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January 26, 2019 Misc. Thanks 4 comments

Но в Диаспаре человек потерял дар, некогда присущий ему в той же мере, что и его слугам. - Не знаю, что привело тебя из твоего мира в наш, - продолжала Серанис, - но если ты искал жизнь, твой поиск завершен.

Не считая Диаспара, за нашими горами лежит лишь Странно, но Элвин, ранее столь часто подвергавший сомнению общепринятые суеверия, не усомнился в этих словах Серанис. Единственной его реакцией было огорчение - все, чему его учили, было близко к истине. - Расскажи мне о Лисе, - попросил.

- Зачем вы так долго держитесь отрезанными от Диаспара: ведь вы, как видно, многое о Серанис улыбнулась его нетерпению.

Also, don't forget, if they are treating you to meals - then - on, say a Sunday, you could bring back a tray of beautiful pastries from the 'pasticceria'... for you all to share together after the meal. You will have time to find out from them which local pasticcerie produces the best !

As a gift from Australia - something light, unbreakable and local - we have found friends have appreciated tea-towels with the Rules of Cricket written on them - humourously.... or you could bring a table cloth or other items with traditional native designs on them.

Wine - not so appreciated in Italy - unless a really expensive, really good wine - so your hosts need to be good wine conoisseurs.

Eating out - even with family, we have been beaten to the paydesk by our 'guests' because they've told us that in their country we, the visitors, are always the guests, and they won't let us pay. We've tried to nobble the waiter and the maitre d' and found that our guests had arranged payment, by phone, in advance ! At our protests they say 'when we come to your country, you can pay for us then !'

In desperation, we contacted friends elsewhere in Italy, when we weren't visiting them - to ask for advice. They suggested that nice toiletries are particularly expensive (only any choice if sold in 'profumerie' ) and the supermarket toiletries are pretty 'mundane'. So, both for men and women, we've taken travel pouches with nice 'English branded ' toiletries in small containers - they can take them to the gym or on their trips abroad. They've always been well received.

Here are 15 thank you gifts they won't have to pretend to like. This Summer, Give Your Weekend Hosts a Present They'll Actually Use.

Plant Mister with Brass Pump

Smith & Hawken™



Green-thumbed hosts will adore this pretty plant mister.

Moleskine Recipe Journal


The perfect place to collect all of her dinner party menus, this ultra-organized recipe notebook keeps track of everything from ingredients lists and prep times to personal tips and tricks for those time-tested recipes. 

Linen Printed Cocktail Napkin Roll


Nothing feels more elegant than serving cocktails with a linen napkin, and nothing makes that less time-consuming than a roll of these tear-off patterned linen napkins.

Helms Gold Cheese Knives


These sleek, elegant gold cheese knives will dress up even the most basic plate of appetizers.

St Barths Clutch


This fun clutch will make putting holiday party ensembles easier for your favorite time-pressed host. 

Monogram Marble & Wood Serving Board


This elegant, personalized serving board is just what the antipasti spread needs.

Beoplay A1 Bluetooth Speaker


This tiny portable speaker has 24 hours of battery life, so you'll never have to cut the party short.

Tisch New York Malachite-Print Tray


We love how this tray blends a brilliant pop of color with an organic pattern to make it fit in with any decor scheme.

Dahlia placemats



These dainty metallic placemats make setting a stunning table that much easier. 

Leblon Beach Bat Set - Orange



Perfect for beachside soirees, these artisan crafter bats will offer plenty of fun in the sun (and take the pressure off your host to entertain.)

Assouline Vintage Cocktails


Part mixology manual, part eye candy, this collection of beautifully photographed classic cocktails will tickle any tippler.

Boska Raclette Mini Set


Think: fondue, without the fuss. Pair a wedge of beautifully melty raclette cheese with this mini grill for a fun, interactive take on the standard cheese plate.

Jonathan Adler Porcelain Coasters



These playful, graphic coasters will get people excited about actually using a coaster.

Mila Planner + Pen Set

Aerin Shagreen Domino Set



These pretty, embossed dominos will glam up any game night.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera


Capture every joyful moment of the party with this instant camera.

Uma Wellness Oil


Help your host take a breather with this blend of oils from soothing Ayurvedic herbs.

Gianna Dishes with Lid


Make the candy dish cool again with this chic, mod display dish.

Gold and Sapphire Zodiac Necklace


A dainty necklace featuring the constellation of your host's zodiac sign is the perfect personal touch.

Oscar De La Renta by Vista Alegre Porcelain Tea Pot



Who could say no to a cuppa from this beautiful, classic teapot?

Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser

31 Hostess Gifts That Actually Feel Special

host thank you gift

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Fresh baked New Orleans"French Bread" fragranced soy candle. Gift for housewarming, new home, thank you, chef. host, hostess, kitchen

by NolaAndNeighbors

"Beautiful Custom Scented Candles!" - by Denis-Mounie (FORT WORTH, TX, United States)

It's not as fresh bread smelling as I wanted, it's a little too sweet for French Bread, but it still smells wonderful and not at all overwhelming. A great, relatively neutral scent for warming a kitchen. The customer service was amazing and I'm very glad I chose this company and the candle. I also got two small tealights: Beach Bonfire and French Quarter Courtyard. They also smell amazing. I may get the bonfire in a large size when french bread has run out.

ETA - after a second burning, I'm changing my review utterly. There is now distinct aroma of bread smell, not nearly as sweet as the first time. Changing review to 5 well-earned stars!

Buy products related to host and hostess gifts and see what customers say about Gift for housewarming, new home, thank you, chef. host, hostess, kitchen.

42 Hostess Gifts That'll Make You The Number One Guest

Show up with something in hand

Houseguests are expected to give a thank-you gift to the host either on arrival, during their stay, or sent afterwards. Some houseguests prefer to say thank you by treating their host or hosts to dinner out during their stay, or by buying groceries and making dinner one night. For gifts, something along the lines of a good bottle of wine or a nice bouquet of flowers is sufficient for an overnight stay, while a longer stay may require something more. Here are some gift ideas:

  • The latest best-selling book
  • Hand towels or beach towels
  • Packages of cocktail napkins (upgrade: have then monogrammed with the host’s initials)
  • A movie package, with popcorn kernels, a popcorn bowl, and popular DVDs
  • Bottle of the host’s favorite wine or alcohol
  • Board games or jigsaw puzzles
  • Two or three unusual kitchen utensils, or a set of nice nesting bowls
  • For a golfer, a dozen golf balls
  • Gourmet foods
  • Picture frame with a picture taken during your visit (sent later)
  • Candles and informal candlesticks
  • Houseplant in a decorative pot

host thank you gift

Even if you've found the perfect gift to thank your host, it's still expected that you send a thank you note. This card should be handwritten, but it.

host thank you gift
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