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Thank you for the request
December 28, 2018 Holiday Thanks 2 comments

Наставник Олвина тоже заслуживал некоторого порицания, и время от времени кое-кто из советников бросал на него задумчивые взоры. Джизирак, казалось, не обращал на это никакого внимания, хотя, конечно, великолепно понимал, какие именно мысли бродят в этих головах. В том, чтобы быть наставником этого самого оригинального ума из всех появлявшихся в Диаспаре со времен Рассвета, была известная честь, и в этом-то никто Джизираку не мог Олвин не стал ни в чем убеждать членов Совета, пока не закончил рассказ о своих приключениях.

В общем, ему нужно было как-то уверить этих людей в истинности всего увиденного им в Лизе, но как он, спрашивается, мог заставить их сейчас понять и представить себе то, чего они никогда не видели и едва ли могли себе вообще вообразить. -- Мне представляется большой трагедией,-- говорил Олвин,-- что две сохранившиеся ветви человечества оказались разобщенными на такой невообразимо огромный отрезок времени.

Возможно, он и наступит, тот день, когда мы узнаем, почему так произошло, но сейчас куда более важно поправить дело и принять все меры к тому, чтобы впредь такого не случилось.

Thank you for submitting an online appointment request.


For your convenience, if you or a loved one suffer an acute injury during the evening or weekend, you can now call us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at (205) 939-3699 to schedule an appointment with one of our non-surgical sports medicine physicians.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment NOW, please feel free to call (205) 939-3699. If you prefer us to respond to your online request, you can expect one of our staff members to contact you by phone within the next 24 hours to gather additional information and to schedule your appointment. In the meantime, please feel free to visit our Patient Resources page for helpful information.

PLEASE NOTE: If your appointment request was submitted after 12pm (CST) on a Friday or on Saturday/Sunday, you can expect to receive a call back the following Monday no earlier than 12pm (CST).

We appreciate the additional information. It will help us better serve you. Again, we normally respond to these requests within one business day. If you do not.

Thank you for contacting us, we will reach back to you in a short time.

"Short" is to vague. For some people "Short" might be one hour, for some it will be 1 day, for some it will be 30 minutes. Your setting the bar pretty high here since most users don't expect to wait longer then 1 hour. If you might need 1 day most people will get frustrated.

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This is the better option but is also lacking since the user might feel forgotten when he waits 2 days for a reply.

A better option would be: Thank you for getting in touch, we always try our best to respond as soon as possible, you can expect a reply in at most 48 hours.

48 hours in this case is the longest time it usually takes, this timeframe might vary in your case.

The good:

you have a pretty big timeframe to work with and the customer expects a reply in 48 hours, if you reply sooner he will probably be really satisfied.

If you track how long your team needs on average for responding you can use these timeframes to provide even better info for the user.

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thank you for the request

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SVP, Corporate Development

John is an experienced executive who has worked with global brands to drive collaboration, new business, and results across organizations at all levels, including companies like Microsoft, Google, AWS, Deloitte, Samsung, American Express and others. He holds a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from Wharton.

As a member of Sight Machine’s executive team, John leads corporate development, which includes alliances, M&A and other activities that keep us growing and sailing smoothly. He is invested in creating a positive team and work culture where people inspire and are inspired to achieve their best. How we play the game really does matter — and it can and should be challenging and fun while we do it.


Your message was sent successfully. Thank you for contacting us about your Service Request Inquiry! Someone will contact you shortly.

Thank you! We’ve received your demo request 🙂

Below are examples of messages for thanking someone for the information provided.

I write this type of note most often at my office job which requires asking others for information sometimes. So, I usually send the note via email, but depending on your situation, you could hand write the note or choose another method for delivering a thank you listed here.

Thank you for the information tips

  • If replying to an email where someone just gave you the information you needed, responding with "Thank you for the information" or "Thank you for sharing the information" may be sufficient. The best thank you notes are specific. However, when replying to this type of email, you likely do not need to restate what the information was that was just provided.
  • Include how the information was helpful if it isn't clear. Did it help you make a decision? Did you learn something from it? Is someone benefiting for the information? Again, this all depends on what the information was.
  • You can also thank them for the time if it took them getting the information for you was time-consuming.
  • The length of your note may depend on the length of the information. If the information was one sentence in response to a question sent in an email, then a one sentence thank-you response is usually sufficient.
  • Was the information advice or help? If so, check out the Thank you for the advice note examples and Thank you for the help message examples.

Thank you for the information message examples

Notes: In the samples, replace the words in [brackets] with your own words.

The examples will only the middle section of a thank you note. To see the complete layout of a thank-you note check out this cheat sheet. It shows all five parts of a note or download the free thank-you note writing guide.

#1 Thank you for sending me the information about [list what it was about]. I learned [what you learned] from it. I appreciate you the detail you went into [topic that was covered]. I am grateful for the amount of time and effort you put into this helping us. Your insights and summary are beneficial.

#2 Thank you for sending me the information. It was exactly what we needed and allows me to move on with my part of this project.

#3 We have received the information you sent in the mail. The book about eating whole, unprocessed foods has been interesting. Our clients will benefit from what we are learning.

#4 Thank you for providing the information about the sugar detox last weekend. I have purchased the book and will give it a try soon. By your results, I'm sure I will feel better after doing it!

#5 I want to thank you for sending the information about the real estate class. Hearing your perspective helped me decide to enroll. I look forward to being in class with you!

#6 Your information about how to help the cat was spot on. She is now using her litter box everyday! The website you shared with me had plenty of things to try.

#7 Thank you for providing the requested information. I am learning so much about [topic] now. We can discuss it in more detail the next time we meet for lunch.

#8 The information you provided about [topic] has been very helpful when discussing the topic with [Child's Name]. I appreciate the time you spent gathering all those books and pamphlets.

#9 Thank you for sending the email with the information that I requested. The details about the project are exactly what I needed to understand how to contact the supplier and handle the current situation. I am grateful for the background history you were able to provide as well.

#10 I am excited to read the information you gave me about how to get out of debt! You are a great mentor and I appreciate your book suggestions. I hope to be debt free within five years.

#11 Thank you for the information about how to save more money and invest. I want to learn everything that I can and what you provided will help to get me started. Our conversations about money are always exciting and help me to think about how I could be handling money better.

#12 Sometimes I feel like I have information overload. Thank you for sending me only the materials I needed for tomorrow's training course. I am grateful not to have to spend time sorting through stuff that isn't needed.

Click Image to see these note cards on Amazon! (affiliate link)

#18 Thank you for the information. I will be reviewing it soon and will let you know if we have any follow-up questions.

#19 The information you sent was useful. Thank you for taking the time to organize it. We will save this for our records.

#20 Thank you for helping us by providing the information that you had about the project. Your efforts saved us time and helped us learn more about the customer. We appreciate the detail you give to us.

What's your favorite way to thank someone for information?

#13 How kind of you to mail me the report I asked about last week. The printed version is easier for me to review. I will have the revisions back to you soon.

#14 The travel information you provided was fantastic! It helped me class decide where we will go on our camping trip. Your expertise saved us so much time.

#15 Thank you for the wonderful information about birds. The bird book you sent home with me has helped me identify several birds that are coming to my bird feeders in the yard. I am also excited to learn their songs using the app you told me about.

#16 The information you provided for the meeting was great. Seeing the data in charts helped make it easier to understand and present. The client had a few questions which I will forward on to you for review.

#17 I have learned so much about [topic] since you shared that your pet also as [condition] and you sent me information about websites that talk about the condition. Thank you for sending me all of those links!

thank you for the request

Thank you for contacting the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP). A team member will reply to your request for information in a timely manner.

thank you for the request
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