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Thank you note for starbucks gift card
September 26, 2018 Holiday Thanks 1 comment

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Whenever a friend, relative, coworker, or someone else helps you, it’s thoughtful to thank them for the help.

I recommend you write a thank-you note or letter (the difference being that a letter is typically longer than a note). The delivery could also be an email, phone call, or text message.

Tip: A handwritten note will likely feel more personal than other methods.

This post includes gift suggestions, templates and tips, and example wording for notes.

Gift Suggestions

Depending on the situation, you may decide to give the person a thank-you gift too. Here are some gift suggestions:

  • Amazon gift card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Favorite local restaurant gift card
  • Take them out for a meal
  • Flowers
  • An item that you know they would love

If you know they don’t like to shop online, don’t get them a gift card for Amazon or any other place online. If you don’t know the person well, a local restaurant that is considered well-liked is probably a safe bet. Or just stick to the note or letter.

If you decide to give a digital gift card via email, you might be able to include a brief thank you note with the gift card. The recipient will then see your message in the email with the digital gift card. (I've done this when sending my sister-in-law an Amazon gift card via email).

Below are some examples of gift cards available for purchase on Amazon.

Wording templates and tips

Below are some basic templates you can use. Just fill in the words with [brackets] with your own words. If you have more than one reason to thank the person, your note may be a couple of paragraphs or more (which would make it more like a letter than a short thank you note).

Template #1
Thank you for the help with [what they helped you with]. I am grateful for your help because [enter reason].

Template #2
Thanks for coming over to help me with the project. I appreciate your time! [And then go on to say why the help was helpful].

Template #3
We appreciate your support. Your generous help has made an impact. Because of your help [....then list how you benefited from their help].

The examples below the tips will be examples of what you could say. The best note will be specific about how they helped you and why you appreciated it. There are so many situations where people help others that I will make up a few to use as examples.

Tip #1
The examples below are the center section of your thank you note. If you need to see how a complete thank-you note looks with the greeting and closing, check out this cheat sheet.

Tip #2
Read all the examples as you may be inspired by the wording in different examples, and you could combine several in your note. Pick and choose the parts of the examples that you feel work for your note. The example messages can be copied or modified to make your needs.

Tip #3
Simple is okay. Your note could be as simple as “thanks for your help” but keep in mind that a simple note may feel generic. However, if you are struggling to find the words, a short one-sentence note. This approach is better than not recognizing the help at all. Or if you don't want to mention how someone helped you, a short note will work.

Tip #4
Take your time and choose a memorable note card. The person may keep your card, so make it pleasant! They may show it to people too (depending on why they are thanking you. But don’t get hung up on the choice of the card. Simple is fine, and what you write on the card is more important than the design of the card.

Tip #5
Same day help. If you are thanking someone on the same day that they helped you, a quick note via text message, email, or in person will work as they likely know and remember how they helped you. You may choose to follow up with a longer handwritten note later.

Tip #6
If the help was receiving advice, you may want to review the Thank you for the advice messages here.

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Other posts with examples that may help with your wording depending on what the help was:

Money thank you wording examples
Thank you note examples to church volunteers

​Thank you for your help wording examples

#1 I am thankful for your help and support with my kids. I am glad that I can depend on you. Because of your willingness to help for a few hours each day, I can keep the job that I love.

#2 I am grateful for your help with the kids. They love having you as a babysitter when things come up at work at the last minute. I appreciate your willingness to pick them up from school for me. They always live spending more time with you.

#3 Thank you for the help and support. I was able to get over that hurdle [in your note you can say what the hurdle was] because of your willingness to help me. I promise to pay it forward someday.

#4 We appreciate your support. Learning how to stay on a budget has been a challenge. We are grateful to have you for accountability. For the first time since we've been married, we have money in our savings account. Knowing that you will see where we spent our money as made had a significant impact on our spending.

#5 Thank you so much for helping me. Your help and support helped me get through [say what that was]. I am glad we met and became friends. You are a blessing in my life and many others.

#6 I really appreciate all the help you've been giving me lately! Unpacking boxes has been much more fun with you being there to talk to you. I will take you out to dinner when we are done to reward you for so much help.

#7 I am grateful to you for helping me get through when I was laid off from my job. As you know, I was feeling get depressed about it. I am grateful that you were there for me and listened. Your help and encouragement made a difference in my life.

​Examples wording for notes for help with a project

​Short thank you for the help sayings

  • Thank you for helping today.
  • I appreciate your help today and always!
  • Thank you for being there for me and always helping when I ask.
  • I am grateful for you and your help.
  • Thank you for being a great supportive friend to me.
  • You are a wonderful helper! Thank you.
  • Thanks for the help!
  • Thank you for taking your time to help me this week.

Additional Resources:

Example thank you notes to thank your neighbor
Shutterfly's extensive list of Thank You Quotes.
What's your favorite way to thank someone after they help you?

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#1 I want to take a few minutes to recognize the help that you gave me with the big project last week. I am not sure I could have finished it on time without your help. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated.

#2 Your help with the project was awesome! I felt over my head and completely lost when Violet needed to make a photo collage for school. It's been so long since I've printed pictures. Your guidance on how to print them at the store was perfect. Violet got an A on her collage!

#3 That project was much more time consuming than expected. Now I know how to plan for next time. I appreciate you chipping in and helping it get it done on time.

#4 I am thankful for your help with my painting project. Your kindness is appreciated. I was starting to feel like the room would never get painted. It looks great! Thanks again for painting it for me.

#5 Thank you for helping me put the new cat towers together. Assembling the cat towers at home made the project more affordable. And you were great at using the drill to save time. The cats are enjoying the new towers.

Discover our unique range of thoughtful thank you gifts, all from the UK's best she sent me a thank-you note and a Starbucks gift card By PAMELA .

By Carolyn Bolton (@carbolton)
Is it your little sister’s birthday? Maybe a co-worker went above and beyond helping you on an account and you want to say ‘Thank you’ – or your friend is frustrated with his job search and needs a jolt of encouragement in the form of a Starbucks gift card.
The coffee chain has simplified ordering coffee for a friend – not only can you email a gift card but you can text message one, too. Simply make sure you’ve downloaded the Starbucks app and that you’ve enabled Apple Pay on your iPhone.
Then, from your “iMessages” app, click on the blue and white App Store icon (“A”)  next to the camera and heart-shaped icon. You’ll then see a variety of apps including the Starbucks app if it’s been downloaded to your phone.
Starbucks has a number of gift-card designs to choose from – some generic and some holiday-centric or event-appropriate, like birthday gift-card designs or simply ‘Thank you’ gift cards.
Select the art you want, choose the dollar amount and click “Buy.” Then hit “Send” and text a note to the recipient to follow up!
Have you taken advantage of this feature before? If so, what was the occasion? Let us know @CRC_Digital!

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thank you note for starbucks gift card

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Gift cards are great to give and to receive. They’re perfect for many occasions (thank you, birthday, holidays, teacher appreciation day, apology, get well, etc) and many different types of recipients. Perfect to make a gift to a neighbor, gift to a co-worker, gift to a teacher or just a random act of kindness!

That’s why I’ve decided to created several types of gift card holders for different occasions and different types of gift cards. This way, you’ll be able to make your gift card a little more personal (with space to add a little note) and more memorable. I’m sure your gift recipient will appreciate your attention to detail.

You may also like this other Starbucks fall gift card holder “Trick or Treat yo’self”.

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

Fall “Thanks a Latte” Starbucks Gift Card Holder

Today’s free printable is perfect to offer a Starbucks gift card during fall: Fall “Thanks a latte” Starbucks Gift Card Holder. I’m sure there are many Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers out there so this fall Starbucks gift card holder will be perfect to surprise them!

And here’s a gif to show you what your Starbucks gift card holder will look like once printed and assembled!

What’s nice about this gift card holder is that:

  • it is shaped like a big coffee cup, (i like big cups and I cannot lie)
  • it folds in 2 so that you have space to add a note if you’d like,
  • there are 2 little cut lines for you to easily insert your gift card inside the card.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Starbucks, this free printable is merely a fan art creation for other Starbucks lovers out there.


To prepare your Starbucks gift card holder it’s very simple:

  • Purchase a Starbucks Gift card. You can find some on Amazon (including Multipacks) 😉
  • Download this printable file (here or further down this page)
  • Print it (preferably on thick paper like cardstock)
  • Cut around the outline, including the white rectangle between both cups, you should only get one big cut. Do not cut the 2 cups individually, they’ll form both sides of your card.
  • Fold your card in the middle so that both cups nicely line up.
  • Finally cut along the white lines to create slots to place your gift card inside your card.
  • You can then add a little note inside and fill “to” and “from” fields in the back of the card!

And here’s the result you should get! The good news is that I’ve already prepared a few other Starbucks gift card holders for fall and christmas. I’ll be sharing them soon!

You may also like this other Starbucks fall gift card holder “Trick or Treat yo’self”:

DOWNLOAD Free Printable Fall “Thanks a latte” Starbucks Gift Card Holder


Download this Lovely Free Printable

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY – Please Read Freebies Terms of Use.

I create lots of free printables, if you want to make sure to be updated and receive exclusive freebies, join the Lovely Newsletter:
Important: Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Starbucks, this free printable is merely a fan art creation for other Starbucks lovers out there.


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Mother's Day Gift Idea - Starbucks Gift Card Holder with Tutorial

Thanks A Latte For All That You Do Gift Card Holder-Printable How To Tie. Open . The Frugal Mom Teacher Appreciation Notes, School Staff, School.

Send a Starbucks eGift

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 6/30/14 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

Let’s face it. Nothing says “I care about you” more than a nice hot (or cold) cup of Starbucks coffee.

For years, I’ve met up with countless friends, charity organizers and family over coffee to catch up and build better relationships – but never with clients. (I use it as a stepping stone to show someone I genuinely care about them.)

It wasn’t until recently, however, that a client from New York “one-upped” me, and sent me and my then-fiance a huge bouquet of flowers from

It felt amazing.

I had never received flowers as a guy, but the fact that a client sent them to thank me for my service meant a lot.

I had never sent anything to clients before – mainly because they are scattered from the USA to Australia – but after receiving the flowers, I was on a mission to return the favor.

I decided it was time to put my theory of blessing people with Starbucks to the test by sending all my U.S.-based clients Starbucks gift cards and handwritten "thank you” letters after they became a client.

Adding this strategy to my sales arsenal has helped me land many deals.

A Crappy 6 Months

Before any of this had crossed my mind, business had been tough for about six months.

I was getting random clients and occasionally had referrals, but they weren't the greatest quality and they liked to milk me for every minute.

Even outside the project scope.

So, after 6 months of barely being able to fully book my time and my assistant’s time, I decided to invest a little bit of money into my clients to see if I could get some better quality referrals and more business.

Why Spend Money on Them?

It's very simple – it builds relationships.

I had never given anything back to my clients, but when I walked into Starbucks and purchased $70 in $5 gift cards, I had a feeling that people would appreciate it.

That feeling was right.  

The first week, I sent out 10 handwritten (basically, copy & paste in my head) letters with 5 business cards and the $5 Starbucks gift card. (Total cost = $6.)

Within 7 days, I gained my first referral client, who turned into about $1,200 of sales. (Pretty nice for a $6 investment)

About 2 weeks after that, I gained another amazing referral.

To my great fortune, she ended up being a talent developer from New York who referred upwards of $2,000 in clients to me. (Plus, 80% of them recur for several hundred bucks per month to my outsourced services.)

Since using this method, I've gotten the largest clients my business has ever seen.

Even people who have been on massive networks like CNN, ABC, Fox, and a bunch of other networks.

All because I built great relationships with my clients using excellent customer service and this simple method.

Side-Note: When you write a letter, it's important to ask for referrals.

People always told me "the world belongs to those who ask."

I completely agree with it.

(This is what my setup looked like)

What Should You Write?

Write something along the lines of: "[Client Name],I just wanted to personally write you this letter to thank you for your business and let you know that it has been a pleasure working with you.As a token of my appreciation, here's a $5 Starbucks gift card to fuel your late nights and early mornings!I also sent a few business cards and would greatly appreciate any referrals!To Your Success,[Your Name]"

It's simple, to the point and shows that you personally put time into thanking them.

Here's a breakdown of what you need:

  • Envelopes [box type="note" width="400px" ] ($5.19 for 40)  
  • Stamps ($0.49 each)
  • Paper ($6.69 for 150)  
  • Business Cards
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Card (per box)

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your current business state, show your clients you care.

When I first began my career, I did everything I could to stand out.

The result?

I made a killing and immediately went from being jobless to making more money than an average 21-year old normally makes.

Sending your clients a handwritten letter with business cards and a nice gift card helps build a better relationship, will greatly increase your business’ reputation and will ultimately bring more clients.

Are there any tips and tricks you’ve used to get referrals and build better relationships with clients?

thank you note for starbucks gift card

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Get tips and sample birthday thank you messages here. Say thanks for money, Starbucks cards, Amazon cards, gifts, and being taken out for.

thank you note for starbucks gift card
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