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Thank you for the baby shower gifts

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Thank you for the baby shower gifts
March 01, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 1 comment

The Best Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas + Free Printables

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The baby shower is over and now it is time to thank all of your wonderful friends and family for coming - and for their thoughtful gifts!

Also, don't forget to say "thank you for the baby shower" to your gracious hostess for planning the memorable event!

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The Best Baby Shower Wording Ideas For Thank You Cards

It takes a special talent for writing clever, heart-felt thank you cards. I usually sit down to write one, and am suddenly at a loss for words.

Over the years, I have come up with some tricks for easily writing sentimental thank you cards.

Below are some easy tips for writing amazing thank you cards that guests will appreciate:

  • You don't want to come across as being fake or scripted - like you have said the same thank you message in every thank you card you have written. "Thank you for the baby shower gift, the baby and I will love it!"

  • When writing your cards, always include a personal message that is specifically for that person. Be sure to mention the gift they gave you. Ex: "Thank you for the beautiful quilt, it reminds me of the one you made me when I was a little girl." This lets the person know that you remember exactly what they got you, and you truly are thankful for their gift.

  • In addition to referencing what the gift was, you can also include how you plan to use it - if applicable. 

  • Never use a pre-written card where you fill in the blanks. This is non-personal and kind of tacky.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas For Close Friends & Family

  • Dear Sadie,
    Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower! We have already started using the baby bath and washcloths you gave us. You are so sweet! You've always been there for me, and I appreciate your friendship! See you soon!
    Love, Sara

  • How to say thank you - for a group gift:
    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the generous baby shower gift from you and all of the girls! I am so lucky to have such supportive girlfriends in my life. It means so much to me, and the gift will definitely be a huge help when the baby arrives.
    Love, Kerrie

  • Thank you card ideas for a couples baby shower:
    Dear Monique,
    Thank you for helping us celebrate this special day! We truly appreciate you coming and can't thank you enough for the gift basket you brought! The diapers will definitely be used right away, and we will cherish the personalized, silver baby cup for a lifetime! Thanks again!
    Love, Amy & Matt

How To Tell The Hostess "Thank You For Hosting The Baby Shower"

FREE Printable Kindness Quote - Wall Art

Thankful for sweet friends like you!

Dear Lizzie!

Thank you so much for all of the time you spent planning my baby shower and making it such a memorable experience! It was absolutely wonderful, and I loved every minute of it! Everything from the invites to the decorations were planned out so perfectly! You are so appreciated and I can't thank you enough!

All My Love,

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Favor Tags

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Envelope Address Station: Make life easier for the mom-to-be by setting up a "Thank You Card Address Table."

Guests can easily fill out their address to help the new mom send out her thank you cards!

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Your baby shower is the opportunity for your friends and family to celebrate your upcoming arrival—and, of course, shower you with the clothing and gear you’ll need as you start this new life stage!

Chances are, after your baby shower comes to a close, you’ll find yourself inundated with gifts lovingly given by family and friends—which means two things: You’ll be well prepared for baby’s arrival, and you’ll have plenty of baby shower thank you cards to write. But when should you send them, and what should you say? Here’s the 411 on baby shower thank you cards etiquette.

When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards

In a perfect world, you’d send your baby shower thank you notes within two to three weeks of the event, says Katherine Kommer, Lead Planner for Baby Showers Inc., a baby shower planning firm based in New York City.

“That being said, life is hectic and preparing for a baby is a lot of work, so up to three months after the shower is acceptable,” says Kommer, who notes that baby showers are typically held six to eight weeks before the due date. Keep in mind that as busy as you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, it’s even harder to find the time to write baby shower thank you notes after your child arrives—something that, as a new mom herself, she can attest to personally.

If you don’t make that deadline, remember that it’s never too late to show gratitude! Texting over a photo of your baby wearing her new clothes or using his new swaddle blanket can tide you over until the day you finally get enough sleep to sit down and hand-write a note. “It’s always better to be late than never, and your friends will be gracious even if it’s six months down the line,” says Kommer. That’s especially true for gifts sent ahead of the baby shower or by mail, since you want to make sure the gift-giver knows you received the present.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Whether you’re in the last few weeks of pregnancy or learning to be a parent, it can be hard to figure out what to write in a baby shower thank you card. So we’re giving you a few helpful hints.

The general format is to include lines thanking the gift-giver for the item you received, express how grateful you are that they made time to attend your shower, and mention how you’re expecting to use or enjoy the gift. “You don’t have to go crazy writing an essay!” Kommer says.

Here are a few starter phrases for baby shower thank you cards:

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift!
  • I’m excited to use it once the baby is here–I’m sure it’ll come in handy all the time.
  • It was so wonderful to see you at the baby shower.
  • I really appreciate all of your support during my pregnancy.
  • I can’t wait for you to meet the baby!

If you’re sending a thank you message for baby shower host, acknowledge the effort they put into planning the event and reference some of the details that made your baby shower really special, like flower arrangements, decorations or DIY projects you know they put a lot of thought into. Some moms-to-be choose to add a little thank you gift, like a gift certificate, but it’s not necessary.

Cute Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Of course, you’ll need stationery to write those baby shower thank you notes on! If you don’t have cards already, consider ordering ones that match the baby shower invitations. Otherwise, choose ones that reflect your style, or indulge in the sweetest designs you can find. Here, a few fun picks for baby shower thank you cards.

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Flowers are a classic motif for baby shower thank you cards—they’re friendly, colorful and oh-so-sweet. We love this pick for its hand-painted appeal.

Buy it: Baby Roses Baby Shower Thank You Cards, from $1.62 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

One and two and baby makes three! Reference your growing family with this sweet illustration of a family of sheep.

Buy it. Laurel Arrival Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

This high-contrast color block thank you card is just right for the fashion-forward mom. Make your baby shower thank you notes extra meaningful with your personalized name at the bottom.

Buy it: Modern Color Block Thank You Card, from $0.76 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Get excited about all things baby with this cheerful, balloon-themed thank you card. Fitting, seeing as you’re likely bursting with joy.

Buy it: Up and Away Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

Consider this customized baby shower thank you card—a standout, thanks to its romantic floral design. It comes in four different color palettes, so you can find one that works with your baby shower color scheme.

Buy it: Peony Floral Vine Thank You Card, from $1.67 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Shutterfly

What’s sweeter than peaches and pint-size strawberries? This playful card offers a whimsical take on mamas and their little ones through cute fruit illustrations.

Buy it: Fruitful Watercolor Thank You Card, from $0.65 per card,

Photo: Courtesy Minted

If you’re saying thank you after baby has arrived, use a photo card to share their sweet face with the world.

Buy it: Word Bubble Thank You Card, from $0.89 per card,

Plus, more from The Bump:

Photo: One Sweet World Images

This unique baby shower gift got people talking on Twitter.

Dear _______________,

This little baby shower thank you note is packed with emotion. I feel so blessed that you were able to make it to my event last Sunday. Having you by my side to share the joy of welcoming a new member to our family meant a lot to me. I also really appreciate your baby shower gifts. The baby monitor will be used from day one. When my infant is napping in another room it will help to ease my mind. Thank you again for this perfect present! And when it comes to darling handmade baby items, you create the most precious little bibs I ever did see. I really appreciate your kindness. When my tiny one arrives and comes home, I’d love for you to stop by for a visit. It will be nice to have another opportunity for more great conversation while you’re meeting my newborn.

Warmest wishes,


Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note

Dear _______________,

You are simply the sweetest! Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower. I was so thrilled when you walked through the door! I had no idea that you were planning a trip to California just to attend this special event and help me celebrate! I still can’t believe my Mom and sister were able to keep such a grand secret. It was such a great surprise that filled my heart with joy. Thank you also for the darling baby shower gift of Gymboree overalls, little shirt and adorable matching hat. I appreciate everything, especially your friendship and surprise visit.



Thanks for Baby Shower Gifs

Dear _______________,

I love the sweet baby shower gift you selected for me. Thank you so much! You’ve always had impeccable taste and fabulous style. My baby is going to look so fashionable wearing those two darling baby outfits. Thank you also for the beautiful Gund Winky Lamb baby rattle and the soft cozy crib blanket. Your baby shower gift was so incredibly generous. Thanks for helping me celebrate this very special time in my life. I am so excited for this new chapter to begin!

Many kisses,


Thank You Note for Baby Shower Gifts

Dear _______________,

It was so sweet of you to send a lovely baby shower gift for me! My grandma brought it with her when she arrived at my party. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness. The gift wrapping was so darling. And the baby shower gift of handmade vintage toys was incredibly special. I plan to place these beautiful toys on a shelf in the nursery. They will add a very special touch to the room’s decor. And when my little one is ready to use them, I’ll bring them down for him. I feel blessed by your kindness!

Love and hugs,



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I've never liked thank you notes. Actually, I used to have zero emotions tied up in them . . . until I started making babies. Now, the sheer thought of those little cards fills me with dread, stress, and guilt.

That's because I'd fallen behind in writing them after my first baby shower and never caught up again. I loved when people brought gifts, of course, but it also meant tacking another item on to my never-ending to-do list. Finding time between diaper changes and nap schedules to write a coherent note of appreciation, locate a stamp, dig up an address, and actually stick it in a mailbox became arduous. I tried my best to get them all out, but some invariably slipped through the cracks. The shame was so consuming that I began quietly letting other new moms know not to return the favor. I'd bring a gift and say, "Please, if you write thank you notes, don't worry about it with this one."

When a blown-up version of that same sentiment took place at the baby shower of mom-to-be Laura Turner, I was intrigued. She took to Twitter to share the shocking thing a guest said in front of the entire room:

At first, I wanted to applaud this mystery woman for offering what we all secretly wish someone did at our own baby showers. What a relief to be off the hook for such a time-consuming task, especially when we're opening up the presents in front of those giving them! But, then, I had a vision of etiquette extraordinaire Emily Post rolling over in her grave, and I could just imagine the disappointed looks on the faces of all the great aunts at my shower if someone stood up and announced that the mom-to-be need not send them a thank you card for the gift they so carefully picked out, paid for, and wrapped.

I'm still torn, and it appears that the rest of us are, too. In response to Laura's tweet, women have chimed in with their own opinions on the matter:

Image Source: Flickr user dutchbaby

Do you think new moms should be exempt from writing thank you notes?

Yes, they have enough work to do already!

No, it’s rude not to express appreciation.

You are the best friends and co-workers anyone could ever ask for! Thanks for the baby shower gifts. They were so sweet! Although I consider myself to be a.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes: How To Write And What To Write (With Examples)

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Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

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thank you for the baby shower gifts

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“Thank you so much for the lovely (gift). It's so perfect for the baby's room and I can't wait to get to use it.

thank you for the baby shower gifts
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