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Thank you note for first birthday party

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Thank you note for first birthday party
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Getting your kids to write their thank you notes is often no easy task. Whether for a personalized gift for their birthday or a kind gesture, you want them to know the importance of gratitude. But how do you get the little one to finally sit down  and write “thank you?” We’re here to help. Look to our wording guide and various templates for kids thank you notes below to help you get started. These templates are the first step to get your kids thank you cards into the mail quickly and painlessly.

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How Kids Thank You Cards Can Help

Specific kids thank you cards can help guide your child and streamline the thank you note process. These thank you cards can match your themed birthday invitations or they can be something special that your child picked out all on their own. If your child has an idea of what they want to say, these fun kids specific thank you cards can help inspire them to start writing. If they need extra guidance, you can fill in a kids thank you note with one of the templates shown below. For specific advice on wording for kids thank you notes, follow the steps below.

Kid Thank You Note Wording

Ready to start writing? Then follow the steps below to make sure the process goes smoothly as possible and your child doesn’t leave out anything important. Walking them slowly through these steps can also be a great lesson so they’ll be more confident with writing letters in the future. And if you’re looking for additional help after completing these steps, make sure to visit our resources on how to write messages for birthday wishes and how to write thank you notes to a teacher.

  1. Address the recipient with their proper name. Whether it’s “Mrs.,” Mr.,” “Ms.,” Miss,” or simply the first name of their friend, it’s important to practice the etiquette of proper titles.
  2. Start the letter with a greeting. Greeting may include “To,” “For,” “Dear,” or simply the name of the recipient.
  3. Start the letter by saying thank you. This is the important phrase for a thank you note so you don’t want to leave it off the letter.
  4. Describe what you’re thankful for. Call out the gift or service that they gave you. Tell them how that gift or service made you feel. Was it fun? Helpful? Cute? Be as descriptive as possible. Tell the recipient what you will use it for in the future.
  5. Use a sign off. Sign offs may include things like “Thanks again,” “Love,” or From,” depending on your relationship to the recipient.
  6. Sign your name. Do you best to make it as legible as possible.
  7. Have a parent help you fill out the envelope with an address, name, stamp, and return label before mailing them out.

Thank You Note Template For Kids

Looking for specific templates to help your child write their thank you notes? Whether you’re looking for samples for your boy thank you cards, girl thank you cards, or teen thank you cards– we have you covered. Look for your perfect thank you note template for kids below:

Thank You Notes For Kid Birthday Party

Example 1:

Dear [name]

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday.

Having you there made me feel extra special.

I also appreciated the [gift they gave you].

I can’t wait to use it/play with it/wear it/enjoy it.

Hope to see you soon!


[Your Name]

Example 2:

Dear [name],

Thank you for coming to my party.

It made me feel happy/excited/loved/special. (Pick one)

It was so nice of you to give me [gift].

I can’t wait to play with it/use it/wear it. (Pick one)


[Your Name]

Example 3:

Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for the [description of gift].

I think it’s [description of how it makes you feel and what you will do with it.]

Hope to see you again soon!

Yours Truly,

[Your Name]

Example 4:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for the [Birthday Gift]!

It made me feel happy/excited/special!

Not to be mistaken with the names of her first three boyfriends. Even funnier was If I do anything for them, I can always count on a thank-you note. A nice Do you send out thank-you cards after birthday parties? Do you.

Thank You Card > 

Is there even an argument here? Everyone knows that getting an actual card in the mail means more than digging an e-mail out of hundreds of others. Text messages and e-mails are awesome for a quick and efficient correspondence — not a meaningful or personal message.

There’s no competition.

If you want your thank you to really hit home and have meaning behind it — sending an email is not the best way to do it. Snail mail has a much different effect than email or text message. Take advantage of this and send a real-hold-in-your-hand card to make an impact.

Daily opportunities to say thanks!

Sending a personal thank you card is not reserved for Weddings and Birthdays. While mailing proper thank you notes after getting married is a must, there are other daily occasions that call for a practice in gratitude. We’ve listed some of the major occasions that call for sending thank you cards along with some daily occurrences that you may not have thought about.

But before we dive into the occasions, let us address the timing.

When should you send out thank you cards?

  • The short answer: As soon as possible.

As soon as the event/favor/service, holiday or gift exchange took place. It’s best to send out your thank you cards right away. The longer you wait, the less of an effect the thank you cards will have on your recipient.

  • The long answer: Late is better than never (almost).

While sending thank you cards right away is absolutely the best case scenario, don’t completely give up on them if you pushed the task off for days or weeks. Wedding thank you cards, for example, have a bit of a wider net of acceptable time frame than birthday thank you cards — which should really be taken care of within a week.

Regardless of how long you’ve put off writing your thank you cards — late is still better than never. Of course if you waited an entire year to send out your bridal shower thank yous perhaps you can let those go (the thank you cards will feel odd and out of place at this point).

PRO TIP: If you wish to receive presents again from the same people — for any occasion — make sure they know you appreciate their efforts.

And as always, if you’re feeling low on time — you can send your thank you cards within minutes using Postable. We’ll print, address and mail them all out for you.

Here’s 10 scenarios where writing thank you cards is a must.

1. Job interview follow up 

See the cards here

Hiring managers are often bombarded with hundreds of emails. So after you’ve killed it at your job interview, you could take a couple of minutes to write a thank you email that will sit amongst all the others or you could do something to stand out. The hiring manager will be much more likely to notice a personal thank you note and appreciate the effort. Writing a hold-in-your-hand thank you note doesn’t have to take a whole bunch of time (you could do it in like 5 minutes). But the outcome will be felt much longer.

2. Baby Shower

See the cards here

If you’ve recently had your very own baby shower — first of all, congratulations! Second, baby shower thank you cards are not optional. Regardless how busy you may be at the moment, taking a few minutes out of your day to show your appreciation is a must. You are probably up to your neck with new gifts for the baby that your friends and family took time and money to be able to gift you. Make sure they know that their efforts were appreciated. If someone else hosted the baby shower for you, make sure they get a little thank you card as well!

3. Wedding Celebrations

See cards here

Weddings are a time filled with celebrations, parties, love, joy with a side of stress. Most of these things come with presents. And a whole lot of them. Whether you’ve received gifts from the engagement party, the bridal shower or the big wedding day — each one of the giftees deserves their very own wedding thank you card. We know this time can get really hectic and a bit unorganized — making it hard to keep track of who gave what and when. This is why it’s important to keep a list noting down who gave what. It’s even better if you send out your wedding thank you cards as the gifts come in. This way you’re not stuck sending them all out at once.

4. Your Birthday [Party]

See the cards here

Not every birthday party will result in gifts, but many do. This means someone went out of their way to choose the perfect gift just for you. Make sure they know that you appreciated the effort (at the very least). When it comes to kids birthdays, it’s even more important that birthday thank you cards are sent. Not only are you teaching your child the importance of writing thank you cards, but also instilling a practice of gratitude. [See Why Should kids write Birthday Thank You Cards].

5. Graduation

See the cards here

If you’ve made that special walk across the platform and have accepted your very own diploma — you deserve a big Congrats! And perhaps you’ve received more than just that in the days surrounding your graduation. If your friends and family have gifted you with graduation goodies, make sure you thank them accordingly. Adulting lesson 101 — send thank you cards. This shows you’ve really stepped up your game and grown up.

6. The holidays

See the cards here

The holidays are a time filled with family, friends, parties, joy and a whole lot of egg nog. Oh and gifts, gifts and more gifts. Presents under the Christmas tree are just the beginning. The holidays brings out the Santa in all of us and gifts start to come from all directions — including our work. So, if you’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who want to gift you something special during the holidays, make sure you spend a few minutes sending them a special thank you card.

Now for some of your daily opportunities to say thanks!

Question is, how often do you practice gratitude on the daily?

6. Awesome neighbors

See the cards

You live in a 4th floor walk up and your 1st floor neighbor helped lug your bags of potatoes and milk jugs (or whatever) up all 4 flights of stairs. Perhaps you hosted a rather loud party and your neighbor was totally cool with it (and maybe you’re hoping they’ll be cool with it next weekend). Did your neighbors bake you cookies? Or a pie. Or did some other neighborly thing that you would never have thought to do? Whatever the situation — a nice thank you note will go a long way to making your neighborly bond stronger. Along with making your living situation that much more comfortable.

7. Grandma made you a pie

See the cards

While it may feel like grandma loves baking you pies — and she probably does — that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a great deal of gratitude. She loves you and would probably bake you a pie every day if she could. It’s your job to love the pie, your grandma (of course) and show her your love & appreciation every chance you get. Just think how much she’ll love getting a nice note from you!

8. Your tour guide cousin

See the cards

It’s your vacation, not theirs. As much as you think spending time with you is your family’s definition of the best-week-ever — it’s probably not. Taking time off work and showing you around town is costing them time and money. Make sure to thank them for their hospitality (not to mention putting up with you).

9. You turned out OK

See the cards

Are you a semi-functioning adult? Can you go through a whole week and have a decent life without too many hiccups? Can you make yourself food? Or maybe afford to buy food all set and ready to be eaten? Can you take care of yourself? If you turned out to be a semi-awesome to mega-awesome human, the likelihood that someone had something to do with it is pretty high. Mom & Dad? Your High school algebra teacher? Uncle Jerry? Let’s be honest, have you thanked them? Whoever it may be — let them know that you’re glad they helped make you, you.

10. A random helping hand

See the cards

Did someone go out of their way to help you with a favor? Someone you know secure a special reservation you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get? Perhaps a friend of yours got you a meeting with her supervisor for a project you’re working on. Whatever the random favor may have been — make sure you say thanks. In these instances, a text seems like a good go-to. And while that will work just fine, it won’t have the same heart-to-heart effect that a card will.

At the end of the day, there’s really no wrong reason to send a thank you card. People will almost always appreciate it. Wouldn’t you love someone to randomly (but totally sincerely) thank you for something?

A few tips.

If you’re going to write a thank you note for something that isn’t typical (which you should) — be sincere. You don’t want to appear like you’re making a mockery or a joke of the situation. It doesn’t have to be super serious, but be honest with your thanks.

Let the person you’re thanking know what it is you’re thanking them for. Be specific. This way there’s no confusion what the thank you note is for and the recipient will feel oodles and oodles of goodness knowing their actions made a difference in someone’s life.

  • Don’t write a novel.

Let your recipient know what you’re thanking them for without composing a long letter. Keep your message short and sweet. Get to the point. They’ll need to know that you’re grateful and why.

Be sure to mail your thank you note in a timely manner. Don’t wait months after the fact to mail out your note. But as noted above — most of the time better late than never.

What other occasions prompted you to write a thank you card?

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  • WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Celebrating the First Birthday of the Buerger Center: Thank You!

    I didn't think thank you notes were really a thing to do, but we got one from another 1st birthday party. What do you all think? Should I do them.

    What's the proper etiquette for birthday party gifts?

    From birthdays and baby showers to bachelor/bachelorettes, parties can be a lot of fun, even if the planning is often a lot of work. Many guests travel from far and wide to share the special event with us and bring thoughtful gifts for the occasion as well. This kind of consideration shows us just how much we mean to them. It is therefore, only right and proper that we send a sincere note to say thanks for coming.

    Examples of how to say “thanks for coming” in a heartfelt message


    01“Thanks for coming to my baby shower and sharing this special occasion with me. It meant a lot to see you there, as I know it was a long drive for you. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. I’ll be sure to put it to use when baby arrives.”



    02“Our wedding was such a wonderful occasion. It was made even more so because you were able to attend the reception party. The touching maid of honor speech you said meant so much to both of us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.”


    03“Thanks for coming to Devon’s baptism and party. It was a special milestone we wanted to share with the people who have played an important role in his life thus far. The fact that you took the time to attend showed us your commitment to our friendship.”



    04“Christmas is my favorite time of the year and combined with a fun party attended by a special friend like you and Santa has truly given me everything on my wish list! It was a memorable night.”


    05“Our New Year’s party was a blast. I haven’t had that much fun in ages. It was great to see you again after such a long time and it feels like we sure made up for lost time! Thanks for making the effort to be there, it meant a great deal to me.”
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    06“Thanks for coming to my bachelorette party. I knew it was going to be a bit crazy, and thank goodness for you, the voice of reason! I really enjoyed myself more than I would have if you hadn’t been able to join us.”


    07“What a bachelor party! It was an awesome success. Thanks for coming and being part of this great night of fun and laughter. It meant a lot to have you there. The best part of the night was the surprise of seeing you there!”



    08“A 100th birthday party for our incredible great-grandmother was just what the family needed. Your presence there made it special for all of us. Thanks for coming despite the fact that traveling is not always easy for you.”


    09“I was dreading Alicia’s first birthday party. There’s so much planning, and something always goes wrong. But a friend like you who stepped in and helped every step of the way is worth more than diamonds. Thanks for your support and attendance.”


    10“I know I said I didn’t want a fuss on my birthday, but I was blown away by my surprise party. Not only was the party a surprise, but some of the names on the guest list blew me away. That includes seeing you after so long. Thanks for coming.”



    11“Thanks for coming to my sweet eighteen birthday party. It was an incredible night full of fun that I’ll remember forever. I’m so glad you could be there and be part of the festivities. Seeing you there was great.”
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    12“Our father’s 70th birthday party was 6 months in the planning. Thanks for coming. We wanted to do something special for him as he’s given us so much. As his oldest friend, it meant a lot to him that you were there.”


    13“Thanks for coming to my graduation party. There were times I didn’t think I’d get there, but you never gave up on me. Seeing you there reminded me of what a good friend you’ve been to me. Thank you for your support and love.”



    14“My college send-off party was epic! And the fact that you were there made it even more so. I’m going to miss you so much now that I’m leaving. I really hope we can keep in touch and I look forward to seeing you when I’m home.”


    15“Our end-of-year office party is always a great time, and everybody looks forward to it. I know you didn’t need to attend, but the fact that you made the effort to do so meant a lot to the team. Thanks for coming.”



    16“I wanted to say a sincere word of thanks for coming to Bob’s homecoming party. He spent so many months in the hospital and we wanted to make his first day home special. He was taken aback by the surprise and enjoyed himself tremendously.”
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    17“What a brilliant farewell party you and the team organized! How did you manage to keep it a secret? I was very flattered and couldn’t believe my colleagues went to that amount of trouble for me. Please tell the team I said thanks for coming.”
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    18“Thanks for coming to our 4th of July picnic party. We enjoyed having you there and seeing you after so long. The children had a wonderful time getting reacquainted and had a great time in general. I hope we can keep in touch and have many more occasions together in future.”



    19“The fact that you flew in for the weekend to attend our anniversary party was so kind and thoughtful. These kinds of gestures show us that we mean as much to you as you do to us. We really enjoyed having you there.”


    20“We know a party after a funeral was a slightly unconventional idea, but it was a part of Dave’s last wishes. Thanks for coming and for sharing your special memories of your friendship with Dave. You gave us insight into what a special person he was.”


    thank you note for first birthday party

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    thank you note for first birthday party
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