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Family reunion thank you for coming letter
October 12, 2019 Kids Thanks 2 comments

Letter Organising a Family Reunion

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 7 Oct 2010 *Discuss


Organising a family reunion is a huge task and one which may be worked on by a number of people but is ultimately led by just one responsible family member. If you find yourself the ring-leader of planning a family reunion use letters as an easy, efficient means of communicating your ideas. Event information, volunteer requests and miscellaneous messages all have a place in letters pertaining to the family reunions, and because these are personal letters they can be formatted just about any way you please. Put on your creative cap, because the sky’s the limit!

Event Information

Any letter sent in reference to a family reunion should include as many confirmed event details as possible. If information is not yet confirmed it may be wise to leave it out unless you are specifically soliciting opinions. Event information commonly found in such letters include:
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Driving directions to location(s)
  • Public transportation options for attendees
  • Plans for meals/food
  • Elderly or disabled access
  • Allergy information requests
  • Monetary contributions (if required)

Volunteer Requests

Letters are also the perfect means by which to request volunteers for specific tasks at a family reunion. Include information on what will be expected of the volunteers, who they will “report” to about their activities, when they will need to have their work done and if there is any sort of budget available to them. Activities which may require volunteers include purchasing food, cooking, designing and providing t-shirts, creating signs, organising a family picture and putting together a schedule of activities for each day.

Miscellaneous Messages

If your family reunion is going to encompass anything other than a chance for relatives to get back in touch, include these miscellaneous messages in your letters. Relatives’ birthdays taking place during the festivities, work on family genealogy, requests for contributions of family photos, talent shows and donations for a particular cause are all important messages for relatives in the course of organising a family reunion.

Letter Format

Like any other personal letters, the format of those sent regarding family reunions is entirely at the discretion of the writer. They may be printed onto plain paper or inked onto the back of an old family photo, but whatever the medium such letters tend to follow an informal model and include:
  • Return address of the writer (if desired).
  • The date of writing.
  • An informal salutation such as “Dear Uncle John” or “Attention All Petersons!”
  • An informal closing such as “Love, Aunt Jenny” or “Looking forward to seeing you all!”
  • Signature of the writer.
  • Printing in a clear font or legible handwriting.
  • A fun border which does not obscure the body of the letter.

Sample Letter Organising A Family Reunion

Mrs. Virginia Winthrop
Mailing Address

22 August, 2010

Hello Stanton Family!

It is my great pleasure to let you know that the next Winthrop - Stanton - Harland - Hayworth - Robbins family reunion will take place on the weekend of 16 - 17 April, 2011.

The festivities will take place at the Michael and Rebecca Hayworth’s house, [Address]. Our schedule will include a welcome dinner in the back garden on Friday the 15th or those who have arrived early, a family golf tournament and photo on the 16th and a farewell brunch on the 17th. All events will take place in or around [Town Name] with more specific details, addresses and directions to follow.

Currently I am in need of some help with organising the golf tournament and family photo, and Rebecca would undoubtedly enjoy some help with the food preparation. Anyone interested in volunteering a few hours for a good cause can contact me at [Email Address] for further details.

Looking forward to seeing you in April!

Aunt Virginia

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I'm looking for sample letters thanking family for coming to a family reunion. Can you sent me some samples

bodaius - 16-Jun-11 @ 3:08 PM

On the 25th Anniversary of the lunar landing, Neil Armstrong wrote a letter to the folks at the Johnson Space Center, to thank them for their part in sending him safely to the moon.

To the EMU gang:

I remember noting a quarter century or so ago that an emu was a 6 foot Australian flightless bird. I thought that got most of it right.

It turned out to be one of the most widely photographed spacecraft in history. That was no doubt due to the fact that it was so photogenic. Equally responsible for its success was its characteristic of hiding from view its ugly occupant.

Its true beauty, however, was that it worked. It was tough, reliable and almost cuddly.

To all of you who made it all that it was, I send a quarter century’s worth of thanks and congratulations.


(Signed) Neil A. Armstrong

This letter is posted on the Letters of Note blog, which is a fascinating collection of letters from well known people throughout history. (My personal favorite is probably the letter written by Marie Antoinette just before she lost her head.)

Some of the most valuable letters in the collection, however, are the thank you notes, which include the one above by Armstrong and the letters below, along with thank you letters by Audrey Hepburn, Ray Bradbury, J.K. Rowling, Barack Obama, Conan O’Brien, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and more.

Reading them over started me thinking about what makes a thank you most meaningful. Here is what I’ve observed:

Be sincere: We all have childhood memories of thank you notes written under duress. “Thank you Aunt Mabel, for the fuzzy sweater. Even though it is June I am sure when the Fall finally comes I will enjoy it.”  Sincerity is hard to fake. This letter from Johnny Depp to a group of fans who joined together to make him a quilt is a great example of sincerity. To have an impact, you must be inspired to thank, not compelled or bribed.

Be specific: Don’t just say “thanks”. Explain WHY you’re appreciative. It allows the recipient to revisit their triumph and makes it clear what behavior you’re so happy about. This also radically improves the chances of a repeat performance. A generic thank you just doesn’t carry the weight that a specific one. (The exception to this would be if you are as hilarious and clever as Rowan and Martin are in this “generic” thank you letter to John Wayne.)

Be timely: Try to offer your thanks as close as possible to the event (or in Armstrong’s case the anniversary) that inspired it. If you are a supervisor, for example, do not wait until a yearly performance review to appreciate the great job an employee did organizing an event last summer! Timely thanks is more meaningful and is also less likely to slip your mind. A great example of a timely thank you is this one from David Bowie, in response to his “very first American fan letter”.

Be public:  Public appreciation sends a powerful message. If you can say thank you with witnesses it shows you really mean it. No matter which political lights you follow, it is hard not to be moved by this open letter from Ronald Reagan, written to the American people in 1994, after the former president was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “Let me thank you, the American people,” he writes, “for giving me the great honor of allowing me to serve as your president.”

Invest something: As the old saying goes “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” There is a reason that a handwritten card has more value than an eCard, and recognition that includes a reward—even a token reward—is much more effective than a one-click-and-its-done eThankyou. Why? Because people value that which requires some effort to give. Consider this charming response by author Roald Dahl to a 7-year old fan who took the time to send him a “dream in a bottle.” Make even a small effort  and you can be sure that your thank you is more likely to be heard.


The family reunion letter should begin with the most important . If you are coming in from out of town there are several places to stay.

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Planning a family reunion is not all about planning the fun and games involved; it actually requires a lot of thought and writing various letters to your family!

Sometimes it is just hard to get started or find the right words to jot down in a letter, so I will give you some sample family reunion letters.

Here, I will focus on three sample family reunion letters involved in the planning process: Family reunion announcement, a save-the-date, and a thank you letter.

Everyone loves free samples, right? Totally. So here’s a few free sample family reunion letters to help you along in your planning.

Family Reunion Announcement

This is the letter that you will use initially to send out to family, informing them of the family reunion planning that is in process. In this letter, you will include all of the details known at this point, along with contact information for the family member(s) in charge of the planning.

Beloved family,

It’s 2014, and you know what that means? Time to reunite! I, Christy Johnson, will be the head of the committee responsible for planning this year’s family reunion.

Although a specific date is not available yet, the reunion will be held right here on sunny Miami Beach, FL. Please be on the lookout for a save-the-date which will contain more information once solid plans have been made.

If you prefer, I have started a facebook group page which will be updated as information becomes available. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!

I am so excited and eager to kick off our 2014 family reunion, and I cannot wait to see all of you there!


Christy Johnson
[email protected]


Save-the-dates should be short and straight to the point. The total purpose of this letter is only to inform or remind your family to mark their calendar, and “save the date” for this family reunion. You can be creative with this by writing a short letter, a short poem, or even writing the information on a chalkboard, holding the chalkboard and snapping a picture to send to everyone.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Our family reunion is coming fast
The future will quickly become the past
So mark the date, don’t you forget
Our family reunion is on July 26th!


Christy Johnson
[email protected]

Thank You for Attending

If you do not plan on writing thank you letters individually, then your next best option is to write a letter that collectively thanks everyone for showing up. People will be traveling long distances to come to the reunion, so this “thank you” should be a big one! A fun idea to include with the thank you letter is sending a picture of the recipient having fun at the reunion.

To my amazing family:

Words cannot express how delighted I am that you were able to make it to our 2014 family reunion. You really helped to make this a special time for everyone who attended, and I hope you had a great time as well!

My heart is so full from getting to see everyone this year and how much the kids have grown. My, so much changes in a year! Yet, we still remain the crazy, loving, crazy loving family we have always been.

Here’s to hoping we pull another reunion off next year.

Until then, lots of love.

Christy Johnson

Although these were only samples, what you write in your letters is entirely up to you, your personality, and the personalities of your family members. What really matters is that you get the right points across clearly the first time, so that you can save time in the long run. You’ll need it!

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We'll show you some thank-you letter examples and templates that will . Thank you for your help with the family reunion—you're my hero!.

Wording for Family Reunion Thank You Notes

The Rowan Family values scholarship and understands it's significance in enhancing ones quality of life.  We established a scholarship fund designed to help students attend a post secondary institution.  Assistance is contingent upon the financial resource available for that year.  Those interested in obtaining more information can contact Phyllis Dowe at 317 631-0303 or by clicking on this link:  [email protected]  
Please send all scholarship information to:


Phyllis Dowe
1121 Fall Creek Parkway E. Drive
Indianapolis Indiana 46202

 When mailing your application/information, if possible please email it as an attachment.

The recipient of this scholarship will be announced at the Reunion's Banquet/Business meeting in Owensboro, Ky..  Applications must be submitted to Phyllis Dowe no later than July 31, 2019.

The Rowan Family Reunion has a $100.00 Book Award gift given to graduating high school students that are direct descendants, have been accepted to an institution of Higher learning, attended a reuion, and can give their lineage back to Harry & Catherine Rowan or William & Violet Shively.  

Edsel Thruston Family Scholarship Award


Applicants must have attended two (2) Rowan Family Reunions in their life.
Applicant must be a high school graduate or obtained a GED

Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.4 and a copy of their transcript

Applicant must provide a copy of their acceptance letter or admission to a post Secondary Educational Insititution

Applicant is required to write a letter/essay stating why he/she should be selected as the recipient of this scholarship.  The letter should include current ambitions, awards or special recognition, church, civic, and community involvement, and a statement of why family is important.  The letter should be typed, doubled-spaced, and limited to two pages.  

Applicant must submit all information to Phyllis Dowe by July 31, 2019.


Committee Selection Process

The committee will select a point person that will ensure all information is received from applicants.  In the event several applications are received, special consideration will be given to GPA, letter of why they should be selected as a recipient, complete lineage, and participation in activities and/or Rowan Family Reunions.  In the event of a tie, it will be the responsibility of the committee to determine the recipient.  If the committee is unable to decide between two applicants, the scholarship funds can be divided.  

The Scholarship Award is designed to assist an individual who will be attending a post secondary institution for the first time, but if no applications are received, the committee could award a prervious recipient or applicant who has achieved at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 grading scale during their first year of college.  If no one is selected, funds not awarded will remain in the "Edsel Thruston Family Scholarship" for future use.

Edsel Thruston Family Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Award is to be presneted at the Rowan Banquet/Business meeting.  The recipient is expected to be in attendance. If the recipent is unable to attend, an immediate family member can accept the award.  The check may be given to the recipent after proof of enrollment, address of self and institution.  If the recipient is unable to attend school during the fall semester/term as indicated on their application, the award will not be sent or must be returned as soon as possible.  The committee could make a recommendation to the president to award the scholarship to another candidate that met all requirement.


family reunion thank you for coming letter


Family Reunion Welcome Letter Wording Family Reunion Themes, Family . Cards with envelopes - Thank You Cards with envelopes - Place Cards (also.

family reunion thank you for coming letter
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