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Thank you so much for passing the word
March 22, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 3 comments

Для его собственного народа он был настолько непредсказуем, что его сограждане порой забывали, что он живет теми же чувствами, что и. Понадобился Хилвар -- человек совсем иных жизненных обстоятельств, чтобы разглядеть в Олвине просто еще одно человеческое существо. В течение первых нескольких дней в Диаспаре Хилвар повстречал людей больше, чем за всю свою предыдущую жизнь, но ни с кем не сблизился.

Живя в такой скученности, обитатели города выработали известную сдержанность по отношению друг к другу, и преодолеть ее было нелегко.

In addition to @Robusto's answer, which I agree with almost completely, note that there may be regional differences in how effusive (or not) you might want to be with recruiters. It is their job, and you probably don't want to sound puppy-dog-like in your enthusiasm, but it is often generically expected to provide at least pro forma thanks (which may at least bias the recruiter towards suggesting some of the better bad jobs to you).

Definitely use at least "I appreciate it," instead of just "I appreciate" .

A few variations on "thanks", from most enthusiastic to least:

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks,
    [your familiar name, or first name, nickname, etc.]

  • Thanks,
    [your full name]

Some other variations I consider appropriate and acceptable:

  • Thanks for your efforts
  • Thanks for your help
  • Thanks for you time
  • Thanks for your assistance

Less formal:

  • Appreciate [it, your help, your time, etc.]

  • Thanks, [recruiter's name]

Compound endings.

  • That's great. Thanks.
  • Sounds great, thanks.

Special use, for when you've already used "thanks" six times:

  • Always appreciated, [your name]

or more familiar,

  • Always appreciated, [recruiter's name]

The "it" or "your help" is implied here, though you could also explicitly add it.

I don't say "Thank You" as often as I should and I doubt I'm the only one. Example: Your co-worker's mother passed away recently. In times of suffering, we don't need to hear words to ease the pain as much as we need someone to share.

But a lack of "thank you" doesn't seem to be taken as rude in everyday interaction. The researchers found that people almost always comply with requests — at a rate of 7 to 1, in fact. Doing what's requested of you is so much the norm that a gratitude response is, in a way, unnecessary. Around the world, the most common way for this type of interaction to unfold is "by simply continuing with one's activities, relying on a shared understanding of the good, service, or support received as part of a system of social rights and duties governing mutual assistance and collaboration." The lack of thanking shows not that we don't appreciate what we do for each other, but that the system is so geared toward doing for each other that it's hardly noticed at all.

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thank you so much for passing the word

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Thanking someone for their advice is thoughtful and kind. Below, you will find 25 example thank you notes that you can copy and modify for your needs.

Is it advice or advise? 

The difference between advice and advise is that advice is a noun and advise is a verb. So, for this article, we will be using the word advice, as "advice" is a noun in this case as it represents the opinion or suggestion given to you. You can read more about the advice vs. advise differences here.

Thank you for the advice template and tips

Tip #1: The best thank you note are those that are specific. Your note will feel less generic if you say what the advice was and how it impacted you.

Tip #2: If you are stumped for words, a short one line, Thank you for your advice, is better than not saying thank you.

Tip #3: If someone gives you the advice in an email and you are not sure yet if you will be taking their advice or not an appropriate response is "Thank you for your advice. I will consider it and let you know.”

Tip #4: You may also want to check out the examples in the thank you for the information post here, as it may be possible for your situation to substitute the word information with advice.

Tip #5: In sensitive or very personal situations, you may not want to include revealing details, if you think there is a chance someone other than the intended audience will see your note.

Tip #6: If you feel like you want to with more than a thank-you note, you could consider giving them a gift card to a restaurant or a store that they like to shop at.

Basic Template 

Note: Fill in words in [brackets] as appropriate.

Dear [Person's Name],

Thank you for giving me advice about [advice topic]. Then a sentence explaining how you benefited from the advice or how it helped solve the problem. Add any other details you would like to include.

Sincerely (or another closing),

[Your Name]

Examples #1, #2, and #3 below can also be used as templates.

Advice thank you note examples

Note: The samples will not include the greeting or closing, but be sure to include them in your note! You can see the layout of a thank-you note in the 5 easy steps here.

More Template Examples

#1 You are a great listener! Thank you for giving me advice about [topic]. I have considered the options you laid out. After careful consideration, I have decided to [say what action step you are taking]. Thanks again for discussing all the options with me.

#2 As always, I appreciated your valuable input about [topic]. You have a way of clarifying things that makes sense to me and helps me to sort through the choices. After our conversation, I decided to [whatever your decision is].

#3 Thank you for your advice and support. As always, I am grateful to hear your viewpoint. Your latest advice about [topic] helped me consider new possible choices. I had been so fixated on [whatever you thought was the best choice] that I couldn't think of other options. I will be doing [what you decided to do]. Thanks again for being so willing to help me figure things out.

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General Advice Note Examples

#4 Thank you for the good advice about [topic]. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but in considering your advice later, I now believe it's the best advice. I am glad that you talked to me about it.

#5 I want to thank you for your guidance as I navigate [topic/situation]. You've always been a great mentor to me, and I value your advice and support. It's hard to measure the impact you've had on my life, but I know it's been significant.

#6 Thank you for meeting me at Starbucks this week. I have been thinking about your advice all week and have decided to take it. I will be talking to [Person's Name] soon to see if they agree that [option you what to take] is the next best step.

#7 Thank you for your kind advice about how to handle my current situation. I felt stuck and was feeling defeated. I appreciate that you were able to give me some suggestions on how to move forward.

#8 I want to let you know that your advice is very much appreciated. Since you have been married for [number of years] longer than me, I like hearing your tips for a successful marriage. [Spouse's Name] and I have benefited from your words of wisdom.

Job or Career Advice Note Examples

#9 Thank you for the career advice! After talking with you about math and science programs at [School Name], I have decided to submit my application for next year. I hope to follow in your footsteps!

#10 I am thankful for your opinion about the position in your department. I am grateful for the extra details you were able to provide beyond the job description. Because of your input, I have decided not to apply for the position as it’s not what I am looking for as a next career step. I hope your department finds the right person soon.

#11 You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for giving me advice on the job I was considering applying for when I contacted you. Because of what you said about taking a risk to try something different, I am going to apply for the job! I also updated my resume based on your feedback. I will let you know if I get an interview.

#12 Figuring out my career path has been difficult. Thank you for sharing your view that I don't have to my entire career path planned out before I even graduate high school! I'm getting so much mail from colleges that it's hard to navigate. My parents were glad to that you talked to me.

#13 Thanks for your advice on how dealing with my challenging coworker. I will check with our boss to see if we can do some personality quizzes which could help us learn how to work better with each other. I will let you know how it goes! Perhaps, she and I will be friends soon.

Money Advice Note Examples

Note: Links to books are Amazon affiliate links. Modify your note, to include what money book you might be reading. Note reading a book? Then leave out that sentence. 

#14 I appreciate your thoughts on how to make a balanced budget. Your advice was quite valuable. Using your example, I have made a spreadsheet for tracking my spending in categories. I will also be ordering The Total Money Makeover. Thanks to your help, I have managed to save $200 so far and will have an emergency fund soon.

#15 I love your ideas on how I can save money! Thank you for your creative ideas. I look forward to feeling more in control of my money and not being broke all the time and will read I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Other Advice Examples

#16 Thank you for the advice about my relationship with [Person’s Name]. As you know, we’ve had a rough week. Talking things out with you helped me gain a new perspective. I approached [Person’s Name], last night and discussed some of your suggestions with him. We have come to a resolution on how to move forward and are both feeling better about the situation.

#17 Thank you for your cat behavior advice. I am trying out the Feliway with introducing my new cat since it helped your two become friends. I hope it works as well as for my cats as it did yours.

#18 Thank you for the cat food recommendations. As you know, the choices can be overwhelming with so many healthy brands now. I am grateful to take advantage of the research that you already did. I have decided to go with [brand/variety].

#19 I am glad we connected regarding gluten-free eating. You have done so well with it. Thank you for giving me advice on how to transition my family now that [family member's name] has been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

#20 Thank you for providing me with the list of your favorite cookbooks. I am grateful for your advice and kitchen tips as I learn how to cook meals at home. Please let me know when you can come over for dinner.

#21 You are a great advice giver when it comes to cooking. I value your experience. And thank you for helping me learn how to soft boil eggs. They are perfect over breakfast hash.

#22 Your advice on which keyboard to buy was spot on. I like how quiet the keys are when I type and you were right that I would love it being wireless. I can also use it with my phone, and it's easy to put into my large bag for when I travel.

#23 As you suggested, I started to listen to The Happier Podcast to get advice on how to live a happier life. I am enjoying it immensely and trying out some of the ideas mentioned by Gretchen and her sister. Thank you for the recommendation.

#24 Thank you for your excellent advice over the years. This note is a little overdue as it's become so easy to rely on your wisdom. My life is better because of you!

#25 The advice you gave me about how to get the stain out of my shirt worked! My favorite shirt is now stain free and looking awesome again. I am glad I asked for your help! Your laundry knowledge saved me from buying a new shirt.

I hope these 25 examples helped you write your thank you note to whoever gave you advice! 

“Thank you so much” has become a popular phrase for email sign-offs and to express gratitude—it's colloquial, and feels personal and.

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” and “Thank You Very Much” in Writing

Thank you for the /your information.

When someone tells you some useful information, such as when you ask a stranger how to get to a museum that is located at somewhere difficult to explain, and he/she spends 10 minutes and tells you how to get there plus how long it would take you to get there and it might be too late because the museum closes early on Sundays, etc, how do native speakers say thank you using the word "information"?

I think I can say "Thank you for the information." is correct, and "Thank you for your information" is wrong, because "your information" indicates his/her personal information such as name, age, etc. Am I right?

I don't know if any native speaker actually use "information" in such a situation, so if not, could you tell me how you would say it, if you wanted to mention that you particularly appreciate the information?

Thank you.
You seem to be kind of right on this, fdk47. Thanks for (all) the information would be a perfectly idiomatic response here, while the option with your information doesn't seem too proper. One thing you could thank them for is, for instance, thanks for your help, but not your information.
"Your information" can ​mean your personal details, but it can also mean general information you possess/know and are sharing. Having said that, I would use "the information" here.


Senior Member
I think I can say "Thank you for the information." is correct, and "Thank you for your information" is wrong,
No, I don't think so, "wrong" is far too strong a word. If I am honest, I would say that you are being pedantic.

A: "When does the train leave?"
B: "Three o'clock."
A(i): "Thank you for the information." -> OK, it is not information that only belongs to him, but it is he who has given it. By saying "the" you are removing "B" from his service. The intention however is politeness.
A(ii): "Thank you for your information" -> "thank you for the information that you possess and have given me." This seems altogether more personal and, thus sincere.

It is important that you, as native speakers do, distinguish between
1. "Your information" where "information" is a euphemism for "personal details" and
2. "Your information" where "information" has its literal meaning - "something that informs."

thank you so much for passing the word

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Different ways to say 'Thank you'. - Free English Vocabulary lesson

Below, you will find 25 example thank you notes that you can copy and modify for your needs. So, for this article, we will be using the word advice, as "advice" is a noun in #8 I want to let you know that your advice is very much appreciated.

thank you so much for passing the word
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