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Thank you card for teacher recommendations
September 24, 2019 Kids Thanks 1 comment

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I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to several colleges. Is it customary for students to thank their teachers who wrote them their recommendations? If so, how should I return their favors of writing my rec letters? Is it normally a card, letter, a small gift? What would be sufficient to let them know that I really appreciated their help? Or is all of this not necessary, and thanking them in person is enough?

It's not "customary" for students to formally thank the teachers who wrote their recommendations, but it should be. This is a time-consuming task that is rarely an official part of a faculty duty-roster. Occasionally students do write notes or even give gifts to their recommenders, but an astounding majority barely offer more than a mumbled, "Thanks"--if that.

A brief note is a perfect form of thanks, but avoid cards and comments that are merely "generic." In other words, instead of letting Hallmark do the talking for you or simply saying something like, "I really appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to write my college references," add a couple sentences that are more personal: e.g., "From the moment you said you were a Seinfeld fan, the very first day of AP Chem, I knew that I was going to love being in your class and that you would be a special teacher ..."

You don't have to get a gift unless something springs immediately to mind. For instance, if the teacher is always expressing love for a particular sports team, then a t-shirt, cap, key chain, refrigerator magnet, etc. might be in order. If the teacher is a self-proclaimed chocoholic, a small box of great candy would be perfect. But, as a former teacher myself, I assure you that a present is not required. I used to haul home box loads of Avon perfume and scented soaps, but the only gifts I really remember were those that were truly tailored to me. For instance, the students in my classroom used to laugh about how the posters on the wall were always falling down, so one girl gave me some heavy-duty gummy gunk that far surpassed the loops of masking tape I ordinarily used. A coffee mug or other small memento from the college you'll be attending would be a cute gift, too, and an apt reminder to your teacher that he or she helped to get you there.

In addition to thanking your teachers, it's a nice touch to officially thank anyone else who also went the extra mile during your college process. This could include your guidance counselor and perhaps a guidance office secretary. If someone in any office of admission also went out of the way for you, a note would be a nice gesture as well. Then, of course, there are your parents. I suspect that they would be very moved by a formal thank-you from you ... perhaps shocked as well, but definitely touched. ;)

Although you may be one of only few students who sends formal thank-yous to those who aided your college process, it's definitely the right thing to do. Teachers, especially, will notice and appreciate your thoughtfulness, and not only is this good karma for you, but also you never know when you may need their recommendations yet again.

Good luck to you as you make your final college choice and the big transition that follows.

How to write a thank you letter for a reference, advice on what to include, and tips are a variety of thank-you letter samples for references and recommendations. it's fine to approach teachers, coaches, pastors, or people you know through.

Recommendation letters are vital to your graduate school application. It's likely that you will need at least three letters and it can be hard to determine who to ask. Once you have professors in mind, they agree to write a letter, and your application is submitted, your next step should be a simple thank you note showing your appreciation.

Letters of recommendation are a lot of work for professors and they are asked to write a number of them each year. Unfortunately, the majority of students don't bother with a follow-up.

Why Send a Thank-You Note?

At its most basic, taking a few minutes to send a thank-you note is a common act of courtesy for someone who has taken the time to do you a favor, but it can also work to your benefit.

A thank-you note helps you stand out from the other students and will help keep you in the writer's good graces. After all, you may need a letter again in the future for another school or even a job.

Recommendation Letters

Professors often take great pains to write letters that honestly discuss your potential for graduate study. They will take the time to include specific details and examples that illustrate why you're a good fit for the graduate program. They will also consider other factors to suggest that you will be successful in grad school and beyond.

Their letters are not simply saying, "She'll do great." Writing helpful letters takes time, effort, and considerable thought. Professors do not take this lightly and they're not required to do it. Whenever someone does something of this magnitude for you, it's nice to show your appreciation for their time and attention.

Offer a Simple Thank You

Graduate school is a big deal and your professors are playing an important role in helping you get there. A thank you letter need not be lengthy or overly detailed. A simple note will do. You can do this as soon as the application is in, though you might also want to follow-up once you're accepted to share your good news.

Your thank you letter can be a nice email. It's certainly the quicker option, but your professors may also appreciate a simple card. Mailing a letter is not out of style and a handwritten letter has a personal touch. It shows that you wanted to spend extra time to thank them for the time they put into your letter.

Now that you're convinced that sending a letter is a good idea, what do you write? Below is a sample but you should tailor it to your situation and your relationship with your professor.

A Sample Thank You Note

Thank you for taking the time to write on my behalf for my graduate school application. I appreciate your support throughout this process. I will keep you updated about my progress in applying to graduate school. Thanks again for your assistance. It is much appreciated.

8+ Thank You Letter For Recommendation – PDF, DOC

thank you card for teacher recommendations

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How to thank a teacher (example thank you notes included)

Teachers spend countless hours helping your child learn and grow. Why not show your appreciation to one of the biggest influences in your child’s life?

National Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday in the first full week of May. And Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. This makes for a great day to thank your teacher!

The teacher will appreciate hearing that they are doing a good job. A little gratitude can go a long way in encouraging teachers that their efforts are worth it!

7 Ways to thank a teacher:

1 A handwritten thank you note or letter

2 An emailed thank you note or letter

3 A “thank you” in person

4 A small trinket for their desk

5 A gift card (Starbucks, Amazon, local restaurants, etc.)

6 Invite them to the high school graduation party for your student

7 Invite them to your college graduation party

A combination of these methods can be used. For example, you can send a note with a small gift. The thank you can come from a parent or from the student.

Also, the teacher may not have a preference of how they are thanked. If you know a certain teacher loves thank-you notes, then send them a handwritten thank you.

Do not get hung up on the method and let figuring out which way to thank become a barrier that prevents you from saying thank you at all. If you don’t want to handwrite a thank you note then please email them or tell them in person! The point here is that the teacher is getting thanked one way or another.

Note: Gifts are nice and perhaps easier to do than writing a thank you note or coming up with the words to say in person. Some teachers are much more likely to remember your words, then what gift you gave them. A teacher once told me:

A gift is probably more special at Christmas or at the end of the year. A note at any time is a wonderful. Though nice, gifts do not give you that “this makes it all worthwhile” feeling like a touching note does. So, each has its own place, I would say. I certainly remember notes more in the long run than gift cards!

Examples of situations to thank the teacher for:

♠ Your child has taken an interest in a subject because of how well the teacher is teaching it.

♠ Does your child want to be a teacher because of a specific teacher? I’d say that means the teacher is having an impact and should be thanked/informed!

♠ Did your child go on a class trip that they can’t stop talking about?

♠ The teacher helped your student learn how to study for a test. As a result, the student’s test scores are improving.

♠ Has your child’s behavior improved as a result of the teacher’s efforts?

♠ Did the teacher do a fun experiment or game in classroom exercise that helped your student learn the subject matter?

An example thank you from student to teacher

I reached out to a teacher as part of my research for this post. At his school, the 8th grade Language Arts have students write a letter to the teacher who meant the most to them while in middle school. He said, “Coming down to my mailbox and finding a stack of those inside is always heart-warming and makes me feel I made the right decision to become a teacher”.

Here is one of the letters he received. Your words and your student’s words are powerful. They give the teachers encouragement and positive affirmation.

Teacher Thank You Note Tips:

♦ If the note is coming from the student, do not use the teacher’s first name. Use Mr, Mrs. or Ms. or however they refer to the teacher at school.

♦ Use the note as a genuine way to thank the teacher. Resist the urge to “suck up” to the teacher.

♦ Thank the teacher as situations occur instead of waiting for Christmas or end of the year. Teachers like encouragement all year long!

♦ The note does not need to be a novel. Three or Four sentences will do! If you have a lot to say, a longer note is fine too.

♦ If you want to include a quote in your note, check out this list of thankful quotes for teachers.

Thank you note card available on Amazon

Teacher Thank You Note Examples:

Note: replace items in brackets as appropriate it.

From the Parent:

Dear [teacher name],

[student’s name] is really enjoying your class this year! He/She is excited about all the interactive projects you do with the class. Your efforts are appreciated! [student’s name] is learning more about [class subject] than ever before!


[Your Name]

Hello [teacher name],

Thank you for teaching [student name] how to study for a test. She has been a weak test taker for years and I haven’t been able to find a way to help her. Your method is working. Her test scores have improved in not only your class but all other classes as well. The time you have spent with her will change the course of her life.

Best Regards,

[Your name]
[Teacher Name],

You have been a huge blessing to my family. Because of the extra time you have spent teaching [student name] the “new” way of doing math, the stress in my household has reduced considerably. My husband and I still want to do it the “old” way that we learned in school. We are very thankful that [student name] now fully grasps the concepts and can do his homework on his own.

Thanks again!


Dear [Teacher Name],

Thank you for making [class name] interesting! [Student Name] is enjoying your class so much that he does his homework on his own and is excited to share with us what he is learning. He also wants us to visit the museum that you took the class too. This is the most excited he has ever been to go to school. He loves your class! You are an excellent teacher!

Thank you,

Mr. and Mrs. [Your last name]

From the Student:

Dear [teacher name],

Thank you for helping me with my math assignments. The way you’ve been able to explain things to me after class has helped me a lot. I am finally understanding algebra!

Thanks Again,

[Student Name]

Dear [teacher name],

I loved being in your class this year. The way you teach makes [class name] fun and interesting to learn about. I wish you could be my teacher for every class!

Thank you,

[Student Name]

(from a younger child)

Dear [teacher name],

Thank you for being my teacher. I had fun and learned a lot. You are the best.


[Student Name]

Dear [teacher name],

Thank you for all the support you’ve given me throughout high school. You are an excellent teacher and I will be going on to study [subject] name at college because of you. Will you please attend my high school graduation party? [include party invitation in envelope)

Thanks Again,
[Student Name]

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How to write a thank you letter for a reference, advice on what to include, and tips are a variety of thank-you letter samples for references and recommendations. it's fine to approach teachers, coaches, pastors, or people you know through.

The 7 Thank You Notes You Need To Write After Getting Into College



Q:        How many teacher Letters of Recommendation do I need?

A:        We suggest you ask 2-3 teachers during the spring of your junior year.  Most colleges will ask for anywhere between 1-3 teacher letter of recommendations.

Q:        How do I request a teacher Letter of Recommendation?

A:        Login to your Naviance Account and go to:

            Colleges tab/Request Letters of Recommendation. 

            Detailed steps are provided below.

Q:        Do I get to see my Letter of Recommendation?

A:        No.  Students will not be able to see their letter of recommendation before it goes out to a college.

Q:        How do I know if my teacher sent their recommendation?

A:        You will be able to see when a teacher submits their recommendation letter in Naviance via the same area where you requested them to write for you.  (See above).

Q:        What if I want someone outside of Tech to write my letter?

A:        Unfortunately we do not provide access to Naviance for outside recommenders.  Please provide the outside recommender with a stamped and addressed envelope for each school you would like them to write on your behalf.

Q:       Why do colleges request letters of recommendation?

A:       Colleges need help deciding if a student has the character and ability to function successfully at their institution. A strong teacher recommendation can bring a student to life for the admission committee and may be the decisive factor for students with weaker grades or test scores. How can you help your teacher colleagues write effective recommendations? 

The role of the teacher recommendation:

  • Teacher recommendations should be honest appraisals of a student's academic performance and intellectual promise. They are intended primarily to convey the teacher's classroom experience with the student — to give colleges an idea of how the student is likely to perform academically. These recommendations serve a different function than the counselor recommendation, which is meant to provide a broader view of the      student.
  • Teachers should not feel pressured into writing an excessive number of recommendations. If they're not comfortable furnishing      a recommendation for any given student, it's in both their and that student's interest that they decline.
  • Help your teachers gather information

Q:  Is there anything that I could provide a teacher so that they can get more information about me for my letter of recommendation?

A: Some teacher will ask you to sit for an interview with them as well as complete a student brag sheet.  If the teacher does not provide a brag sheet then feel free to use the one posted below. 

      When answering the teacher’s personal survey or the student brag sheet use complete sentences. The more information that you offer to your writer, the better the recommendation letter will be! Complete and share with the teacher who is writing for you.   

      A brief synopsis of the student's goals and interests is also helpful as well as a list of colleges the student will be applying to, along with deadlines and any appropriate forms.

Don't forget to send a handwritten THANK YOU card to every teacher who wrote you a recommendation. An email is NOT sufficient! Keep in mind how much time they spent time writing your recommendation.

thank you card for teacher recommendations

Adapt this free sample to Thank Someone for a Referral or Recommendation Letter (Free How To Write a Thank You Note to a Teacher - Free Example.

thank you card for teacher recommendations
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