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Gender party game ideas
April 30, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 2 comments

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Hosting a gender reveal? These gender reveal party games are perfect for playing with guests who are just as eager to find out the gender of the baby as you are! And with so many gender reveal games to choose from, there’s bound to be something for any type of mom and dad to be!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something via an affiliate link, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

What is a Gender Reveal?

If you’re here looking for gender reveal party games, you probably already know what a gender reveal is – but if not, a gender reveal is when you do something fun and creative to reveal the gender of your baby to friends, family, and sometimes even to the mom and dad to be! It’s just another fun way to celebrate the parents to be on top of hosting a baby shower!

Sometimes gender reveals are hosted by family or friends but just as often the parents to be actually host a gender reveal party for their friends and family to come be surprised along with! I’m putting together a post soon of all of my favorite gender reveal party ideas but for now, I’m sharing two printable gender reveal games along with some others I found from searching Pinterest, Google, and more!

Free Printable Gender Reveal Party Games

Let’s start off with the two free printable gender reveal games because that’s probably why you’re here! I thought it would be fun to do something similar to these printable baby shower games for a gender reveal but instead of doing games using the word “baby,” I made games using the words pink and blue. For obvious reasons of course.

Pink or Blue Printable Game

The first game is just another rendition of this Christmas song game. Guests have to read lyrics to popular (mostly popular at least!) songs and try to come up with the name of the song and the original artist who sings it. Each of those songs has either the word pink or blue in it – hence it making this gender reveal party games list!

Movie (or TV) Reveal

The second game is a similar concept where the answers all have the word pink or blue in them. But in this one instead of talking about songs – we’re talking about movies. And instead of giving lyrics to the songs, I gave a couple of hint words to help them guess the movies.

Oh and I put this in the instructions but some of the answers are actually TV shows so make sure your guests read the instructions or make that clear before you play. You’d be surprised by how few movies there are with the word pink in the title that aren’t morally subjective. This one is a little bit like Catch Phrase, which is one of my all-time favorite board games for adults!

Get the Free Printable

I’ve created a PDF document that contains six PDFs:

  • A PDF of the pink or blue game – one per sheet
  • A PDF of the pink or blue game – two per sheet
  • A PDF of the pink or blue game answers
  • A PDF of the movie reveal game – one per sheet
  • A PDF of the movie reveal game – two per sheet
  • A PDF of the movie reveal game – answers 

Enter your first name and email address below to get the free printable. You’ll be immediately taken to the PDF to download and receive a copy to your email shortly after. If you can’t see the form below, click here to get to the form to enter your info.

More Gender Reveal Party Games

I promised you lots of gender reveal games so here you go! In addition to the two free printable ones above, here are some more awesome gender reveal party games to play at your gender reveal party! Make sure to check back later this week for tons of gender reveal party ideas to go along with these games!

Start off your party with a little Sugar Baby Jeopardy that uses baby phrases to get people to guess candy bar names. Get all the names and details from Nothings and Notions.

When your guests walk in, give them a little hit in the form of this jelly bean game!

Not so much a game but it’d still be fun to make this gender reveal pinata from All Things Katie Marie!

See how many old wives tales you can guess correctly in this cute printable baby shower game that also doubles as a gender reveal game.

Play everyone’s favorite bingo in this cute gender reveal bingo game!

Buy pink and blue colored clothespins and tell people they can’t say the words baby, boy, or girl! If they do, they have to give their clothespin to the person who heard them. This clothespin game is one of our favorites, especially when you use tricky words!

This he or she balloon pop doubles as both a game and a gender reveal! I’m going to have to try this with my next baby.

In this game, guests have to pick a colored diaper and inside one of the diapers is a prize! Such a cute idea that’s easy enough for both kids and adults to play.

I couldn’t find full rules to this game but it sounds amazing! Make a wheel of fortune board that reveals the gender and a wheel with a bunch of letters (you could also use a block or letters from a hat) and pull off the letters as people spin them on the wheel! If anyone knows the original source of this idea, let me know.

Last but not least, play any of these hilarious baby shower games or really any of these printable baby shower games. I mean it’s a party about a baby so anything baby shower should work as well!

Prizes for Gender Reveal Party Games

You can’t have games without prizes, and I of course like to do my themed prizes! Here are some of my favorite gender reveal prize ideas! You could also go with a gift card or one of these baby shower favors as well, but these ideas are more unique!

If you’re playing a bunch of games, you could also let people win raffle tickets and then pull one bigger ticket prize at the end of the party. This works great if you’re doing something like these baby shower minute to win it games or if you’re playing something like Jeopardy with big groups of people.

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Gender reveal parties are increasing in popularity and games played at these events provide a fun way to keep the Exciting Gender Reveal Activities. While a .

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An ancient and terrifying power lurks inside you… congratulations, you are about to give birth to a baby! Now you must announce the coming of your child to the world, so that all inhabitants of earth may prepare themselves for your spawn’s unbridled potential. And what better way to do that than a gender reveal party, so that your friends and family know whether to buy toy trucks and blue things for the boy, or dolls and books about the importance of obsequiousness for the girl.

You must make certain that your gender reveal party goes beyond the mundanity of an “it’s a boy!” balloon. This is amateur. Cutting into a cake to reveal pink or blue filling? Yawnsville. You should make your guests work for the privilege of knowing your baby’s gender.

Your friends and family arrive at your house, to the sight of pink and blue balloons. Offer everyone mimosas. Make sure to use freshly squeezed orange juice, and decorate the glasses with little pink and blue umbrellas. Here is the first surprise for your party-goers: the mimosas are drugged. Load your unconscious guests into a van, then drive to the abandoned warehouse and site of the real party.

They awake groggily, to a lone television set in the middle of a dank room. For added ambiance, set up a few fog machines and strobe lights. The television suddenly sparks to life, with a prerecorded video. In the video, you will explain that the time has come for your guests to learn the gender of your baby, but they must survive a series of trials in order to reach the answer. The first trial is escaping the decorative pink and blue duct-tape securing their hands behind their chairs. A cake sits within mouth-reach. They haven’t eaten for hours. Inside is a pair of scissors your guests can use to free themselves. Also inside are thumb tacks and razor blades. This first task will immediately filter out the easily discouraged and unambitious. These people do not deserve to know your baby’s gender.

Set up the room with chain link fences that herd your guests inextricably towards the entrance of a maze. “Welcome to my little maze,” unseen speakers boom. “Can you find your way out with your mind and body intact? Beware… there are many pitfalls within these walls.” Beforehand, dig deep pits and fill them with sharp sticks. Don’t worry if the pits are too obvious from a distance, remember that those fog machines will greatly reduce visibility.

If your guests are able to clear the spike pits, (and the untamed wolverine you have allowed to roam the maze,) then present them with some more mentally challenging puzzles. There is a door that can only be opened with a key. Inform them the key is lodged behind someone’s eye. Provide them with an ice cream scoop. Test the limits of human cruelty. Reveal that the key was under the flowerpot the whole time. If they can still live with themselves, they may proceed past the door.

Behind the door is confetti and balloons! Music plays! They have bested the maze! A tray of fresh, new mimosas sits tantalizingly before them, a welcome drink after the challenges they have endured, and the friends they have lost.

This is a trap. Yet again the mimosas are drugged – laced with a powerful, debilitating laxative. Those canny enough to resist temptation and remain skeptical of an all-to-easy triumph may continue through the maze, to the Penultimate Room.

Once entering the Penultimate Room, the door locks behind them. The walls are covered in a message, written in red: “ONLY ONE MAY LEAVE.” There is a barrel in the room, and it is full of Wiffle bats.

When a victor emerges, the final door will open. The room is illuminated by a single lamp, which casts light upon a table and chair. Resting on the table is a glass of water, and two small plastic cups: one holds a blue pill, the other a pink pill. A beautifully embossed card explains the rules: the pill representing the child’s gender is a harmless sugar pill. The incorrect pill is cyanide. Only someone willing to leave their life in the tender hands of chance is deserving of the sacred gift of knowledge. (Fun bonus: You can poison both pills to teach your guest that gender is a construct as they die.)

Even if they don’t complete the maze, treat your surviving guests to “At Least You Tried” cupcakes! Reassure them that the frosting is made only of red velvet and delicious cream cheese, but don’t be surprised if they are now timid, for they have suffered so much while seeking the secret of your child’s gender. The gender reveal maze has really changed them forever at this point and they will never truly leave the maze.

More Funny Stuff from Bunny Ears

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20 Fun & Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Decor, Games & More!

gender party game ideas

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One of the most exciting times during a woman's pregnancy is finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Gender reveal parties are increasing in popularity and games played at these events provide a fun way to keep the suspense going or reveal the actual gender, depending on the game you choose.

Old Wives' Tales Chalkboard Game

Stories about gender prediction extend through all cultures and throughout history. This fun game utilizes popular old wives' tales and turns them into an interactive way for guests to guess the baby's sex. The finished chalkboard also makes a nice party decoration.

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To play, you'll need a tabletop chalkboard and sticks of chalk in pink, blue, and white. You'll also need a good list of pregnancy old wives' tales. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Choose at least six of the old wives' tales and list them in white chalk.
  2. To the right of each tale, write the girl answer in pink and the boy answer in blue.
  3. Give guests a sheet of paper and ask them to write their guesses based on what they know about the mom-to-be.
  4. Later, ask Mom to circle the answers that match her experience during the pregnancy.

Guests tally to see how many they got right, and Mom's circled answers remain on the board to show which gender the signs appear to indicate so they can be compared against the final reveal.

Team Boy/Team Girl Sports

The options for this game are almost limitless, but the theme is the same regardless of which sport you choose to play. It's also perfect if you have kids at the party.

  1. Divide your guests by sex into Team Boy and Team Girl. Or, if there's an uneven number of males and females in attendance, assign a team captain for each gender and ask the captains choose people for his or her team.
  2. After teams are chosen, signify each team by pinning on a blue or pink ribbon to each player's shirt.
  3. The teams compete against each other in one or more predetermined games. Throw footballs into a tire hanging from a swing, play a softball game, or run an old-fashioned potato sack race.
  4. Award small prizes to the winning team.

Reveal whether the winning team was the right gender immediately or let guests know they will find out later in the party.

Pink and Blue Candies

Guessing the number of candies in a jar is another traditional game that translates well to a gender reveal party.

  1. Fill a large glass vase or jar with blue and pink candies. These can be jelly beans, M&M'S, or mints in colored wrappers.
  2. Place more blue candies in the container if baby is a boy, or put in a few more pink in if it's a girl.
  3. Set out small pieces of paper and a pen and ask guests to guess the number of candies of each color.
  4. The guest who gets the closest number wins a prize.

Don't forget to let guests know that the larger winning number also reveals the baby's gender!

Confetti Balloon Game

Perfect for an outdoor warm-weather gender reveal party, this game can be assembled in an hour and provides a physical way for each guest to contribute to the unveiling of the baby's actual gender. You will need a piece of plywood cut to approximately 3 feet x 4.5 feet, 30 or more opaque black latex balloons, heavy duty thumbtacks, darts, and confetti in the color that matches the baby's gender.

  1. Using a small funnel, pour confetti into one balloon before blowing it up and tying it off.
  2. Fill all the remaining balloons with air and knot them closed.
  3. Attach full balloons to the plywood with thumbtacks in a grid pattern. Tack below the knot so you don't risk popping the balloon prematurely.
  4. When it's time to play, prop the balloon board against a tree or a wall that cannot be damaged if a dart hits it.
  5. Guests then take turns throwing the darts to pop a balloon, hoping to hit the one filled with confetti.

Alternatively, put only empty balloons on the board, then bring out the confetti-filled one after all the empty ones are popped. Or, fill some of the balloons with white or yellow confetti to heighten the suspense.

Ultrasound Name Game

Clear 3-D ultrasound images of baby's face are particularly fun for this game. To play:

  1. Display the baby's ultrasound photos along with a stack of small pieces of paper in pink and blue.
  2. Ask guests to look at the ultrasound shots and make a guess of the baby's sex based on what they see. To make the suspense last longer, avoid including any overly obvious shots of the baby's diaper area.
  3. Have each guest guess if baby looks more like a boy or a girl, then write his or her name on the corresponding color of paper.
  4. On the back of the paper, each guest should suggest a name for the baby, then drop it into a bowl. Baby name suggestions can be serious or silly.
  5. After everyone has played, have the mother-to-be pull the papers out of the bowl and read the names aloud.

Play this festive activity if you plan another activity for the reveal later in the party.

Exciting Gender Reveal Activities

While a gender reveal party is always an exciting event, incorporating these interactive games can make it a memorable occasion for all involved. Guests are sure to remember whether their guess was the right gender!

What do you do at a gender reveal party? How can you keep guests entertained? What kinds of activities should you plan? Today, we're explaining some of the.

Gender Reveal Party Games

If you’re pregnant, you know that there’s one party that you can’t skip: the gender reveal party. Finding out the gender of your baby is a BIG DEAL, and it calls for a huge celebration with all of your friends and family.

And since gender reveal parties are the new “in” thing, it’s critical that you get as creative and unique as possible. You need a party that screams “you” in every single way. So, to ensure that you have a special party where you can celebrate your soon-to-be-born child, here are ten gender reveal party ideas to get you started.

Confetti Balloon

This is the most common gender reveal party idea, and it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is fill up a large black balloon with either pink or blue confetti. Then, when it’s time for the big reveal, have the mom- or dad-to-be pop the balloon to reveal the results. 

To personalize this party idea, you can change up how you pop the balloon: throw darts, sit on it, etc... OR you can fill up dozens of empty black balloons, filling only one with confetti. Then, encourage your guests to pop until they find the result. We love this DIY version! 

Gender Reveal Box

You’ve probably seen this idea all over YouTube. You take a large box and fill it with pink or blue balloons. Then, when the gender reveal party is in full swing, you simply open the box and the colored balloons pop out. To take this gender reveal party idea to the next level, change out where you hide the balloons—create an epic box like this—or how you release the balloons.

Themed Gender Reveal Party

Whether you’re a Pokémon, Harry Potter, or Star Wars fan, there are a myriad of ways to theme your gender reveal.

For Pokémon, you can fill a poké ball with pink or blue dust then toss it on the ground to reveal the explosion.

For Harry Potter, grab a sorting hat and fill it with folded pieces of paper where only one piece of paper contains the baby’s gender. Then, send the sorting hat around in a circle until someone finds the truth.

For Star Wars, grab a blue and pink lightsaber and let the one that lights up reveal your baby’s gender.

Cake Tasting

Bake a cake filled with blue or pink icing. Then, have the mom- or dad-to-be cut or bite into the cake to reveal the gender. You can also do this with cupcakes (check out these adorable and delicious cupcakes), giving each person their own treat and encouraging everyone to take a bite at the same time.

Piñata Time

There’s nothing more fun than smashing a piñata, and it’s great for a baby’s gender reveal party. Simply fill a piñata with blue or pink confetti and let your guests go to town. Serve up tacos, sangria, and chips and dip for the full gender reveal party result. We particularly love this giant pull-string gold piñata. Talk about classy!

Silly String

Cover cans of silly string with kraft paper to hide the color. Then, pass out the cans to all your guests and have a countdown to the big gender reveal. This is a fun and silly way to share the news with your friends and family.

Canvas Paint Explosion

Fill hollowed-out eggs or black balloons with varying shades of pink or blue paint. Then, set up a canvas outside (make sure you have an old sheet underneath). Give everyone a balloon or egg and tell them to aim for the canvas. When they hit, the paint will explode revealing the baby’s sex. This is a fun gender reveal party idea that gives you a giant canvas as a souvenir. Take a look at this fun archery version. 

Smoke Powder Cannons

Purchase a few smoke powder cannons and fill them to the brim with pink or blue powder. Then, when it’s time for your gender reveal party, give your guests or the mom- and dad-to-be a cannon and let the gender explode into the open.

Paint Gun Fun

For this gender reveal party idea, the parents-to-be should be dressed in white. Then, each guest should be armed with a paint gun or paint-filled balloons. As the guests go to town, throwing the balloons or shooting at the mom- and dad-to-be, the gender is revealed. 

Play a Game

If you’re hosting a team girl or team boy gender reveal party, turning the reveal into a game is a great way to do it. Put everyone into baseball, football, or soccer teams, making sure the ball is filled with either pink or blue powder. Then, when you start to play, you’ll reveal your gender with the first kick, hit, or throw. You could even go big and rent out a baseball park like this couple.

There are endless ways to reveal your baby’s gender to your friends and family. You’re only limited by your imagination!

gender party game ideas

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If you are looking for fun gender revealing party games for your gender reveal, you're in the right place. Here is an amazing collection of ideas.

gender party game ideas
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