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Example of thank you letter after internship

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Example of thank you letter after internship
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After a fruitful and enthusiastic internship you will definitely be in search of words to thank those who aided you while you were sailing as an intern samples. Now you would not need to search how to write thank you letters in your search engines. Get the thank you samples profusely online. For the time and experienced shared with you, thank the ones who chose and gave you that lifetime opportunity. You can also see Thank You Letter For Recommendation.

Editable Post Internship Thank You Letter Word Doc

It is always health and important to appreciate the little things done by others.  People who often show gratitude to their work mates or family or friends tend to receive success in all sorts of life.

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Printable Post Internship Thank You Letter PDF Download

The phrase serves as a form of acceptance. Once spoken, those people you speak with can infer it to show that you have no objection to the issue being discussed on.


End of Internship Thank You Letter Download

It does not cost you money nor time to say thank-you. Saying thank-you makes you feel good as well as the hearer. Thank-you is the most powerful and golden words that everyone’s one to hear especially when they have done something nice or good.


Free Internship Interview Thank You Letter MS Word Download

Appreciation motives us and makes us feel good in life. Below are the benefits of saying thank-you. It validates and provides positive reinforcement especially during an interaction. Use this template to send the thank you note.

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Before Internship Thank You Letter Free Download

It enhances and strengthens the interpersonal relationship between the parties concern. It increases psychological and physical health making one happy, has improved health and decreases any sort of depressions.

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Free Download After Internship Thank You Letter

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Internship Thank You Letter to Supervisor PDF Format



Internship Acceptance Thank You Letter Download



Internship Thank You Letter From Company



Take these thank you letter templates available in PDF download and excel format as and when required. Print them and personalize to make your achievement worth. Free word come along the template section.

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Thank-You Notes: Individual Interviews

  • A brief but enthusiastic thank you note written soon after the interview can be particularly effective and should be done automatically
  • Always write thank you notes within 24 hours of your interview
  • Emailing a thank you note is common and perfectly acceptable
  • Your thank you note should touch upon the following points:
    • Show appreciation for the interviewer’s time
    • Reference key parts your conversation
    • Reiterate interest in the organization/position
    • Invite requests for additional information and provide grounds for follow-up
  • You may choose to handwrite a thank you note; if you do, be sure that your note will arrive within a day or two of the interview
    • Do not send thank you notes to government employers, as their mail system will likely cause significant delay
  • The thank you note below is intended to serve as an example

Dear Attorney Smith,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday to discuss my strong interest in the internship at the Housing Rights Center. I enjoyed learning about the organization’s recent efforts to protect the housing rights of low-income tenants in Los Angeles. As an L.A. native, I am keenly aware of the challenging circumstances many residents face and admire HRC’s efforts to address the city’s persistent socioeconomic injustice. Our conversation yesterday further strengthened my interest in working for HRC this summer. Please let me know if I can provide you with additional information. Thank you again for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
James Henry


Thank-You Notes: Group Interviews

  • Remember to write down the name of each interviewer and later locate each person’s email address online; if possible, request a business card from each participant following the interview
  • After a panel interview, you may:
    • Send personalized notes to each participant, thanking each person for his or her time; or
    • Send a collective note to the  group
    • If your interview was held by phone or video and drafting individual or collective notes therefore poses a challenge, write a single note to your primary interviewer, referencing the other participants
  • The thank you note below is intended to serve as an example

Dear Mr. Jones,
Thank you for taking the time to interview me yesterday. I enjoyed learning about the internship at the Housing Rights Center and appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and other members of the staff. Please thank Mr. Johnson, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Williams for speaking with me about their efforts to address predatory lending practices. My experience working with recent immigrants at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau has affirmed my commitment to working with those who encounter socioeconomic and linguistic barriers. I am very excited about the possibility of joining HRC next fall. Please let me know if I can provide you with additional information. I look forward to hearing from you.
Jessica Adams

I want to thank you for interviewing me yesterday for the position of thank-you letter writer. I was very impressed with the description you provided of your.

It's always a good idea to say thank you to an employer after you have finished an internship under their sponsorship. It's a way to show your appreciation for the opportunity​ and to continue your relationship with the organization. If you play your cards right, it could even set the stage for turning the internship into a full-time, paying job.

Why Write a Thank-You Letter

The primary goal is to thank your employer and the people you have worked with for the opportunity to develop your skills, gain job experience, and learn all that they had to teach you.

What to Include in the Letter

Consider what method to use. If you want to send a personal message, you might give your intern supervisor a handwritten card or typed letter. If you just want to send a quick note, you can send an email.

Express your gratitude and appreciation. Make sure the phrase “thank you” is actually in your note!

Mention the details. Include specifics about the things you learned and the experiences that were most useful.

Thank everyone who helped you. You might even send separate notes to each individual who worked with you during your internship. If you go this route, make sure to send different notes, not variations on the same letter. It’s unlikely people will compare, but it means more if you send a genuine thank-you, and not just a form letter.

Provide your contact information – including your LinkedIn URL – so that the employer and the other professionals you met during your internship can keep in touch with you should they wish.

What Not to Include in the Letter

Don't be negative. Use the letter to vent frustrations or to express negative sentiments about the company, its employees, or the experience. If you had issues with any aspect of your internship, now is not the time to bring it up.

Include anything that isn’t genuine. False compliments come off as phony, even in the hands of a skilled writer. Hopefully, even if your experience was less than 100% positive, there was something about your internship that you valued. Talk about that, and leave the rest aside.

Sample Internship Thank-You Letter to Download

This thank-you letter example is a model for you to adapt and use to thank your employer after completing an internship. This letter is in business letter format, with the contact information at the top. Download the thank-you letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online), or read the text version below.

Download the Word Template

Internship Thank-You Letter Example (Text Version)

Your Name
Your Address
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Address


City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as marketing intern at XYZ College’s Marketing and External Affairs Office. I have gained valuable insight into the marketing industry over the past six months.

Because you gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of college marketing, from publishing magazines and brochures, to drafting email newsletters, to maintaining the college website. You and your staff were extremely welcoming and helpful, and offered me terrific career advice.

This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in marketing. I would love to stay in touch, and perhaps speak to you regarding steps I should take in the future to pursue a career in marketing. Once again, thank you for a terrific six months.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

Sample Internship Thank-You Email

A thank-you email is very similar to a thank-you letter. However, instead of putting your contact information at the top, you will put it at the bottom, in your email signature.

When you're sending an email thank-you message, put your name and "thank you" in the subject line of the message so that it's sure to be read.

Internship Thank-You Email Example

Subject: Your Name - Thank You for the Opportunity

Dear Mr. Ms. Last Name,

Thank you so much for a rewarding three months as the Environmental Health and Justice Intern at ABC Nonprofit.

I really appreciated your willingness to let me explore all of the departments within the company. I was able to sit in on board meetings, organize fundraising events, collaborate with campaign staff on environment policies, write content for your website, and more. You really allowed me to see how an environmental nonprofit works, from the ground up. I have gained skills in campaign research, writing social media content, and event planning.

I look forward to going back to school and completing my degree in Environmental Studies. This internship has only helped increase my desire to work for a company like yours in the future.

Thank you again for all of your support, and for all of the opportunities you have given me.


Firstname Lastname
Phone Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Profile URL (optional)

How to Write the Best Thank-You Note

Keep it Positive: Be sure your thank-you letter or email is positive, even if your internship experience wasn't.

Mention the Details: Share examples of valuable learning experiences or skills you attained in your note.

Stay Connected: Share your contact information in your note or email, so it's easy for the employer to stay in touch.

Use this note to keep the connection strong and express your thanks. If you mention future job opportunities, do so with tact.

Here's an example of the perfect thank you email, according to Yale career experts

example of thank you letter after internship

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Never undermine the power of sending a thank you note after your interview.

Whether it's for a job or an internship, a thank you note is literally your last chance to sell yourself an employer. Aside from not sending one at all, many candidates make the mistake of writing one that's far too generic.

Here's an example of a strong thank you email, according to career experts at Yale University's Office of Career Strategy (click here to enlarge):

(Courtesy of Yale University, Office of Career Strategy)

Don't know where to start? Here are some essential tips on how to write the perfect thank you note:

1. Paper or email?

This is a tricky one.

While some hiring managers argue that handwritten letters are a lost art that can go a long way (provided that you have flawless penmanship), most prefer the email route because it's more convenient for all parties.

The short answer? It depends on the company you're interviewing at. If it's a digitally-focused organization, for example, you're better off sending your letter electronically.

If in doubt, send your letter via email. That way, you won't have to worry about it getting lost or your interviewer not receiving it in a timely manner.

(Also, keep in mind that it's what you actually put in your note that counts, not how you send it.)

2. Send one to each interviewer

If you spoke with several people at the company, be sure to ask for their business cards at the end of each interview.

Each letter should be personalized with specific information that you talked about with each person. Even if the discussions were the same, your letters shouldn't be.

"Putting the time and effort into personalizing your notes shows that you were paying close attention to the information conveyed by each interviewer," a career expert at Yale explained. "This will benefit you when the interviewers compare notes — which they will do."

3. Include the basics

While your letter should go beyond a simple thank you, you still need to:

  • Reiterate your interest
  • Express your appreciation for the interviewer's time
  • Emphasize your best and most relevant qualities and skills
  • Mention specific topic discussed in the interview that you found to be the most appealing
  • Include one or two past experiences that prepared you for the responsibilities of the position

4. Go above and beyond

This is your chance to really show that you were listening attentively and took time to reflect on the interview.

Here are a few ways to go above and beyond in your thank you letter:

  • Mention something exciting you learned about the company that makes you want to work there
  • Talk about a skills shortage you now know they have that you're uniquely poised to fill
  • Include links to projects or work samples you talked about in your interview
  • Comment on a small detail that your interviewer mentioned (e.g., wish them safe travels if said they were going overseas for an upcoming vacation)
  • Clarify something you said during the interview
  • Highlight something you failed to mention

Also, a candidate that expresses eagerness and excitement for a role is always refreshing, so don't be afraid to add some personality. (But don't take it too far; your employer still wants to see that you have proper business etiquette.)

5. Keep it clear and short

Your thank you note should be no more than one page. Typically, 250 to 300 words is fine.

If you're sending your letter via email, the subject line should be simple (e.g., "Thank you - Sales Marketing Associate interview").

6. Don't wait too long to send it

There's no need to send your thank you note immediately after the interview. The sweet spot is generally within the 24- to 48-hour period after the interview.

Helpful tip: As soon as you exit the building, jot down notes and specific details that you want to include in your letter. Everything will still be fresh in your head and you'll have a much easier time writing the letter when you get home.

7. Proofread, proofread, proofread...

A sloppily written letter can blow your chance at getting the job, so always do a thorough check before hitting that send button.

Beyond grammar and spelling, make sure that:

  • Names, dates and email addresses are correct
  • The correct company is mentioned, especially if you've been interviewing at other places (I once received a thank you email that included the name of our company's competitor)
  • Similar to the previous point, you also want to make sure you included the correct job position that you interviewed for

Dustin McKissen is the founder of McKissen + Company, a strategic communications firm in St. Charles, Missouri. He was also named one of LinkedIn's "Top Voices in Management and Corporate Culture." Follow him on LinkedIn here.

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End Your Internship on a Good Note

Sending thank-you notes after interviews and networking meetings leaves a positive impression, creates opportunity for ongoing communication, and strengthens your candidacy.

Follow up After Interviews and Networking

Thank-you notes may be handwritten or emailed. Consider the organization’s culture and your contact’s timeline. An email, received quickly, is a better choice after an interview with a quick decision turnaround. After an informational interview, a handwritten thank-you note is a strong choice that will leave a positive impression. If you choose to handwrite your note, use good- quality paper and make sure your writing is legible. Proofread your note to ensure there are no errors. Both hand written and emailed thank-you notes should be sent within 48 hours of an exchange.

Thank-You Note Tips

A thank you note should contain two or three of these elements:

  • Show your appreciation for the interview
  • Highlight an aspect of the conversation that captured your interest
  • Reiterate your relevant qualifications
  • Reiterate your relevant qualifications

Thank you note example:

Dear Mr. Samuels,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me yesterday for a position as a 2019 Corps member of Teach for America. I enjoyed learning more about the organization’s positive impact and left the interview with a heightened enthusiasm for contributing to the movement.

I am passionate about educational reform, and I am committed to ensuring access to a strong education for all students. My leadership experiences at Northwestern have prepared me to motivate students and instill a love of learning within my classroom. Education is paramount to our future, and I am eager to make an impact as a TFA corps member.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to interview for this transformative opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.


Elizabeth Locke   

­­Follow-up Etiquette

  1. Do not be surprised if an employer does not follow-up to a thank you note.  A thank you note is a professional courtesy and not a call to action that requires and employer to respond  
  2. Aim to send a thank you note within 24 hours of the interview and send a separate note to each person who interviewed you. 
  3. Though your thank you note should center on professional content, you can reference a personal topic that was discussed during the interview that may help you stand out from other applicants.
  4. For a search update, it is best to follow-up with the recruiter and not the person with whom you interviewed.  Recruiters manage the selection and hiring process.
  5. There is no shame in name-dropping in your correspondence with recruiters and interviewers.

example of thank you letter after internship

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Learn how to write an internship thank you letter for before and after the The first example is to be sent immediately after being accepted for the internship.

example of thank you letter after internship
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