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Team mom thank you gifts
June 02, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 4 comments

Интересно, какой мир окружит меня через каких-нибудь несколько минут субъективного времени; будут ли помнить тебя как творца или разрушителя - и будут ли помнить.

До свидания, Элвин. Я думал дать тебе пару советов, но вряд ли ты примешь. Ты пойдешь своей дорогой, как всегда, а твои друзья будут лишь орудиями, используемыми или отбрасываемыми по обстоятельствам.

With the end of another sports season, comes the inevitable question for youth sports parents: what gift to buy for their child's coach. Selecting the right end-of-season coach's gift involves a number of considerations:

Are gifts allowed?

Before you start collecting money or searching for a gift, find out if such gifts are even permitted. Many youth sports leagues have adopted a "no gifts" policy. The reason for the ban is to avoid forcing parents- especially those hit hard by the economic downturn or with kids playing on more than one team - into having to choose between spending money they don't have and the embarrassment of seeing the coach receive a team gift or individual gifts from every parent except them.

Here are some suggestions if a no-gift rule is in place:

  • Send the coach a handwritten note or card thanking him or her for the season along with a separate thank you note from your child. As a former coach, I can tell you that such notes are greatly appreciated by coaches.
  • Give the coach a game ball and thank you card signed by all the players. The autographed game ball makes a nice keepsake.
  • After the last game, arrange to have the players make short speeches about the coach. I remember one time a coach in a no-gift league telling me that one of the best end-of-season gifts he ever received was a video one of the dads filmed of the player's speeches which was presented to the coach with a handmade card signed from all the boys and their parents. He told me it was the one gift that stood out in his mind above all others and it didn't cost much more than a blank DVD.

Team or individual gifts?

If gifts are permitted, it is usually best for the parents to take up a collection to buy a team gift for the coach. Some ideas:

  • A gift certificate to a local restaurant. Our research suggests that this is the gift most women coaches prefer. I remember getting a gift certificate to a local restaurant by a soccer team I coached. I know that I was beaming all through dinner as I reminisced with my family about the season. It was nice to know that all the hard work being a coach entails - the juggling of line-ups to make sure everyone got significant playing time, the endless phone calls - was appreciated in a way that gave me a night off from cooking. Double bonus if the certificates are purchased through the school's Scrip program so that the school gets a percentage of the purchase donated back.
  • Tickets to a sporting event or a gift certificate to a favorite sporting goods store. Our research suggests that these are the team gifts most male coaches prefer.
  • A Dunkin Donuts gift card (what coach, male or female, doesn't drink coffee or eat the occasional donut?)
  • A trophy or glass vase engraved with the name of the coach, team, town and date. I have a beautiful cut-glass vase in my office that I got from the parents of an undefeated boys' soccer team I coached a few years back. The team bought it from a catalog at a local trophy store and it didn't cost much more than $4 to 5 per boy, yet I will cherish it forever. My own trophy!

What are the coach's interests?

What hobbies does the coach have? The more you know about the coach the easier it will be to get a gift he or she will like. Is he a golfer, skier, tennis player?

Other gift ideas

  • A framed team photo with each player's signature in a white border. Especially nice for an office
  • A coffee mug with the team photo and signatures in permanent ink
  • A T-shirt or polo-type shirt with the team's name and won-loss record on the pocket
  • A case for a signed game ball

Your suggestions

Here are some additional ideas suggested by visitors to MomsTeam's Facebook page:

  •  "My husband says the greatest gift he could ever hope for is the kids playing hard and as a team." -- Cassondra Barber of Sherrill, New York.
  • "My husband coached and one of the nicest gifts he ( and the other coaches) received was a cooler ( LL Bean, I believe) with his (our) name on it. All the coaches received personalized coolers-- and it is useful for all outdoor events- family and otherwise-- and non-sport specific. we KNEW exactly who gave us the cooler-- and that we use it still is a reminder of the team. -- Barbara Bleiweis
  • "My husband coached and served on the boosters for several years. When he and a couple of other members stepped down, the school gave them each an insulated backpack/picnic cooler from Eddie Bauer that had the school's name embroidered on it. It is awesome - we use it ALL the time." -- Michelle Spelman
  • "I was an assistant coach for a CYO HSG team and at the end of the season the girls bought basketballs for each coach and after the fianl game they each signed them and took a final team picture at the end of the season. It was a great gift and something i will have forever." -- Kyle Miller of Levittown, Pennsylvania.

What was the best gift you received as a coach? The best idea for a gift? Let us know by posting a comment and we'll update the article to add the best suggestions.

Created June 3, 2010; Revised May 19, 2011


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Team mamas are special. They are the team secretary, team cheerleader, team organizer, team party planner, team nurse, team counselor, team chauffeur, team photographer, amongst so many other things. In the words of my sweet friend Mindy, she is "the lady on the field that loves those boys just as much as their own mom".

Despite being all of these things, a fellow football mama brought to my attention recently that there aren't many resources out there with ideas for gifts for team moms. She asked me if I'd write a post with some, so here we go!

  • Personalized apparel. Team mamas are full of team spirit, so you just can't go wrong with giving her something that she can wear proudly in the stands. Add a little bling if you can; because bleachers and bling, it's a sports mama thing!
  • Meal prep service. I received a certificate for one of these a few seasons ago, and let me tell you- it came in handy! Your team mama spends more time at practices and games than she does at home, she'll take all the help she can get when it comes to cooking. Winner, winner, chicken (or whatever else she feels like eating!) dinner!
  • Sports (spectating) gear. Because after all, that's what she does best. A cowbell, touchdown jar , stadium blanket, monopod; basically anything she can use on the sidelines is sure to have her smiling from ear to ear!
  • Gift card. I don't think you can ever go wrong with this one. If you aren't exactly sure where to get her one to, a Visa is always your safest bet. This way she can buy herself whatever her little heart desires.
  • Thank you card. This is hands down the gift that touches my heart the most. Your team mama doesn't do all that she does for the recognition. She does it because she loves it. A few kind words go a long way!
  • Trophy! I've never received one, but I came across this one on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest thing EVER!!!

What gifts have you given your favorite team mamas? Let me know in the comment section below!

*** 11/6/18 No. 1's Freshman football team surprised me with this football signed by the entire team. I absolutely LOVE it!!! I'm sure your team mama would too!

And how cool is this?!?

Heather S., one of the awesomely creative Sports Mamas in our Facebook Group made it for her team mama!

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team mom thank you gifts

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5 Reasons I Love Playing at Cal Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge
(and you will too!)

Opening Ceremony of Cal Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge

1 – Location

Ok, Cal Ripken in Pigeon Forge is located 20 minutes from my house. I work 5 minutes from there. So, definitely location wise, I love it. However, you will too. It is located in a vacation destination. It is a one-day drive from almost anywhere in the East USA. There is literally something to do for everyone. There is shopping, amusement parks, live entertainment, the Great Smoky Mountains, race tracks, arcades, movies and more!

2 – Turf Fields

Really, Mom’s! Do I need to say more? TURF FIELDS. I don’t know about you. There are all these different ways to get white pants clean. We do this…

How we normally clean white baseball pants


However, when your child has played on the turf field, you put the white baseball pants straight into the washing machine. I didn’t even have to get the Fels naphtha bar, shout, White out, Bright White, etc. out. It came clean in one cycle of the washing machine! Hallelujah, Amen!

An added bonus of turf fields is rain does not affect the field. That’s right. When it rains, they still play!

3 – Free Admission

What? So you are telling me, I get to pocket the $15 I would have paid to get into a weekend tournament. I don’t know what your tournament admission fees are where you come from, but we pay $15 for the weekend for each adult. At Cal Ripken, there is no admission fee! $0

Added Bonus – each dugout has a water cooler for the team. Therefore, you are saving money on drinks for your player as well. This alone can save a pretty penny on a hot weekend of baseball.

4 – Awesome Communication

Every tournament we have participated in at Cal Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge has had great communication. They have a text messaging system that keeps everyone up to date on who wins, schedules, any delays, etc. The communication at this park is phenomenal.

5 – Bull Pen and Batting Cages

My husband, a Coach, loves that each team has their own bull pen and batting cage on each field. This is a HUGE DEAL to a coach. We have been at plenty of fields where we had to stand in line to get BP. And we have even been unable to get into a batting cage before a game because the cage was so full.

These are just some of the reasons why we love playing at Cal Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge. Have you played there before? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you card. This is hands down the gift that touches my heart the most. Your team mama doesn't do all that she does for the recognition.

team mom Gifts

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What's the nicest Team Mom gift that you've ever received (or seen)? I'm in charge of getting the gift this year, and I'd like to do something different than a bouquet of flowers, which is what they typically get. I have no 'craft-type' skills, but I'm a great delegator. Any suggestions? Thanks.
***************************** 'Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.'
I haven't seen this happen with our teams. It sounds like a nice tradition to begin though. May I suggest a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or a team picture with a signed ball?
I received a sterling silver ring that looks like a bat going around my finger wuith a baseball in the middle. I love it. I have worn it constantly for the last 2 years and it still looks good.
How about tickets to a pro game ... if there's a city and team close by...that she might like to watch...

of course...assuming she likes to attend...


if she has son's playing in the could get her a new lawn chair/umbrella combo...with a tote bag...embroidered with a nice saying that she would identify with...

We really haven't had team mom gifts..good idea though

I remember a few years ago my mom was given a gift certificate to have a pedicure and manicure done. I know she really appreciated it. And it pretty much says, because you gave all your time and effort, why don't you go have a little me time on us.
I was never a team Mom: I was a coach, and I got two of the all-time best save-them-in-case-of-fire presents ever.

One was a quilt -- the team Mom gave each of the players a quilt square, and they made their own decorated 'thank you's'. (That even gives me written proof that I taught a young man currently pitching at a prominent D1 to pitch!) She then sewed the quilt together, and embroidered the team name and dates on the reverse.

The other was a large, beautifully framed photograph of my son pitching with an overlay of me coaching superimposed to the side, with a brass plaque inscribed with my favorite Satchel Paige quote: "Just throw strikes, home plate don't move".

What wonderful memories....
I have convinced my little team that they need to go the the COACH store to buy their COACH a gift
Our team presented us with a marble plaque engraved with our sons' names. It is to be placed near a tree that will be planted in their honor. We cried like babies. So much better than a rose and a picture, which we received also.

Coolest Team Mom Gift

team mom thank you gifts

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team mom thank you gifts
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