really helped me to bring it to a successful conclusion. All through the process I was kept fully informed and I would like to thank him for his understanding, time and patience in resolving the matter in a short time while still giving me time to think about my options.

Thank you for all your help, time and advice on resolving my case it was very much appreciated.

David Evans, Nottingham

Jack was involved in an initiative in the town centre and saw my son  aged 16 in town late Friday evening after finishing a shift at work and took the time to ask him if he was alright and what he was doing, on ascertaining that he was walking to meet me, Jack kindly walked with him and waited until I arrived.

Jack Thank you for taking the time to check my son was ok and for waiting with him until I arrived and explaining to me what initiative you were working on in Mansfield.  You were extremely courteous and helpful and a credit to the force - thank you for making Mansfield town centre a safer place for our young people.

Louise Williams, Mansfield

We would like to say thank you to all the officers who came out Monday 13th August when we found our next door neighbour had passed away suddenly. They had to break in to confirm our fears. They were all very kind and helpful. Special thanks to the new P.C. who was only on his first day having only passed out on the previous Friday for the empathy he showed and advice given in such sad circumstances. Thanks again.

Jackie Stirland, Mansfield

PC Nicholls assisted in a neighbourhood conflict in Newark in an extremely thoughtful and dedicated manner. It is really impressing how hard-working and helpful police officers in Newark are. Lots of gratitude.

Anonymous, Newark

July 2018

Thank you to the two police officers dealing with a vulnerable gentleman in Mansfield town centre at 9am. They were very understanding and caring to the guy, who was heavily under the influence of something. They didn’t lose their cool, gave him water, reassuring him all the time. Well done!!

Anonymous, Mansfield

We arrived at Hickling Court to find our brother in law had died alone and probably a few days previously. PC 3481 especially showed such care and compassion to all concerned whilst performing the tasks she needed to. She guided through what needed to be done, gently and reassuringly. Many Thanks for such help.

Keep up the special work you do:)

Anonymous, Nottingham

My son went missing Saturday night, the speed they attended to my house was phenomenal. The empathy, professionalism, speed in which they operated in helping me to keep me calm (reasonably I was frantic) was beyond words.

The two officers were second to none in helping., I will be eternally grateful. I believe they went above in beyond their job with their caring nature in helping. Luckily my son was found.

Thank you so very much! You prevented what could have been a very different ending with my son and his safety.

Tracey Crosby, Mansfield Woodhouse

Both call handlers were very reassuring when I called to report a dog left in a car at Morrison's, Netherfield. The owner of the car/dog then started taking photos of me whilst i was on the phone to you.  The Officers were with me in minutes and called me back to assure me they had made him delete the photo.

Thanks for the prompt, efficient service and for reassuring me as I felt quite vulnerable.

Anonymous, Gedling

My wife and I were, along with many others, trapped in the tailback on the A1 following a fatal collision. We were there for approximately five hours in high temperatures.

Despite the very difficult circumstances, we were very impressed with the way your staff dealt with the welfare of those delayed for so long. The information provided by air support and on social media was very helpful and went a long way to calm a minority who were becoming agitated.

The distribution of water by officers was carried out efficiently, with good humour and also providing us with information.Those involved should be proud of how they dealt with this incident.

Anonymous, Cambridgeshire

I tried to contain burglars inside neighbours house until police arrived but got attacked with a machete. A police car took me to hospital. The officers arrived very quickly including a dog handler and dog, all of the team were fantastic and professional as well as sympathetic to our needs. We have been kept in the loop as to what is happening. Nothing but praise to EVERY one of them. Well done.

Anonymous, Hucknall

Lucy attended the sudden death of my mother and must be commended on the way she carried out her duty at a sensitive time.She was caring polite and professional and all the family would like to say thank you.

Alec Hoyland, Retford

My car was broken down on the A46 slip road they drove past and then immediately came back to assist me. Moving my car and making it safe for not only me but other road users. Keeping me calm at all times and handling the situation with such professionalism and care and keeping, dare I admit, an old lady safe and secure.

Not only did they do this they knew that I had been waiting for the Recovery for over an hour and a half and was still some hours away. They then out of the kindness of their hearts changed my tire for me something more than I ever would have expected.One of the poor officers cut his hand whist doing this but never moaned or complained and carried on. I was so worried however he just carried on and told me he would be ok.

Once they changed the tire they then advised me of all the things I needed to do and then made it safe for me to carry on my journey.

I wanted to give them the only cash I had on me (£10) but no way would they take this I just wanted them to know how much what they had both done had meant to me.

 I just can’t thank you both enough it was not a nice experience however you gave me faith in human kindness.

Linda Davies, Nottingham

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" I wish to thank all involved with mother's burial.  Everything went off without a problem - you are the best.....You could not have been kinder."

" Tom and staff - Thank you so very much for your time and effort spent with my parents and our family.  Your results are always exemplary.  You all are a true gift to this community."

"I want to thank all of you for everything you have done to provide your services to myself and family during our time of need.  Everything was planned and executed perfectly.  We couldn't have asked for more.  The drive by the [home we shared for forty-one years] was especially comforting.  Your thoughtfulness was truly appreciated.  Thank you also for the Continuing Care series [booklets] and am looking forward to book two.  Thank you for contacting people for me; making it easier for me so I could concentrate on other things.  Each day is a challenge but also a blessing, and with God's help and yours, we will get through this time.....thank you"

" Our family would like to thank you and your staff for your services over the last couple months....when we began discussing funeral arrangements {our father} was confident that Tom Burger's Funeral Home was the place to go.  I am so glad that he pointed us in the right direction during his lifetime.....Our initial meeting to arrange the plans was a difficult experience for me personally as we knew my father had limited time left.  However, Doug and my father chatted about everything, including their culinary skills and my father's desire to have a toast at the grave.  I learned a lot about my father's final wishes that day.  Once my father had passed, we met with Jim and were again provided with excellent service.  After the meeting {we} were are ease with the process and left without any need for additional questions......and the ability to put all the pictures together to create such a perfect brochure in such a sort period of time was amazing.  The kindness and compassion that you and your staff provided to our family will be forever remembered."

" On behalf of the [entire] family, I want to thank you for the beautiful memorial service for my sister....; and all the support it took to make her service so comforting to all who loved her.  Your attention to detail allowed us the freedom to grieve her passing, knowing we did not have to worry about anything else: we knew it was being taken care of.  From our family to the Burger Funeral Home family, we extend our deepest gratitude and love to you all."

"We just wanted to thank you so much for all you and your staff did to make mom's passing so much easier.  You took care of everything and it was beautiful - just how she wanted it.  You all are special people to do what you do."

"Yes, "it has been almost 1 year since the death of my loved one", as your recent note said, along with the 4th book in the Continuing Care Series.  I do not have adequate words to tell you what comfort those books have brought me.  Thank you for sending them.  I share them when I can, and I read them over and over to help me on this journey."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful way you treated me and my family.  My [loved one] looked beautiful, and I was so pleased.  I will surely recommend your services to anyone who asks.  God bless you and thank you again."

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you all did to help me with honoring [our loved one].  I've had a lot of wonderful comments on how it was set up and how beautiful it was.  Thank you again."

"I wanted to let you know the service, video and flowers were beautiful and all the staff were very nice..."

"We can't begin to thank you enough for the compassion and guidance for [our family].  Many have come up to me and expressed how nicely done the service was..... how fitting the video and music were, and beautiful flowers."

"Your never ending way of helping us through this difficult time will never be forgotten - we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful service; you are all special"

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful way you handled Dad's calling hours and service.  You made a sad and difficult time easier for us.  Your kindness and compassion is so appreciated.  Thank you and God bless."

"Thank you so much for all you did for {the} service.  It was beautiful...."

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us; it will never be forgotten.  My Dad's service was just beautiful...."

"Words cannot express our thanks for all the help and services you all implemented on our behalf during our time of grief ... Doug's personal touch went a long way towards making us feel comforted...."

 " Thank you for making such a difficult time a bit easier.  You all do a top notch job at what you do!"

"....I cannot thank you all enough for your guidance and support through such difficult times.  I don't know what I would have done without you!  Your hard work is so very important and very much appreciated.  God bless you."

"...How can I begin to thank you for walking this journey with (Doug) were so kind and loving to her and gave her peace that you would be there to take care of her at the showed such love, respect and dignity as you took her took care of all the little details with such class...."

" We can't thank you enough for the care and attention to detail you provided for us in our time of need and sorrow.  Meeting initially {on the weekend} to preplan....and meeting on the holiday...such comfort and relief.  We fully trusted everything would be taken care of, and it was.  The respect and genuine concern given to the family was so extremely appreciated.  In the future, when we have a need, we will certainly call on your funeral home again."

" I want to thank you for sending me the booklet "The Pain of Grief."  I can't tell you how many times I have read it already and how much it has helped me.  I've already...shared it with others.......the booklets are so helpful.  I only wish I'd had one for my past losses."

I greatly appreciate what you did for me!  Thank you so much for the grave stake and flag for my father's grave."

"Thank you for your words of sympathy, your voice of concern, your gesture of caring, and the love you offer."

"We couldn't have asked for a better service.  I am so glad that you all are a part of my "family" too.  {We} are blessed many times over."

"Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you gave me.... This has been a very stressful time, and you helped relieve some of that stress .... Thank you for being so worked out perfectly.  Thank you again for your support and kindness during one of the worst times of my life...."

"Words cannot express our appreciation for all that was done recently for {us}.  Your professionalism and graciousness were outstanding, and we will never forget."

"Again my thanks to you girls and your efficiency.  So much appreciated the Navy laminated piece to go inside the flag case...blessings to you.."

"Thank you for everything - concerning my mother's passing and calling hours.  Everyone we dealt with was compassionate and nice.  I appreciate you letting {us} rearrange your home and {letting us} add our personal touches"

"Thank you all so very much for all the comfort and support you provided me and my family for {the} funeral and preparations.  I know I had special requests, but you all handled them with grace and kindness & thoroughness. The committal service at the cemetery with the Military Honor Guard was especially memorable.  In appreciation for all that was done..."

"Thank you all so much for the guidance and support you offered our family over the 4 weeks prior to {the} funeral.  The level of patience and empathy displayed by your staff greatly touched my heart."

"Thank you for taking care of my friend....I appreciate your help more than you know....your kindness at this sad time meant alot....

"....your compassion and professionalism is truly outstanding.  Thank you!"

“I am truly so grateful for all you have done, during the hardest time I have ever known.”

“Thank you very much for helping us get through this difficult time.”

“Thank you for your compassion and efficiency in caring …..You took care of one of the most daunting tasks at the hardest of times for my wife and I.  We can’t thank you enough….from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to Burger Funeral Home for always caring for our family”

“Again, thank you!  Your support was just what we needed to get through – and your staff is amazing!”

“Words cannot express our sincere appreciation for your extraordinary assistance in coordinating the funeral.  It was a beautiful send-off, and we would have been lost without you!  Thank you for all your hard work and kind words.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent attention to every detail surrounding Mom’s funeral.  You all were very kind, respectful, and professional. You made us feel comfortable and able to concentrate on the issues at hand….we appreciated the time you gave us to discuss options presented to us for arrangements….we appreciated all the time and guidance you gave us.  Your kind words helped us through the tough days …. thank you for the attention to every detail on funeral day.  There were many, many tears that day, but the day flowed as we hoped, thanks to your great skill…. May every family be treated with such great care as you and your staff have given to us.”

“I could have never done this without you.  I want to thank everyone with all my heart.”

“We want to thank you all for your help… Doug, I know you take care of families 24-7, but you never made us feel that.  We were treated as if we were the only ones …….”

“Thank you for helping us through the funeral process.  We had no idea where to begin, and you walked us through each part.  We appreciate the compassion you showed our family at this difficult time.  Hopefully we will not need your services anytime soon, but if we do, I know we will be in good hands.”

“We were expecting a nice funeral, but not all the extra special care and attention to detail you showed to my mother and our family…..thank you for all you did, and for the time you spent answering questions….”

“…I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a very difficult time in my life so much easier.”

“Just want to thank you for the beautiful job you did.  We were very pleased.  Everything was nicely displayed – couldn’t ask for more….many thanks!”

“You folks are the best!  (We) want to extend our sincere gratitude for all you folks did….from the preparation years ago for her burial to whence you took her body away and returned to make her bed, leaving the beautiful poem “May I Go.”  It was not easy to let her go, however we were all reassured that mom was in the best professional, funeral home hands….”

“Thank you so much for everything you did for the Services for my mom…you guys are truly the best…”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion that you showed our family at the time of our dad’s death.  You made a difficult time less stressful.  We truly appreciate your service.”

“When they asked what funeral home to contact, there was no hesitation – you have a reputation for professional yet personal services.  You and your staff exceeded that expectation.  When we stopped at the office, the staff could not be more accommodating.”

“Thank you Tom, Doug, Jim and Team for everything you did to celebrate my Dad’s life.”

“…You walked us through each step of the decision making, both personal and legal, performing much of the leg work thus lifting the burden off our shoulders.  Thank you for your patience with the many revisions…and extras you graced us with…..In a job that by its very nature is filled with sorrow and tears, each one of you bring a peace, joy, smile and comfort to those of us blessed by the service you provide.”

“The generosity and kindness you’ve shown our family has been such a blessing.  We cannot thank you enough.”

“…Your whole team is quite an asset to the community.  My thanks…for going above and beyond the call of duty to get and give information we needed…”

Use these sample thank you letters and emails to send to a team member at work who is doing hard work on a project or has done a great job at an assignment. Letters & Emails Employee Letters.

50 Best Thank You for Your Hard Work and Dedication Quotes

Thank you messages for employees: A note of appreciation from business owners and company bosses go a long way in inspiring employees. Just a few words are enough to boost employee morale and overall productivity. If one of your subordinates deserves appreciation for being an outstanding professional, take ideas from this post to write a note of gratitude. Hard working and loyal employees take pride in knowing that their bosses admire their work. It motivates and inspires them to continue doing what they do best – being good employees.


1) A perfect employee is the one who inspires his boss as much as his boss inspires him. Thanks for being my inspiration.


2) Thank you for bringing your positive attitude to work every day. Projects become easier to execute, changes become easier to implement and problems become easier to solve.


3) My words can never be enough to praise your actions because your work always meets my expectations. Thank you.


4) Thank you for showing all your colleagues that the pursuit of excellence is the best way to climb up the organizational ladder in this company.


5) Your enthusiasm is a personality trait that cannot be learnt and a skill which cannot be taught. Thank you for being the life of the workplace.


6) The world of business survives less on leadership skills and more on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you. Thank you for your hard work.


7) Successful companies are run by successful entrepreneurs who hire successful employees. Thank you for being a key part of this chain.


8) Employees like you are the epitome of professionalism. Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day.


9) Interns admire you, your colleagues respect you and your boss trusts you – thank you for being a great role model for everyone around you.


10) Your contribution to the company’s growth may be measured in targets and KPIs but your contribution on the office floor is measured in the positive feedback I receive from your colleagues. Thank you and congratulations for winning the appreciation of your teammates.


11) You deserve a RAISE because the number of sales you make RAISES the morale of your colleagues. Thank you.


12) It takes a college degree to get a nice job but it takes a lot of hard work to get appreciation from your employer. Thank you for working hard.


13) You are so irreplaceable to this company that it makes me wonder whether you are my greatest strength or greatest weakness. Thanks.


14) The walls of our office would be weakened without your presence. Thank you for standing strong.


15) I hold you in HIGH regard because you have created HIGH benchmarks for other employees with your HIGH quality work. Thank you.


16) You are the employee that every intern dreams of becoming, every colleague thinks of having and every boss wishes he had. Thank you.

17) Thanks for being an employee who is as hungry for challenges and excellence as much as for recognition and promotions.


18) All bosses would be cool and calm if they had efficient employees like you. Thank you.


19) Your biggest achievement in this company has not just been winning all the contracts, but also winning your boss’s trust. Thank you and well done.


20) Thanks for being that employee who assumes leadership when the boss is not around and ensures compliance when he is.


21) Thank you for being so committed. It’s only a matter of time that all your efforts will be duly remitted.


22) You are our company’s perfect catch and an ideal employee whose performance no one else can match. Thank you.


23) From friendship to mentorship to leadership, you have given this company a warm kinship in every possible form. Thanks.


24) Thank you for realizing that by taking ownership of every project, you have taken ownership of your own success.


25) Awards like Employee of the Month are of no value for employees like you perform well every single day of the year. Thank you.


26) Your professionalism embodies the company philosophy and your hard work is a prime example of how employees can further their careers in our organization. Thank you.


27) Giving you this thank you note is an instruction that my heart has asked me to follow, not the HR department. Thanks.


28) Employees like you make becoming a boss so much easier. Thanks.


29) Your excellence and brilliance have always made for a stunning performance at work. Thanks for bringing so much permanence to our company.


30) If your perseverance and integrity were contagious diseases, everyone at work would be as perfect as you. Thanks for doing a good job.


31) Thanks for shouldering responsibility and putting the company’s interests ahead of your own.


32) Thanks for treating the company’s problems as your own. You have what it takes to be a terrific employee and a future leader.


33) I am thankful for having employees like you who never shirk responsibility even if it means taking blame when mistakes are made. Thank you.


34) Thanks for being an asset to the company, a trusty subordinate to your boss and a source of inspiration for your colleagues.


35) Thanks for backing up the credentials in your resume with hard work, perseverance and loyalty to the company.


thank staff for their hard work

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: City Administrator thanks staff for hard work after January 30th storm.

A perfect employee is the one who inspires his boss as much as his Thanks for backing up the credentials in your resume with hard work.

thank staff for their hard work
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