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Thank you for your condolences and flowers

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Thank you for your condolences and flowers
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After the loss of a loved one, most people receive a variety of items such as gift baskets, floral arrangements, mass cards, and sympathy cards. Some may wonder if all of these things should be acknowledged with a sympathy thank you card. While it is always recommended that a floral arrangement, gift basket or mass card is acknowledged with a thank you card it is considered optional to send one when receiving sympathy cards. Sometimes, the sheer volume of cards received makes it challenging. However, the act of sending out these cards can actually assist with the grieving process.

In recognizing all the people who were so thoughtful, loving, kind, and supportive, it can help the bereaved to realize they are not alone. Writing out these greeting cards may bring about thoughts and memories of the loved one they lost, helping them to grieve.

If you are in the process of composing sympathy thank you cards, you may want to include a personal thought or two about your deceased loved one that is appropriate for the recipient or you may want to keep your note very simple by saying “Thank you for your expression of kindness.” The type of message you include depends on your relationship with the recipient. If the card is being sent to a co-worker or client the message might be brief; with family and close friends something with more meaning would be appropriate.

If a religious ceremony was performed at the funeral, you may want to send a kind note to the clergyman. It would also be nice to send a note of thanks to any special participants of the funeral service such as a pallbearer or someone who gave a speech. If you choose to send out sympathy thank you cards, an appropriate time frame to get your cards in the mail is two weeks following the funeral. However, it is understandable that you are going through a very difficult time filled with grief and sorrow. If you don’t get to the cards for several weeks or even a few months, it’s ok. Remember, you’re not only saying thank you, you’re also helping the grieving process. So do what you are emotionally capable of handling…your family and friends will understand.

On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your expression of sympathy after the death of my sister, Louise. The beautiful floral wreath meant all the more to.

When you undergone a betrayal or death in the family, people naturally want to send you their condolences. At the time, you probably do not think much about them. As time passes, you realize that you need to send a thank you for your condolences note. Thinking of what to say in this situation is not easy, so we have some quotes and ideas to help you along the way.

When someone cares for you, they will send a text, call or mail a card to show that they are thinking of you. In response, you can show your appreciation through these thank you for your condolences quotes and notes. You can use these messages as they are written, or you can modify them so that they are perfectly written for your exact situation.

1. Right now, I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and condolences. My siblings and family have been touched by the messages we have received since the passing of our mother. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

2. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your affection and love. Honestly, thank you could never sufficiently show my gratitude. If I could, I would carve out a message with the ink of my heart to write a letter of gratitude and love for everything that you have done. Thank you, my love, for everything that you do and everything that you are.

3. I graciously accept all of the condolences and support offered by the community recently. I loved my friend greatly, and I pray that this support will help her loving family get through this difficult time. She was completely loyal as my best friend and a wonderful sister. She was always a cherished, active part of her family, and she will be greatly missed. I pray that the kind gestures I have read today will not be lost. Instead, I hope her memory and thoughts of her will be shared with everyone. Your sympathy and support have helped to fill some of the emptiness in my heart from losing such a friend. Thank you, everyone, for honoring her memory in so many lovely ways.

4. I wanted to take a moment to than everyone who has texted me or sent Facebook messages following the loss of my good friend. I met him back in 19__. We traveled all over together and had amazing memories of adventures and mishaps along the way. Despite the distance at times, we kept updated about all of the changes in each other’s lives. Life sometimes got in the way, but our friendship was always there whenever we needed support, acceptance or love. We will always remembers his laugh, his curiosity, his compassion and his love. I will miss calling him every week and hearing his voice. Even now, it feels like I could just call his home and hear his laughing voice as he picks up the phone. Thank you so much for your messages of concern and condolence. I will miss my friend so much, and I appreciate everyone who has tried to help me bear this loss. Rest in peace, dear friend.

5. Thank you for your condolences about my aunt. This is a difficult time as heaven gains another angel in its ranks. Please continue to pray for my uncle and cousins as they work through this difficult time.

6. To my close friends, loved ones and family members who knew my brother-in-law: he passed away yesterday with his loving family close at hand. The funeral will be held at ____ in ____. Thank you so much for your condolences and kind thoughts at this time. He is now in a better place and returned to God.

7. I would like to thank everyone for their condolences and kind words. I just returned from visiting my family, and everyone is doing about as well as you could expect right now. If you do anything for us, we would like to ask you to cherish your family. If they are nearby, visit them today. If you can’t visit, call them. Life is short, and the sand in that hourglass eventually runs out. If you are arguing with a loved one, put aside your differences and make up. Family is everything, and we realize too late how little time we have on this earth with our loved ones.

8. Thank you, dear sister, for all of those moments of happiness with you. I loved you more with each adventure and happy moment together. I will always love you. Rest in peace.

9. Thank you everyone for sending me such kind texts and messages. Even through the grief, your messages have brought me a wave of joy and happiness. I wanted to let you know the pleasure your words have given me. They show just how much my mother was loved and will be missed. Thank you for your kind gestures and love.

10. For the last day, I have been writing thank you cards because of the massive outpouring of sympathy from our family, friends and loved ones. It is depressing to see how terrible my handwriting is from never being loved. All of these handwritten cards have touched my heart, and I have realized that I am too quick to send just a Facebook text. The meals that people brought over were greatly appreciated, and they made me realize that someone was there to support us through such a difficult time. I have seen many faces of kind friends that have been away too long. These little gestures have warmed my heart and made this time easier. Thank you, everyone, for your expressions of sympathy and condolences.

11. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the friends, family members and colleagues who have sent messages of kindness, condolence and sympathy. Your support and thoughts have made this difficult time a little easier. Thank you for remembering my dear father in your prayers and for reaching out to my family as we struggle to cope with our loss.

12. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and condolences. This has been a difficult month for as after the passing of my father. The outpouring of your support has made a difference. Thank you again, and love to everyone.

13. Today, we lost my aunt after a difficult battle. This is a hard time for my family, and we are thankful for your condolences and understanding. Thank you for your prayers and condolences. We appreciate everything that you have done to make today a little easier to bear.

14. Thank you for your prayers and condolences. My family is immensely grateful for your kind prayers and messages. Please pray for us as we try to heal and move forward in life. Thank you for the sympathy you have shown during our time of loss.

15. I would like to thank everyone who was at my brother’s funeral. As you may imagine, this is a difficult time for us. No one expected to lose my brother so young, and it has been a shock to suddenly face this tragedy. My family and I are thankful for everything that you have done. God bless you.

16. I have received so many notes with condolences and prayers after our loss. It is never easy to get over such an event, but these messages have helped us gradually accept our loss. Rather than answer each message individually, I just wanted to post this on Facebook so that everyone could know that their kind words, messages and condolences were greatly appreciated. Thank you.

17. I wanted to thank you from the depths of my hearty for your little gestures of love. These are the real gifts in this difficult time. Your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness have been a light through the darkness. Thank you with all my heart.

18. I wanted to take a minute to show my gratitude for everyone who sent messages of condolence and sympathy to me and my family. In this time of grief, your messages have alleviated our pain, although no message can truly cope with such a loss. My brother would have been amazed and humbled by all of these messages about him. I don’t think he realized what an impact he had on everyone around him, and it has been amazing to see such an outpouring of compassion. I may never live up to my brother’s memory, but his example will always lead me toward being a better person. He never backed down from anything and fiercely protected his family. He showed us how to stick together, work hard and be honorable. Those qualities will always stay with me. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support.

19. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to show my gratitude for everyone who called, texted or wrote us letters of condolence. Your prayers have made this difficult time a little easier. While it may be months or years before we will truly accept our loss, your messages have brought us some peace. It has numbed some of our pain and grief after losing our dear brother. He may not be here anymore, but at least he is in a better place now. I hope his soul finds the peace that it so desperately sought.

20. Your prayers and condolences have meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for being so kind. Spending time with family and friends has brightened this dark time. Thank you so much for supporting all of us in our time of grief.

21. Our hearts are filled with extreme humility after seeing such an outpouring of support. It would be impossible to appreciate our amazing family and friends too much. Your outpouring of condolences, prayers and comfort have meant so much during our recent experience of grief. We wanted to thank each one of your from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughts, prayers and kindnesses. You have made it so much easier to struggle through this difficult time.

22. To all of my family and friends: thank you for your kind prayers, flowers, condolences and cards. This has been a challenging time for me. Your blessings and prayers have made this difficult time a little easier to bear. I hope that I have enough strength to match your kindness and warmth. As many of you know, he was my life and will be missed by everyone who met him.

23. Our family would like to thank all of our loved ones and friends who have sent letters, cards, texts, phone messages and flowers after the death of my father. It was a comfort to know that so many people loved him and appreciated his presence. We knew how special he was to us, but we never realized just how much he touched the lives of so many other people. Your support has made it possible to cope with this tragedy. Your condolence messages have meant more than we could ever put into words.

24. Good morning, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to thank my Facebook family and friends for your kind thoughts, condolences and prayers. By taking a moment to write a short message, you have made this difficult time a little easier to bear. I appreciate all these messages and am grateful for all of your support.

25. I would like to thank everyone for your condolences. Your kind words have been a comfort to me, and his family has found solace in them as well. Thank you, everyone.

26. I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, condolences, sympathy cards and prayers. Thanks are especially needed for those of you who joined me and my family at the chapel as we mourned the loss of my mother. She was a kind, caring person who was loved by everyone. I was unbelievably lucky to have her as my mother, which makes it even harder to get over losing her. She has been such a large part of my life and my family’s lives. She loved everyone and was fiercely protective of her family. Once again, thank you everyone for your support during this difficult time.

27. This is one of the most surreal, strange moments in my life. I never thought that I would have to thank others for their condolences. Somehow, I just imagined my father would always be there. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people around me right now. Thank you to my family and friends for your support, well wishes and condolences. Your support has made getting through the last three days much easier than it would have been otherwise.

28. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved some way in this difficult time. My family has faced such grief and tragedy, but your condolence messages have helped so much. We have no way of repaying your kindnesses right now, but it has made such a difference for us. Thank you, thank you with all of my heart.

29. Today was the day when the last moment finally arrived. While we expected our loss, it did not make it any easier to bear. My mother was surrounded by love and compassion in her final moments. Your condolences and kindness have been greatly appreciated. I am sorry for not responding to everyone, but the last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. When the first pains of our grief have passed, I will make sure to get back to everyone who has been so kind to us during this time. Thank you, again.

30. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who offered their heartfelt sympathies and kind condolences. After the loss of my father, these messages have been greatly appreciated.

31. To my colleagues, family, friends and even strangers, thank you. I cannot express my appreciation for all of the sympathy and kindnesses you have extended toward me and my family. I am so thankful for your love and support after our loss.

32. Rest in peace, love. Thank you for loving me for who I am and for transforming my life into a fairy tale. You have made my life worth living and brought so much happiness into my life. To all of my family and friends who have sent condolences, thank you so much. My heart is gladdened to see the impact my husband made on everyone around him. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

33. Many friends, relatives and colleagues sent condolence messages. My family and I would like to thank you. Your words of consolation have made this loss a little easier to bear. Thank you.

34. To my family and friends: thank you for your kind messages after the passing of my brother-in-law. Many of you have asked when his service will be held. We will remember his life at ____ on ____. Please join us at the funeral to celebrate his life and support his beloved wife and children.

35. This morning, my heart overflowed with gratitude as I saw all of the prayers, condolences and messages in my inbox. While it has been hard to deal with my grandmother’s passing, your kind words have been so humbling and comforting. Thank you so much!

Bereavement Thank You Notes

thank you for your condolences and flowers

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Sample wording for thank you cards for wedding

Because sympathy notes and letters are too personal to follow a set form, one simple rule can guide you: Say what you truly feel. A single sincere line expressing the genuine feeling you had for the deceased is all you need to write.

As you write, don’t dwell on the details of an illness or the manner of death. Nor should you suggest that the loss is a “blessing in disguise.” It is appropriate to ask if there is something you can do to help, even suggesting something specific, such as “Please let me know if I can help babysitting.” If you have a specific memory about the deceased it will be a welcome addition, but this is completely optional.

The following is an example of a short sympathy note:

Dear Vanessa,

          Ken and I were very sad to hear of Robert’s death. He always greeted us with kind words and had a wonderful way of making us feel special. If we can help by shopping, running errands, or doing anything else for you, please do call on us. In the meantime, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

               With deepest sympathy,


Whom To Address

When you send sympathy messages in writing, it’s sometimes hard to know who you should address in your note. Some guidelines:

  • If you knew the deceased well, but not the family, address the note to the closest relative—usually the widow, the widower, or the eldest child. You can also add “and family” if you wish: “Mrs. John Smith and Family.”
  • If you didn’t know the deceased but you know one of the relatives, write to that person.
  • If it’s a friend whose parent has died, write to the friend.
  • Address letters to children who have lost a parent on separate lines: Miss (Ms.) Renée Wynn (the daughter), with Mr. Charles Wynn (the son) underneath. The salutation reads “Dear Renée and Charles.”

Emailing Condolences

When your usual correspondence with a bereaved friend is by email, you can precede a phone call or written condolence with an email—an immediate and non-intrusive way to let him know you are thinking of him. Follow an emailed message with a handwritten note and, whenever possible, attendance at the funeral or visitation.

Online Condolences

Many newspapers and funeral homes offer the opportunity on their websites for people to post sympathy messages. The postings can be extensive and some families receive packages of printed copies of the posted condolences. The family may respond with one note that can be published on the website thanking the senders for their support. It’s not necessary to send individual responses to each comment that is posted, but do send a note to anyone who follows up with a handwritten note or personal email.

Acknowledging Expressions of Sympathy

Handwritten sympathy notes, personal emails, flowers, Mass cards, contributions to charities, and acts of kindness should always be acknowledged and by the recipient, if possible. The exception is when the writer asks that her note not be acknowledged—a thoughtful thing to do when writing a close friend or when someone you know well will receive a great number of condolences. Sympathy cards with no personal message, online sympathy notes, and visits to the funeral home or the service don’t need to be acknowledged in writing. Letters of thanks are customarily written to pallbearers, honorary pallbearers, ushers, eulogists, and readers.

If the list of acknowledgements is so long or the recipient isn’t up to the task, a family member or a friend may write the acknowledgements: “Mom asks me to thank you for your beautiful flowers and kind message of sympathy.”

Following is a sample response:

Dear Paige and Will,

           On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your expression of sympathy after the death of my sister, Louise. The beautiful floral wreath meant all the more to us because it came from lifelong friends.



A personal message on a note card is preferable to a printed card, and it only takes a moment to write “Thank you for your beautiful flowers” or “Thank you for your note. Your kind words have been a comfort.” If you use the printed acknowledgements given to you by the funeral director, add a personal message. When the list of condolences is long, these printed cards can serve as intermediary thanks until more personal acknowledgements can be written.

Greeting card with deepest sympathy written on it But since the majority of the thank-you cards will be for attending the funeral, it's perfectly okay to write.

70 Funeral Thank You Notes To Appreciate Friends And Family

After loss of someone close, you should write a funeral thank you note to all the people who offered support and comfort during that hard and sad phase of your life. Thank you notes for funeral and thank you notes after funeral should be written using very generous and peaceful words. It should clearly show your humbleness and generosity.

If you are searching for thank you notes for funeral or funeral thank you notes wordings, or if you finding it difficult to write thank you notes after funeral, then this post is surely going to help you. Here, I have listed the most humble and generous funeral thank you notes. You can seek idea from the below listed funeral thank you notes. You can simply write these funeral thank you notes in a plain card and give it to the ones who have been there with you through your sad times.


Thank you for being the moral support
that you gave during the hard times.
It was all a mess after losing my son.
You have been a real good human being
in helping us get through such hard times.


I can’t express
what I am feeling right now
in having you by my side as always,
during good or bad times, always.
It wasn’t easy for us
to stand back after George’s demise.


I want to appreciate your efforts
for the support that you gave.
Having people like you with us
during hard times helps to heal soon.


It was really generous of you
to travel from such a long distance
to attend John’s funeral service. .


Thank you for attending the funeral service.
I am grateful to you and your family
for the love and support at this time.


Thank you for attending
the funeral and generous donation.
It would have meant a lot
to the departed soul
to know of so many contributions.


We were deeply touched
by the funeral message that you gave.
Your love for him brought
more tears in our already drenched eyes.


Your presence made us
stand strong on the funeral day.
It was you who supported us
all the way through hard times
and gave us strength to bear such a pain.
Much love to you and thanks…

Funeral thank you notes wording:

Are looking for generous and calm funeral thank you notes wordings? This section of our post will surely help you. Here, we have written funeral thank you notes wording that can be written on  funeral thank you cards which you can send to the people who attended the funeral of your family member or someone close.


Thank you for making
the arrangements for the funeral,
even after your busy schedule.
It was much appreciated.


The support that you
all showed during the funeral
was commendable and helped us
gain strength to get out of bad times soon.


Thank you for sympathy and kindness.
It meant a great deal to us.


Your words of sympathy
at the funeral really touched our souls
and we could feel the pain
that you were also going
through during the funeral.
Thanks for being there.


You turned tears into smiles
by your presence at the funeral.
Appreciate the way
you reached to us during time of huge loss.


We have been
through a lot during past years.
No one would have
understood me as closely as possible other than you.


We are grateful to
friends like you who stood by us during this hard time.
Thank you for being with us.


It was so kind of you
to make a donation
towards the family
in the name of the departed soul.
Thank you so very much.


It’s hard to put
thanks into words
that we would like to give for all your help.
I can never get such a friend like you in life again.


Your active participation
in making the funeral service
go smooth was much appreciated.
I cannot be more thankful to you
so accept these pictures as the return favors.


My most heartfelt appreciation
for you to manage all the proceedings
during the funeral.
The food service
by your men was really helpful.
Thank You!

When in need you were there for us.
A much needed friend and neighbor.

Thank you notes for funeral flowers:

Thank you notes for funeral flowers should be sent to those who brought flowers on the funeral ceremony of someone close to you. You should really thank them for putting an effort to share your pain and comforting you with flowers. In this section, you will get to read the most generous thank you notes for funeral flowers. Feel free to send these thank you notes to the ones who have sent or have brought funeral flowers.


Thank you all for the
full support from your family.
I have never been
so overwhelmed by your generosity.
Your lovely flowers were really good.


Your flowers were really beautiful.
Thank You!


Thank you for comforting us
with your flowers.
Thank You!


Funeral flowers you had sent
were really soothing and comforting.
Thank You!

Hope these thank you funeral notes have provided words to express your appreciation for the people who have put efforts to comfort you during the sad times. Feel free to send them and express your generosity and how thankful you are!

thank you for your condolences and flowers


Thank You For Condolences thanks you for the special funeral flower.

thank you for your condolences and flowers
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