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Thank you notes for birthday gifts from coworkers

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Thank you notes for birthday gifts from coworkers
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There are exceptional benefits to sending a thank you card. Thank you notes can be utilized is so many different ways, holding profound importance in both personal and professional scenarios. Determining the situations that call for a thank you card requires a grateful awareness for all the relationships in your life; what they mean to you, what they do for you, and how they help you grow. But what do you say beyond thank you when sending a note or card? How do you display gratitude that is personally representative of your character? And is there any way to actually strengthen the bond between you and you and your recipient into a healthier, more mutually-beneficial, and assuredly long-term relationship?

Thank You Note for Gift

Perhaps the most obvious time to send thank you cards is when receiving a gift. Birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby showers, religious milestones in the life of a child like a christening, first communion, Bat mitzvah, or quinceanera – if someone put forth the time, money, and effort to send a gift – you must send a thank you card.

If it’s around the holidays you can always include something at the end of your thank you message to call out the season like Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, and so on.

People send professional gifts too. A company may send another company a gift basket in a b2b relationship. Clients may send gifts to an organization or vice versa. The rule of thumb is, if you receive a gift, send a thank you card, but ensure that you include a personalized message to make it meaningful.

One of the best ways to extend a heartfelt thank you even further is to mention what your recipient sent and how you enjoy it wearing it, using it, eating it, reading it, etc. Here are some suggestions:

  • Thank you so much for the lovely gift basket – it made my day.
  • Thank you for my wonderful birthday gift! I can’t wait to use it (wear it, etc.).
  • Thank you for my present. It was so unexpected but certainly appreciated.
  • Thank you for my gift. It was just what I wanted!
  • Thank you for the adorable baby clothes. (Name) is going to look great in them. I will be sure to send pictures.
  • The holidays are a time when we get to give as much as we receive. Thanking you for making me (us) feel special.
  • Thank you for the present you sent. It made my day!
  • Thank you for your gift and card – it made my holiday (depending on what holiday you are celebrating, you can be more specific) brighter!

Sometimes it’s nice to have your child send the thank you card if the gift was meant for them. Or you can send a thank you card together and include a message like:

  • (Name of child) and I both wanted to thank you for the special gift. It was very thoughtful.
  • Your kindness and generosity have brightened our hearts. Thank you for your beautiful gift.

For wedding gifts, you and your partner can send an adoring message to your guests thanking them for attending and their thoughtful gifts. Include messages like:

  • Thank you for being there on our special day. Your kind words, heartfelt adoration, and lovely gift meant the world to both of us.
  • Thank you for attending our wedding and the generous gift. We can’t wait to use our new (whatever the gift is).

When you receive a gift in a professional setting, like at your company birthday party or baby shower, you may want to include a thank you message like:

  • It’s so nice to work with caring people like you – thank you for the heartfelt gift.
  • My (wife or husband) and I both loved the (whatever the gift is), and we know (name of baby) will too.
  • Thank you for making every workday special – and for the magnificent gift!
  • Thanks for my bday surprise!
  • I’m so blessed to work with such wonderful people – thanks for everything.
  • You always know how to make me feel special.

If you are a business receiving a giftfrom another company you may want to include a thank you message.

  • (Company) truly appreciates your generosity – thank you for thinking of us and the incredible gift basket.
  • Thank you for thinking of us. We loved the (whatever the gift is)! We will get so much use out of it.
  • On behalf of our entire organization, we wanted to say thank you for the (whatever the gift is). We truly value this relationship.

If a client sends a gift, make sure to send a thank you card right away to maintain and grow the relationship. You can include your company logo on the thank you card too, company pictures, a discount or promotion, and a gift as well. Thank you card ideas may include:

  • We are endlessly grateful that you reached out. Thank you for this generous gift. It is such a pleasure serving clients like you.
  • We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you for thinking of us.
  • Your gift was so thoughtful. The entire team at (name of company) thanks you.
  • From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the (whatever the gift is). We will treasure it always, as we do you.

How to Write a Thank You Note for Money

If you received a monetary gift, whether for a charitable event, a birthday or holiday, or as a nice reward for achieving some type of goal at your company, a thank you card is also required. You can also call a monetary offering a gift. These thank your card messages are all appropriate:

  • Thank you for the generous donation. It was much appreciated.
  • Thank you for this heartfelt gift. You are very considerate.
  • Thank you for the gift card to (wherever it was for). I can’t wait to use it.
  • I used the gift you included in your card to buy a new (whatever you bought). So excited! Take a look (include some pictures).
  • I (We) so appreciate the thoughtful card and money. Hope to see you soon.
  • It means the world to know that I am in your thoughts. You have gone above and beyond with this truly amazing reward.
  • Your thoughtful contribution means more than you know. Thank you.
  • Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday, the card and money were perfect. I am going to use it to (whatever you are going to use it for). You truly shouldn’t have, but I’m glad you did.

For the right relationship, and if you are close, you can say something like this:

  • Thanks for the cash! Going to put it away for a rainy day.
  • Thanks for the Christmas gift card. You know me too well.

Thank You for Coming

Thank you cards can be sent for just showing up. If you are glad someone made it to your party or event, send them a thank you card to show just how much you appreciate them. Sometimes the best gift someone can bring is just themselves. Here are some thank you messages you may want to include in your card:

  • Thank you for coming to our party. It was so nice to see you. We were very glad you could make it.
  • It meant a lot that you came to my (whatever the event was). The dish you brought was superb.
  • We are so grateful you could make it to the (whatever the event was). The (whatever they brought) was much appreciated. Thanks again.
  • Our organization extends our sincerest thanks for your attendance at the (whatever the event was).
  • I was delighted you could make it to (holiday) this year. It was great spending time with you. Hope to see you again soon.

Thank You for Your Hospitality

Alternatively, you can thank someone for hosting a party. Or for letting you stay at their home while you were visiting from out of town. An afternoon spent with friends, family, your boss, or some great coworkers at a barbeque can often warrant a thank you card. If you stay at an Airbnb or someone’s vacation home you should also leave a thank you note, expressing what you enjoyed about the place and even a couple of things you did on your trip. Here are some great messages to include in your thank you card:

  • Thanks for having us at your beautiful home. The dinner was amazing and the company – equally divine. We enjoyed our evening thoroughly.
  • My (wife, husband, partner) and I truly enjoyed our recent stay at your summer house. We created so many lasting memories. The view was incredible. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for the BBQ invite! I had a blast!
  • Dear (relative or friend), It was great joining you for the weekend. Thanks so much for your hospitality. There’s always a place for you next time you’re in (name of your city). Hope to see you again real soon – we’ll have so much fun!

Thanks for Helping Out

Did someone water your plants while you were out of town? Did you ask someone to pet-sit? Did a friend or family member take care of you while you were sick – did they perform chores around your house? Did the neighborhood kids elect to cut your lawn or take out your trash? Did someone offer a helping hand during a difficult time? Did an employee go well-beyond their necessary duties – pitching in – staying late – to complete a tough project? When someone offers or provides assistance, especially when they don’t have to, it’s nice to send a thank you card. Here are some messages you could include:

  • Thank you for (whatever task they performed). It was a great help to me (us).
  • It was very sweet of you to (whatever they did). It truly warmed my heart. Thank you.
  • Thank you for watching (name of pet). He (she) can be quite a handful but really enjoys your company. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
  • You assistance during this difficult time meant so much. Thank you.
  • I am eternally grateful for your endless support.
  • Thank you for pitching in this weekend. You are always willing to lend a helping hand and it never goes unnoticed.
  • Thanks again for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks for Thinking of Us

When you are referring to something thoughtful someone has done for two or more people – thanks for thinking of us is appropriate. You can include this message in your thank you card on behalf of your business, team, your friends, or your family. If you are living with roommates and someone sent a housewarming gift – send a thank you card – the same can be said of any household, no matter who resides there. Some people even include their pets on the thank you card. This is of course even more appropriate when someone sends a gift to your pet. If someone does something nice for your children and they are very young – a thank you card from all of you is a nice gesture. Here are some thank you messages you can include:

  • Thanks for thinking of us on our wedding day.
  • Thanks for thinking of us on this joyous occasion.
  • Thank you for thinking of us over the holidays.
  • Thanks for thinking of our business.
  • Thanks for thinking of (name of pet).
  • Thanks for thinking of (name of child).
  • Thanks for thinking of us in our time of sorrow.

All of these can be personalized to your specific recipient. Mention how much you enjoyed the gift if they sent one. If the recipient was kind to you in some way, mention how the act of kindness touched your heart. If a customer regularly shops with your business, you may want to send a thank you card with some type of discount or reward. If another business or vendor has done something special for your company, send a thanks for thinking of us card.

Thank You for Your Sympathy

Another thanks for thinking of us card to send is thanks for thinking of us during our time of sorrow. This can also be singular, as in thanks for thinking of me during my time of sorrow. If someone attends the funeral of a loved one, sends a sympathy card, offers kind words, or purchases some type of gift or flower arrangement for the service, a thank you for your sympathy card is appropriate. Here are some suggested messages:

  • We appreciate you being there during this difficult time. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your kind words and beautiful arrangement at (name of deceased’s) service.
  • Thank you for the thoughtful card and condolences.
  • We appreciated all your help after (name of deceased’s) passing. I know he (she) loved you very much, and we do too. Thank you.
  • Thanks for your heartfelt concern during my time of sorrow.

What to Say in a Business Thank You Card

For Your Employees

Sending thank you cards and delivering physical thank you notes to employees can help to motivate your team, build stronger bonds, and offers a small reward for their continued service. A thank you note to employees shows that you appreciate them and value their efforts, considering them an integral part of your business’s success. Giving an employee a thank you card is a simple gesture – but it goes a long way. Here are some messages you can include in your employee thank you cards:

  • Thank you for all that you do.
  • Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Thank you for your continued commitment to this organization.
  • Thanks for all your effort this year.
  • We appreciate you.
  • Thanks for your dedicated service.
  • You truly go above and beyond!
  • A warm thanks for being such a great employee.

For Your Customers

Businesses should use professional thank you cards to establish, maintain, and cultivate relationships with their customers. Include a thank you for your order card when shipping a customer your goods, send a thank you card for their continued business, and opt to send thank you for your referral cards when customers recommend you to a friend or family member. Customers are sure to appreciate the gesture, and they will show their gratitude with loyalty. Here are some things you can say in a thank you card to customers:

  • Thank you for your business.
  • Thank you for your order.
  • Thanks for the referral.
  • We appreciate customers like you.
  • Thank you for your continued commitment to our organization.
  • As our business grows, our profound gratitude will always remain with you.
  • Thank you for being such a large part of our valued tradition.
  • Thank you for your continued loyalty to our brand.
  • A warm thanks for being such a great customer.
  • Throughout the year, our appreciation for your business is unwavering.

Sending a Thank You Card after an Interview

It’s a good idea to send a thank you note or thank you card after an interview. An important job interview will surely benefit from a well-timed thank you card. The hiring manager and staff will appreciate the class and care you show when sending a physical thank you card rather than an email or ecard – it could be the additional effort needed to land the job. If you are rated against another candidate with the same qualifications, but you sent a thank you card whereas they did not, many companies would sway their decision in your favor. When sending a thank you card to a hiring manager here are some messages you can include.

  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I appreciate your careful consideration when choosing a candidate for the role of (name of position), and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • I wanted to thank you and your team for meeting with me the other day (or you can include the exact date). I look forward to the potential role at your organization and hope to speak with you soon.
  • I enjoyed meeting you and your staff when interviewing for the (name of role) position. The possibility of taking on this role at your company is very exciting, and I feel I am a great fit. If you need anything else or have additional questions, please let me know. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Thank You Card after a Meeting

After any type of business meeting, it is a good idea to send a thank you card. Here are a few suggestions on what to write inside your thank you card:

  • Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the meeting. I feel like much was accomplished. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Our entire company appreciates your attendance at the annual (name of event). Thank you for coming.
  • Your team’s thoughtful suggestions during our bimonthly meeting were well-received. Thank you to your entire organization.

Thank You Card Closings

Lastly, you will need to close out your thank you card with a simple sign-off or message. Here are some suggested thank you card closings:

  • Sincerest thanks
  • Sincerest regards
  • Best regards
  • Warmest regards
  • With warm appreciation
  • Lovingly
  • All the best
  • Wishing you all the best
  • Sincerely
  • Our sincerest gratitude
  • Gratefully
  • Appreciatively
  • Thanks again
  • Thank you

A birthday thank-you note is similar to any thank-you for a gift, only you'll want in an email to several people (such as your coworkers) or as a Facebook status.

Sample letter #1


I have sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent working with you. It is hard for me to tell you that I am leaving. But I wanted to thank you for all the guidance, support, and encouragement that you have shown me over the years.

I will really miss you, but I will be sure to keep in touch. Once again, thank you for making the workplace so enjoyable.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Sample letter #2


I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support, encouragement, and cooperation you have shown me in my career. Your help opened my eyes to opportunities I never thought of.

In spite of our differences, you went the extra mile to help me attain this new position. Thank you for forgiving all of my past mistakes and for being passionate about my career advancement. I look forward to maintaining an open and honest relationship with you for many years to come.


[Your name]

Thank You Notes and Appreciation Messages for a Colleague

thank you notes for birthday gifts from coworkers

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Thank you email after interview written by employer to candidate

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Birthday Thank You Messages: Thank You Sayings for Birthday Wishes to Colleagues! If you are searching for birthday thank you messages to send to your colleagues, then you’ve reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent collectio

If you are searching for birthday thank you messages to send to your colleagues, then you’ve reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent collection of thank you messages and sayings that you can send to your colleagues. Read on to find the perfect thank you messages and sayings for birthday wishes to colleagues. 

1. My ever dearest friend, I’m really happy to see you on my birthday. Thank you for always being there for me!

2. You have always been my buddy and my never ending supporter at work. Even in my birthday celebration, you are the coordinator. Thank you for planning the birthday surprise for me at the office. Indeed, it was beautiful and I was really surprised! Thank you dear friend!

3. I never thought I would be having a fun birthday celebration at work. Thank you for making a birthday surprises for me. I really loved it and I was truly surprised by your short birthday program. Thank you!

4. This is the best birthday ever! Thank you for the mini yet so much fun birthday celebration you have made for me. I never thought your office is a good place for celebration like this. Thank you!

5. I’m overwhelmed and really happy for all my colleagues. Thank you for the birthday surprises you have conducted for me. It was so much fun! Love you all guys! My heart is filled with joy and gratitude, Thank you!

6. To all my friends at work, thank you for the love and support. And even on my birthday you never fail to prove that! Thank you for the party you made just for me. I feel so special in the company. Thank you!

7. My birthday with you guys is probably the most unforgettable birthday celebration of mine. Though it was only a mini party for me but your thoughtfulness and love for me was obviously big! Thanks to all my co-workers especially to you (name) my best buddy here.

8. My birthday wouldn’t be successful without you. Thanks for all your effort and time just to surprise me on my birthday! I appreciate that so much!

It is really overwhelming when a colleague remembers you on your birthday. So, in return, saying a thank you message for your colleagues is something a kind thing to do for them. Say thank you and show too that you value them as your good friend. 


It is always important to show your thanks for those around you that remember your birthday in any way. Colleagues, bosses and supervisors will always remember that you thanked them for their effort in remembering your birthday. Showing thanks can go a long way towards good spirits at work with colleagues and friends. It makes for good feelings and good karma.

You can send thank you notes a couple of ways. You can send an E-card, print out a thank you card or send a thank you card through the regular mail. All types of thank you notes and cards is really a nice way to say thank you for remembering me.

So bookmark this page right now and use this excellent collection of thank you messages for birthday wishes to convey your love and gratitude to your colleagues.  

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21 Sincere Words of Appreciation Thank You Card Sayings, Thank You Note . You Messages for Coworkers Thank You For Coworkers, Thank You For Gift, .. Oneliners Witty Birthday Wishes, Birthday Sentiments, Birthday Card Sayings.

Examples of Words for Thank You Notes

Thank You Messages for Coworkers

Considering how much time people spend with their coworkers, work family can be almost as important as blood relatives in people's lives. Fellow associates provide listening ears, amusement, advice, and friendship. In these work relationships a variety of reasons for thanking someone can come up. Find inspiration for expression of gratitude to a colleague with these examples.

What to Write to Thank a Coworker

  1. Having a coworker like you to bail me out when I get in over my head is a huge help at work.
  2. I consider you a role-model and mentor at work. Your feedback and advice are sometimes difficult to hear but usually accurate and helpful.
  3. Thanks for being a good listener even if my problems aren't the type that you can solve.
  4. Thanks for being the type of coworker who cares about relationships with others more than showing off to the bosses. You are a genuine friend.
  5. You make work feel less like work than it really is. Thanks for keeping it fun and light.
  6. You make work fun. Thanks for being entertaining and keeping our office a blast. Just don't get into too much trouble.
  7. I don't know what I'd do if you ever stopped working with me. You can not ever find another job!
  8. It's good to know that when I get overwhelmed with work I have a coworker who can help me.
  9. You make work much more tolerable. Misery loves company I guess.
  10. You are one of the most productive people at work and many times you do things that help me be more productive.
  11. You deserve a promotion, and if I ever get one it's because of your help.
  12. The main reason I stay working where we do is that I like some of my coworkers. You're one of the good ones. Don't ever leave or I won't know what to do. You'd have to take me with you to your new job.
  13. If I was a boss, I'd hire you in a flash. You are easily the best employee where we work even though you don't get the credit you deserve.

Thank You Messages to a Coworker for Helping

These are examples of what to write in a thank you note for a coworker who has helped you with something. Acts of kindness, collaborative work, or problem solving are just a few reasons to thank a coworker.
  1. Apparently my job is to have problems and your job is to help me fix them. We're both doing a good job at our jobs
  2. You and I make a good team. It's good to have a friend at work with the skills set I don't have.
  3. I have a tendency to get in way over my head with projects and you're always there to help.
  4. You covered for me when I needed it most. Thanks! You saved me and I owe you one.
  5. I appreciate having you as someone to go to for help at work. I can always depend on you to listen and point me in the right direction.
  6. It's good to have someone to trust at work. I need your insight and honesty.
  7. I can always to depend on you being dependable.
  8. Work sucks sometimes, but I'm lucky to have you there to make is more tolerable.
  9. I don't know how or when I'd be able to complete my tasks without your help. I hope to eventually learn how to get along without so much help from you, and I appreciate your help in the mean time.
  10. If you weren't there to help me, I'd be way less successful at work. I'd be spending way too much time solving problems that you so willingly take on for me.

Thank You Note to a Coworker for a Baby Shower

"Thank you so much for planning such a wonderful baby shower. The games were a lot of fun, the cake was beautiful, and the decorations were adorable. I think you could be a professional party planner if you wanted to get into that business. I enjoyed myself and ended up with many very useful and needed items as gifts. You are not just a great coworker; you're a special friend. I'm lucky to have you."

thank you notes for birthday gifts from coworkers

Jun 18, 2019 Express your gratitude with these thank you messages and ideas into writing and sending a warm, gracious thank-you card or note. a thank-you for a birthday, holiday or just-because gift: What was the gift? . “I can't thank you enough for advising me to send my résumé to your colleague Dana Evans.

thank you notes for birthday gifts from coworkers
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