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How to thank a nurse
June 02, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 5 comments


April 17, 2018 Kayla Valiquette, BSN, RNC-NIC

6 creative ways to thank a nurse

After 11 years of nursing I’ve had my share of Nurses Weeks. I’ve always helped my patients and colleagues without expecting anything in return. There have been times, however, when people have gone above and beyond to say thank you in a memorable way.

Nurses, being generally generous and selfless individuals, do not expect anything extra for the care and help they provide. When someone does take the time to say thanks, it certainly can have a big impact on a nurse’s life. Nurses Week is the perfect opportunity to give a little back to a nurse who has touched your life.

Whether you’re a supervisor, physician, colleague, patient, or family member, there are many ways to say thanks. A simple verbal “thank you” will always suffice, but sometimes you may feel compelled to do more. If you want to show your appreciation to a special nurse during Nurses Week, or any time of the year, you can try one of these ideas. Here are a few ways people have shown appreciation that have meant the most to me over the years.

Ideas for National Nurses Week

  1. Handwritten note or a card. I worked with very sick infants for years and some families were so touched by how I cared for their child. I only received a few cards, but the fact that someone took the time to pen their thoughts and express their gratitude deeply affected me. I have kept those cards and occasionally when I’m on the hunt for something in my file cabinet I will come across them, read them again, and remember. Remember the patient. The family. Their story.

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  2. Sweets. While we are a sweet bunch already, there is always room for a little more sugar. Years back, during one of my first Nurses Weeks one of our unit leaders put together an ice cream social. We were able to make sundaes topping our ice cream with sprinkles, whipped cream, syrups, and candies to our heart’s content. It brightened up everyone’s day.

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  3. Healthy snacks. While we do love our sweets, nurses often take care of their own health last. An assortment of healthy snack such as protein bars, nuts, fruit and veggies can help us keep up our energy during a busy, long shift. An edible arrangement is a beautiful, fuss-free way to show your appreciation.

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  4. Small gifts. A stethoscope is an extension of a nurse and is required to do many aspects of the job. Nurses can usually be seen around the unit or office with a stethoscope draped around the neck or plugged in the ears as a patient is examined. There are many simple, inexpensive options to dress up a stethoscope. I once was given a charm to put on mine and since I used it numerous times every shift I was always able to see the gift. It also helps make your stethoscope more recognizable so if there is ever a time it gets left on the desk, it won’t suddenly grow legs and walk away.

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  5. Caffeine. Not many nurses can get through 12+ hour shifts, weekends away from family, and night shifts without it. A gift card for their favorite coffee place, a mug with a bag of coffee, or a freshly brewed/steeped cup can do the trick.

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  6. Compression socks. Nurses stand on their feet all day, which can be tiring on the legs and feet. A good pair of compression socks can make such a difference in soothing aches and preventing swelling. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving and one pair can last a long time providing many comfortable shifts.

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There’s still time

National Nurses Week is May 6-12, 2018. There’s plenty of time left to surprise the special nurses in your life with a small token of appreciation. Be sure to take a moment during that week to tell a nurse, “thank you”. Almost everyone has been impacted by a nurse at some point in their life.

I no longer work at the bedside, however, the small tokens of appreciation I received over the years live on vividly in my heart. They remind me of the important work I did every day, providing care for people in their time of need. Make a nurse’s day this year!

The next time a nurse helps you feel better, take a moment to thank them for caring. They will truly appreciate it. #NiceToYourNurse.

We would be helpless without the nurses that tend to our wounds, administer our medication, and see to it that our hospitals are organized and as comfortable as can be? Nurses not only ensure we are ok, but also take care of our family members. They should be thanked for all their efforts.

Saying thank you is acceptable via any means, from a text to an email or spoke, or a note. Thank you notes for nurses should be thoughtful, well written, and should express how you feel.

Here are 20 inspirational thank you notes for nurses for taking care of you, and your family members.


Thank You Notes for Nurses: For Taking Care of You

If you’ve been in the hospital, or under the care of a live-in nurse, here are 10 sample thank you notes for nurses that are sure to put a smile on their face and make them feel appreciated:

01A big thank you to my angel with a stethoscope who made my stay in the hospital very pleasant.
It is rare that one comes across someone so loving, compassionate, and thoughtful, and who can brighten up an entire day with a pudding cup.
Continue to be the amazing light you are, making a difference in the lives of everyone you come across.



02To Nurse Daniels at Victoria Jubilee Hospital:
Thank you for the smiles and laughs and making sure receiving my medication wasn’t so bad- I know it is what helped to make me feel better.
You gave me hope when I was down and made sure I was always looking on the bright side. Thank you for a job well done.


03All nurses have patients, but not all nurses have patience.
Thank you for being so kind, understanding and helpful. May you always receive the kindness you give in return.



04No amount of thank you’s will ever be enough, but I hope this note is a good start.
Thank you for not only being my nurse but for being a friend during an uncomfortable time. Everything you did is truly appreciated.


05I know I must have been a pain to deal with because I was unable to do much for myself, but you never once complained or seemed like I was a burden.
For that, I must send a big thank you.
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06Thank you for granting me the best nursing care I have ever experienced.
I have had bad experiences in the past, but you have gone above and beyond your call of duty to make this little old lady feel comfortable and loved. May God bless you.


07I know you must get this a lot, but you are truly an amazing nurse.
It is no question that you have a challenging, tiring, and thankless job, but despite all that, you still push through and do the best you can for your patients. On behalf of my whole family, thank you.



08When I was in your care, I felt like I was being cared for by my mother.
Thank you for being so gentle and patient and for always sharing kind and compassionate words.


09I am very thankful for having been in your care.
Not all nurses would be willing to go the extra mile as you were. I am eternally grateful and can’t find an appropriate way to explain how much it means to me.


10Hospitals are typically cold and unfriendly, yet you managed to make this one feel like home, while I had to stay here.
Thank you, Nurse Rogers, not only your for professionalism but for your ability to make me feel as if I was a priority and not just another patient. Thank you for nursing me back to health.



Notes For Taking Care of Your Family Member(s)

Here are 10 more sample thank you notes for nurses.
These thank you notes for nurses are to help express gratitude for receiving help while taking care of your family member(s).

11When I discovered that my father had to be admitted to the hospital, I was fell apart. I was worried about him, wondering how we would make it work.
But, when I saw how you were with him and after the conversation we had, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for taking such good care of him, of us all, really.



12In my eyes, you are so much more than a regular nurse.
Thank you for bringing my son back to health and for the constant reassurance and support you leant me.
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13Nurse Flynn, you were a very present help in a time of trouble and worry for my family.
The work you did with my mother is more than I could ever ask of anyone, and even though she passed away this summer I am thanking you for making her final days as pleasant and as comfortable as they could have been.


14A big thank you to all the nurses at St. Christopher’s Children’s hospital for caring for my niece.
She means the world to me and to have your care reflect a similar level of commitment, really meant a lot.



15Your job doesn’t require you to read stories to old men, and listen to corny jokes, yet still, you did it anyway.
Thank you for nursing my sick father and making his stay bearable for not only him but for our entire family.


16My family owes you so much for helping my mother to get back to her usual self. Living with diabetes isn’t easy but somehow you managed to make all of us a pro at managing it.
For that, we thank you.
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17Dear Nurse Johnson, I want to thank you for all that you have done for my uncle while he was in your care.
He still talks about that funny male nurse who talked with him every day about sports and the war, and continues to tell me how you made him feel at home in the hospital.


18Without your patience and care, my aunt would have probably been miserable in that hospital.
Thank you for all that you have done and what you will continue to do for future patients.



19On behalf of the entire Smith family, I want to send a big thank you to all the nurses at St. Georges Home for the Elderly for the tender love and care you showed to my mother.
Everything you guys have done has been deeply appreciated.


20I will never be able to thank you enough for caring for my grandmother while you were our live-in nurse.
We are deeply saddened that you are moving away; you’ve become a part of the family. We know you must go and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


When you write your thank you notes for nurses, make sure to include what you are thankful for, and how much it means to you. However, your, thank you notes for nurses shouldn’t be too long and should be to the point. After all, they are busy people!


It's customary to verbally thank a nurse for her care as you get ready to head home from the hospital, but following up with a handwritten note of.

It's customary to verbally thank a nurse for her care as you get ready to head home from the hospital, but following up with a handwritten note of thanks helps you express the magnitude of your gratitude. Effective notes of thanks always stick to the task of saying "thank you" and explaining why you're thankful. You can send a note to the entire nursing team who cared for you or write to each nurse individually.

Confirm the Nurses' Names

If you're impressed with the care of one or more nurses during your hospital stay, do your best to learn their names and make note of this information before you leave. Although you can look up the hospital's mailing address and any necessary information about the department, knowing the name of each nurse to whom you intend to write saves your trying to call the hospital and learn the names of those who cared for you.

Write With Gratitude

Begin the note of thanks by writing "Dear" and the nurse's name. If you've decided to write a single note of thanks to a team of nurses, write all the nurses' names together. Use the body of your note to express your thanks and provide some examples that explain why you're so appreciative. For example, write, "Thank you so much for the top-notch care you provided after my surgery. I was definitely nervous about spending the night in the hospital, but your gentle approach immediately made me feel comfortable." The body of the note doesn't have to be lengthy; it's better to be brief and allow your words to have impact than be excessively wordy.

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Discuss Future Connection

A note of thanks typically wraps up with a sentence or two discussing a future connection with the note recipient. Depending on the nature of your hospital visit, you can address this area sincerely or make a joke about it. For example, you could write that you hope to see the nurse again when you have another baby. Alternatively, write that as much as you appreciated the nurse's care, you hope you won't have to visit the hospital again for a long time -- but if you do, you hope to see the nurse again.

Closing and Gift-Giving

Sign off with a cheerful, appreciative closing, such as, "Thanks again," or, "With gratitude," and then write your name. Because the nurse might not immediately identify you by name, you can add additional information in brackets, such as you were in the hospital overnight last week for a hip replacement. If a nurse especially impressed you with her care, you can enclose a gift in the note; typically, gift cards are effective presents for people you don't know well. If you plan to give a gift, call the hospital to ensure gifts are permitted.

Thank You, Nurses - 8 wonderful appreciation notes (sent via carepostcard)

how to thank a nurse

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Posted by Jennifer Leigh Lenos on 10/16/19

Cori Lenos
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Specialty
Cori went above and beyond her duties yesterday when discharging ne and I'm so appreciative to her

Posted by Jill M Madison on 10/16/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor/Deli
My daughter arrived at the hospital on Thursday, October 10, during the afternoon. Immediately, her nurse, Casey, was attentive and pleasant. After a night of struggling in labor, when Casey’s shift began on Friday morning it was the beginning of a real blessing. From the moment she arrived, Casey kept us abreast every step of the way. When she entered the room, she always started by telling us what she was going to do, why it was being done, and what the hopeful outcome would be. We knew she was attentive to the monitors when not in the room because within seconds of any change, she so sweetly appeared ready to take action. Never once did I have to worry. Though this is not my first daughter to have a baby, it was this daughter’s first time. Casey was so crucial in making the labor and delivery of my precious granddaughter as smooth and easy as possible. She was truly amazing to watch work and such a blessing to our family. I cannot state my full appreciation for her as words do not exist! I have thanked the Lord many times for Casey! Please congratulate this outstanding nurse for not only doing a fantastic job of caring for my daughter and her husband and baby, but for going above and beyond with her kind personality and sweet gestures. Sometimes angels have wings and sometimes they are caring nurses who take pride in doing their job to the very best of their ability. This is Casey!

Posted by Katherine Oxyer on 10/14/19

Brianna RN Emergency Room Nurse
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: ER
Thank you so much Nurse Brianna for being there when I needed you. You are the greatest, so professional and friendly, all I can say is Wow! The service you provided me is unparalleled, this country needs more nurses like you. Brianna you excelled as a person, and the service you provide me is incomparable to the majority of nurses I have met. It was gratifying, rewarding and I was extremely satisfying to know you are the type of nurse who needs to recognized for your service. My husband and I wish you the best . Thanks again. With Love,Kathy Oxyer

Posted by Katherine Oxyer on 10/13/19

Jessica & Cecilia RN 6th Floor
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 6100
Thank you so much for your friendliness and professionalism during my visit. Both you and your assistant were such a joy to me and my husband during our time there while I had my pace maker surgery. You made sure I got my medication in the right dosage and on time with a smile. Even though my husband is a joker, you handled him well and we both under the circumstances had a wonderful time before and after surgery. You both made sure I was comfortable, helped ease my worry and concern. Thank you both for being caring nurses. You are truly the best! I cannot thank you enough for always keeping my family members informed of the status of my health. Thank you for everything you did to keep me comfortable during this time. You both are second to none, in a class by your selves, unequaled, in the nurses profession. Grandview Memorial Hospital did a great justice by hiring you two and should everything to help you advance further in the nursing field , or any medical profession you might choose at a later date in your careers. Again I say THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH !!

Posted by Jeannie Messer on 10/13/19

Jeannie Messer
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
The entire staff (doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists etc) was great but... Marilee, Sara, Tiffany and CeCe were the most amazing nurses I have ever encountered! I have given birth to 5 children in 3 different hospitals, been present for all 20 of my grandchildren's births in 7 different hospitals and state and this was the birth of my 1st Great grandchild and although I was thrilled I was also terrified seeing my grand daughter was going to be such a young mother but these 4 ladies were just awesome. The bedside manner was so thoughtful and sweet. Just unbelievable how amazing these nurses are! From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your professionalism but most importantly your kindness. It was a very busy time there and my grand daughter Faith Messer was admitted on 10/6 had her c-section on 10/8 and came home on 10/11 and during the entire time start to finish I was beyond impressed with everything. I have told everyone who I've talked to that theres more to giving birth it's also the manner in which the patients are treated and as I said these ladies were exceptional and again I am truly thankful to you all because you go above and beyond. And again Thank You and I prayed that God blesses each of you for being so genuinely kind and amazing!!

Posted by Thomas Robinson on 10/10/19

Angela Robinson
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Trauma
You are an amazing lady. I heard every word. I hated seeing you go. If I never hear from you again......I will be in Abu Dabi. Then Syria. Time to go to work. Thought seeing what might entail would be fun. Elbie has all the cards. Thank you. You need a room mate. God bless.

Posted by Thomas Robinson on 10/10/19

Angela Robinson
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Trauma nor
I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. I released a post that was picked up by your director. It will be published. I brought cookies today to Elbie. Natalie was not there. I am at Jeff Ruby's for supper. Played golf today. Went swimming. I left a card and e-mail with Elbie. God bless you. You are an amazing lady. Totally complete. I've been alone 14 years. I believe again. Try it. It can be a new beginning. I'm looking to move south. I heard your story. I cried for you. Not everybody Is bad. Some of us are gentlemen. Have a great day. Talk to Elbie. Once again Thank You. Thomas Paul Robinson

Posted by Thomas Robinson on 10/10/19

Angela ???
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Trauma
You are an amazing lady. I heard every word. I hated seeing you go. If I never hear from you again......I will be in Abu Dabi. Then Syria. Time to go to work. Thought seeing what might entail would be fun. Elbie has all the cards. Thank you. You need a room mate. God bless.

Posted by Thomas Robinson on 10/10/19

Angela Robinson
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Trauma
You are an amazing lady. I heard every word. I hated seeing you go. If I never hear from you again......I will be in Abu Dabi. Then Syria. Time to go to work. Thought seeing what might entail would be fun. Elbie has all the cards. Thank you. You need a room mate. God bless.

Posted by David Martinez on 10/09/19

Geovanna Martinez
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
After arriving at the ER this morning, the RN "Geo" took care of me in a compassionate and professional manner. She answered my questions and made me comfortable despite the great amount of pain that I was experiencing. She was patient and kind to me. Please give her my thanks. Her efforts should be recognized! David Martinez

Posted by David on 10/09/19

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
I don't think my previous post came out right. That is not her last name. Anyway she did a great job.

Posted by Beverly Cramer on 10/05/19

Southview Medical Center, Unit: ER
Thank you to everyone at Southview Medical Center ER for taking care of me in a timely manner and with such kindness! I was there around 10:00pm on 10/4/19.

Posted by Jodi Williams on 10/03/19

Julie Williams
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Main 4
I just want to give a grest big thank you to this nurse..she went above and beyond all 3 times i have been there and seeing her the last time i felt a great deal of relief knowing she was there and would do her best to get me answers..all of the nurses from surgery to the er to main 4 are great but some days u just really need that special nurse to show that they care..from one nurse to another thank you ..u are the reason nurses are awesome and need to know how much you are appreciated..never hear it enough..thks

Posted by Jodi Williams on 10/03/19

Jodi ?
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Main 4
I just want to give a grest big thank you to this nurse..she went above and beyond all 3 times i have been there and seeing her the last time i felt a great deal of relief knowing she was there and would do her best to get me answers..all of the nurses from surgery to the er to main 4 are great but some days u just really need that special nurse to show that they care..from one nurse to another thank you ..u are the reason nurses are awesome and need to know how much you are appreciated..never hear it enough..thks

Posted by Jayne Cassel on 10/03/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Er
Thank you, Colby, for making me feel less scared and comfortable. I enjoyed talking to you about Greenville and Maid Rites. I really appreciate all you did for me.

Posted by Beth Price on 10/02/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 West
DJ, I wanted to thank you for the care of my dad, Larry Bickel from Sept 28 through Oct 1. I know it was not easy. Thank you for keeping me connected as it gave me great relief being so far away in Colorado to know that he was being attentively cared for. Thanks and Blessings, Beth Price

Posted by Jessica Gourley on 09/27/19

Grandview Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Lindsey, Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Dad, Dave Atkinson! You have been nothing short of wonderful with him and my family when we come in to see him. You always talk to him even though he is heavily sedated and you are always gentle with him. It is easy to see when people are passionate about what they do and you are. Keep doing good things even on tough days. I know being a nurse in the ICU has to be emotionally taxing sometimes so on hard days, please remember the good ones and know that there are families out there like mine who really need nurses like you. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Jessica Gourley

Posted by Scott Christian on 09/26/19

Kierra NurseAide
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Room 1021B
Kierra has provided care for my Dad on multiple days. She always has a smile on her face and exhibits a great attitude. The gentleman sharing the room seemed to have advanced dementia and Kierra was very patient and caring when he repeated himself several times. Kierra is a special person.

Posted by Diana Watkins on 09/23/19

Other, Unit: 120
Virginia did my ultrasound for me. She is amazing! I was having an emotional breakdown. I was a nervous wreck! She was so loving and caring! She talked me through it. She hugged me! She was my "Angel" through a very stressful time for me. She deserves to be recognized. She really made my day!

Posted by Jill Saldana on 09/23/19

Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
I want to thank a Soin employee by the name of JR who we encountered in the ER early Sat evening. My friend and I had been in the ER all afternoon with my sister, Dianne Hixson, who ended up being admitted that evening. My husband had come to bring us Wendy's for dinner since it had gotten late and we hadn't been able to eat all day. We were sitting on the far side of the ER facing the wall so as not to disturb anyone else in the ER, and all the sudden we were approached by a very friendly gentleman who asked if we needed anything. We had not met him earlier and we didn't know who he was but he offered to bring us warm blankets which we thought sounded heavenly since we were pretty chilly! In moments he returned with our warm blankets which were AWESOME, and then my friend teasingly said that all we needed now were some peanut M&Ms. He laughed and walked away, but shortly returned with... You guessed it... Peanut M&Ms!!! Three packages!! We were blown away! This person didn't even know why we were there or who were with and yet he seeked us out to do something so very nice! I asked his name and told him I was going to have to "report" him. He readily gave me his name and I hope you will let him know how much his kindness meant to us. It TOTALLY made our day! My sister ended up staying as an inpatient until today, 23 Sep, and I can't say enough about Soin and everyone we encountered there. Every person we encountered was extremely friendly and helpful, and my sister's entire experience was excellent due to all the AWESOME people she encountered during her stay. She had never had to stay in a hospital before, but this was such a good experience for her due to your excellent staff. We will HIGHLY recommend Soin to everyone we encounter!!! THANK YOU!!! And thanks again JR! Those M&M's were fabulous!!

Posted by Bryan Wood on 09/23/19

Ellen ?
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency Room
Thank you to Ellen for taking care of me during a kidney stone overnight. She was attentive, personable and sweet at 3am, which can’t be easy. I know that would be hard for me! Having her talk me through everything kept my mind at ease, which tends to run rampant with curiosity as to what is going on around me. You made a rough night a lot more manageable and not so miserable.

Posted by Kelly Parin on 09/23/19

Treva McDaniel
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Dear Treva, There are no words that would ever be enough to thank you for all the help you gave my mother while in your care in ICU. You went way above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and that we were taken care of as well. Your experience as a hospice nurse allowed us to be completely informed and able to make sound mind judgements regarding her care. It makes me so happy that you were there for her on the last day of her life on Earth. Please think of my mother when your job gets hard. When you have difficult patients and families, remember my mother and that will keep you going. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kelly Parin

Posted by Diana Watkins on 09/23/19

Other, Unit: Suite 200
Heather at Sugarcreek Medical Center on Wilmington Pike did my mammogram. She was wonderful! She was so patient, kind and loving to me. I was having a really tough time and she took time out from her job to talk me through my rough time. She should be recognized for her loving, caring way. I would like to have all of my future mammograms at this facility. My home number is 937-254-8683 please feel free to call.

Posted by Diana Watkins on 09/23/19

Other, Unit: 120
Virginia is at Sugarcreek Medical Center on Wilmington Pike.

Posted by Kelly Parin on 09/23/19

Tenise Williams
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Tenise was an amazing nurse that took wonderful care of my mother during her last days on Earth. She was attentive to my mother, and also took the time to check on us and explain everything that was happening and why. She made sure my mother was always comfortable and never in pain. She even took the time to call and inquire about my mother on her day off. Tenise is an angel and I know there was a reason she was assigned to my mother. I cannot begin to thank her enough. Love, Kelly Parin

Posted by Theodore Egan on 09/22/19

Dusty Egan
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
I would like to thank Dusty for his dilligent work on Friday afternoon (09-20-2019). My wife was in the ER being treated and admitted for a severe foot ulcer that will require surgery. During our time in the ER there was a severe car accident (learned about later that night on the news) that required all hands on deck. Dusty was able to look in on us whenever he got a chance and let us know that; test results were coming, doctors were on there way, a room was being prepared, etc. It was nice to know that we had not been forgotten during this highly stressful time.

Posted by Theodore W. Egan on 09/22/19

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER I would like to thank Dusty for his dilligent work on Friday afternoon (09-20-2019). My wife was in the ER being treated and admitted for a severe foot ulcer that will require surgery. During our time in the ER there was a severe car accident (learned about later that night on the news) that required all hands on deck. Dusty was able to look in on us whenever he got a chance and let us know that; test results were coming, doctors were on there way, a room was being prepared, etc. It was nice to know that we had not been forgotten during this highly stressful time.

Posted by Landon gara on 09/21/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 north
Thank you so much for the outstanding care you providing to me and my family as I was in the hospital getting better. You were an amazing nurse and did a great job!!

Posted by Colleen Henn, on 09/21/19

Michael Schairbaum
Other, Unit: Rehab, PT
Great support for my husband’s recovery when he almost gave up hope.

Posted by Kevin on 09/16/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you very much, Leah, for your caring attitude and smile during my visit to my uncle on Sunday afternoon. I really appreciated your presence and diligent work.

Posted by Edie Drake on 09/12/19

Kylie drake
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Oncology-i
Thank you so much Kylie for helping me get through my treatments. Kylie goes above and beyond with her patients. She made me feel so much more comfortable during treatments with her kindness.

Posted by Shirley Cheek on 09/12/19

Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 5 th floof
Nicole is fantastic! Explained everything that wa going on. Very knowledgeable!! Always had a smile on her face. Even when I knew she was very busy! She has made my visit less stressful!

Posted by Julie Frank on 09/10/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: SICU
I want to commend Erich who took care of my dad from Aug 21-23 in the SICU. Erich demonstrated exceptional skills during this time:he showed exactly what is takes to be an EXCEPTIONAL nurse. My dad was admitted in serious condition for very low blood pressure and a large clot in his leg. Several specialist were called in to provide him/us with information and potential plans of care. At the age of 83, my dad to chose t have nothing done. This was nothing to new to us, as my dad discussed this openly with us for several years. As he told one doctor- "I lived a good life and am ready to go". Erich stood by my dad's side with each doctor visit and helped interpret what was being said to us. He helped re-iterate my dad's wishes with the physicians as well as was strong advocate for my dad with the physicians to continue supportive care while we waited for my brother to arrive from Arkansas. It was his true kindness and tenderness towards my dad and to us that was above and beyond normal care. Erich continued to provide comfort care to my dad and emotional support to the family. We were all treated with utmost respect during this tough time. Bedside manner is equally as important as knowledgeable care. Erich definitely demonstrated both. It was a pleasure and comfort to have him be a part of my dad's passing. I can't really say enough or put in to words what a wonderful nurse he is: you are lucky to have him on your staff. Erich found his calling in nursing and it is clear he is doing exactly what he should be doing. Erich thank you. Sincerely, Julie Frank- Jim's daughter.

Posted by Ashley Akers on 09/09/19

Other, Unit: Med/surg
Vanessa took care of my dad today, she was swamped and the unit was full, she was so kind and personable. She didn’t hesitate to ask if we needed anything, she was on top of everything! Dad was a busy patient and we were lucky to have Vanessa as our nurse at the new Troy Kettering Location! Thank you Vanessa for making his stay better! The Akers!

Posted by Brandon Horner on 09/09/19

All Nurses and Docs
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
I want to thank the Docs and Nurses for taking the best care and accommodating my friends and family. I didn’t have the best diagnosis when I was rolled into the ER. I truly thought that my kids last image of me was going to be of me being wheeled out of the house on a gurney. Thankfully, the ER team got me stable enough for transport to Kettering Medical. Again thank you for all you and your team did for me.

Posted by Kellie Sparks on 09/08/19

Jamie Mobley
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Maternity
I am so grateful to Nurse Jamie , She was there for me and my family when we were a very difficult transition in our lives, the death of my unborn granddaughter, I’ve been through serval deaths in my lifetime, this one being a baby was a first for me and I prayed before I got to the hospital for God to grant me the strength to be strong for my family, I’m as doing well until later in the I walked through the nurses station and saw a newborn they were caring for so the mother could rest, tears started flowing silently as I entered back into the room were my daughter-in-law was, Nurse Jamie was assisting her ( she is in labor) as I quietly pulled myself together, within a few minutes the newborn started crying and my daughter -in - law heard the baby and started crying herself, so that opened the floodgates, Nurse Jamie then became more than a Nurse, comforting both of us , with hugs and positive feedback , her hug was she genuine, it was like God himself was holding me and sending her strength into my body, as she was hugging me I whispered, I’m considered the strong one in the family, I was trying so hard to be strong, Nurse Jamie ‘s whispered back , “you’re still allowed to cry”, etc.... I really needed to hear that at that moment, as her shift ended and we are still here going through induced labor and delivery , I believe Jamies words has given me the strength I need to see my deceased granddaughter once she arrives, Layla Lee Marie Amerson , Words can’t express my gratitude, thank you so much Nurse Jamie Mobley Sincerely Kellie Sparks

Posted by Amy Hess on 09/01/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 W. 5108
Joanne, I wanted to take a minute to thank you so very much for the excellent care you gave my mother Eraina (Sue) Gibson. You went above and beyond everyday that you were taking care of her and we are so grateful. Being a nurse can be an exhausting and overwhelming job, but you never showed any sign of that. You were ALWAYS kind, compassionate and clearly an intelligent nurse. Codee and Amanda were also excellent nurses aids and we are so thankful to them too! There really aren't enough words to thank all of you enough. Sincerely, Amy Hess

Posted by Christine Weber on 08/28/19

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: SH UNIT 2
Dear Gisele, I could tell the moment you came in that first day I was your patient that you knew what you were doing and that you were going to take good care of me. You could tell I was really hurting and you did everything you could to help me. I am so grateful for your kindness and compassion. Thank you for keeping me as comfortable as possible, taking the time to explain things, and easing my fears. You are truly what a nurse should be! Sincerely, Christine Weber

Posted by Larry B. on 08/28/19

Soin Medical Center, Unit: UCU heart
Kelly - The one with five kids and a soccer game to get to!! Thank you so much for the attentive care before/during/after my heart cath procedure. You were professional and kind, attentive and just the right amount of talkative! Thank you for taking care of both me and my wife, and reassuring us at every step. You are awesome!

Posted by Stephanie McMillen on 08/27/19

Holly Denlinger
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
My husband and I had a better experience than we could have ever imagined, and were well taken care of by Holly. We could tell she genuinely cared about our twin boys Cooper and Blake. She was always on her “A” game and really knew her stuff! Any question I asked was answered professionally but with wonderful bed-side manner. I would highly recommend Holly and hope she continues to bless others with her service. Thank you Holly! Stephanie, Nick, Cooper, and Blake

Posted by David Martinez on 08/27/19

All nurses in ER, ICU, 2100
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thanks to all the nurses and techs who provided excellent care during my stay from 22 August to 26 August, 2019. You are all great! David Martinez

Posted by Kim Hauschild on 08/26/19

Kim Hauschild
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Rayna, Thank you for taking the time to connect with Granny during her stay. She has had some good nurses, and unfortunately, some not so good ones, but you are far and away THE BEST. My family and I talked about how much we appreciated you making her feel special amidst your daily duties and helping her to relax before they repaired her broken femur. I'm sure you hear this plenty, but are so very good at what you do and you have a special place in our hearts. -Judy Andrews family

Posted by Shana Freeman on 08/25/19

Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thanks for the hospitality.

Posted by Shana Freeman on 08/25/19

Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thanks for the hospitality.

Posted by Heather Lewis on 08/23/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ONCOLOGY
LIZ, I wanted to thank you for from the bottom of my heart for trying to help my dad, Michael Hathaway. He sure is a fighter and it is rare for him to admit he is not feeling well. So, when he does and I call you then you jump to fix it. I can not thank you enough. You have a calm demeanor and that is helpful because ALL of this is super scary. I think you are an asset to Kettering Cancer Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock . Sincerely, Heather Lewis on behalf of Michael Hathaway 04/18/1945

Posted by Brad Bernard on 08/22/19

Soin Medical Center, Unit: ICU
I came into Soin ER a couple weeks ago with Sepis. I was hot, sweaty, and confused. I was quickly transferred to the ICU. I was a mess. Hope, RN,gave the care I needed in a kind, professional, and helpful way that speaks to the excellent training, skill, and compassion she possesses. She was also reassuring to my wife and family who were worried about my health. I want to thank Hope for her superior nursing care.

Posted by Teri Merle on 08/21/19

Bryce Merle
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Bryce, Thank you for your patience and careful explanation of each procedure you performed. You are a great Nurse. Alex and I truly appreciated the care you provided. Sincerely Teri Merle

Posted by Teri Merle on 08/21/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Revised Bryce, Thank you for your patience and careful explanation of each procedure you performed. You are a great Nurse. Alex and I truly appreciated the care you provided. Sincerely Teri Merle

Posted by Jean W. on 08/21/19

Everyone on 3S
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3S
Thanks to everyone on the unit who provided amazing care to me! You're the best! :) Jean W.

Posted by Jean Warren on 08/21/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5N
Thanks to everyone on 5N who took great care of me during my recent visit! I appreciate all your hard work! JEAN W.

Posted by Tony Malone on 08/15/19

Morgan Dyer
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ED
Hello, My name is Tony Malone and I’m a Paramedic with Buckeye. We had a transfer out of Sycamore ED to KMC on Saturday evening of August 10th. Morgan did a phenomenal job in helping us with a difficult ALS patient. I could go into details, but it is not necessary. Simply put, it was a mix of equipment issues and a very distressed patient. Morgan stayed with us the entire time to see that our needs and the patient’s needs were met and she never lost her cool. The staff in the ED is always great to us, but this evening Morgan really displayed the “Team Effort” concept. Thanks, Tony

Posted by Megan Moore on 08/15/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for being awesome. You made me feel so much better about my first ever surgery. You helped me out alot.

Posted by Jan M Wanamaker on 08/14/19

Olivia Benton
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: cath lab
Valuable asset to Cath Lab. Made me feel at ease and comfortable during my procedure. She greeted me with a smile she was pleasant, efficient and answered all my questions that I had. Her bed side manner and attitude was incredible. She is truly an asset to Kettering Medical Center Cath Lab. I hope you realize how wonderful she is and she deserves this recognition. I am writing this for the Daisy Award Recognition for Olivia Benton. Sincerely, Jan M Wananmaker

Posted by Shirley Cheek on 08/12/19

Jazmin, Carolyn
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 6th floor
You guys were great! Answered my questions and explained everything that was about to happen to me.

Posted by Michele Lehman on 08/07/19

Alicia, Youngson, Nicole
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Pre-surg
Thank you so much for the loving care you provided! You're awesome! Please also thank Beth (Registration), Iyon (Transportation) & Tiffany/Rose (GI). So appreciate you all....

Posted by Deb switzer on 08/05/19

Carolina Fogle
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thanks for going out of the box. The family appreciates your caring and concerns.

Posted by Dawn on 08/01/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for taking great care of my girlfriend! (Caroline Christy Taylor) We really appreciate all you did!

Posted by Stacy Prouty on 08/01/19

Lakin Flanigan
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 6100
I just want to thank you for being an excellent charge nurse. I don't think that you get enough recognition. I miss working with you and I wish you the best of luck in your career!

Posted by Peggy Collins on 07/31/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
I wanted to send Caroline a Thank you from my sisters and I. She was so informative, so caring and clearly very smart in the care of my mom Phyllis Yingling. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate her straight forward communication and concern. She is an absolute gem.

Posted by Jennifer Elkins on 07/30/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L&D
As a first time mom and a first time patient, I had no idea how much I would depend on my nurses for support. All the nursing staff were amazing, however I wanted to call specific attention to Nurse Jen who was assigned to me during my active labor in L&D on Tuesday July 16th, day shift. Wow, just wow. She was beyond exceptional in every way. From her calm and supportive demeanor, to her well rounded considerations of my needs. She anticipated care that I didn't even know I needed. She served as educator, motivator, support person and advocate and I believe - single handedly - made all the difference. Thank you, Jen, for making my experience at KMC perfect as could be. Jenn, Matt & Baby Parker Elkins

Posted by Natalie Chenoweth on 07/29/19

Hannah & Kayleigh
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor/Delv
Hannah and Kayleigh, I wanted to thank both of you for all of the encouragement you provided me during my first delivery of my son, Leland. You calmed my anxiety (sorry for asking every hour for a new arrival time estimate!) and made the birth process so much easier. You are both incredible at what you do and I couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable, personable, and supportive nurses. I cannot thank you both enough! -Natalie C

Posted by Amanda Ostendorf on 07/29/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you for showing compassion while caring for my father! Please thank the other nurses on the unit for making our family feel at ease and ensuring that he could transition out of the ICU. Our family appreciates all that you do! May God bless you. Sincerely, The Ostendorf's

Posted by Ashley on 07/21/19

Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 4120-B
Thank you for caring for my mom. I appreciate all your hard work and everything you do to make her time in the hospital as pleasant as it can be.

Posted by Jody Carter on 07/20/19

Matt Unknown
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor - room 5315
Thank you, Matt, for being a wonderful nurse. You kept our family informed and were very patient with my mother. I appreciate your compassion.

Posted by Emilee on 07/17/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L & D
Amy in labor and delivery was amazing! She made me and my husband feel so comfortable in the care we were receiving. When my labor turned into an urgent c-section she was there with me the whole way. I am so thankful for her!

Posted by Bruce Steele (submitted for pt by M.Kelhoffer RN) on 07/15/19

Penny St Clair
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: GV ED
Bruce stated, "If I could hug her right now I would. She really listened and believed me. She was awesome".

Posted by AL ROEMER on 07/13/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ERCP/GALLB
Thanks to Casey, Betsy, Kim, JD, Michaela, and Christina for the excellent care I received on their watch during my two surgeries on July 10 and 11th. They are a professional caring group that helps make you comfortable knowing that they are there for you in any situation. Al Roemer

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ER
I came in on the ambulance, scared not knowing what to expect, finding out that I was being admitted and Nora did so much for us to make us feel more relaxed. Thank you for everything you did for us! Thank you, Al and Linda

Posted by Stapleton Family on 07/08/19

Jennifer & Mike
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: MICU
Our family wanted to reach out and give a big thank you to RN's Mike and Jennifer in the MICU. These 2 nurses were phenomenal! They made everything easy and smooth and really made you feel comfortable and explained everything. They treated our loved one just like they were their own family member. They both went over and beyond their normal duties. We all felt they deserved some special recognition for their efforts.

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Medical Ob
Thank you for everything you did for us while I was at the hospital on Sunday. You put us at ease about a lot of things and we appreciate your help in getting discharged and making sure we knew what to do

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Medical Ob
Thank you so much for everything you did while I was there Saturday night. We really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us out and make us feel at ease!

Posted by Sahena on 07/07/19

Marilee, Erin, Natasha, Brianna, Debbie,Chelsea
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
We couldn't thank enough for the wonderful care provided by the nurses for the mom and baby. All the nurses - Marilee, Brianna, Erin, Debbie, Natasha, Chelsea,Bri (couldn't remember few other names, I apologize :( ), doing wonderful job, thank you guys.

Posted by Bob Combs on 06/29/19

Aaron Combs
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Teresa and I really appreciate the care you gave me and the way you looked after me. You have a great personality and your sense of humor is really helpful to people. We wish you all the best and you represent Kettering very well.

Posted by Tera Easterling on 06/24/19

Kari N/a
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Emergency Room
I was brought by the EMTs in the middle of the night after having a seizure again. I had to wait a bit longer due to other severe emergencies and you kept me updated the best you could, you talked to me like you've known me quite a bit and with respect as well. You made me feel much more at ease and comfortable in my scary situation. Thank you so much

Posted by Larry and Linda Bourdon on 06/24/19

Velma Redman
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Heart
We would like to thank Velma for her excellent care and professionalism. She is kind, pleasant and thoroughly enjoys what she does and it shows. She always had a smile on her face when she came into the room. She was extremely helpful and informative on the cardiac catherization procedure and follow up. She made the experience a pleasant one. Thank you Velma.

Posted by Savannah Ashe on 06/18/19

Michael Vanderpool
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you so much for the wonderful and precise care I received! You left no stone unturned to help get the best care I needed. Providing an abundance of patient education also helped ease my mind. I appreciate your help!

Posted by Mike Adamson on 06/18/19

Tami Stapleton
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for always taking good care of me and my family when we come in there.

Posted by Karen Lee on 06/17/19

Soin Medical Center, Unit: icu
Thank you for all of your help and keeping my friend up to date over the phone. Thank you for helping to protect my dignity as well.

Posted by James Engle on 06/17/19

Brenna Gingrich
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: CCU
Ref my brother Richard Mello room 3504-1 May 25 I am unable to thank you enough for your actions that saved my brothers life. He is turning over a new leaf after this life changing experience and we have you to thank for that. You will always be in my thoughts and I will never forget your wonderful act and beautiful spirit. I will always be at your service if you ever need my assistance, please do not forget that.

Posted by Andrew on 06/15/19

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Obviously going through a tough time with a loved one in the ICU. Special thanks to Megan for communicating and exceptional care that was provided.

Posted by Victor novell on 06/14/19

Cardiac rehab
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit:
The rehab nurses you have here are excellent the made my rehab fun and enjoyable they really need praise for there job well done thank you so much from the bottom of my heart your aces keep up the good work

Posted by Kinda Ammon on 06/11/19

Soin Medical Center, Unit: Spines
I had spine surgery on the morning of June 3rd and then in room 5520. I just want all my nurses- I am so sorry I don’t have all their names (drugs will do that to you)-to know just how wonderful they truly are! I know I talked to Jacob about his wedding and talked a lot to Abby. They took such great care of me. I appreciate them so much. Also the physical therapist was great. I am sure I gave them a giggle about the ants on the ceiling that were really screws. Everyone I came in contact with was just perfect. They made a very uncomfortable situation bearable. Thank you??

Posted by Natasha Mullins on 06/08/19

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Angie i believe you are hands-down one of the BEST nurses I had at Kettering Medical Center. thank you for your kindness and patience. I do believe and  think you were definitely born to be a nurse and are very good at what you do. She went above and beyond with my husband and myself. She answered any question I had, to making sure we both were taken care of during our stay. She made a special connection with my husband and myself.  She helped myself remain positive throughout all the challenging moments during my husband latest hospital stay.       She showed great interpersonal skills such as listening to all my concerns, to great teamwork with coworkers. Overall she is a wonderful nurse through and through. If I ever have to be hospitalized I honestly hope I get her or some who shares the same skills and enthusiasm for their job!  I will never forget the kidness exhibited by Angie. She truly made a difference in my life. 

Posted by Shannon Habel on 06/06/19

Brittany Habel
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you for your amazing kindness in the emergency room on 05/30/2019, my stay with all the nurses were amazing and the ones on the 5th floor as well, I appreciate you! Sincerely, Shannon Habel

Posted by Abigail Diane Varney on 06/03/19

Marilee Varney
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Labor and
I just want to say she is hands-down the BEST nurse I had at Southview. She was my nurse when my daughter was born, and she kept the mood up and was always so cheerful. When I had my second child my experience was less than pleasant with my L&D nurse and Marilee came in and helped me push through the pain when my nurse wasn't being very encouraging or nice. I love her to death. She remembered my daughter when I was in labor with my son and in the future (if I have any more babies LOL) I would request her time and time again for my L&D nurse. She is the most hospitable, caring nurse I have ever met. I hope she's doing well??

Posted by Cydney Harkness on 05/31/19

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Radiology
I wanted to thank Kim, and the other nurses who work with her in Radiology specifically with the MRI scans. I have had quite a few MRI scans at this location, and have had Kim every time. Kim and her team are ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS professional and courteaous, ALWAYS knowledgeable and efficient, and ALWAYS make me feel like a priority when I am there for my scans. For me, this is customer service at it's very BEST! Thank you Kim for being amazing! You make this otherwise nerve wracking procedure (for me) a breeze, and I'm so thankful!

Unique compilation of thank you messages for nurses and thoughtful appreciation notes to thank nurse for all the loving care, help and support.

Grateful Patient Pens Note to Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan for Compassionate Care

It was you.

It was you who held my hand when I said "I don't know if I'm ready for this."

It was you who told me to push before the epidural ran out, and boy did I push.

It was you who stayed long after your shift had ended because you were just as excited as I was to find out whether we were welcoming a boy or a girl.

It was you who took the camera and captured our first moments without us even having to ask.

It was you who made my child laugh while the doctor checked to see if he needed stitches after a bad run in with a coffee table.

It was you who cried with me after the doctor told us that our son had an aneurysm.

It was you who brought me coffee while my husband was in open heart surgery.

It was you who let out a sigh of relief with me when the doctor came out to tell me the surgery went well.

It was you who answered the phone at 3:00 a.m. like an old friend to comfort me and tell me that my husband was sleeping comfortably while I was home caring for our baby.

It was you who hugged me when the ultrasound showed that our baby had no heartbeat.

It was you who made me laugh when my water broke as I walked to the bathroom.

It was you who made me feel like I was capable of anything.

It was you who ran into the room to comfort my son during a CT scan when you looked at me and knew I was at a loss on how to do it.

It was you who jumped up and down shouting "It's a boy! It's a boy!" making me feel like you were part of our family even just for that brief moment.

It was you who brought me ice packs and chocolate chip cookies at 1 am when you knew I was not able to sleep.

It was you who helped me navigate the unknown waters of motherhood.

It was you who finally latched my son onto me as I cried worrying he was in fact going to starve.

It was you who spoon fed my grandmother.

It was you who stayed to pray with the family.

It was you who cared.

It was always you.

You are a nurse. You were our nurse. Every day you go to work you deal with the good and the bad and you do it in a way that only you can. You care. You love. You grieve. You don't expect anything in return but today I want to thank you. Thank you for doing what you do because without you the hospitals would feel empty. The doctor offices would feel empty. The delivery room would feel empty. The waiting room would feel empty. You do more than you know and long after the doctors go home you are there. Long after the surgery is over you are there. You are there checking in on us and taking care of us. When we go home you are the one we remember. You see being a nurse is not just your profession it's who you are and we love you for being exactly who you are. You may not realize it but we think about you long after we have returned home.

Thank you.

how to thank a nurse

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Dear Nurse, thank you

Are you thanking the nurses in your life? Here are five ways to say 'thank you' to a nurse who has touched you or a loved one this year.

how to thank a nurse
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