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Thank you note to boss for dinner party

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Thank you note to boss for dinner party
April 25, 2019 Kids Thanks 1 comment

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25 Thank-note examples to thank boss for team lunch

Below are 25 thank you note examples will help inspire you to write your boss a thank-you note for taking your team to lunch!

For more information on the when and why to thank your boss for lunch check out this post (there are tips too!).

If your lunch was with only the boss check out these examples.

How to use the examples:

Items in brackets, such as [restaurant name] should be replaced with the actual restaurant name or whatever is indicated within the bracket.

The examples include only the body of the thank-you note. When writing your thank-you note, you will need to include an opening and closing.

I encourage you to customize them as appropriate so that they sound like they come from you!

Team lunch thank-you note examples:

Thanks for taking the team out to lunch. Spending time together outside of the office helps us to bond as a team. It was a nice opportunity to get to know the newer people better.

Wow! Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] was great. It feels awesome to work at a place that has the budget for an expensive meal. And the dessert was awesome too. This is a great team! I’m so proud of what this team has been able to accomplish.

I had a great time at [restaurant name] with the team. Thank you for taking us out. It is a nice memory for our team and helped us get to know each other better.

The team lunch this week was amazing. Thank you for taking us out and getting to know us better and giving us a chance to get to know you. I was happy to learn that your family has two [animal type]!

I really like this team! I look forward to the weekly team lunch every week. Thanks for ordering in from [restaurant name] this week. It really hit the spot and I like trying new food.

It was very thought provoking and should help us improve our productivity. Thank you for arranging the private room at [restaurant name] as it allowed us to easily hear whatever one was saying.

Celebrating the promotions on the team last week was fun. I like being on a team that recognizes accomplishments! Thanks for taking all of us out. Hopefully, we will have a reason to do it again soon.

Lunch was awesome yesterday! The food and time spent with the team were both amazing. I enjoyed interacting with you and the others. Thank you!

My stomach is still sore from laughing so much at lunch yesterday. Thank you for uniting the team with your humorous stories. This was a lunch we will never forget.

I was very surprised that you took us to [fancy restaurant name] for lunch. The environment made it feel like more than just another team lunch. Thank you for recognizing our efforts on making the sales deal with [customer name].

What an amazing lunch yesterday. Thank you for taking us to [restaurant name]. I like going there for team lunches as we can hear everyone at the table talking.

Thanks for the welcome lunch at [restaurant name]. I had a nice time and enjoyed getting to know the rest of the team better. I was able to connect with [new coworker] as we watch some of the same TV programs. I feel like I made a friend because of the lunch as so far we’ve been too busy to socialize much in the office.

The team lunch was fun yesterday. I am thankful that we were all able to make it and that went to [restaurant name] which is one of my favorite restaurants. I appreciate the company picking up the tab too! It feels good to be recognized for our hard work.

I enjoyed bonding with the team. I liked getting to know each other better by hearing everyone’s answers to your atypical icebreaker questions. You are very creative! Thanks again for lunch!

A team enjoying lunch

I suggest we have team lunches more often! I had a great time with the team yesterday. [Coworker] is very funny outside of the office. Thanks for taking us out!

Thank you for the team lunch. Discussing [book name] with the team at lunch was a wonderful idea. I got more out of the book by hearing what others have learned from it.

I enjoyed the team lunch last week. Asking everyone to share their most memorable moment while working on [fun project name] was fun and gave us a chance to hear from everyone. Thank you for treating us to lunch at [restaurant name].

Having a team lunch on the picnic tables was a creative way to have a team lunch with no cost to the company. Thank you for organizing it and encouraging everyone to bring their own lunch from home. The variety of lunch items was amazing and gave us a lot to talk about other than work. It turns out I am not the only food snob in the group!

Thank you for the two-hour team lunch! I am glad you arranged it when the whole team could go and no one needed to feel rushed. The lunch helped to build my camaraderie with the others. I was excited to learn that [coworker name] volunteers at the humane society.

I had a great time at the team lunch. Thanks for treating us to [restaurant name]. Getting away from the office was a nice break. Time well spent on team bonding.

Thank you for arranging the team lunch. Free lunch on the company is an enjoyable treat. I liked visiting with you and the others and getting to know everyone better.

Thanks for the team lunch on [day of week]. I really enjoyed the [dish name]. It was delicious! I am grateful to have been introduced to [restaurant name] and spending time with the team was nice too.

Food can bring people together like nothing else. Thank you for taking the team out. I had a nice time visiting with other team members and look forward to the next team lunch.

Lunch at [fancy restaurant name] felt extra special! I’m proud of our team for winning the teamwork award this quarter. Thank you for recognizing our accomplishment with an awesome lunch.

Having lunch with the other team was fun. I liked being able to get to know more people in the department. Thanks for making the lunch possible and for covering the cost as well. What a treat for all of us!

Last week’s lunch was the best team lunch so far! [name] is very funny and keeps the conversation going. I am thankful that our company allows for quarterly team lunches. Maybe next time we can go to [restaurant name].


I hope you found these examples helpful! 

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Free dinner thank you note examples on the perfect thank you to send your dinner host.

Thank You for Dinner

Sample "Thank You for Dinner" wording.

After a dinner party, it's always a good idea to send a thank you note or text within a few days.

If that sounds like a lot of work to you, think about everything that goes into hosting a meal: plan the menu, shop for ingredients, clean the house, set the table, cook the meal, serve the meal, clean the dishes, and then clean the house all over again if children were involved. I'm sure you say thanks on your way out but wouldn't a little "thanks again" note be that much nicer?

If you received a hand-written invitation to a dinner party, you should handwrite the thank you note. For a casual dinner with your good friends or an Evite invitation, text, email or a thank you phone call the next day will do.

Thank You for Dinner: Sample notes

Thank you for dinner text

That was such a great night!  It was so good catching up with everyone and dinner was amazing!  Thank you so much for having us.  Next time our place!


Thank you for dinner text

WOW that was fun! Your friends are so nice! We really enjoyed meeting everyone and you are a fantastic cook!  Thank you so much for including us. Hugs!


Thank you for dinner text

Just wanted to thank you again for last night!  We had such a good time.  Maybe a little too good ;).  The food was delicious and your home is gorgeous! Cheers!


Dear Maura and Neil,

Just wanted to thank you again for last night. We had an absolute blast with you guys. The kids played so well we forgot they were there, the food was delicious, and my face hurts from laughing so much. What more could we ask for?

Next time our place!


Dear Jana and Ray,

Thanks so much for dinner last night! The food was fabulous and those wines were outstanding. Thanks for sharing them with us!

It was so nice to finally catch up. Let's put another date on the calendar soon. Does the 29th work for you?


Thank you for dinner
Dear Kay and Bob,

We had such much fun with you last night! Thank you for that amazing dinner. The chicken was so fantastic my kids are begging me to get the recipe-- I can tell you that has never happened before! Everything was delicious, including of course that amazing dessert that looked so professional I still can't believe you MADE that.

We so appreciated your having us. It was great getting to know everyone better. We look forward to more fun in the future!

Thanks again.


Dear Xander and Yeta,

What a great evening! Thank you so much for dinner. We ate and drank too much but couldn't help ourselves; everything was outstanding. And that game was a riot. I am still laughing thinking about it.

It was such a nice end to a long week. Thanks for having us! Can't wait to do it again soon.


Thank you for dinner
Dear Jessica and Troy,

It was great to see you on Saturday. Thanks a ton for hosting dinner at your house. The kids were so excited to see you, and of course it's always fun to play with the dogs!

Thank you also for the fantastic gifts for the kids. Camryn LOVES origami-- she and her friends can play for hours making all sorts of things! And Nate is bananas about his magic kit. Today he walked to school with his top hat on his head and his wand in his hand. He was thrilled to impress all of the kids at school as he pulled a rabbit out of his hat!

It was so nice to see you and catch up. We really miss you and wish we lived closer. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see you again.

Much love,


Dear Tina and Gary,

We just wanted to remind you what a great time we had at dinner the other night. You two are truly impressive cooks! We are still talking about that delicious shrimp, and the cake looked like something out of a magazine.

We always enjoy spending time with you all and the kids get along great. We’re looking forward to next time at our place!

Thanks so much,


Thank you for dinner
Dear Mrs. and Mr. Mister,

We are still talking about the wonderful evening we had with you! It was so thoughtful and generous of you to invite us to dinner in our own town. Dinner was absolutely delicious and we so enjoyed getting to know you.

We're very excited about the wedding; Heather and Ralph make an outstanding couple. We look forward to having Ralph as our son-in-law and to many fine years ahead.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

Warm Regards,

Bigger Affair: Thank you for the Dinner Party

Dear Kristy and Rick,

Thanks so much for the great party this weekend! That was quite a blowout! We had such fun seeing everyone and getting to know you two better as well. What a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Thanks again!



Thank you for dinner party
Anita and Don,

Well that was worth hunting down a sitter for! You guys rock. The food was elegant, the drinks were top-quality as always, and it was so much fun that my head still hurts. Thank you so much for having us!!

Looking forward to more fun this summer.



Dear Janet,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you again for the lovely dinner you arranged for my birthday. It was truly a wonderful night out and so special to celebrate with dear friends. We are truly blessed to live in a great community with so many wonderful people. I feel very lucky to have met you and look forward to many more fun times together.

Thanks again for everything.

With love,


Dear Karen and Nora,

Thank you so much for hosting such a lovely party. It's always so nice to see you both, and it was fun to visit with you and with so many of our friends. And of course, I'm always impressed with the amazing food you serve. The butternut squash ravioli is truly the best I've ever had!

I hope you enjoy this holiday season and I hope we'll see each other more often in the new year.

All the best,


Dear Renee and Matt,

You two are quite the gifted party-throwers! We had the best time last night. All the food was fantastic, the music was perfect, and Matt, those mixed drinks were way too good. It was so fun to see all the neighbors and we even met some new ones.

Thanks so much for providing such a great evening for everyone. People will be talking about it for some time!

Warm regards,

More Thank you for dinner wording to come...

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Dinner Thank You Notes

thank you note to boss for dinner party

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25 years, more than 9000 glorious days

When, Why, and How to write your boss a thank you note for lunch. Lunch with the boss may be special occasion and should be treated as such. Below are 25 thank you note examples will help inspire you to write your boss a thank-you note for taking your team to lunch! For more information on the when. Did your boss take you to lunch and you are not sure what to say in a thank-you note? He are 25 thank-you note examples for thanking your boss.

If your boss takes only to lunch then please read: Writing your boss a thank you note for lunch which covers the when, why, and how to thank the boss. And a few . Thanking someone for a business lunch is both common courtesy and good business. How you go about it, and when you thank them. Sample thank you letters for a Housewarming Gift or New House Gift. Dear [ Neighbor],. Thank you so much for the delicious plate of cookies. It was very.

A boss should never be bribed with a gift or a meal but with a decent thank you or fixing a major deal, en employee writes a thank you letter to boss for lunch. 25 Thank-note examples to thank boss for team lunch. These examples will provide ideas of what you can say in a note to your boss after a team lunch. The well-crafted thank you notes to boss for something important can go a long way in earning you a 27“Thank you for buying the team lunch. Here are the best thank you messages for your boss to let them know how you out to lunch for Employee Appreciation Day, or giving you personal time off. If someone has bought or prepared dinner for you, a formal thank you may be prudent. Read our sample thank you notes for dinner for inspiration.

Although not everyone has a supervisor that's great to work for, some of you have special employers who deserve recognition for being just plain awesome. Thank you so much for the wonderful Employee Appreciation Luncheon, thank you card and gift. It means a lot to me knowing that my work and. Beautiful wording for dinner thank you notes. Express your thanks for a wonderful meal. Professionally-written thank you card wording. FREE resource!. Do your boss take you and/or your team out to lunch? Are you struggling with the words to use in a thank-you note. This eBook provides the inspiration (through.

So, if you have a boss like that, you would definitely love to thank him with all your heart. . Simple arrange a lunch with your team members or invite your team. It's only polite to send a thank you note for gift to let your boss know that you for his generosity with the 'Thank You Note to Boss for Lunch Download' format. Please let me take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your wife for the wonderful dinner party you hosted at your home __(on Friday/last week/etc.

So you have recently attended an excellent dinner party where the generous host made sure you ate to your heart's content and had an amazing time. Would it.

Thank Someone For Hospitality

Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands mentioned in our guides. Learn more.

Thank You Messages for Dinner Party , Free Thank you notes for dinner party , dinner thank you note samples

The dinner party does not end with putting the food away, right; but it should be completed with the good-mannered etiquettes. Do you write thank-you notes for dinner parties? Yes or No? If you answered No, let me tell you that it's high time. From now on make a habit to send thank you messages.  After enjoying the dinner, the guests must thank the host for the wonderful invite, by sending thank you notes or messages for a dinner party to appreciate the host .

Though in today's society sending thank you messages for a dinner party is a highly overlooked and ignored etiquette, but we should not forget the importance of this small gesture which has a huge impact, and shows a lot of appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Here in this article you will find an excellent list of sample thank you notes and messages for a dinner party. Simply bookmark these thank you notes and messages, and make it easy on yourself.

1. Thanks so much for the dinner last night! The food was really fabulous and those wines were outstanding. Thanks for sharing them with us! It was so nice to finally catch up and spend some quality time together.

2. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much fun we all had at your place Saturday night. The dinner was spectacular, and you were indeed a fabulous host.

3. Thanks for the lovely dinner the other evening; we really enjoyed ourselves. The meal was scrumptious, especially the chocolate dessert. You must give me the recipe sometime. It was really great to meet you after a long time.  

4. Thanks for inviting us for dinner last Sunday. We had a lovely time. The dinner was truly delicious and you were really a fantastic host.

5. We had great fun with you last night! Thank you for that scrumptious dinner. Everything was delicious, including of course that amazing dessert that looked so professional I still can't believe you MADE that. Would love to get your dessert recipe some time.


6. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening. The dinner was delicious! You are both indeed incredible hosts, and we enjoyed spending time with you.

7. Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home for dinner. The food was really so delicious. We had a lovely time. Thank you again for a lovely evening.

8. It was great fun getting together with you this past weekend. And the dinner you served on Saturday was really superb. You're such incredibly gracious hosts.

I hope you agree with me that whenever you are invited over for dinner it's always polite and nice to follow-up a few days later with a warm thank-you note. Although handwritten and mailed thank you notes have a great importance of their own, it's perfectly acceptable to send an email thank-you to friends or family after a dinner party.

Make use of  this sample thank you messages, I am sure this list can really help you to save time in writing thank you notes and messages for a dinner party. Bookmark this list now and get back to it now and again to appreciate your friends and family members.


It is always great to be able to send a thank you note to your friends or relatives after a great dinner party. Your guests go to great lengths to put on the best dinner party, including the planning, the cooking and the setting of the table, not to mention inviting all guests to the home and enjoyment. Sending a thank you note to your dinner hosts means a lot to the hosts and goes a long way to making them feel good about all of their preparation for the dinner party. Always remember to send a thank you not, whether it is an actual card or an email card. You can find both at Hallmark cards or Hallmark E-cards.


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thank you note to boss for dinner party

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Please let me take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your wife for the wonderful dinner party you hosted at your home __(on Friday/last week/etc.

thank you note to boss for dinner party
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