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Thank you speech for baptism
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In your life, you will face situations when you will need to come up with an impromptu speech. While in some cases, you will be able to bail out of public speaking, baptism of a child certainly isn’t one. Being a godfather or a godmother itself can give you some worries. Combine it with public speaking, and it can become really frightening. Still, with our little help, you can overcome the anxiety and find the right words for this wonderful occasion.

What Should Be Included in Your Baptism Speech

When you are delivering a christening speech, a general advice would be to say everything that comes from your heart. Though, you can always follow some universal tips below:

  • thank the people who are present at the ceremony;
  • say some good things about those who are close to your godchild, especially his or her parents;
  • focus on your godchild by wishing him or her well in the future and talking about the positive moments in the present;
  • use humor: it helps a lot, not just to make the speech more interesting for others, but to reduce your anxiety as well;
  • end your speech with a toast to show your good intentions;
  • do not read the speech from the paper, but rather use brief cue cards not to leave out anything significant;
  • and, finally, keep your baptism speech short and concise.

1. A Thank-You Speech

You can build your speech around thanking everyone who has come to the christening, including the parents, grandparents, and friends. Make sure that you don’t forget anyone important. While it might be an impromptu speech, it’s always good to make a list of the people in advance.

Thank you all for coming here on this day. Thanks to the parents who gave birth to such a wonderful child, so that we can all cheer for little Annie today. I want to express special thanks to all who came a long way to share our joy. Thanks to the priest for this wonderful ceremony and warming our hearts with his inspiring words.

2. A Compliment to the Parents

By complimenting parents of your godchild, say how loving and caring they are, and how happy you are to know them. It would be great to support your words with anecdotes and to mention a few situations when you especially admired them. Mention other family members and compliment them too, to show what a big and amazing family your godchild is lucky to have.

We have come here together because of Annie and her wonderful parents who brought her into the world. Although Annie is too little yet, I’m sure she sees what a great family she has. Your love to her is strong, and the support that you are showing now will be appreciated by her always.

3. High Hopes for Your Godchild’s Future

Here, you should tell people how unique the baby is and what good features he/she already demonstrates: quick mind, curiosity, or optimism. Talk about the bright future that awaits him or her, based on your observations and hopes.

Annie, I want to say that we all are here because we love you so much. Although you are new in our family, you have already won our hearts with your beautiful smile and wonderful laugh, and your ingenuous curiosity for this world. We all cheer for you today and wish you nothing but joy in life and a long, exciting, and promising journey!

Of course, this is not all you can say at the christening ceremony. While you can take the examples above and use them, we encourage you to add something personal. If you are in doubt, just look at your godchild once again and let the words stream from your heart.


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Christening Ceremony

Note to parents

  • Below is a sample ceremony. Please feel free to add other material from our website and other sources. We offer editorial control over the ceremony, as part of our full package.
  • If you do make changes to the ceremony, we ask that the you send the final draft of your ceremony to your celebrant at least two weeks prior to the ceremony date. Please note that our officiants do not make changes to the ceremony.
  • How should you decorate the table for the ceremony? We suggest you add a white tablecloth, a lit candle or flowers. The celebrant will need a small container/dish of water on the table for the ceremony. You may wish to have ambient music playing in the background or have a friend play a solo. You can have a designated camera person. Feel free to involve others in the ceremony as readers.
  • Your do not require witnesses, sponsors or godparents for the ceremony but they are a nice touch.


Welcome to each one of you. My name is [Officiant], and we're here today to participate in the christening sacrament, and to give thanks and celebrate our joy in the arrival of a precious child.

[Parent1] and [Parent2] want to share their joy with you and they look forward to your continuing involvement with their child's life in the years ahead. They are also aware of the great responsibility that is now theirs. A great deal of their lives will be involved in caring for their child, and guiding him/her through the many paths of life.

As the years go by, their role as parents will be assisted and enhanced by each one of you here today, as well as by the friends and elsewhere that are unable to be here.

The christening of a child is an important rite of passage to those that recognise the role that God plays in our lives.

The Bible tells us that it is God's will that children be brought to him for blessing.

We are reminded of a story in the book of Matthew, Chapter 19, where little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. Jesus's disciples felt perhaps that the children were not important enough to warrant Christ's time and energy, and they turned them away.

However, Jesus said:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these".

Then he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on each of them, and blessed them… Let us pray.

Dear Lord, as we gather here, may your Holy Spirit surround us and rejuvenate us. We pray that out of your glorious riches, you may strengthen this child with your Spirit, so that Christ may dwell in his heart though faith. And we pray that this child, being rooted and established in love, may know the love of God that surpasses all knowledge, so that he may be filled to the measure with the fullness of God. Amen.

I will now ask the parents to bring forward their son to be christened.

[Parent1] and [Parent2], with the help of God, will you do all that you can to provide your son/daughter with love, comfort, encouragement, sustenance, shelter and protection from harm?

We will.


God our creator, we thank you for the wonder of new life and for the mystery of human love. We thank you for all whose support and skill surround and sustain the beginning of life. We thank you that we are known to you by name and loved by you from all eternity.

Godparents Section

[Parent1] and [Parent2], have you chosen godparents for your child?
Yes, we have.

Please have them come forward.

Tell us your names.

[Godparent], with the help of God, will you do all that you can to help and support [Parent1] and [Parent2] in the bringing up of their son? I will.

[Godparent], with the help of God, will you do all that you can to help and support [Parent1] and [Parent2] in the bringing up of their son? I will.

Question for Witnesses

God our creator, we thank you for the gift of this child, entrusted to our care. May we be patient and understanding, ready to guide and to forgive, so that through our love he may come to know your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Eternal Father, we ask that you pour your blessings into this water, and sanctify it for our use today. In Christ's name.

The minister takes [Child] from the godparents, holds him/her and says:

[Parent1] and [Parent2], what name have you given your child? (Parents answer)

Then I hereby christen you [Child].

The Baptism

The minister makes the sign on the cross on Colin's forehead with the blessed water from the 'font'.

And, by the authority vested in me by God and his Church, I hereby baptize you in the name of the Father (cross), 
and of the Son (cross), 
and of the Holy Spirit (cross), Amen.

As Jesus took children in his arms and blessed them, so now we ask God's blessing on [Child]. ([Child] is then returned to [Parent1] and [Parent2]).


Heavenly Father, we praise you for [Child]’s birth - surround him/her with your blessings that he may know your love, be protected from evil, and know your goodness all his days. May he/she learn to love all that is true, grow in wisdom and strength and, come through faith to the fullness of your Grace.

May God the Father of all bless these parents and godparents and give them grace to love and care for their child. May God give them wisdom, patience and faith, and help them to provide for [Child]'s needs.

Eternal Father, we thank you for the rich variety of the families you have created for us, and for the relationships which we see and enjoy within them. Help us to respect and learn from each other. We thank you too for love that binds the families that are here today, and we ask your blessing on them.

Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son shared at Nazareth the life of an earthly home, bless the home of this child, may it provide shelter, warmth and security to the family and to all those who visit.

All this we ask in Jesus's name, Amen.


[Child], today we officially welcome you. We wish you long life and much happiness. May you face all challenges that come to you as a person of integrity,
May you continue to bring great joy to your parents, your grandparents, family, friends, and to all those who come to know you. 
May beauty delight you and happiness uplift you,
May wonder fulfill you and love surround you.
May your step be steady and your arm be strong,
May your heart be peaceful and your word be true.
May you seek to learn, may you learn to live.
May you live to love, and may you love - always.


The Lord bless you and watch over you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, the Lord look kindly on you and give you peace. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always.

Baptism Stories

Thank you for conducting Kate's baptism ceremony! You helped to make it a lovely and very memorable ceremony. She looked like a little angel. Thank you so much. the Masters.


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Best Answer:  i've never seen anyone give a speech at a christening.
but if you want to i would just say something like
"thank you all for coming today to the christening of my beautiful daughter (name here). She really is a blessing to me and my wife, (wife's name here). I would love for our daughter to make the best of her life and for god to watch over her all the time and may she never feel alone, as she will never be alone, she is surrounded by the people that love her. May she grow up to be a wise young lady, and sensible. (daughter's name) is our pride and joy. So a toast, to a brand new life, a brand new blessing and for our lives to always be safe and happy."
then raise your glasses.

this is just something i would say =]
i guess it would be more personal if it was my own daughter.
have a nice day =] best of luck to your daughters future.
Emma (:


Emma Jade · 1 decade ago

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Christening or Naming Ceremony Speech

By: Dr Gareth Evans - Updated: 16 Sep 2015|*Discuss


A Christening or naming ceremony is a really important moment in an infant’s life – and it’s a pretty emotionally charged one for the youngster’s parents, siblings, grand-parents, family and their respective circle of friends too!

Welcoming a new person into the fold is one of those very special rites of passage, and if you’re going to speak at a Christening or other naming ceremony, you have a very special role to play and whatever your own personal beliefs, everyone agrees that a name is important.

1. Getting Started

Thanking everyone for coming – especially anyone who has come a long way to join in the celebration – is a good way to start off.
  • Thank the guests for coming
  • Thank the priest or celebrant for the ceremony
  • Say how important a moment it is for the new infant being named/Christened
Example: Thank you all for coming to be with little (name) on this very special day in his/her young life – and a special thank you to everyone who has travelled a distance to share this moment with us and our daughter/son. Thanks to (name of priest / vicar / celebrant) too, for such a beautiful ceremony – I’m sure we’ll all take his/her (insightful / wise / inspiring/ thought-provoking) words away with us, and ponder on them.

2. Parents, Siblings And Family

It’s important to remember that, although this is the new arrival’s day, he/she is part of a family – and recognising this simple fact can help avoid an awful lot of sibling jealousy later!
  • Mention any brothers and sisters by name; siblings need to feel that they haven’t been ousted by the new arrival
  • Include the wider family – and special close friends
  • Establish the family that the youngster has been born into
Little (name) doesn’t know it yet, but he/she has joined a great family. Mum (name) and dad (name), siblings (names), grandparents (names) and all her/his other relatives are just waiting to get to know this little bundle who has so recently joined them all. He/she is going to be a wonderful addition to the family – and she/he is never going to lack for love, help or support. He/she is a much wanted new (son/daughter) for (parents’ names) and much loved (brother/sister) to (siblings’ names). He/she is indeed a lucky child.

3. Looking To The Future

The whole of this little infant’s life stretches out in front of him/her, so it’s appropriate to speculate on what might lie ahead before reminding everyone of their duty to do all they can for the youngster and then wishing him/her the best of luck in her/his journey through life, wherever that may lead.
  • Talk about the endless possibilities for the child
  • Discuss how everyone can help this new little person to grow and thrive
  • Propose a toast to the child’s health and happiness
Example: At times like these, you can’t help but think about this new little person that we’ve all just witnessed being (Christened / named) and wonder what sort of life will she/he have. What kind of person will he/she become? Will she/he be a rocket-scientist or an athlete? Find a cure for the common cold, or be the next Prime Minister? The brilliant thing is, nobody knows? Right now, there’s not a single one of us here today who has the slightest clue as to what little (name) is going to do with his/her life, or what she/he will achieve. Isn’t that just brilliant? He/she is a blank canvas – a clean slate – and we all get to watch her/him write whatever he/she wants to on it. And yet, important though this is, what’s much more important is that she/he is happy. Perhaps that’s where we all come in; we may not be able to help him/her decide what career to follow, we certainly can’t write the story of her/his life for her/him, but each one of us can play our part in making sure he/she’s loved, cared for and above all else, happy. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to (name) and join me in wishing her/him a happy, healthy childhood and a happy, healthy life!

A well-delivered speech at a Christening or naming ceremony won’t mean anything to the youngster himself/herself, of course, but it will be greatly appreciated by the infant’s parents, relatives and other guests – and there’s no better way of saying “hello and welcome” to any new little person.

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That is much impressive and a good outline for delivering a speech in a naming ceremony . I am an upcoming M.C and I like the guidelines given. Thank you.

MC Quola - 16-Sep-15 @ 3:32 PM

That was a wonderful speech. It's gonna mean a lot to many people out there especially the infant's family

Jasmine - 6-Aug-11 @ 3:23 AM

It's a great honor to be asked to give a toast at a baby's christening or baptism. Perhaps you are the godparent, standing to make a commitment to the The godparent making the speech should ask the parents whom they might want to toast.

Cherish Life's Special Moments

Writing a Wedding Program Thank You

Let's take a few moments to analyse the wedding program thank you section.

Should you include a thank you section in your wedding program? If so, what should the wording look like?

We'll cover some general tips for writing your thank you, and also provide a few thank you section examples at the end of the article.

Do You Need a "Thank You" Section?

Some couples choose to dedicate one or two pages to thanking everyone who helped them with their wedding. Other couples opt instead to thank those who assisted with their wedding in a more private manner.

Whether you include a detailed thank you section or not, it is still a good idea to write a short note on the back of the program thanking all of your guests who took the time to come to your wedding and helped to make your day special.

Who to Include

One of the tricky things about listing individuals in your wedding program thank you is that you can easily hurt some one's feelings by leaving them out.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons that some couples choose NOT to list individual people and instead opt for a group thank you such as "We want to thank everyone who helped to make our day special."

If you do include names, make a clear delineation of who you're thanking. Just the parents? Just the wedding party?

Don't thank the groomsmen if you're not going to thank the bride's maids.

Also, don't try to thank everyone. You'll be doing that in a couple weeks when you write your wedding thank you notes

Should You Thank Your Vendors?

Should you include vendors in your wedding program's thank you section?

This would include photographers, bakers, florists and anyone else that you hired to provide a service.

It seems that lately more and more couples are thanking vendors, but it is really not necessary. There are some exceptions such as if you were offered a discount or if the vendors provided extra services without an additional fee.

You CAN include paid vendors, but it is certainly not required.


Here is a suggested order for your wedding program thank you section if you are going for the more detailed approach.

  • Bridal Party
  • Special Help from Friends/Family Members
  • Vendors (if included)
  • Parents

It is generally a good idea to save the parents for last if they have contributed in a major way to your wedding.

Special Situations

When one or both sets of parents are divorced and/or remarried, it can make for a sticky situation when it comes to the thank you page.

If all parents and step-parents get along, this certainly makes it easier, but even if they don't, the way to go about it is simple:

Thank everyone who deserves a thank you.

If your mom is going to be hurt because you thank your stepmother, but your stepmother truly helped a lot then you should still include your stepmother on the thank you page.

Talk to everyone involved before they see the program so there will be no surprises on your wedding day.

Of course, if you think some feelings are going to be hurt, it's probably best to stick to a less specific thank you message.

Wedding Program Thank You Examples

As for wording, here are a few examples of what your thank you section could look like.

A Special Thank You

We would like to offer a special thanks to our parents: Jane and Greg Ostow, and Lynn and Owen Toben.

To our friends, thank you for your love and support. You've taught us how to love and made it possible for us to love each other so completely.

And a special thanks to Martha for the donation of floral arrangement for the ceremony and reception. They are beautiful and so are you.

Thanks for Coming!

We are happy to share this special day with all of you. A big thank you to our families who have been so supportive, and to the "matchmakers" who are responsible for this day happening.

Carol and Jeff

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thank you speech for baptism


Baptism Ceremony. WELCOME to give thanks for the birth of a child and to pray for family life. [THESE Thank you God for this precious gift of love. Amen.

thank you speech for baptism
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