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Thank you card ideas for toddlers to make

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Thank you card ideas for toddlers to make
August 28, 2019 Kids Thanks 2 comments

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Fill in The Blank Thank You Cards with Envelopes for Kids - Confetti Dot Flat Notes - Pack of 36

by aresmer

"Great quality cards!" - by Diana (London, England)

These are brilliant! We had limited time to do thank you’s, so I have ordered these and blank football themed cards on amazon prime for my 6 year old to choose from. Even though the design is simple my son still preferred to do these cards instead of the blank football ones. He did 16 in one morning - they were easy to fill out, yet personal as you write down the details of the present, etc. I thought the quality was great, although I found the envelopes were slightly fiddly to seal. Overall it’s a great product, particularly the age group 5-7 years as they can write these thank you cards without much help.

These simple homemade thank you cards are easy for kids to think up and create . With a simple stencil, kids imaginations can take over and.

Whether they’re for Christmas or after a birthday, homemade thank you cards are a lovely personal touch that even the kids can help out making!

You can really let them get creative and make pretty designs to give to family and friends, with a little note to say thank you inside.

Mummy vlogger Sarah and her twins Harriet and George get stuck in after the Christmas festivities to make some very colourful and pretty homemade cards to send out.

“They’re a really fun and a nice crafty activity to keep the kids busy between Christmas and New Year”, Sarah tells us and although the kids might get a bit messy making them, the ink washes off easily, so there are are no excuses for not giving it a go!

To make them, you will need:

  • – Blank cards
  • – An ink pad stamp
  • – A fine line pen
  • All the kids need to do, is dip their fingers in the ink pad and then press down on the paper. With the different colours, they can create different pictures. For example, Harriet and George made the yellow fingerprints into bumble bees, the red ones into flowers and also ladybirds!

    The kids might need a little helping hand with some of the details, but you can let them really get stuck in and use their imaginations.

    They’re a really pretty and thoughtful way to teach the kids the importance of saying thank you, plus, they’re a fab way to keep them entertained for an afternoon!

    Get the kids to express their creativity with these lovely little thank you notes that friends and family will really appreciate.

    Get them to help write the notes inside too, or at least sign their names and then pop them in the post. We love this super simple and really colourful idea!

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    thank you card ideas for toddlers to make

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    “Mom, Let's Write Thank-You Notes!”

    Sure, it sounds like a dream: Your children running up to you and begging to write thank-you notes to their aunts, uncles, and cousin pete. It could be a reality—if you cut out the obligation and play up the gratitude. Explain the value and purpose of the notes: “Thank-you notes are a special way to tell Nanna & Grampa how much you liked their present.”

    So focus on fun and honest sentiment. Get creative. Make what could be hours of boredom into an event they want to take part in—and in doing so take some of the burden off yourself.

    General Tips

    • Explain that receiving thank-you notes makes people feel good. And it lets them know that their gift arrived safely and is appreciated.
    • The sooner the better! Get those notes written as soon as possible. But don’t be embarrassed by a note sent a bit late, even a month after the gift was received. It’s far better to send a late note than no note at all.
    • Spend a few minutes talking about the gift and what made it special: It’s a book you loved reading. You’ve already made three projects with the art kit. The toy is so much fun to play with you haven’t wanted to do anything else. You had a great time shopping with your friends and found the perfect sweater with the gift card.
    • Have fun, age appropriate materials on hand to get your child interested in the project: colorful notepaper, crayones, markers, pencils, pens, stickers, and stamps.
    • If you have a camera, take a picture of your child and the gift. Include the photo with the thank-you note.
    • Again, remember to keep it fun! If you view this as drudgery, so will the kids.

    3-5 year-olds

    You will write the majority of these thank-you notes, especially for three-year-olds. Involve your child in the process by explaining what you are doing and showing her the form and reading content of the card or note aloud.

    • Leave an area for her to scribble her own greeting—this will make the notes even more touching for the recipients.
    • A three to five-year-old might want to draw a picture (possibly of the gift) that can be included with the note.
    • Many four and five-year-olds are learning how to write their names. Ask them to sign the card. They’ll be proud to do it, and Aunt Pam will get to see how well her nephew can write.
    • Example: Dear Grandmother, Thank you for the sweater you sent me. Purple is my favorite color. I can’t wait to see you. Love, Jaime

    6-10 year-olds

    • Get the six and seven year olds to work with you. You can have them dictate what they want you to write, or you can each write part of the note. (Seven year olds may be able to write the entire note themselves.)
      • TIP: Have your child read the note out loud so they can hear their written words—a satisfying experience in itself!
    • Eight, nine and ten year olds can work on their own notes. You can act as editor—and teacher. This is a good opportunity to encourage them, impart a little wisdom, and check  spelling.
      • TIP: You might say, “You’ve mentioned several times to me that your new sweater is the perfect color. Why don’t you tell Aunt Mary that also? It’s really hard to pick colors for someone else and she’ll be glad to hear you love it!”
    • At any of these ages, always have them sign the note with their own “thank you,” regardless of how much of the note they wrote.
    • Don’t try to polish off too many notes in one sitting. When you sense your child is losing interest, it’s time to take a break. Plan several short sessions over the course of a week or two to complete the project.
    • You may need to address the envelope, but let your child put the stamp on and put it in the mailbox.
      • TIP: Visit the Post Office with your child and let her/him pick some fun stamps.

    11-14 year-olds

    Now that your kids are reaching a more independent stage, give them a little more responsibility and freedom in the note-writing process. See what they do with it.

    • Bring them to the store and let them choose note cards they like.
    • Set aside time to write thank-you notes together. “Let’s get out our stationery and we’ll both work on our thank-you notes after dinner.”
    • Discuss when you both think the notes should be sent out. Try and impart the idea that sooner is better than later.
    • Allow them to express themselves—instead of sticking to a scripted message.
    • Remember, though they’re getting older, the fun shouldn’t dry up. Try to keep things light-hearted with a little cocoa, cookies, and music.

    15-18 year-olds

    • Encourage teens to flex those creative muscles. Perhaps he can design custom thank-you notes with his name and a special design on the front and his hand-written personal note on the other side. If he has a digital camera, he may want to add pictures.
    • Check early on to see if she has all the materials she’ll need: notepaper, pen, envelope, the correct addresses, and stamps. Allow her to tell you if she has all the right items or what she needs.
    • If the kids feel like creating something unexpected or out of the ordinary—go with it. As long as it isn’t going to confuse or offend their grandparents.
    • A handwritten thank-you note is the best choice, but if your son always “talks” to his Aunt Marie via email or visual chat, it’s okay to send thanks online.
    • Give positive reinforcement for a well-written (or well-received) note. “I talked to Uncle Matt today. He loved your thank-you note!” This type of comment will remind them why they’re working to create these thank you’s and how they affect people.

    Adapted fromThe Gift of Good Manners: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Respectful, Kind, Considerate Children, by Peggy Post and Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D.

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Thank you card ideas / Beautiful handmade card for your Friend

    Need help getting your kids to write thank-you notes? Using stickers, markers and other creative tools makes the task feel more like fun.

    5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Send Thank You Notes

    Nothing shows your appreciation quite like a handwritten note inside a lovely thank you card. However, you don’t need to be an expert-level crafter to make your own homemade thank you cards. Draw inspiration from the following easy card making projects to create customized thank you cards in 15 minutes or less.

    1. Rainbow Thank You Card


    This colorful card designed by Karolyn Loncon uses a a brushstroke stamp set to create a rainbow background for the sentiment, but a similar effect could be created using acrylic paint and a thick paintbrush. Learn more at Avery Elle.

    2. Minimalist Polka Dot Thank You Card


    Use three coordinating colors of polka dot pattern paper to create this minimalist thank you card. This design is easy to mass produce, making it perfect for bridal showers or other occasions where you’re sending out multiple thank you cards at once. Learn more at Clearly Besotted.

    3. Watercolor Thank You Cards


    These stunning watercolor thank you cards are so pretty, they’re practically a gift on their own. The technique is fairly easy to master, even if you have minimal painting experience. Head over to Design Sponge to learn more.

    4. Rustic Thank You Card


    This unique DIY thank you card includes a souvenir stamped ornament attached to the front. Visit North Story to learn more.

    5. Washi Tape Star Card


    Who doesn’t love washi tape? When you need a quick and easy thank you card design, draw inspiration from this star die cut card with colorful washi tape peeking through. Learn more about Lori Greco’s design at Kenarry.

    6. Thank You Card with Washi Tape Background Paper


    If you have lots of washi tape patterns to highlight, try using them to make custom background paper that’s the centerpiece of your thank you card design. Northwest Stamper has the details for this clever project.

    7. Paper Scraps Thank You Card


    Use up tiny scraps of all your favorite patterned papers by making this cute thank you card. All you need to do is cut each paper pattern into a strip that mimics the look of pretty ribbon. If desired, try inking the edges for a rougher vintage look. Learn more at Inch of Creativity.

    8. Origami Thank You Card


    Use a simple origami folding technique to create this elegant looking thank you card from a single sheet of 8 1/2 ” x 11″ paper. Embellish with stickers or rubber stamps once the leaf accent is completed. Get the step-by-step instructions at LoveToKnow Origami.

    9. Paint Chip Thank You Card


    Are you obsessed with all the pretty colors on the paint chips from your last home decor project? If so, why not turn your favorites into pretty thank you cards? Split Coast Stampers has the details for this easy upcycling project.

    thank you card ideas for toddlers to make


    These have got to be the cutest homemade kids thank you cards! So easy and fun to make.

    thank you card ideas for toddlers to make
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