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Thank you for the baby shower wording
October 02, 2018 Holiday Thanks 4 comments

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Baby Shower Gift Thanks

This page has beautiful wording inspiration for baby shower thank you cards. Simply personalize the entries to best reflect your writing style and sentiments.

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Lovely Baby Shower Gifts

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for attending my baby shower. I want you to know that I appreciate your always being there for me and sharing in all the special milestones and important moments in my life. You’re like a second mother to me. I am so excited to become a new parent myself, and the helpful book of child-rearing advice you gave me is going to come in quite handy! I look forward to raising a happy, healthy, loving child, so I’ll be sure to read a new chapter every week. Thanks again for everything.

Love and kisses,

– (Your Name Here)

Dear _______________,

Thank you for the adorable green hand-knitted baby bib. It’s the absolute cutest bib I’ve ever seen! I love the leaf shape, and it’s perfect for the upcoming fall season. And thank you for bringing a huge bowl of your world-famous potato salad to the baby shower. That was such a welcome surprise! Not only did I greatly enjoy it, but all of the baby shower guests were raving about how delicious it was. Thank you again for being such a wonderful and steadfast presence in my life. Being encircled by a group of loving and supportive women means everything to me.

Many hugs and kisses.

– (Your Name Here)

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Dear _______________,

Your presence at my baby shower filled my heart with joy! Not only are you a busy mom of three, but you live two states away. I want you to know how much it meant to me that you flew down for this very special event. And I’d like to thank John too for holding down the fort back home in your absence. You’re both so incredibly wonderful. And thank you for the darling baby shower gift! The Peter Rabbit plate, bowl, cup and spoon set are simply beautiful. Thank you so much for everything!


– (Your Name Here)

Dear _______________,

Wow! Your baby shower gift completely blew me away. You are incredibly generous. All of the lovely baby shower items in the giant gift basket are things I’m going to need right away when my baby is born. And I love that you included a set of cloth diapers. I’m going to try those out and see how it goes. Fewer diapers in the landfill is a very positive thing. Thank you so much for your kindness.


– (Your Name Here)

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording More Baby Shower Thank You Notes


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Is there a memorable thank you card you received from a friend? If you remember the wording and would like to share it, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Categories Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Your baby shower is the opportunity for your friends and family to celebrate your upcoming arrival—and, of course, shower you with the clothing and gear you’ll need as you start this new life stage!

Chances are, after your baby shower comes to a close, you’ll find yourself inundated with gifts lovingly given by family and friends—which means two things: You’ll be well prepared for baby’s arrival, and you’ll have plenty of baby shower thank you cards to write. But when should you send them, and what should you say? Here’s the 411 on baby shower thank you cards etiquette.

When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards

In a perfect world, you’d send your baby shower thank you notes within two to three weeks of the event, says Katherine Kommer, Lead Planner for Baby Showers Inc., a baby shower planning firm based in New York City.

“That being said, life is hectic and preparing for a baby is a lot of work, so up to three months after the shower is acceptable,” says Kommer, who notes that baby showers are typically held six to eight weeks before the due date. Keep in mind that as busy as you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, it’s even harder to find the time to write baby shower thank you notes after your child arrives—something that, as a new mom herself, she can attest to personally.

If you don’t make that deadline, remember that it’s never too late to show gratitude! Texting over a photo of your baby wearing her new clothes or using his new swaddle blanket can tide you over until the day you finally get enough sleep to sit down and hand-write a note. “It’s always better to be late than never, and your friends will be gracious even if it’s six months down the line,” says Kommer. That’s especially true for gifts sent ahead of the baby shower or by mail, since you want to make sure the gift-giver knows you received the present.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Whether you’re in the last few weeks of pregnancy or learning to be a parent, it can be hard to figure out what to write in a baby shower thank you card. So we’re giving you a few helpful hints.

The general format is to include lines thanking the gift-giver for the item you received, express how grateful you are that they made time to attend your shower, and mention how you’re expecting to use or enjoy the gift. “You don’t have to go crazy writing an essay!” Kommer says.

Here are a few starter phrases for baby shower thank you cards:

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift!
  • I’m excited to use it once the baby is here–I’m sure it’ll come in handy all the time.
  • It was so wonderful to see you at the baby shower.
  • I really appreciate all of your support during my pregnancy.
  • I can’t wait for you to meet the baby!

If you’re sending a thank you message for baby shower host, acknowledge the effort they put into planning the event and reference some of the details that made your baby shower really special, like flower arrangements, decorations or DIY projects you know they put a lot of thought into. Some moms-to-be choose to add a little thank you gift, like a gift certificate, but it’s not necessary.

Cute Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Of course, you’ll need stationery to write those baby shower thank you notes on! If you don’t have cards already, consider ordering ones that match the baby shower invitations. Otherwise, choose ones that reflect your style, or indulge in the sweetest designs you can find. Here, a few fun picks for baby shower thank you cards.

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Flowers are a classic motif for baby shower thank you cards—they’re friendly, colorful and oh-so-sweet. We love this pick for its hand-painted appeal.

Buy it: Baby Roses Baby Shower Thank You Cards, from $1.62 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

One and two and baby makes three! Reference your growing family with this sweet illustration of a family of sheep.

Buy it. Laurel Arrival Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

This high-contrast color block thank you card is just right for the fashion-forward mom. Make your baby shower thank you notes extra meaningful with your personalized name at the bottom.

Buy it: Modern Color Block Thank You Card, from $0.76 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Get excited about all things baby with this cheerful, balloon-themed thank you card. Fitting, seeing as you’re likely bursting with joy.

Buy it: Up and Away Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Consider this customized baby shower thank you card—a standout, thanks to its romantic floral design. It comes in four different color palettes, so you can find one that works with your baby shower color scheme.

Buy it: Peony Floral Vine Thank You Card, from $1.67 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

What’s sweeter than peaches and pint-size strawberries? This playful card offers a whimsical take on mamas and their little ones through cute fruit illustrations.

Buy it: Fruitful Watercolor Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

If you’re saying thank you after baby has arrived, use a photo card to share their sweet face with the world.

Buy it: Word Bubble Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Plus, more from The Bump:

Photo: One Sweet World Images

Essential Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples from the experts at WebBabyShower + guide on modern etiquette. Co-Workers, Group.

 It is wonderful to have someone throw you a baby shower and have all your friends and family share in your joy of becoming a new mother. However, after that you will need some baby shower thank you notes. And this is where we play our role by providing beautiful thank you notes, and the best part is it is free.

 The phrasing is highly specific and oriented towards your needs, and can be edited to suit your needs. This is because we help you choose the very best wording appropriate to baby shower thank you notes. These notes are sweet, and highly detailed descriptions of your gift. The notes emphasize how important your relationship is to your respective guest, and how the item will help you and your new arrival in your new family.

 The closing part to the thank you notes are amazing as well. They are delightful reminders of how you would like to see them again to continue your relationship as well as get useful advice for new parenthood.

 These gorgeously designed and beautifully written thank you cards and letters will please everyone, you included. You are guaranteed that they will follow all baby shower thank you notes etiquette. They provide free customization, and you can print as many copies as you need or e-mail them. These are thank you notes to be cherished. Don’t forget to send one to the host or hostess! This way all you have to do is concentrate on decorating your nursery for your little arrival.

Now check our free thank you note samples and choose the best suitable version of words to write thank you notes.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes


Sample Thank You Note to Hostess of Baby Shower


Thank You Note Wording for Baby Shower Gift


Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note Wording


Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording


Surprise Baby Shower Thank You Wording


Baby Thank You Card Wording


Generic Baby Gift Thank You Wording


Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording General


Baby Shower Thank You Wording for Coworkers


The Best Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas + Free Printables

thank you for the baby shower wording

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Baby Shower Thank You Note Samples

Need more samples of baby shower thank you notes? Here, we have 10 more great examples to help inspire your own notes.

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10 Thank You Note Examples


Thank-you so much for the crib sheets and pacifiers. It was so nice to see you at the baby shower. Where did you find that beautiful dress you were wearing? We need to plan a girls’ night out, like the one all of us enjoyed last month. We had so much fun. I’ll plan it and invite the other girls.

I will call you soon. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and for your presence at the baby shower. Friends like you are one in a million.

Love, Jane

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for being part of my baby shower and for the beautiful baby shawl you made for our baby. I will treasure it forever and will think of you every time I wrap her in it. Keep in touch and do come visit anytime you are in the neighbourhood. Many thanks again.


Hi Sharon,

I feel so grateful for the baby book you got my new born cute angel. This is the first book that she will ever read. Thanks a lot for your present. I miss you here on this side of the city. I hope I get to see you again soon. Once again, a heart felt thanks for the gift. If you get time, please stop by after work soon to see my girl....

With love, Nivas


First of all, I would like to thank you for your presence irrespective of your work schedule an my baby shower. I was so excited after seeing you at the function. I didn’t think you would possibly be able to make it with so much going on at work.I Thank you for the tickle-me-Elmo that you brought for the little one. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you.

Very soon we all will get together at our friend Jacks marriage.

That’ll be fun!

Hey Steffie,

Thanks a lot for being the heart of my baby shower dear. You are always such e delight, I couldn’t imagine my baby shower without you, and your gift oh my god it is so lovely, dear. My baby, she is gonna enjoy it with all those lovely bears with the pink bows. So cute.

Thank you dear for the lovely gift. i hope you will be always around to be the best aunt to my baby girl.

You know, me and Jeff treasure your friendship. Hope to see you soon.

Love and regards, Joan

Debra, Can you believe I’m having a baby? Man, we’re getting old, huh? You bought the baby so many expensive and lovable gifts. So many towels, bibs, baby blankets, diaper bag etc .. These are going to be so useful. I really do appreciate your love towards my family. I’m thinking someone may have what it takes to be a godmother... Any interest?

I am really proud of having such a great friend who cares for us all so much. Thank you so much for everything!



Thank you for attending my baby shower! I know it was your first experience of the baby showers we have here in America, and I hope you enjoyed it. Do they hold similar baby showers in Japan?

The baby socks you gave me are so adorable! I really appreciate the baby book from Japan as well. Though my Japanese isn't so great, I know it will be a priceless heirloom for my child. Will you help me translate some text in the baby book that I don't understand?

It is so gorgeous, it almost seems a shame to put pictures in it, but I promise I will. I am so happy your student visa was extended so you can attend grad school -- plus you will be here when the baby comes! It has been wonderful becoming your friend and I am so excited you will be involved in our child's life.

Take care and stop by for dinner soon, this time I will do the cooking, I promise!

Much love, Greta


There aren’t many people that know me as well as you do. And there aren’t many that I would consider to be as good a Friend. I’m so happy you are in my life. As we get older we have to stick together! You better believe that I’ll be there when your first one pops out. ;)

Love you,

Dear Aunt Alice,

Thank you for coming to our baby shower. I know it is a long drive for you and I appreciate so much your making the trip. The hand-crocheted sweater you made, with the matching cap, is adorable. Our little one will look beautiful in in, and it will keep her warm.

I have always admired your crochet work, and am so glad it will find a place in the next generation of our family also. Maybe you can teach our baby how to crochet some day when she is old enough. That would be wonderful? Please say hello to Uncle Bob for me. We look forward to seeing both of you at the family Thanksgiving feast. Au Revoir for now! Love, Claire

Dear Tara,

Thank you SO much for the beautiful handmade baby quilt. I always enjoyed buying your quilts as Christmas presents for others, so to receive one as a gift was wonderful! Thanks for coming to my baby shower, and I hope we run into each other again soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Exmplore these other resources, or submit your baby shower thank you note below.

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Here are a few starter phrases for baby shower thank you cards: Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift!.

Best of Thank You Messages For Surprise Baby Shower

The Best Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas + Free Printables

- 21 GAMES - 

The baby shower is over and now it is time to thank all of your wonderful friends and family for coming - and for their thoughtful gifts!

Also, don't forget to say "thank you for the baby shower" to your gracious hostess for planning the memorable event!

FREE Printable Pink Thank You Tags

Click the picture to hop over and see all of our FREE printable thank you tags and favor tags!

The Best Baby Shower Wording Ideas For Thank You Cards

It takes a special talent for writing clever, heart-felt thank you cards. I usually sit down to write one, and am suddenly at a loss for words.

Over the years, I have come up with some tricks for easily writing sentimental thank you cards.

Below are some easy tips for writing amazing thank you cards that guests will appreciate:

  • You don't want to come across as being fake or scripted - like you have said the same thank you message in every thank you card you have written. "Thank you for the baby shower gift, the baby and I will love it!"

  • When writing your cards, always include a personal message that is specifically for that person. Be sure to mention the gift they gave you. Ex: "Thank you for the beautiful quilt, it reminds me of the one you made me when I was a little girl." This lets the person know that you remember exactly what they got you, and you truly are thankful for their gift.

  • In addition to referencing what the gift was, you can also include how you plan to use it - if applicable. 

  • Never use a pre-written card where you fill in the blanks. This is non-personal and kind of tacky.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas For Close Friends & Family

  • Dear Sadie,
    Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower! We have already started using the baby bath and washcloths you gave us. You are so sweet! You've always been there for me, and I appreciate your friendship! See you soon!
    Love, Sara

  • How to say thank you - for a group gift:
    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the generous baby shower gift from you and all of the girls! I am so lucky to have such supportive girlfriends in my life. It means so much to me, and the gift will definitely be a huge help when the baby arrives.
    Love, Kerrie

  • Thank you card ideas for a couples baby shower:
    Dear Monique,
    Thank you for helping us celebrate this special day! We truly appreciate you coming and can't thank you enough for the gift basket you brought! The diapers will definitely be used right away, and we will cherish the personalized, silver baby cup for a lifetime! Thanks again!
    Love, Amy & Matt

How To Tell The Hostess "Thank You For Hosting The Baby Shower"

FREE Printable Kindness Quote - Wall Art

Thankful for sweet friends like you!

Dear Lizzie!

Thank you so much for all of the time you spent planning my baby shower and making it such a memorable experience! It was absolutely wonderful, and I loved every minute of it! Everything from the invites to the decorations were planned out so perfectly! You are so appreciated and I can't thank you enough!

All My Love,

Assorted - Printable "Thank You"
Favor Tags

We have a wide selection of printable baby shower thank you tags - perfect for favors and gifts. Click the picture above to access the printable tags in our shop.

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If you love free printables, you are going to love what you'll find below!

Creating printables is my favorite thing to do - I have been busy making tons of free baby shower thank you tags, favor tags and signs. Enjoy!

Click on each picture to access your FREE printables

Envelope Address Station: Make life easier for the mom-to-be by setting up a "Thank You Card Address Table."

Guests can easily fill out their address to help the new mom send out her thank you cards!

Click on the picture above to be taken to our printable shop - and grab your free printable table sign!

thank you for the baby shower wording

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Examples of baby shower thank you wording. Includes individual thank you notes for gift givers, as well as group messages for everyone who attended.

thank you for the baby shower wording
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