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If your organization receives funding of any type, following up with a thank you letter is a must. Strengthening relationships with donors by sending out a thank you letter will not only help secure future funding but will give the donor a way to know that you appreciate their support. Letters also serve as a record of a gift and can often be used for tax purposes.

Printable Donation Thank You Letters

Many organizations receive donations for their various efforts throughout the year. The attached printable thank you for donation letters can be saved to your desktop or printed out then used as needed. They can serve as a helpful guide when preparing your own organization's thank you letters and will be useful when thanking those who have supported your mission. If you need help downloading the letters, check out these helpful tips.

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Donor Donation Thank You Letter

One of the most basic and perhaps most used types of donation thank you letters is the thank you letter for a financial donation. The attached thank you for your financial donation letter can be sent as soon as you receive a charitable donation. It basically thanks the donor for their contribution and leaves the door open for future opportunities to connect. It can also be used for tax-purposes and serves as a record for your contribution.

Sponsorship Thank You Letter

Another common type of donation is a sponsorship. Many businesses and individuals decide to sponsor a special event and contribute financially to do so. The attached thank you for your sponsorship letter can be sent to those who have sponsored your organization's event. This type of letter details the amount of the donation as well as any benefits that are given in exchange for the sponsorship such as tickets to the event being sponsored or recognition.

Attendance Thank You Letter

After holding a special event, organizations send thank you letters to those who have attended the event. The attached thank you for attending a special event letter can be sent to anyone who has attended a charity benefit and has contributed money to do so. This type of letter should include the date of the event and what portion of the donation is tax-deductible. It can also mention any future events and can be used for tax purposes.

Business Contribution Thank You Letter

Don't forget to thank any businesses that donate to your cause. The attached corporate thank you letter can be sent to businesses that have sent in a contribution to your organization. It is a great way for your organization to express appreciation and to provide the business with a record of the donation.

Basic Thank You Letter Anatomy

When you're looking at the various donation letter templates, keep in mind that all letters should contain the same basic information. Some points to keep in mind include:

  • Make a personal connection to your work.
  • Show the donor how their funds are being used.
  • Create a vision for your mission.
  • Give a glimpse of where you're going.

If you plan to combine your thank you letter with a receipt, make sure that you also include all of the information that needs to be present in a charitable donation receipt.

Tips for Writing Creative Donation Thank You Letters

Thank you letters for donations can be either formal and business-like or fun and creative depending on your organization's purpose and the letter recipients. For example, if you're sending out thank yous to corporate sponsors for a cancer research fundraiser, you'd want to go more formal. However, if you're sending out thank yous to corporate sponsors for a youth sports program, you can make them a little more fun. Know your brand and your audience, then decide what kind of creativity is appropriate.

Use a Fun Theme

Using a fun corporate theme can help your donation letter stand out because it will feel cohesive, tied to your unique event or organization, and be memorable to those who may receive a lot of standard letters. Pick a theme that matches your organization or event such as paw prints for an animal shelter. Incorporate the theme into your design, format, font, wording, envelopes, and stamps (if possible) for a coordinated and memorable look.

Go Beyond Basic White Paper

Skip the standard copy paper and give your donation letter a unique look with fun paper design options.

  • Use paper that is the same color as one found in your logo so it's easily identified as from you.
  • Add a watermark logo to the background of the letter for visual appeal in a formal way.
  • Create a cool border around the letter like little hand emojis such as the thumbs up, clap, and pointing finger as a silent gesture of gratitude.
  • Choose colored envelopes that contrast with your letter paper.

Get Creative With Delivery

Your letter doesn't have to be a spectacle if your delivery message is. Make the receipt of a letter memorable by choosing uncommon delivery methods.

  • Use paper folding techniques like origami to fold the letters into creative shapes before handing them out in person.
  • Have each letter delivered as a singing telegram.
  • Put the letters in thin gift boxes or another fun vessel before shipping.
  • Include a company magnet, free coupon, or other small, simple freebie that will drop out when they open the letter so they can keep you in mind all year long.
  • Secure the letter with ribbon to make it look like an inviting gift.

Personalize Each Letter

Make sure your letters feel more personal than a form thank you letter by adding custom elements for each recipient.

  • Sign each letter by hand with different colored pen.
  • Add a photograph of the recipient interacting with your company or event.
  • Work together with other employees to hand write each letter in its entirety.

Build Positive Donor Relationships

With the right thank you letters, you can cultivate relationships with donors that last for years. Letter recipients will be able to tell how sincere your thanks are based on the look and wording, so put a lot of time and effort into making them really thoughtful.

My heart overflows with gratitude for your loving memorial gift to honor my Words cannot fully express the thanks we feel for your thoughtful.

Funeral thank you notes etiquette dictates sending thank you notes for significant gestures after a funeral. This can be done by sending flowers, bringing food or just sending a note.

It may not be much, but it will go a long way in letting people know how much you appreciate them for making out time to attend the funeral.

More so, this is an activity that will distract you from your grief even if for a little time.

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Funeral thank you notes all follow the same basic structure:

which are:

Salutation: Dear [person’s name]. If you are particularly close to the person to whom the card is being sent, you could open with: “My dearest [person’s name].”

Expression of gratitude: Express gratitude and thanks on behalf of you and your family for his or her help or thoughtfulness. A sentence or two will suffice, but be specific about what you are grateful for (for example, a beautiful bouquet of sympathy flowers).

Personalization: People also appreciate a personal touch whereby you mention anything special he or she did that touched your heart or his or her special relationship with the deceased. The personal touch shows that you put thought into writing the funeral thank you card.

Closing:  End the note with “Yours Truly” or “Love” (depending on the closeness of your relationship to the person), and sign the card on behalf of your family (e.g. With Much Love, the Smith Family) or yourself (e.g. Yours Truly, Mrs Smith).

Seeing as we have seen the basic structure lets look at some funeral thank you notes.

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Funeral Thank You Notes  

1. Dear,

It was very kind of you to attend John’s funeral service. I know it must have been difficult for you to travel such a long way after just having had your operation.

However, you being present meant a lot to me and my family. You were one of John’s dearest friends and I know he treasured your friendship.

Thank you and kindest regards.

2. Dear,

Thank you so much for coming to Peter’s funeral. It meant so much to us having close friends of our family present.

It was so thoughtful of you to help with the buffet after the service and thank you for the pastries you brought. Your kindness and sympathy during this difficult time is so much appreciated.

With love…

3. Dear Mr and Mrs Jones,

It meant a great deal to me that you came to Marie’s funeral. It was a difficult day and your presence was of great comfort to me.

Your participation in the service was a great help and your words about Marie, so touching.

Kind regards…

4. Dearest Ann,

Thank you for serving as a pallbearer at Jane’s funeral. I am truly grateful to you and your family for your love and support in this difficult time.

With love…

5. My Dear Jared,

Thank you for attending Jim’s funeral and also for your generous donation. Supporting the cancer association means so much to our family and it was Jim’s wish that donations were to be made instead of flowers.

As you know, Jim always supported the charity and it would have meant a lot to him to know that so many contributions were made.

Sincerely yours…

6. Dear Joanne,

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent to my father’s funeral. As you know, daffodils were his favorite flowers and it’s lovely that you remembered.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Kind regards…

7. Dear ____________,

Your presence at _________’s funeral service really meant a lot to me. He always talked fondly and respectfully about his supervisor and co-workers, and he would have appreciated the fact that you were all there for his family. Thank you for your hugs and kind words of support.


8. Dear ____________,

Thank you for extending so much love and support to our family. We greatly appreciated the warm thoughts expressed in your sympathy card, as well as the lovely plant. Your kindness meant a great deal to us.

Warm Regards…

9. My Dear ____________,

Bringing beautiful food platters to our home after the service was an incredibly generous gesture. We actually had more guests arrive than we had expected, so having that extra food on hand was such a wonderful thing. Your thoughtfulness means more to us than words can fully express.


10. Dearest ____________,

Thank you for helping us during this very difficult time. Your kindness and concern for our family means a great deal to us. We appreciate all the love and support you have extended to us during this period of sadness. You have always been a generous and beloved friend of our family.


11. Irene Dear,

Your sympathy card was so sweet and very much appreciated. You are such a thoughtful friend. Thank you for being there for me at a time when I needed it most. I will always remember your kindness.

Best Regards…

12. Dear ____________,

Thank you so much for assisting me with making the funeral arrangements for ________. Your clear and level-headed thinking and planning at a time when I felt so scattered was an incredible help. The love, support and kindness meant a great deal to me.

13. Dearest ____________,

When ___________ passed I was just totally devastated and overwhelmed with grief. I felt like the rug had just been pulled out from under me. Having you there by my side to help me figure out what needed to be done, and to assist me with making phone calls to arrange the service and reception was an incredibly generous act of true friendship. Because of your help and comforting advice, on the day of the funeral, I felt more mentally and emotionally prepared to greet a large number of guests that came to pay their respects.

I am sincerely thankful for your thoughtfulness.

14. Dear ____________,

Thank you for the lovely flower arrangement. You have always been such great friends, and having you there at the prayer service meant a lot us to.

Many thanks…

15. Dear ________,

Your presence at my father’s memorial service was a great comfort to me and my family. The fond memories that you shared of my father during the service were incredibly moving and thoughtful. The love and support that you’ve shown us during this very difficult time will always be remembered. Thank you for your sympathy and kindness.


16. Dear ________,

You have been a pillar of strength for my grandmother, my parents, me, and my entire family. We greatly appreciated that you were there for Grandpa at the hospital during his illness, and for surrounding our family with your love during his funeral. Thank you so much for dedicating a memorial bench and plaque for my grandfather at his favorite park. I’m sure he is in Heaven smiling down at you this very moment! You were his nearest and dearest friend, and he cherished the lifetime of memories the two of you shared.

With love and warmth,

17. Dear ________,

Your comforting presence at my mother’s memorial service was appreciated more than words can fully express. My grief and sorrow run deep, and to have someone there for me that truly understood the impact of my loss was a very beautiful thing. It made my heart lighter to be surrounded by such warm and unconditional love. My mother was blessed to have your friendship. Thank you for everything.


18. Dear ________,

Our entire family cannot thank you enough for your generosity. The large and stunning flower arrangement you sent to the church for my grandmother’s funeral service was incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for being such a wonderful support system for all of us. It’s at difficult times like these that we stop to realize how fragile and beautiful the gift of life truly is. We are so grateful that you are an important part of our lives.

19. Dear ________,

Your love and prayers mean the world to me and my family. Thank you so much for attending my aunt’s funeral. We also enjoyed the time you spent reminiscing with us about years of wonderful memories. The gorgeous flower arrangement you sent to the church was incredibly thoughtful. It’s good friends like you that have kept our spirits up and our hearts filled with love. We deeply appreciate your sweet generosity.


20. Dear ________,

I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many friends and family during this very sad and stressful time. Your love and prayers have helped soothe my sorrow. My grandfather was such a sweet, gentle soul. In my heart I know that he is now in a much better place, and that his love continues to surround me every day. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. I truly appreciate it.

With love and warmth…

21. Dear Matthew,

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement after Peter’s passing. I know you are grieving too, but know that he always thought of you as one of his closest friends.

Many thanks,

22. Dear Sally and John,

The wreath you sent to the funeral home was stunning.My family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration during this difficult time.


23. Dear Anthony,

Thank you so much for the generous donation to the American Heart Association in Zeke’s name. As you know, he suffered from heart disease for years before his passing, and this was the perfect gift in his memory.


24. Dear Betty and Sam,

My family appreciates your donation to the SPCA in memory of our beloved Oscar. As you know, he was always an animal lover and fostered many dogs and cats through the years. I’m hoping to continue bringing in animals temporarily until we can find them “forever” homes.

Your friend and neighbor,

25. Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for bringing the family-sized platters of cold cuts, vegetables, and fruit after Kevin’s funeral Your generosity and thoughtfulness in bringing finger foods for guests really helped my family get through the most difficult time. It was nice to not have to worry about feeding all of those people when they stopped by the house over the next several days.

Sad but grateful,

26. Dear Reverend Jones,

Thank you for your spiritual counsel and services at the funeral of my mother. Especially at times like these, your guidance is so appreciated.

Mary Peters

27. Dear Frank,

Thank you for serving as a pallbearer. You are a true friend. Your contributions to the service were a tremendous help. I appreciate your kindness.


28. Dear Mr and Mrs Chan,

Itwas really nice to see you at my mother’s funeral. I really appreciate the effort you made to travel such a distance. I was grateful to hear your memories, and your support made a difference to me and my family.


29. Dear Mrs Lopez,

Thank you for the beautiful pink arrangement of flowers. Roses were Mom’s favorite and they served as a reminder of the special friend you were to her/ how much you and the others meant to her.

Sincerely, Mary

30. Dear Penny and Joe,

1want to thank you for the wonderful meal you delivered to our home after the funeral. It was delicious and such a thoughtful gesture. My mother really valued your friendship. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.


31. Dear Richard,

I appreciate your stepping in and covering my work during this difficult time. Thank you for your support. It will make it easier when I return to the office next week.


32. Dear Jason,

It was so thoughtful of you to remember us at this time. Thank you for taking the time to share your memories of Mom with us. Your words were such a comfort. Friends like you have helped us get through this difficult time.


33. Dear George,

Thank you for sending your words of sympathy. It was kind of you to show you care.


34. Our family wishes to convey our sincerest appreciation for your prayers and support during (name) passing. We are blessed to have friends like you and are thankful for all you have done.

35. Sending you our sincere gratitude for the flowers you sent. It truly served as a special reminder of your friendship with (name).

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Funeral Thank You Notes For Flowers

36. Thank you for extending so much love and support to our family. We greatly appreciated the warm thoughts expressed in your sympathy card, as well as the lovely plant. Your kindness meant a great deal to us.

37. Thank you for your heartfelt condolence. Your words are not only a comfort but a source of strength for my family and me in this difficult time.

38. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind card of condolence. It was a comfort to the entire family.

39. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping me with the food and guests at the services. I am so grateful for your helping hand in my time of need. Thanks again.

40. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your generosity and support during this difficult time are greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your touching letter. I really enjoyed hearing from you. The story you shared about (name) made me smile.

41. Thank you so much for all the support you have offered to my family and me during this difficult time. I know it couldn’t have been easy and I really appreciate your friendship.

42. Thank you so much for attending my (name) funeral and for the beautiful arrangement you sent. Our family really appreciates your support.

43. Thank you very much for attending (name) funeral service. Being his friend meant a lot to him, we know this because he often spoke of you. During this difficult time, your kindness has meant a lot to our family.

44. The family would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for the thoughtfulness presented to us and love we have been given during our time of bereavement.

45. The service you performed offered inspiration and comfort to all who were present. We thank you greatly for your help and support during this difficult time.

46. There comes a time in life that your friends support is extremely necessary. This was one of those times and you were there for me every second. Thank you, my friend.

47. This is a very difficult time for all of us. We are saddened by the passing of (name). Your presence helped to lighten our burden. I was grateful to enjoy your company and hear your lovely memories.

48. We greatly appreciate your very generous donation in (name) honor. We thank you so much for your kindness.

49. We really appreciate your acts of kindness and helping hands for our family during (name) funeral service. It was a comfort to us to know these details were in your hands.

50. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for all your love and support during our time of loss. Thank you all for the acts of kindness shown to our family.

51. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your words of comfort during (name)’s memorial service. We are encouraged and blessed to know that he/she will be in the company of our Lord.

52. We would like to thank you for speaking at (name)’s memorial service. Thank you for spending the time to share your wonderful memories with his friends and family. The words you spoke were very comforting to all who attended.

53. We would like to give our thanks for the beautiful photos and flowers. We greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and generosity in this difficult time.

54. We would like to offer our thanks for the wonderful service you performed for us. Your sympathetic words were very soothing and comforting and brought hope to all who were present. We truly appreciate your services.

55. You said you would always be there for our family and you were. Thank you for that. I love you.

56. Your card was beautiful. Thank you for being there for me.

57. Your sympathy card was so sweet and very much appreciated.

58. You are such a thoughtful friend. Thank you for being there for me at a time when I needed it most. I will always remember your kindness.

59. Allow me to express my most heartfelt appreciation for the fantastic food you’ve prepared for us. When in need, you were there to help and are truly a great friend and neighbor.

60. How truly grateful we are to have wonderful friends like you. Your love and support for our family have been very much appreciated during this time of loss.

61. I can hardly express how grateful I am for your attendance at (name)’s funeral. It was so good of you to take the time to be with me and my family.

62. It is difficult to find words to express how thankful we are for your expression of love to our family during this truly difficult time. We are grateful for the friendship that we share. Warm regards.

63. It is hard to put into words the thanks we would like to give for all the help, thoughtfulness and sympathy you have given us during this difficult time. We are very grateful for your support and friendship.

64. It was very nice of you to think of me in this time of sadness. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

65. Just a quick note to show our appreciation for the beautiful flowers you’ve sent. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness while we are going through this difficult time.

66. My family and I would like to thank you for your support and generous donation to (name) fund. You were a great friend to her over the years and I know she loved you very much.

67. Thank you for your kindness in remembering _________ with your donation. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated by the entire family.

68. We are so appreciative of your generosity. Your donation in honor of ___________ will help fund the grave marker. Thank you so very much.

69. It was so kind of you to make a donation to the family in honor of _____________. We are pleased to pay it forward by sending a gift to the ______ charity, which was dear to _________’s heart. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

70. Your donation in honor of __________’s memory touched us deeply. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness, and may God bless you.

71. Your presence at the funeral was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your wishes and kind gestures.

There you have it. Now sending that funeral thank you notes won’t be so difficult. Just take your pick and mourn in peace.

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Thank You Note Samples After Receiving Funeral Flowers, Donations, or Food

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Free printable thank you cards black and white

“Do people still write thank-notes?” This question is often asked to funeral directors when helping families prepare for a funeral.

The short answer? Yes.  

The thank-you note writing tradition is strong in my family. But other families may have questions about writing thank-you notes following a funeral service, such as why write them in the first place, who should write them, who should get a card, and what should be said.

Today, we’re going to walk you through each of those commonly asked question…

Why should people write thank-you notes after a funeral?

When someone passes away, there are a number of people around that help to support the family. Recognizing their sympathy, kindness and support is a thoughtful gesture that shows gratitude and appreciation.

Also, writing a thank you note is also a good exercise for the immediate family, as it allows them to see just how many people loved their family member. This activity can also bring some pleasant memories of their loved one to mind.

People also like to be thanked and know their actions were noticed or made a difference. So while a generic “thank you for your support” on Facebook or social media may be nice, it may not reach everyone that the family wants to thank. Plus, a handwritten note will feel more personal. Thank you notes also give families the opportunity to thank friends and family for specific gifts, such as flowers or donations, or acknowledge specific acts of support.

How can families streamline the thank-you note process?

Families can follow the steps below to make the thank-you note writing process easier.

These steps are intended to help with support, gifts or donations given to the immediate family. Anyone not directly involved with the funeral should be responsible for writing their own thank-you notes.

1. Start early

If families are not ordering thank-you note cards directly from the funeral home, they should buy some on their own as soon as they can.  The cards may have a printed message already them. In this case, a personal note can be added on the blank side.

When my grandma died, I went with my parents to the funeral home to help with the funeral planning. My parents decided to buy thank-you notes from the funeral home that matched the memorial cards, which helped to make the process even simpler.

2. Give guests a place to write down their addresses

At the funeral service and during calling hours, use a guest book that includes a column for the guest’s address. People may be more likely to provide their address when there is a column labeled address in the book. The addresses will be current and provide addresses for people that the family may not know.

3. Put someone in charge

Appoint one family member or appropriate close friend to oversee the thank-you note writing. If possible, this should be a person that has excellent organization skills and isn’t known for their procrastination.

This person can keep track of who is writing each note. They can distribute the thank-you cards (purchased in the previous step) and addresses to those that will be writing the notes. The overseer can also make a list of who needs a thank you, the gift they purchased, and then put a check mark next to their name once the note is written.

Who should receive a thank you note?

The short answer is anyone that provided any service, donation, flowers or other gifts should be thanked. This can include, but is not limited to, musicians, funeral directors, people providing food, friends, coworkers, and pallbearers.

Some people send a note to everyone that attended the service even if they did not give a gift or donation. I do not feel this is necessary, but I always think it is nice when a receive this type of thank you note. Others choose to only send notes to those mentioned above. I feel this is a personal preference.

Who should write the notes?

Thank-you notes are usually written by family members as support and gifts were likely intended for them. While grieving, if someone feels too overwhelmed to write notes, a friend can help, or the task can be put off for a bit.

Splitting up the thank-you note writing can also be done. For example, when a parent passes away, the adult children (and their spouses) can take responsibility for some of the notes. If using an overseer, the notes can be divided based on who gave the gift. Usually, one close family member will recognize the name on the flower card (or another gift). That family member should write that thank-you note.


  • Bob’s dad passes away, and co-workers send flowers to the funeral home. Bob should write the thank-you note to the co-workers.
  • A family member makes a donation in honor of the deceased. Anyone helping with the thank-you note writing can write this note, especially if they have a particular relationship with the charity that received the donation.
  • Aunt Lucy mentions that the wind chimes are to go to a particular family member. That family member should write the note.


What should you write in a thank-you note card?

People writing funeral thank-you notes for the first time or are not regular thank-you note writers may ask for guidance on what to say in the thank-you note.

If the funeral home website provides examples on their site, they can direct people to that page. Or, there are many wording examples for after funeral notes here on the Tons of Thanks site. If the thought of writing lots of notes (or any notes) is too overwhelming, signing the family’s name under a thank-you message printed on the card is fine. Grief can be hard, and I would hope that people are not expecting elegant or elaborate thank-you notes.

Examples of funeral-related thank you phrases:

  • “Thank you for the casserole.”
  • “Thank you for coming to the funeral.”
  • “We liked the hymns you played at the funeral.”
  • “Thank you for the beautiful flowers.”
  • “We are grateful for the donation you made in memory of [Deceased’s Name].


For a longer note the basic structure is:

Dear [Name of person],

Thank you for sending [flowers, gift, donation] for [deceased name’s] funeral. We appreciate your support [kindness, generosity, etc.]. Then add something specific about the gift or a memory about the recipient and the deceased.

Thank you,

Sign your name or the family’s name as appropriate.


About the Author

Heidi Bender, author ofA Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes, is on a mission to help people write thank-you notes. She has been writing thank-you notes since she was old enough to write! Check out her website, Tons of Thanks, or follow her onPinterest,Facebook orTwitter.



Funeral Thank You Note Card Samples, Thank You Card Templates, what to write funeral Thank you for your sending the generous donation in "Bob's" honor.

5+ Thank You Notes For Donations – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

After a funeral, you may want to send out thank-you notes for flowers, food, donations, fruit baskets, to your coworkers, the funeral director, pallbearers, the organist or other musicians. 

Funeral thank you notes can be difficult to write. Please know that you have my sympathy if you are in this situation. The sample wordings in this post are here to help you figure out what to say.

For more general help with funerals, check out the Funeral Resources site.

Use the links in the table of contents below, to quickly jump to at section.

Examples to thank the funeral pastor are in the pastor appreciation post here. 

Tips and Advice

When you are ready, the templates and samples below can help you get started with your notes.

Should I write a thank-you note to those that came to the funeral but did not give a gift or donation?

No. It’s not necessary to thank those that were at the service or calling hours but did not give flowers or any other type of gift. However, If you want to, you can send a bereavement thank you note. 

Should I send a thank-you note for every sympathy card?

  • No. Cards do not need to be acknowledged. Emily Post recommends a thank you when a personal note was written on the card. You can see same examples in the bereavement section below. 

More tips:

  • The notes do not need to be long. The goal is to acknowledge the gift, food, sympathy, etc.
  • Handwrite the notes, if possible. Handwritten notes can feel more personal than other methods. One exception may be to email co-workers as you may not have their home address and you don’t want to wait to deliver the note in person when returning to the office.
  • More “rules” can be read here on the Bradshaw-Carter site.

6 Bereavement thank you note examples


  • If a gift was given, such as flowers, donation, food, you can thank the person for the gift and their bereavement support in the same note. You might want to look at examples in the other sections for gift wording ideas.

Example #1

Dear [Person's Name]

Thank you for your support when my mother passed away. Your comforting words meant meant a lot to me. The card and your note were touching. 


Your Name

Example #2

I appreciate the sympathy card, note, and flowers you sent when [person's name] passed away. You've always been a thoughtful person and I'm glad that you are in my life. I am grateful for your support during this difficult time.

Example #3

Thank you for the beautiful card and sharing your story of when your sister passed away. Losing my sister has been very hard and your words provided comfort. Thanks for being there for me!

Example #4

Thank you for going to the funeral home with me to help make arrangements for my mom. She was very special to me and I am glad you were able to go with me. It's all felt overwhelming. Your support helped me get through the planning details. The service turned out very well because of your help. 

Example #5

You are such a strong, loving person. Thank you for helping me when my dad died. I am glad you came over to make sure I was actually eating the food that was being dropped off by others. I am grateful for your support. 

Example #6

Thank you for being my best friend and being there once again when I needed help. The funeral went as well as a funeral could go and I was thankful to have you by my side. And, I appreciate the cards and phone calls checking on me.  

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7 Examples for money or donation


  • Sometimes donations can be made to an organization in lieu of flowers. The organization could be Hospice or the local Humane Society. It will be whatever the deceased requested. The donations are usually dropped off at the funeral home. 
  • It's also possible that money will be given when someone passes. In your thank-you note, you can write what the money was used for or if it was passed on as a donation.

Example #1 

Dear [person’s name],

Thank you for making a donation to Hospice in memory of [name of deceased]. We were grateful for the support of Hospice near the end of her life. Also, thank you for coming to the funeral. [Name of deceased] shared many stories about you with the family in recent weeks.

[Your name or family of [deceased]

Example #2

Dear [person’s name],

We appreciate your donation to the Humane Society made in honor of Uncle Joe. Joe was a dog lover his whole life, and he would be happy knowing that more dogs will be helped.

[Your name or family of [deceased]

Example #3

Thank you for the money at the time of Betty's passing. Your contribution was given to the American Heart Association as Betty was a long time supporter of their research.  Also, thank you for attending her funeral. 

Example #4

The monetary donation you made at John's funeral is appreciated. The family used it to help cover the funeral expenses. We are grateful that John had such a wonderful boss in you. He spoke highly of you often.

Example #5

Thank you for your generous gift given at the calling hours for [person's name]. I am grateful for the monetary support as his passing was unexpected. Your donation was used towards the expenses. 

Example #6

We are grateful for your monetary support during this time. The money you donated was used to cover dinner and snack food for the family during the calling hours at the funeral home. The entire family thanks you!

Example #7

Thank you for the donation you made in Betty's honor in lieu of flowers. Betty was passionate about [organization name or cause]. Betty talked often of you and how wonderful of a friend you were to her. 

7 Example notes for funeral flowers

There are examples below for funeral flower thank-you notes. The generic thank you for the flowers templates are here.

Example #1

Dear [person’s name],

The flowers for Betty’s funeral were beautiful. The arrangement of purple carnations and white lilies was stunning, and Betty would have loved them. Thank you for your kindness and remembering the family.

[Your name or family of [deceased]

Example #2

Dear [person’s name],

We appreciated the roses at my grandma’s funeral. Roses were her favorite. Roses will always remind me of grandma.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Example #3

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement sent to the funeral home for my sister’s funeral. She loved tulips and I loved that you choose my favorite color for them. I will plant them outside soon. Each year, when they bloom, will be a pleasant reminder of you and my sister.

Example #4

I am grateful to have you as a friend. The flowers remembering my grandpa are lovely. Thank you for caring about me and my family.

Example #5

The family appreciated the flowers for Aunt [Aunt’s Name]. The arrangement was amazing and my aunt would have loved them. Thank you for showing your support and sympathy through the flowers.

Example #6

Sending flowers to the church for my grandma’s funeral was thoughtful. The flowers helped the church to look beautiful during the service. Also, thank you for coming to the visitation.

Example #7

Many flowers were sent to the funeral home for my dad. I liked your flowers the most! And I appreciate that you choose flowers that are not poisonous to my cats. I will enjoy them at home this week and not have to worry about my cats dying if they decide to eat them.

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6 Thank you note examples for food after a funeral

This could be for food brought to the funeral home for calling hours, or the after the funeral meal or food brought to your home before/after the funeral.

Example #1

Dear [Person’s Name],

Thank you for organizing the food for the calling hours. The church has been a real blessing to us during this difficult time. The family loved the chicken wings and side dishes.

Thanks again,
The Jones family

Example #2

Dear [Person’s Name],

I was feeling overwhelmed when [Name of deceased] passed away. The casseroles you brought over were great! I lived on them for a couple of weeks and may not have eaten otherwise. Thanks for being there for me.

Your friend,
[Your Name]

Example #3

Dear [Name of church or church contact],

The meal after the funeral at the church was wonderful. Thank you for hosting the family and providing all the food. Food is such a comfort in times like this. We were able to share many memories of [Name of deceased] during the meal.

The Jones family

Example #4

Thank you for arranging the pizza for my family during the weekend of my mother’s passing. With so many family members visiting from out of state, the pizza was a blessing. We were all happy to be able to eat together at home without figuring out what to eat. Also, thank you for coming to the funeral.

Example #5

My family is thankful for the meals provided when my husband passed away. This has been a very difficult time for us. The children were glad to have some of their favorite comfort foods on hand. Your support has been a bright spot for all of us.

Example #6

The casseroles you provided for the meal after the funeral were great. The enchilada and lasagna casseroles were big hits. Thank you for providing this comfort food.  

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6 Thank you note after funeral to coworkers

Note: If you are thanking a group of coworkers at the same time, you may send them all one email. 

Example #1

Dear Team,

Thank you for sending flowers to the funeral home. The arrangement was beautiful, and I felt touched that the team remembered me during this difficult. I will see you all when I return to work after settling Mom’s affairs.

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

Example #2

Dear [coworker’s name]

Thank you for coming to my dad’s funeral. His passing was very hard and unexpected. Your support was appreciated.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Example #3

I have the best coworkers! Thank you for the flowers sent to the church for my grandma’s funeral. They helped me to know that you were thinking of me while I was out of the office. I also appreciate all the work that was covered for me while I was out.

Example #4

I am thankful to have you as a coworker. Your presence at the visitation was appreciated. I am grateful that we have become not only co-workers but friends.

Example #5

You are a very thoughtful person. Thank you for coming to the visitation and funeral for my mom. As you know, her passing was very hard on me. I appreciate all of your support.

Example #6

Thank you all for coming to the funeral last week. I am thankful that I was able to be away without worrying about my job and if my work would get covered. We have the best team! 

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7 Funeral Director thank you note examples

Notes and tips:

Funeral directors are usually very helpful when the time comes to make arrangements for a loved one. I commend you for wanting to thank your funeral director during this difficult time. Below you will find example thank-you notes to help you get started.

When my mother-in-law died unexpectedly we relied on the funeral director. He helped us with death certificates, cremation process, transportation of the deceased, and filing the obituary with the local newspaper. This is a small list of what funeral directors can do. Read more about funeral directors here.

Another idea for wording examples is to browse funeral home websites that share thank-you notes as testimonials. If you look at the site for the funeral home you use, just be sure that you do not exactly copy someone’s note and then give it to them. It’s possible that they would recognize it as being from their own website!

If you worked with several people, it’s fine to address the note to the staff of the funeral home.

Example #1

Dear staff of [funeral home name],

Thank you for helping us through the process from beginning to end. We were not prepared for mom’s death. We appreciate all the support from the entire staff. Having food delivered during the long day of calling hours was a fantastic idea. The family was thankful to be able to step away for a bite to eat while taking a break.

Thanks again,
The [your last name] family

Example #2

Dear [Name of funeral director],

Thank you for ensuring all the details of my Aunt [aunt’s name] funeral went smoothly. When she asked me to be her representative upon her passing I was not sure what all that would entail. I was glad for your help with the obituary and obtaining the death certificates.

[Your Name]

Example #3

I want to thank you for all the time you spent with my family. Explaining each step helped us make decisions and feel in control of a very hard situation. Thank you for arranging for [name of deceased] to be taken to the church. Having the funeral at the church she attended for over 50 years was important to the family. Your suggestion to make a DVD with photos worked out very well as family and friends enjoyed viewing it during the calling hours.

Example #4

Thank you for everything you and your staff did for [deceased name’s] funeral. The room was the perfect size for the funeral and the organist did a great job playing the hymns. Everything went as well as possible given the situation. I appreciate that you were able to organize the pall bearers as that part was too stressful for me to deal with at the time.

Example #5

We appreciate the kindness of all of the staff during the calling hours and funeral for my grandma. She was a special lady and I am thankful that everything went smoothly. The family appreciated the snacks that were on hand for the calling hours too.

Example #6

We felt blessed to have you as our funeral director. Thank you for everything you did to make sure that everything went smoothly. We will recommend you to other families when they need a funeral director. 

Example #7

Thank you for being an awesome funeral director! I wasn't aware of how much happened behind the scenes until my dad passed. Your knowledge and expertise helped make the process feel not so overwhelming. 

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5 Pallbearer thank you note examples


  • Serving as a pallbearer can be a honor to the deceased at their funeral. If you'd like to send them a thank-you note there are some samples below.
  • Only the first example will include the Dear (opening) and closing (your name).

Example #1

Dear Bob,

Thank you for serving as a pallbearer at Paul's funeral. He requested to have you a pallbearer many years ago. I appreciate you serving in this way.

[Your Name]

Example #2

Grandma will be missed. We are grateful that you were able to serve as a pallbearer. Grandma told us how much she enjoyed your visits over the years.

Example #3

Thank you for being a last minute pallbearer at Jane's funeral. Her youngest son is doing better now, but the grief was too much for him at the funeral. We are glad that you were able to stand in and help out in this way.

Example #4

Greg enjoyed spending time with you. A few days before he passed, he asked us to ask you to be a pallbearer when the time came. Thank you for honoring his request.

Example #5

Thank you for coming to Mr. Smith's funeral. We are glad that you were willing to be a pallbearer. Mr. Smith would have appreciated it too. We are thankful you were there with us to help celebrate life.

5 Examples notes for thanking the funeral organist and musicians


  • Funeral organist and musicians can be thanked for their part in the funeral. If someone sang a solo it's possible that the deceased choose the song and the soloist. 
  • The organist may have been selected through the funeral home or the church. The funeral director or a church contact may be able to deliver the thank-you note or provide contact information, if you do not know them personally.
  • A thank-you note is in addition to fees paid to the organist or other musician. The fee is sometimes paid to the funeral home, and then they pay the musician(s).

Example #1

Thank you for playing the organ at my mom's funeral. She would have enjoyed the hymns you selected. The music played before the funeral felt peaceful. We appreciate you serving in this way.

Example #2

You are a wonderful organist. The family was grateful that the funeral home has you on staff for funerals. Aunt Jane loved organ music her whole life and we are glad the funeral home had an organ to help fulfill her final wishes.

Example #3

Attending Scott's funeral was heartbreaking. Hearing the beautiful music coming from the piano was calming. Thank you for being there and playing the requested music.

Example #4

Your performance of Amazing Grace was wonderful. I understand why Grandma asked you to sing a solo! Your ability to make it through without crying was impressive. I know how much you loved her and will miss her.

Example #5

Thank you for coordinating all of the music for Jane's funeral. We felt very overwhelmed. Your experience was appreciated by all. And, thank you for singing the two solo pieces that Jane asked for. 

I hope these notes have been helpful. Again, I’m sorry to hear that you need to write this type of thank-you note.

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  • Losing a loved one is difficult. If you are not up to writing thank-you notes, it’s okay to delay writing them for a few weeks or even longer.
  • Or ask a friend or other family members help write the notes. When a parent passes away, divide the thank you notes up between the siblings, or perhaps older grandchildren can help.
  • Mention the deceased by name in the note. And sign your full name, to help the recipient know whose funeral the note is in regards to.
  • A  personalized note can be included on the blank side of a note with printed text. Or you can order thank-you note cards of your choosing that are blank on the inside.

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