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Thanks letter for attending business meeting
March 12, 2019 Holiday Thanks 1 comment

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A successful sales meeting on its own is rarely a reason to celebrate your success. The outcome of it is, however, crucial. You either get a new client or not. Fortunately, there is a way for you to improve the chances for a positive outcome. A simple thank-you letter after the sales meeting.

So, how to write a thank-you email after a sales meeting? Is there some magic formula to it? Is sending an email with the words “thank you” enough or does it have to be something more elaborate?


Bear with us, and we’ll share with you the components of a good follow-up email, talk about the best practices, and show a few custom examples of such emails.

What is a thank-you letter after a sales meeting?

A follow-up thank you email after a sales meeting is self-explanatory. It’s an email which you send right after meeting with a prospective client to thank them for an opportunity to talk.

It doesn’t have to be an email. A handwritten note is sometimes even better. However, you never know when it’s going to be delivered to your prospect. For example, when the potential client is housands of miles away, and you had your meeting over Skype, sending a postcard might be not the best decision. Sending an email would be simpler, faster, and more appropriate.

Why should you send a thank-you email?

The first thing to remember is, never forget to thank your prospects for meeting with you. It’s not just the matter of politeness. It is a vital step in nurturing communication and building a stronger relationship.

Your follow-up email is your chance to remind of yourself once again and to highlight the benefits of your cooperation. In it, you can strengthen your point and provide additional value. With its help, you can create a lasting impression and make sure it’s a positive one.

Last but not least, your thank-you letter can encourage your prospect to take the next step, whether it is another meeting or a purchase.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to thank someone after a sales meeting properly. And it’s not just about knowing the sales tricks, but mainly about clarity, friendliness, and following the guidelines of business communication.

Key elements of a good thank-you email after a sales meeting

A thank-you email must be not only polite but also memorable and attention-grabbing. But, first and foremost, it must follow proper structure. To better understand the composition of a thank-you letter after a sales meeting, the sample provided by Business Insider would be a good start.

Image courtesy of Businessinsider

The sample thank-you email has the following ingredients:

  • A proper greeting
  • An opening paragraph that grabs attention
  • Professional tone of voice
  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Reference points or reminders
  • A mention of the next step in the closing

We will complete this list with some more pivotal elements of a successful follow-up email and will start with the subject line. So, let’s see how to write a thank you-letter after a sales meeting by looking at it main components.

1. Use a proper subject line

First of all, your “thanks” email after a sales meeting must have a subject line. This way, the recipient will immediately know what it is about. Secondly, the subject line needs to encourage to open and read the email. You can try the following:

  • let it summarize the email’s content;
  • make it personalized;
  • make it brief — no more than 65 characters long;
  • ask a question.

2. Simply say thanks in your follow-up

If you a writing an email to thank someone after a sales meeting, just start it with the words “(I would like to) thank you.” Remember that the phrase “Thank you for the meeting” is not enough. You need to be more specific than that. Thank people for taking their time to view your product, for considering your solution, or for discussing their business needs with you. Still, remember to be sincere when thanking another person. Either write only what you mean or just be polite.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

3. Give a short review of the meeting

Provide a summary of the meeting in your follow-up letter. It will help the prospective client recall the event. Imagine a situation where your contact person is considering your solution together with five other products from your competitors. How well do you think your prospect will remember the details of each particular meeting?

Always mention the date, time, and topic of your meeting. This makes it easier for the addressee to find your email later by merely entering the date in the search box.

4. Specify the issues you agreed on

After you’ve summed up the meeting agenda, reiterate what you have agreed upon. You must always take notes right after every single meeting so that you can quickly insert them into your follow-up emails. Stating once again the points of agreement will help you and your potential client have everything at hand, which can even speed up the deal.

5. Provide the answers to the questions

In case your collocutor had questions, to which you didn’t find immediate answers, provide them in your follow-up note. Remembering to answer these questions will present you in a very favorable light. Failing to do so will have a negative impact on the trust towards you and can also badly affect your reputation.

6. Mention the next steps

Every sales meeting must have a clear purpose. It can be either a new meeting or a phone call, or a sale if everything goes ideally. You need to connect your email with this purpose by suggesting the next steps or offering a call to action. You might just write at the end of your note that you hope to hear from the person within the next week and that, in case of no response, you will follow up again.

7. Add a presentation of your product

You might already know that your prospect will not remember all the features and advantages of your product after several hours. Therefore, you should send them your sales presentation or a 

product brochure. If you have done so during the meeting, you might have some additional materials that will help your prospect get to know your solution better. Be careful though not to send too much information at once.

8. Use a professional email signature

Bear in mind that your thank-you note is a part of your business communication. Keep the style and format of your email professional. A business signature is a must. If you are not sure what to include in it, see the examples at NEWOLDSTAMP. In general, remember that a good signature must contain:

  • your name and position,
  • your company’s name and website,
  • your corporate logo,
  • your company’s business address
  • your additional contact details.


9. Verify the date of the next contact

You must have agreed on your next contact during the recent meeting. Make sure that your prospect has not forgotten about it. Remind about the date and time in a follow-up thank-you letter and ask the person to confirm. Sharing with them a calendar link would be good as well.

Write the person again before the next meeting, just to check if nothing has changed in their plans.

Best practices and tips for sending a “thanks” email after a sales meeting

Now that we have covered the main elements of thank-you letters, let’s look at some of the best practices and tips.

Send your thank-you email immediately after the sales meeting. Otherwise, your competitors might win over your potential client. In any case, it’s always better to follow up with someone right away, when the conversation is still fresh in your mind.

  • Send a personalized and specific thank-you letter

Don’t just send a standard sample thank-you email after the sales meeting. Customize it accordingly to each particular situation and every particular prospect. Mention a situation from the meeting that both you and your recipient would relate to.

Try to bring in some extra value in your email. You always can share additional information that will help to understand your product better. Still, don’t limit it to your product only. Just think about what your recipient would find useful and share it. It can be even a link to a third-party article.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There’s no need to write long follow-ups. Keep your letter simple, brief, and to the point. Value their time. Avoid sales pitches and don’t overcomplicate.

  • Use a professional tone of voice

Consider the tone of voice that you used with your prospect during the meeting. There is no need to revert to formality if your communication has been relaxed and friendly so far. Still, keep it professional.

  • Try to grab attention from the first sentence

In your follow-up email, you grab the recipient’s attention twice: firstly, with a relevant subject line, and secondly, with the very first sentence. Address the person and thank them for something specific. Make it clear that you have understood their needs and are eager to start working on the optimal solution. Something like that would work: “Hi John, thank you for discussing with me your current marketing challenges earlier today. I hope we can address them together with ProductZ’s help.”

Carefully consider the words you are going to use in your email. Avoid jargon, colloquialisms, and overly sophisticated phrases. Make sure your message is clear, concise, and professional. What’s more, your email must be empowering and positive, so pick your words accordingly.

Mistakes to avoid in a thank-you letter after a sales meeting

It might seem that writing a thank-you letter after meeting your prospect is a no-brainer. Just make sure you stick to the structure and follow the best practices. However, there some crucial mistakes salespeople often make, which can cost you a relationship with your potential customer. We’ve listed some of those mistakes below.

A thank-you letter must be all about your prospect and never about you. Don’t talk about yourself or ask for favors. Your task is to show your gratitude and provide additional value. That’s about it. Fitting in any personal requests will be just out of the line here.

Image courtesy of Quora

  • Sending it to a wrong (or only one) person

Always make sure you’re sending your email to the right recipient. Check that the name of the person and the company in your address line matches the names in your message. In case you had a meeting with several people, include them all in your email. Otherwise, it might turn out that the real decision maker is the one you’ve left out in your correspondence.

  • Not adding additional contact information

Provide all the ways to contact you. If you suggest having a call sometime later, make sure you’ve included the phone number or your Skype name. All in all, your contact information should be in your business signature.

Nothing is worse than an impersonal “thanks” letter after a sales meeting. If you have a ready-made template, adjust it to every particular case and personalize it for each prospect you are communicating with.

  • Flattering instead of complimenting

Taking flattery for a compliment is easy. However, your recipient will always tell them apart. Don’t praise your addressee for something that you are not sure about. Express your admiration only for things that you really find fascinating or inspiring.

Examples of a thank-you letter after a meeting

Let’s now take a look at some real-life examples of follow-up letters. When you’re about to thank someone after a sales meeting, a sample like one of the following will come in handy.

Example 1

Subject line: Some follow-up notes on our today’s meeting

Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me earlier today. It was great to hear about your current marketing challenges and to brainstorm the ways to generate more leads for your brand. For your convenience, I’m sending you a presentation of our marketing tool together with this email.

You asked my opinion as to which generation channels would work for you best. I think we should start with landing pages, retargeting campaigns, and downloadable content. Earlier this year, I’ve worked on a similar case to yours. I thought you might find it interesting, which is why I’ve attached the case study below.

We can discuss the details during our next call that is scheduled on 15th March. Until then, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I also wanted to say that, regardless of the outcome of our future conversation, I appreciate you giving me the chance to talk to you again. I imagine how busy you might be right now with your new product on the horizon.

Have a lovely and productive week!

Kind regards,

John Smithson

[Your business signature]

Example 2

Subject line: It was a pleasure talking to you today, [Name]

Dear [Name],

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and your team this afternoon. It was insightful for me to learn about YourCompany and its story. I hope to do my best to help you overcome your current challenges.

For your reference, I’m attaching the summary of our meeting below. If you have any questions, requests, or comments, please do not hesitate to message or call me.

I will be emailing you next week to check your availability for our second meeting where we can discuss your current marketing strategy and make some adjustments to it.

Thank you again for our fruitful conversation today. It will be a pleasure for me to work with you in the future!

Best regards,

John Smithson

[Your business signature]


A “thanks” mail after a sales meeting is an essential part of every salesperson’s job. It is a small ritual that can foster business relationships and bring in new clients. Your ability to craft a great thank-you email can be a significant contribution to your brand’s positive image. That’s precisely why you need to do it the right way.

Fortunately, thank-you follow-up emails are not hard to write. Simply make sure you keep it polite, professional, concise, and useful. Avoid making it about you, focus on your prospective client instead. Express gratitude, your willingness to help, your availability, and your readiness to take the next step. And, most importantly, be sure to proofread your letter and check its accuracy before hitting the Send button.

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How do you say thank you for your business? Thank You in cut out magazine letters more formal tone include sending thanks to outside professionals who attend a conference at your business, external organizations that.

There are many types of thank-you letters out there. Today, we are going to focus on meeting thank-you letters. This type of thank-you letters is written with an aim to thank a person or a couple of people who had a meeting with you recently. This letter focuses mainly on the meeting such as the points that were discussed during that meeting and what will be implemented in the future.

This also appreciates the inputs that were given by the recipient that can help to conceptualize what is written on the meeting agenda. Appreciating the efforts of the other person or the people who attended the meeting is going to give them a boost of confidence and will make them feel that their attendance was important.

Sample Meeting Thank You Letter Template

Sample Restaurant Meeting Thank You Letter Template

If you need a quick guide to writing meeting thank-you letters, we are here to give you a couple of tips that can help you come up with your very own. We have also uploaded a couple of sample thank-you notes for meeting that you can use as a reference for making your very own meeting thank-you letter. Check it all out down below.

Thank-You Letter from Teacher for Meeting

Thank-You Letter to Customer for Meeting

What Should Be the Structure of Your Thank-You Letter?

What should be your meeting thank-you letter format? You should, of course, start your letter with a letterhead and the salutation. Your letter should also make sure that you include a quick summary of what you have discussed during the meeting and the main points of the meeting. Further plans can also be included in the letter in order to have a clear call-to-action or so that you will know what you need to do next. Your letter will end with a closing greeting and a signature. So basically, your letter’s structure will look a lot like this:

  • Letterhead
    • Your details
    • Date
    • Recipient details
  • Salutation
  • Thank-you statement
  • Discussed topics
  • The key takeaway from the meeting
  • Call-to-action or next steps
  • Closing greeting
  • The signature (typed name and signature above typed name)

You may also take a look at Thank-You Letter Format Samples and Templates for more information on how you can format your thank-you letters.

Thank-You Letter for Mentor Meeting Format

Sample Thank-You Letter to Boss for Meeting

Professional Thank-You Letter for Meeting

Details to Include in a Meeting Thank-You Letter

1. Do not forget to say thank-you.

You need to be specific with the reason why you are saying thank you. Tell your recipient why you are thanking them. Tell them that you are thankful for the time that they have allotted, the inputs that they have given, for sharing useful and relevant information during the meeting. In short: Be appreciative. You may also see sample thank you letter templates to boss.

2. Include a common ground.

List down what you have learned during the meeting. Highlight all of the positive aspects of the meeting. Make sure that it is appropriate and that you keep everything professional and formal. You may also like sample professional thank you letters.

3. Recap.

As a guide for making a recap of your meeting, check out these questions:

  • What was the primary agenda of the meeting?
  • What did you talk about that is relevant to the meeting?
  • What did you learn from the meeting?
  • What has been agreed upon?

4. Follow up on your actions.

Once the meeting has ended, it does not end there. If you promised to look something up, you should make sure that you do look it up and that you include what you found out in the letter. Always make sure that you do what is expected of you. You may also check out sample interview thank you letters.

5. Request what is needed.

If there is a need for you to attach documents or have an enclosure in the letter, make sure that you request for these as soon as possible so that there will be no delays.

6. Include the next meeting date.

To make sure that everyone is informed about the next contact date, you want to make sure that it is also included in the letter. Suggest having the date penciled in their calendars to ensure that no one forgets about it and that everyone can make the proper adjustments. You might be interested in sample thank you letters for appreciation.

7. Make use of professional closing.

Keep everything professional until the end of the letter.

8. Affix your signature.

Do not forget to sign the letter.

Now it’s time for you to start sending the letters to their corresponding recipients.

Writing an email thank-you letter? Check out Thank-You Email Samples for great examples of email thank-you letters.

Sample Thank You Letter Template

Network Metting Thank You Letter

Common Mistakes with Meeting Thank-You Letters

There are a couple of things that you want to make sure that you do not do when it comes to your meeting thank-you letters. Check out the list that we have below.

1. Sending the meeting thank-you letter to the wrong person.

You want to make sure that you always know who you are sending the formal letter to. If you send the letter to the wrong person, you just definitely wasted time and effort, plus the correct recipient has missed the opportunity to actually receive your letter. What’s worse? You just probably revealed sensitive information to the wrong person, which is probably the biggest mistake you could ever make.

2. Making the thank-you letter too long.

Always assume that the recipient is busy and will not have time to go through a long letter. All you need to actually do is to

  • just say thanks,
  • give a recap,
  • give a call-to-action, and
  • enclose what need to be enclosed.

3. Not reviewing editing.

You want to make sure that your letter is free from any grammatical errors as well as misspellings. Not doing so just gives the impression that you are not professional and that you are careless. You certainly do not want that impression as it can make it seem like you cannot be trusted. You may also see sample personal thank-you letters.

4. Not including your contact information.

This one should be common sense. How do you expect the recipient to get in touch with you should they have any clarifications or questions, right? Unless you are sending an email thank-you letter, the recipient will have a hard time getting in touch with you. You may also like sample thank you letters for job offer.

5. Waiting too long to send the letter.

Your letter should be sent within the 24–48 hour window after the meeting was conducted. Waiting too long can risk you losing a client (if it was a client meeting) to your competitor, which will definitely be a loss for you. Keep your relationship safe by sending your thanks immediately. Plus, you are sure that the information they received from the meeting is still fresh in their mind. You may also check out thank you letters after interview.

6. Writing the letter in a generic manner.

Sure, it will take up a lot of time to actually write one letter for each of the members of the meeting. However, using a thank-you letter template is indeed more convenient. Make sure that you make use of words that will not seem like you copy-pasted from a template. Modify it to fit the meeting setting that you had with the members of the meeting.

You can check out more about thank-you letter guidelines at Guidelines for Thank-You Letters.

Meeting Thank You Letter Template for Legislative Meeting

Sample Thank You Letter to Chapter Meeting Attendee

Meeting Thank-You Letters for Attendees


It is important in the business world to always be ahead of your competitors. There are many ways on how you can be ahead of your competitors. You can come up with new products, make awesome advertisements, provide great customer service, or be able to come up with prices that are competitive. You want to make sure that your business is always going to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

The best way to stand out is being able to make your communication with customers and clients impeccable. Meeting thank-you letters are important and they are going to be great means of communicating with clients, suppliers, and even customers. You may also see sample thank-you letter to recruiter.

Meeting thank-you letters can set you apart and they can also make your recipients feel like their presence during the meeting has been well-appreciated and it will definitely make them come back for more. You may also like thank you letters to professor.

We hope that you learned a lot from reading this article! There are a lot of thank-you letter samples and articles that can also help you out that can be found on this very website. Some of the thank-you letters that may interest you are the following:


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US



File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


14 Templates for Follow Up Emails After a Meeting, Conference, and More

thanks letter for attending business meeting

thank you greeting card template
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Massage for thanks
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Thank you letter to a proffesor sample

Why thank you notes?

New friends matter when you’re a small business owner. Well-written and timely thank you notes foster relationships. When someone gets a card in their mailbox, they smile. Why do you think people have “thank you cards” hung up around their desks? We need other people to be successful, so why not work to cultivate positive relationships? A thank you note can do that quickly and easily. According to a study by Emotion, thanking people makes them more likely to continue a relationship, which leads to more opportunities for you. Unlike marketing campaigns and website updates, showing gratitude is free. It’s good for new relationships, and winds up being good for you, as well. Gratitude helps us treasure good experiences, deal with conflict, and build better relationships. Remember: Focus on the thank you itself, not on the materials it’s written on or the potential sale you’ll get.


What every thank you note needs


How to start? With a greeting, of course! Make sure to use the recipient’s name to make the note more personal. Suggestions:

  • Hi Steve,
  • Dear Steve,
  • Steve,
  • Hello Steve,

Thanking is the point of a thank you note, so do it right. Be genuine and specific, no backhanded compliments or funny stuff. Suggestions:

  • Thank you for helping me out with our 7 mile project. Your support made it happen.
  • Thank you for being there for me to talk things through. Your insights and advice made me decide to pursue a business loan.
  • Thank you for advice and for your generosity. Without it, I wouldn’t know where to start with social media marketing.

A robot can write a thank you note, but it won’t be very meaningful. That’s why you need to pepper in personal touches. Show that you remember details about the recipient’s life (without being creepy!). This shows that you not only listened to them, but care about their well-being. Suggestions:

  • I hope to see you at a Giants game this summer. I’ll let you know if I have tickets!
  • Take good care of your knee. Hope you’re up and walking soon.
  • Enjoy the sunshine in San Diego — I wish we could share a beer together at the beach.
  • Good luck working on your new blogging project — sounds exciting and I know you’ll do great.

Now wrap it up! Close with a greeting that feels comfortable to you. Suggestions:

  • Best,
  • Best Wishes,
  • Sincerely,
  • Thanks again,
  • With gratitude,
  • Keep in touch,


When to send thank you notes

Thank you notes can be sent at any time, but here are some common times that people send them:


  • After an interview. Thank the person who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and for their explanations of the job.
  • After a meeting. After an important meeting, thank the key players for attending and sharing their insights.
  • After events. You often meet new people at events, so thank them for the pleasure of their company and for sharing information with you.
  • Out of the blue. These are the best kinds of thank you notes — totally out of the blue!
  • After a referral. If someone refers a new client or customer to you, take out a note card and pen a thank you note. This will show your gratitude and encourage that person to continue to refer people to you.
  • During the holidays. The holidays are a great excuse to thank people for a great year together.

Here are a few example thank you letters for meetings. A well written Here is a case I’ve put together from a business similar to yours (Link to Study).

How to Thank Someone for a Business Meeting

Whether you need to say thank you for a job interview, or if you want to show your appreciation for a recommendation or a referral, or to say thank for the business opportunity, thank you note to boss are always appreciated. Taking time out to say thank you will together show your appreciation and help build bridges with customers, clients, and colleagues.

Free Business Thank You Letter Template

Free Download

Business Thank You Cards Instant Download PDF

If you are a entrepreneur, keeping thank you cards handy is imperative to demonstrate your professionalism and eye for detail. You can simply download the ‘Business Thank You Cards Instant Download PDF’ format, print them and keep them handy to pass on thank you notes without any hassle.


Sample Business Thank You Note for Presentation

If you need to thank a colleague for an excellent presentation, you can edit the ‘Sample Business Thank You Note for Presentation’ format and draft a professional formal thank you mail.

Free Download

Business Thank You Note After Meeting Example

Extend your appreciation to colleagues and clients for having taken time to attend a meeting with you by sending a thank you note their way. The ‘Business Thank You Note After Meeting Example’ is an useful template for such mails.

Free Download

Sample Business Thank You Note to Client Download

Use the ‘Sample Business Thank You Note to Client Download’ template to send a simple two liner thank you note to your client for conducting business with you for a long time.

Free Download

Business Thank You Note Wording Download

Extend your warm gratitude to your peer or your team who have assisted you with an assignment or a project by wording a simple thank you note with the assistance of the ‘Business Thank You Note Wording Download’ template.

Free Download

Free Effective Business Thank You Notes

Become an entrepreneur by keeping a few things in mind and sending thank you notes is one of them. This gesture not only strengthens your professionalism quotient but also assists in maintaining long lasting business relations.

Free Download

Addressing Business Thank You Notes Sample

Free Download

Sending thank you notes can have a huge impact on your business as it shows that not only do you appreciate what that individual did, but you also took the time to let them know. Add a personal touch to your business with these thank you note sample that can be customized to for your business correspondence. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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thanks letter for attending business meeting

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thanks letter for attending business meeting
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