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November 12, 2018 Holiday Thanks 5 comments

Город расстилался перед ним: Элвин взирал на него подобно богу. Но он едва замечал его, обдумывая порядок шагов, которые следовало предпринять. Существовало по крайней мере одно решение проблемы - на случай провала всех прочих. Диаспар удерживался в непрерывном оцепенении своими схемами вечности, навсегда застыв согласно образу в ячейках памяти; но ведь можно было изменить сам этот образ, а вместе с ним - и город.

Отсюда следовала возможность перестройки участка внешней стены с таким расчетом, чтобы он включал дверной проход, затем этот образ нужно было ввести в мониторы и дать городу перестроиться по новому замыслу. Элвин подозревал, что большая часть пульта управления монитором, назначения которой Хедрон ему не объяснил, предназначалась для внесения подобных изменений.

Do you go out of your way to say ‘thank you for your purchase’ to your customers?


I mean, why would you? What’s in it for you?

Well, what if I told you that by simply saying thanks to your customer, you can completely change the way your brand is perceived.

This is good ol' fashion customer service 101.

The most basic ‘thank you for your purchase’ note goes a long way in delighting your customer - and delighting your customer means that they'll remember you.

When I talk about saying thanks, I don’t mean via email, either. Anyone can queue up the stock standard ‘thanks for your order’ email.

But it’s true authenticity in a handwritten note that makes your customer feel truly loved.

It might be for a customer, or a friend, a business partner. If there’s a reason to show kindness, take it and show thanks.

In this article you’ll see how to write a thank you note to your customers, as well as:

  • Why you should never use the word ‘business’
  • How heartfelt customer appreciation can change the way you do business
  • Why the ‘hand’ in handwritten is the most important part of a thank you note

Saying thanks requires so little effort and returns so much. In fact, it's so easy to do that you can print it on the inside of a mailer box:

Are you an ecommerce brand that wants to use custom packaging to say 'Thanks'? Check out Packhelp's range of bespoke ecommerce packaging.

Christmas is the best time of year to start thanking your customers. If you want to find out how else your brand can leave a lasting impression these Holidays, read the article 23 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales This Year [Read Now]

Now let's take a look at the difference a simple thank you note can make for your brand:

Why should I write a thank you note?

‘Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy’
Jacques Maritain

In business, just like in life, we occasionally rely on the help of others in the pursuit of success and happiness. Without the help an input of others, business would be a lot harder than it already is.

If you’re a small brand that’s selling online, those ‘others’ that you rely on are your customers.

You wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if it weren’t for the input and support of your customers - no matter how many or how few there are.

When your customer feel like they’re making a difference to what you do, they feel empowered.

They invest more in your brand on an emotional level because they see the difference they make.

Sure, this is great for the customer, but what’s in it for you?

When your customer is more invested in your brand, they like you more. And when they like your brand, they’re more likely to buy from you again.

Below you can see how basic this system actually is.


Things like using sustainable packaging like bio polymailers is a great way to surprise your customer and makes it easier for them to like you more.

The small gesture of a ‘thank you for your purchase’ note is a bit of a shock, your customer doesn’t expect it. This will certainly blow your customer away and give them more of an emotional investment in your brand. 

Gratitude makes your customer feel important

Nowadays when you purchase something online, you pay for your product and then you get it. End of transaction.

So uncommon is an act of genuine gratitude, that when it happens, it builds a relationship.

The relationship between you and your customer.

The act of sending a personalised thank you note is a way to build this relationship. It’s a more traditional old-fashioned way of genuine, heartfelt sincerity.

It doesn’t matter where you sell your products online, either. If you’re selling on a marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, it’s actually more important to send a note.


Because when people buy from marketplaces like this, they don’t remember your name.

They remember the name of the marketplace. ‘I got this on Etsy, it was discounted on Amazon’.

For example:

No mention of the brand name, no reference to the seller or the store name. Etsy takes all the credit.

This same problem happens when we talk about many modern services. Take, for example, Netflix.

"I watched Netflix last night", no mention of what watched.

This diminishes the effect of one of the most potent forms of marketing - Word of mouth marketing.

But by writing a handwritten note for your marketplace purchases, you literally put your brand name in the hand of your customer.

You increase your chances of your brand name being remembered by your satisfied customer. Throw in some custom tissue paper or custom tape to add a little class, and you increase the chances of your customer saying 'Oh I get this from Fred's online store!'

Keep reading to see how your customer’s happiness is the main driver in your sales...


Why not put your branding onto your packaging and use the space to say thanks? 

Click here to start designing

Not sure where to start in the work of custom packaging? Read the article: Why your brand needs to use custom packaging with a logo [Read now]

Customer appreciation = your success

Here’s you: ‘Handwriting notes is a waste of time, I’m too busy with other stuff’.

Here’s me: ‘Handwritten notes are a better investment than PPC advertising’.

Wait, what?

Ask yourself this question:

What percentage of your marketing efforts are focussed on getting people who have never heard of you, to buy from you?

I’m guessing that percentage is going to be quite high.

And that’s fine, that’s pretty normal. Traditionally, we think of marketing as getting more sales by driving traffic to your website.

More sales from new customers.

But what about more sales from previous customers?

Which brings us to the next question:

How much energy do you spend getting people to buy from you for a second time?

Noticed how I said energy, not time or money?

That's because you’re 6 times more likely to win a new customer than to retain an old one.

That means there's so little time or money investing in retaining a customer compared to getting a new one.

Think about that for a second. 6 times harder.

So, by including thank you notes for customers, you’re making it even easier for your old customers to buy from you again.

You’re making your customer feel great about the decision they made.

Ultimately, increased happiness leads to a higher lifetime spend with your brand. That means that in their lifetime, they will stay loyal to your brand and spend more money with you.

Your customer is less likely to go and try other brands because they’re happy with you and your products.

What’s more, a happy customer that has a high lifetime spend is more likely to become a brand advocate.

A brand advocate is someone who spreads your name amongst their trusted friends because they simply love your brand.

All this, from spending less than a minute to write a note.

Here’s a thank you for your purchase note that a customer of received:

Short, simple, to the point - and most importantly, it’s honest.

Are you still thinking it’s a waste of time?

Well, let’s take a look at just a few of the other benefits of saying thank you for your order:

  • Higher customer engagement
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased loyalty
  • More word-of-mouth marketing

So what’s the main thing to take away from all this?

Everything good happens when you stop and thank your customer for their purchase.

Let’s take a little look at how and why these things happen:

Higher customer engagement

When your customer is engaged with your brand, it means that they’re following you and paying attention to what you do.

This is obviously a good thing, as it means that your customer genuinely likes you. A customer who liked your brand is a satisfied customer.

Customer engagement comes in many forms. Here, you can see Buffer to support and engage users on Twitter.

Because there is trust between Buffer and it’s customers, they don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to the company.

Greater customer satisfaction

Remember how you felt when your favourite aunt sent you that birthday card? What about when your doctor sent you a birthday card, too.

It made you feel special, important and valued.

You then went made a phone call to your aunt or went back to that doctor the next time you got sick.  

So by doing something similar with your customers, you’re reinforcing the idea that your customer made the right decision to buy from you.

Increased loyalty

It’s obvious that loyal customers are a good thing. It means that they’re not going to go and buy from another brand because they value your brand so highly.

It means that they’ll keep coming back to you.

A loyal customer is also likely to spend more money with you in a single transaction.

This is valuable, as it’s harder to make a first-time buyer spend a lot in their first transaction.

More word-of-mouth marketing

As mentioned earlier, a loyal customer is more likely to become a brand advocate and tell their friends how happy they are with your product.

That may happen through a word of mouth mention. It may also happen through a social media share.

Today, a happy customer that’s using social media is a powerful powerful asset to you.

So by now, the benefits of a simple thank you note should be evident.

No matter what you sell or where you sell it, a thank you note can do a lot at empowering your customers.

So now that you know why they’re important, let’s take a look at how to write a ‘thank you for your purchase’ note.

How to be genuine when saying ‘thank you for your purchase’.

There is one golden rule you need to know before writing your note.

Don’t say ‘Thank you for your order’ or ‘Thank you for your business’.

Yes, these are business thank you notes, but you don't want to be seen as a 'business'.

By labelling touch-points with your customer with words like ‘order’, ‘patronage’ or ‘business’, you devalue the transaction. You make your customer feel like just another number in your finance books.

Have a think, what other phrases sound a little too ‘business-ey’?

  • Thank you for shopping with us
  • Thank you for your business
  • Thanks for your order

These just sound bad. Using phrases like this don’t make your customer feel warm and welcome. It makes them feel like you’re just glad they’ve finally paid you.

Avoid thank you for your order by using something like:

  • Your support is invaluable
  • Thanks so much for shopping with us
  • Choosing us means a lot to us
  • Thank you very much for supporting us

The main takeaway here is this:

Business means a transaction. Support means a relationship.

Here are a few other things to remember when writing your thank you note:


  • Send the physical note in the customer’s purchase - not afterwards
  • Be genuine when you’re showing appreciation.
  • Use the same tone of voice that’s used in your branding
  • Use the most appropriate stationery. Not a torn-off piece of paper, or an overly fancy letterhead.


  • Don’t talk about things that aren’t relevant
  • Don’t try and sell more products
  • Don’t be negative, cynical or doubting
  • Use different coloured pens - blue or black

The thank-you note is about your customer, not you. Focus on being sincere and honest. Don’t think ‘more sales’.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of your thank you note, let’s get stuck into writing one!

How to write a thank-you note

For some people, writing is hard. Whether it’s a lengthy letter or a simple ‘don’t forget to feed the cat’ note, writing can be tricky.

Which is exactly why you’re now going to see a step by step guide to using the perfect elements in your thank you letter.

By the time you’re done here, you’ll be able to create your own template and modify it for each and every customer.

1. Introduction

You only get one first impression, so start off on the right foot by you know, using your customers’ name.

  • Hey Mike,
  • Dear Mike,
  • Dear Mike
  • Mike,

2. The ‘Thank you’ part

Get straight down to business. You’re writing to say thanks, so say thanks straight away.

  • Thanks a lot for shopping with us. It really means a lot that you decided to support us, I’d love to hear your feedback.
  • You could have gone with one of our competitors, so I’m writing to say thanks for giving us a chance
  • I just wanted to send you a quick little something to say thanks. So, thanks for your order, and for picking us.

3. Personalise it a little

You can really push your sincerity home by offering a little personalisation, something specifically for that one buyer. Be honest, don’t be weird.

  • <name of product> is one of my personal favourites. I think you’ll love it and I’d love to hear what you yourself think about it.
  • I was packing your order and noticed your postal address in Dublin. I studied there as a kid and have nothing but great memories of that part of the world.

The most important part here is that you’re honest. If there’s nothing you can personally relate to, don’t make something up just for the sake of a few extra letters.

4. Wrap it up

Close off your thank you note in a casual manner.

  • Thanks once again
  • All the best
  • Thanks, heaps

Don’t forget though that each part of your thank you note needs to be written for specifically who you’re sending it to.

Not each one of your customers is named Mike.


Also, ensure that what you’re sending is relevant to the reason you’re sending it to.

The above examples aren’t going to work if you’re thanking someone for recommending you to their friend.

Still not confident to write a thank you note yourself?

Look at the following examples to see how a ‘thank you for your business’ note can be written.

Customer thank you note example

So now you know the different elements that come together for a genuine thanks for your order note, it’s time to see how to write a thank you note yourself. Feel free to use these following examples to create your own thank you for purchasing template for whatever purposes you need.

There's one thing you need to remember - they are examples. Each example will have to be customised for your own brand, product and message.

Thank you for your purchase template for customers:

‘Hey Steve

 I’m Tom, the co-founder of Barbarian belts. I’m sending you a little note just to say thanks. The Viking belt and buckle you bought are some of my personal favourites.

Try them out and let me know your thoughts. I’m very interested to know how you find them.

Remember that you can swap them over, no questions asked, if you’re not happy.

Thanks, mate


Business style thank you note example:

‘Dear Pete

After talking with you for the last few weeks about our merger problem, I’m feeling a lot more comfortable. Thank you so much for your support, insight and direction.

I’m personally excited for a future working alongside Transparent Inc. and I can assure you that the rest of us are, too.

Our competition won’t know what’s hit them.


Thank you for shopping with us template:

“Hey Sally

It’s not often we get people who make a first purchase as big as you just have. That’s why I’m writing you this note, firstly to say thank you (thank you very much!) and secondly to get your feedback.

Our new range of Angel foundation brushes are growing in popularity, but I’d still love to know what you think.

To sweeten the deal here’s an extra 15% off your next purchase - Just use WELOVEYOUSALLY at the checkout.

Once again, thanks, and please tell us your thoughts!


Thank you for your order example:

“Hey Sebastian

I’ve seen your name come up quite a few times in recent months, so I thought I’d take the time to personally thank you.

Judging by your purchases, you have a killer taste in fashion. I guess you won’t need me to tell you how good our new Winter range looks with a well-cut jacket.

Thanks once again, I’m just an email away whenever you need me!


PS - Your name looks Spanish - Muchos Gracias!"

Thank you for your support example:

"Hey Michael

The other day, you bought a few little accessories from us. I just thought I’d take a moment to say thanks.

In our industry, it’s obvious that there’s a lot of competition. It’s loyal customers like you that keep us at the top of the industry.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Thank you for your ongoing support template:

"Hi George

I’ve noticed that every few weeks you’re placing an order with us.

Thank you.

It means a lot that you constantly keep coming back to us. We’d love any feedback on how to make you even happier.

On a side note, I can assure you that the packs you’ve been buying from us are some of our most popular even - thanks to your efforts!

All the best


Now you know how to write a thank you note for a wide range of situations!

Remember that you need to customise each and every one specific for your situation, but these should help you out if you’re stuck.

But writing a thank you note doesn’t end there - let’s take a look at how to continue the customer appreciation.

There’s more to customer appreciation than a thank you note

The whole point of writing a thank you note is to make your customer feel as special and as important as they actually are.

And if you’re already sending these notes, you may be already benefiting from an increase in customer loyalty.

But combine a ‘thank you for your order note’ with a few other customer appreciation techniques, and you’ll see your brand’s popularity skyrocket.

So, how else can you make your customer feel well and truly appreciated?

Be Charitable

Pair up with a charity and donate to them. Either a certain percentage of each sale or hold an annual drive to raise funds for them.


By aligning your brand with a charity whose message resonates with your customers, you improve the way your brand is perceived.

Is there something that all your customer have in common? Find a charity that’s relatable to that, and work with them.

If your customer knew that their purchase would help this little guy from N.E.A.D.S become someone’s helper, would they be more likely to buy from you?

I think they would.

Which charities do we like?

A free gift

Every now and then, pick a random past customer. Send them a small gift pack full of freebies.


Your customer has a sense of winning something. Plus it reactivates them and can get you some fantastic social media content!

Encourage more loyalty

One very overlooked metric of selling online is lifetime value.

By creating and implementing a loyalty program, you encourage your customers to increase their lifetime value. Loyalty programs are often cheap to implement but have a very large ROI in the long run.

Give a treat

Selling cookie jars? Surprise your customer with a pack of cookies.

Selling teapots? Surprise your customer with a pack of tea.

See where I’m going here? Surprise your customer by including a free little treat, something that compliments what they bought from you.


If your products come at a tiered level, considering giving out the occasional free upgrade. Does your ‘Model S’ have more bells and whistles than your ‘Model X’?

Give one lucky buyer a free upgrade to the top-shelf version.

Gift cards

From time to time, throw a gift card into a random package. It may be a gift card for your own store, it may be a gift card for Amazon or eBay (since everyone has an account there).

By giving your customer the sense of winning, you’ll help build that rapport with them.

Show the difference

If you’re regularly asking your customers for feedback (and you should be), show them that they’re making a difference.

If you’ve changed the way you operate because of customer feedback, show that to your fans.

Even if a customer didn’t suggest the change, you’ll be saying ‘Hey, I listen to you and because one of you said this, I fixed it’.

Thank you notes and branding

Every brand knows the importance of good quality branding.

You spend a lot of time building your image, your tone of voice, visuals, everything like that.

But when writing your ‘thank you for your purchase’ note, it’s important that you don’t let your branding take over.

While it may be tempting to pull out a bit of paper with the fanciest letterhead and logo on the top, that might not be your best option.

Considering using just a stock standard piece of notepaper. By going the ‘branded’ route, you increase your chances of coming off as a bit of a salesman.

If you really want to push your branding home, throw in a few branded stickers - everyone loves stickers and can find somewhere for them.

4 more tips for writing a thank you for your order note:

1 - Your handwriting is great

Yeah, sure, your handwriting is bad. Everyone’s handwriting is bad.

But that’s where the charm is. If you plan on printing your notes, well then don’t both.The trust is built on your non-perfect handwriting. Go with it!

2 - Keep it short and to the point

You’re writing a thank you note, not a novel. Keep it short and get straight to the point and you’ll keep your reader engaged. Think between 30 and 60 words.

3 - Yes, this will take time

Thank you notes are an investment in your time. If you get hundreds of sales a day, writing for each one may be a bit much. But the point is, that you spend some time each day writing something personal for a select few customers.

This investment will come back with a return in many areas.

4 - You’re not selling anymore

By this point, your customer has already bought from you. It’s your job to now enhance their trust with you by being an open, relatable person.

Don’t spend this time promoting new products or upselling products.  

Summing up

Making your customer happy is a relatively simple process once they’ve bought from you.

But delighting them takes a little more effort. That effort pays off in the form of a bigger lifetime spend and more advocates of your brand.

Therefore it’s safe to say that investing in ‘thank you for your purchase’ notes, as well as customer satisfaction goes a long way in helping your brands’ image.

Do you send out thank you notes to your customers? How do you show customer appreciation?

Let us know in the comments!

The header image is a resource from Etsy.

An Aussie living in Warsaw. Specialising in the field of SEO, digging into analytics and getting graphs trending up and to the right.

Translations in context of "Thanks for filling in" in English-Polish from Reverso Context: Thanks for filling in for Peter, Lois.

A baby shower is one of the first celebrations to happen for the anticipated arrival of a new little one. Filled with games, fun, gifts, and delight; hosting a shower requires no shortage of time and effort. Finding a way to show your appreciation to those that attended can be easily performed with one of these baby shower thank you card messages.

“From the baby still inside to the most loving friend outside.”

“Have you around makes things super easy. Thank you for such a wonderful baby shower.”

“I just want to say we enjoyed spending time with you at our baby shower. We appreciate all the bath items and bath toys you provided for the baby. I’m so excited to give the baby his first bath with all the fun items you gave him.”

“I was truly honored by your presence in the baby shower celebration. Thanks for your generous gift. It’s really an excellent choice which my infant will cherish forever.”

“It was lovely seeing you at the baby shower. Thank you for the gift certificate. The shop is nearby and I plan to raid it soon. Thank you once again.”

“It wouldn’t have been possible to have such a wonderful baby shower without the presence of friends like you. Thank you for making the time to attend.”

“May God always keep us together, just like this and may we have many more moments to celebrate.”

“So kind of you to host my baby shower. Thank you so much for the warmth and sweetness, at such short notice.”

“Thank you for coming to the baby shower. We plan to deposit the gifted amount into the bank for the baby. Thank you for your valuable and practical advice to start saving for the baby’s future. Thank you once again.”

“Thank you for hosting my baby shower. It is such a blessing having a friend like you.”

“Thank you for joining the celebrations for the newest family member.”

“Thank you for the cute baby blankets. The baby will feel warm and comfortable in those blankets. Thank you so much once again.”

“Thank you so much for coming at the baby shower. It was indeed a blessing.”

“Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower. Love and best wishes from the proud would be parents.”

“Thank you so much for sharing our joy of welcoming the soon to arrive bundle of joy.”

“Thank you so much for the awesome baby shower. It was truly amazing. The baby enjoyed it too, no kicks, no fuss, all quiet in there throughout the baby shower. Thanks once again.”

“Thank you so much for the baby shower, from me and the kid kicking inside.”

“Thank you so much for your adorable and thoughtful gift.”

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift, we’ll definitely put it to good use once the baby arrives.”

“Thanks for sharing this special occasion with me.”

“Thanks for showering so much love on me on my first baby shower.”

“The memory of my own baby shower will be a treasure. Thanks so much for coming, It was indeed an extraordinary joy!”

“This is such and exciting part of my life. And you made it all the most special. Thank you so much for such a wonderful baby shower.”

“This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I’m so excited that you made it extremely special with the baby shower. Thank you so much. I am blessed to have you around.”

“We are so grateful for the baby monitor you gave us. This is a gift that we will surely use every day. This has given us peace of mind when it comes to the safety of our child. Thanks again for such a generous gift!”

“Where did you lay your hands on them? Thank you once again for the lovely gifts.”

“With each passing day may our love grow in the giggles and chuckles of our soon to be born baby.”

“You played the perfect host at my baby shower. How can I ever thank you dear? Thank God for friends like you.”

“You went out of your way for this baby shower. I can only thank you for your kindness and warmth that made all the guests open up their hearts. Thank you once again my dear.”

“Your angelic presence lit up the party. Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower.”

“Your attendance was a real blessing. I feel happy for friends like you. Thank you for your gift.”

“Your gift card is such a wonderful and thoughtful present. There is so much we still need to get for the baby and this gift card is just the thing we needed to help us get those items. Thank you for your generosity it’s greatly appreciated.”

Here are some great tips on how to write baby shower thank you notes. By including some statements of appreciation for the shower gift with a sincere closing sentence is just one way to show thanks to your guests.

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I have no words, except AMAZING! I've ordered cupcakes twice now and they do not disappoint. If I could, I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Alana you make dessert dreams come true. I will forever ask you about your cakes (and cupcakes). Keep baking baby gurl!!!!!!!


October 26, 2018

She created the most beautiful cake for my friend's birthday on short notice due Thanks again Alana and looking forward to getting more cakes in the future:).

Here’s How to Write a Great Thank You Letter

Thanks for filling in, we're like blind babies in a beehive, here.

Dzięki za zastępstwo, jesteśmy jak ślepe dzieci w ulu.

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Okay, Mr. Edwards, thank you for filling in some of the blanks.

Dobrze, panie Edwards, dziękuję za wypełnienie niektórych luk.

I just wanted to thank you for filling in some of the blanks for me about how you felt

Chciałem Ci podziękować za uświadomienie mnie na temat tego jak czułeś się

And finally, special thanks to Ashley Schaeffer for filling in today.

Specjalne podziękowania dla Ashley Schaeffer za udział w programie.

Razor, thank you so much for filling in on such short notice.

Razor, dziękuję, że zgodziliście się zagrać.

OK thanks for filling these, I promise this will be quick.

Ok, dziękuję za wypełnienie Obiecuję, że to nie zajmie długo.

Ladies, thank you for filling the place tonight.

Panie, dziękuję wam za wasz udział.

Before we wrap up, I would like to thank you guys For filling out these anonymous evaluation cards. I found your feedback

Zanim skończymy, chciałbym wam podziękować za wypełnienie tych anonimowych ankiet.

Member States may decide that obliged entities are responsible for filling in the register.

Państwa członkowskie mogą postanowić, że podmioty zobowiązane są odpowiedzialne za wypełnianie tego rejestru.

And my granny for filling in during the day.

Moja babcia, która zajmowała się mną, kiedy matka pracowała.

thanks for filling in on short notice

Tip #2: If you are stumped for words, a short one line, Thank you for your advice, is better than not saying thank Note: Fill in words in [brackets] as appropriate.

thanks for filling in on short notice
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