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Thank you note for weekend stay
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Travelers: How to Write a Thank You Note After Your Vacation Rental Stay

by Dana Giusti

You’ve just returned home after spending a wonderful time at a fabulous FlipKey rental. You want to express your gratitude, but you’re unsure of how to best articulate it. What to do?

It’s always a great idea to send a thank-you note to show appreciation for being included in the trip. Here are a few different thank-you ideas for a variety of situations:

A developing relationship

It’s best to send a warm yet formal note to people you’re building a relationship with, such as new in-laws or co-workers. Begin by mentioning how much you appreciate having been included in their special trip, as well as your enthusiasm in getting to know them better. It’s also a good idea to include specific details about what you enjoyed about the vacation. Be sure to restate your gratitude in the closing lines.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you very much for including me in your trip to Keystone. It was wonderful having the opportunity to get to know each other better. I know Mr. Smith and I will be rooting for the Yankees together come springtime!

I’d also like to mention how you couldn’t have picked a better condo rental – how amazing was the living room fireplace? I loved sitting by the fire with my mug of hot chocolate each night after dinner.

Again, thank you very much. John and I are looking forward to creating many more memories with you both.



Family members

You can be a little less formal in a thank-you to your own family members. Focus on your appreciation for the opportunity to strengthen familial bonds.


Dear Aunt Kate,

Thank you for having Tom, the kids, and myself at your Lakeview condo. It was so nice bringing the family together at such a beautiful location. I know the children will cherish the memories we created. Cindy is already asking when we can return so she can build more sand castles with you!

Thank you again for having us. I look forward to planning more get-togethers in the near future.




Again, you can be less formal in a note to a close friend. It’s always nice to emphasize your gratitude for everyone coming together despite obstacles like busy schedules and different locations.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for organizing the weekend getaway at your Poconos cabin. What a great idea to get the gang together for skiing, sledding, and wine-tasting! It’s so great that everyone was excited to take time out to get together and hang out, just like the old days.

Thanks again for bringing us all together again. It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event.

All the Best,


The recipient will appreciate the time you took to write a personal note. Who knows—it may even guarantee another invite!

Dana is a contributing writer for


FlipKey is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 300,000 rentals around the world. Find the perfect place to stay for your trip, and get great value along with the space, privacy and amenities of home.

Write a stand-out thank you note to a hostess or gift-giver with our tips for a thoughtful, Your great-aunt may not support a weekend getaway to Vegas, but she.

Thank-You Letter Template for Hospitality

Example 1: On Business Trip

Company Name or Letterhead
City, State Zip


City, State Zip

Dear Palan:

Thank you so much for our warm reception and your gracious hospitality on our recent Malaysian tour.

Without your advice and constant attention to detail, we would not have enjoyed ourselves nearly so much. Your rapport with the business community was obvious as you were able to provide introductions to all the distributors we wanted to meet.

But more than the business arrangements, you were so considerate by helping us make the best use of our limited time to see the country and learn more of the Malay culture. Taking us to dinner all three evenings at the most elegant restaurants, I’m sure, took you away from your family. Please express our appreciation to them also for allowing us the extra time to visit with you and your colleagues.

Would you please plan on letting us show you our state when you attend next year’s NTS convention here? Thank you again for such an enjoyable, as well as profitable, time with you in your country.


Bill and the MicroNTS Crew

Example 2: School / Educational Orientation

Dear William:

On behalf of the Lopro project team, I want to thank you for the time you took to organize and host our tour of your plant on October 8th. The informative tour and stimulating commentary made valuable use of our limited time. Special thanks are in order for scheduling Mike Wilson to answer questions and for providing our lunch at the plant cafeteria.

The visit helped our co-op trainees to understand that through education and hard work, opportunities for career success are available to them. Additionally, our students who are studying engineering and computer science found the tour particularly meaningful.

Again, thank you for making our visit a memorable and encouraging experience for all of us. You can be sure the communities and families of these students will hear of your hospitality.


Cal Institute

Example 2: Networking Reunion

Dear Bruce:

The reception for Dr. Horace and his wife provided just the opportunity I’d been wishing for to renew all my acquaintances with Universal. Some of the attendees I met for the first time, of course, because you have continued to lead Universal to success after success–all of which require additional staff. I must say, after having talked with some of them at length, you have hired some of the best in the industry.

But the most enjoyable part of the evening was swapping “remember whens” with familiar faces. It was so thoughtful of you to invite my wife also. Because she had accompanied me to so many company functions in the years I was with you, she met and visited with nearly as many old friends as I did.

Let’s not let the renewed relationship lapse again. Could we count on meeting you for dinner at Tony’s the weekend of June 6? I’ll phone you later in the month to see what your schedule looks like.



Example 3: Thanks for Entertaining on Business Trip in New City





SUBJECT: Florida Hospitality

Harvey, just a note to say thank you for your hospitality while I was soaking up the sunny southern atmosphere and doing my homework in learning to fine-tune a MOG system. Do tell your wife thanks for giving up her evening alone with you and joining us for Tuesday night’s “fiesta.”

Please let me repay the favor when you’re out our way next fall; I know of a skeet-shooting range you would enjoy. If you let me know a day or two in advance, I’ll make the arrangements.

Thanks again.

Hospitality Thank You Notes

thank you note for weekend stay

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Being the subject of someone’s hospitality is a privilege. By allowing you into their home and life, a person is showing you a window into their world. This is not something that should be taken lightly.

The best way to show your appreciation for someone who has been welcoming, is to write them a note or message to say, “thank you for your hospitality”.

Due to the personal nature of the experience, the writer should be specific about what they’re thanking their host for. Additionally, the writer should convey sincerity.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas


How to say “thank you for your hospitality” after staying at a friend or relative’s home


01“Thank you so much for letting us stay in your home while ours was being fumigated. You really came through for us at a time when we weren’t sure what to do. We cannot begin to find the words to say thank you for your hospitality.”



02“Our holiday wouldn’t have been the same without getting to see and spend time with our favorite aunt and uncle. Thanks for showing us the sights and for your care and kindness during our stay. Let us know if we can return the favor.”


03“You opened your door to us when our accommodation booking fell through. No one would have blamed you for saying no, given the short notice. Yet you decided to let us share your home for a week. Thank you for your hospitality.”



04“I know having our large family staying with you for a week couldn’t have been easy. We’re loud and all over the place 24/7. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you allowed us to stay with you. Now that we’re gone, I hope you enjoy the silence.”


05“A big thank you for your hospitality goes out from me to you. The month I was between apartments would have been really difficult if you hadn’t been prepared to let me stay with you. My door is always open to a special friend like you.”
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06“Thank you for hosting my aunt and uncle during the preparation time for my father’s funeral. They appreciated how kind and considerate you were. It came at a difficult time for my family. You really came through for us.”



07“Thank you for your hospitality during the family reunion. Getting together with you was like old times. Isn’t it amazing that with family you can pick up where you left off two years ago, and it feels like five minutes ago?”


08“I was so grateful I could stay with you for the duration of my business trip. Staying with you was far nicer than any hotel could have been. It was great to spend time with you. If you’re going to be in my neighborhood, don’t you dare book a hotel!”


09“Thank you for taking us in during our bathroom renovation. We were prepared to rough it for a few days, but you wouldn’t hear of it. Having a cousin who’ll step in to help at the last minute is appreciated.”



10“Our trip to the city wouldn’t have been the amazing experience it was, if you hadn’t allowed us to stay overnight at your home. Thank you for your hospitality and for making the experience even more special for the children.”


How to say “thank you for your hospitality” after staying in a hotel or Airbnb


11“Thank you for your hospitality in preparing the apartment we rented with Airbnb. The welcome note was appreciated. Thanks for explaining how the stove works. If you hadn’t, we would have had to eat takeout every night!”



12“The standards of service at your hotel were exceptional. The treatment we received was more than we could ever have hoped for. Our late arrival was handled speedily by professional staff members who made us feel so special with their solicitous service.”


13“My lengthy stay at your hotel due to my business activities, turned into a surprisingly pleasant experience. Your friendly staff and personal service made me feel like I was staying in a home-away-from-home. Thank you for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome.”


14“We really appreciated the help offered by the hotel during our son’s asthma attack. The quick response of the staff prevented a serious medical event that would have included a visit to the hospital. As a family, we cannot thank you enough.”



15“Thank you for opening your home up to us through Airbnb, it was a truly pleasant experience.  It added to the enjoyability of our vacation to have a ‘home’ to return to at the end of each day.”
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16“The effort the staff went to when helping us secure adjoining bedrooms in an already full hotel was received with much gratitude. Thank you for your hospitality and the care and concern you showed for our comfort.”


17“Our Airbnb accommodations were amazing. They lived up to our expectations and went several steps further. The photographs on the site didn’t do the home enough justice. What a magnificent home and what a privilege to have stayed in it.”



18“To the hotel staff, we can not say thank you enough for your hospitality.  The way the staff helped us as we navigated around during our first visit to the city went above and beyond their job description. They were ready to help and answer all our questions.”


19“Staying in such a big hotel, it’s normal not to expect a such personalized treatment. I was pleasantly surprised by how each staff member goes the extra mile to make such a large establishment seem like a bed and breakfast. The staff makes sure each guest feels welcome and important.”


20“Without being able to make a last-minute Airbnb booking, our family vacation would have turned into a disaster. We are so grateful that you were able to help us. Your apartment served our needs perfectly and was exactly what we required. Thank you for your hospitality.”



How to say “thank you for your hospitality” after having a friend act as a tour guide


21“I cannot express my family’s appreciation enough, for all the effort you made to ensure that we enjoyed our trip. Your careful planning and knowledgeable approach were the secret ingredients that allowed us to make the most of a marvelous trip.”


22“Taking time out of your busy schedule to show us around was something we wouldn’t have dreamed of asking you to do. We know it took a lot of reshuffling of priorities. The fact that you did it of your own accord was unbelievably kind. Thank you for your hospitality.”



23“Traveling to a new city is exciting but also a little overwhelming. We were so lucky to have you as our tour guide. You took us places we didn’t even know existed. Your local knowledge made our visit better than we could have imagined.”


24“How blessed we were to have our very own tour guide when we visited the area. The way you set about showing us all the sights and places of interest took much forward planning. We are so grateful to you. Thank you for your hospitality.”
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25“Our visit to the country would have been so different if you hadn’t been there for us every step of the way. The program you set up was jam-packed with so many exciting activities that catered to our family’s needs. Thank you for your hospitality and the privilege of your friendship.”



26“Thank you for taking the time to show us around during our vacation. Your selflessness made our trip more memorable than ever, and it was so awesome to spend some quality time with you. Let us know if we can repay the favor the next time you’re in our area.”


27“Acting as a tour guide and host to our rambunctious family is much appreciated. The children enjoyed spending time with you and were so impressed by all your local knowledge. They’re already talking about a return visit since we didn’t get to see it all on our first visit.”


28“What a wonderful place you live in. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. Without you, we wouldn’t have seen many of the places you took us to. And as to the wonderful restaurants you showed us… my mouth starts watering at the thought!”



29“Speaking to friends who have visited the area and been on guided tours made me realize how lucky I was. I think I got the better deal having my good friend take me around and make my visit as special as it was. Thank you for your hospitality.”


30“Thank you for acting as our tour guide. Your presence made our vacation even more special that we thought it would be. Your patience seemed endless, and we were able to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you’re ever considering a career change, consider being a tour guide. I know I’d certainly recommend you!”


Express your gratitude with these thank you messages and ideas from care you put into writing and sending a warm, gracious thank-you card or note. . a party or an overnight stay, that definitely calls for a written thank-you.

7 ways to thank someone for staying at their home

Personal Thank You Notes

Below, we have a collection of personal thank you note examples.

There are so many scenarios in which writing a thank you note would be appreciated. But, no matter the occasion, all good thank you notes combine common courtesy, personal anecdotes and genuine respect.

New to writing thank you notes?

Check out our step by step tutorial on how to write the perfect thank you note.

Thank You Note Help...

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Personal Thank You Note Examples

To A Friend - For Being There in a Time of Trouble

Dear Susan,

I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given me over the last two weeks. I don’t think I could have made it without you. There are certain times in one’s life when you fully understand the value of a true friend. You have been a true friend to me.

My gratitude is unending. You’ve done so much for me over the years, but most of all, thank you for being there. That means the world to me.

With Loving Adoration,

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Thank You For a Wonderful Dinner

Dear Alice,

Thank you for the delicious chicken casserole! Having just come back from overseas, the last thing we wanted to think about was cooking. What a nice surprise to find you on our doorstep with a home-cooked meal!

Even before we began devouring it, the mouth-watering aroma filled the dining room beckoning us to leave unpacking for later. The meal was so good, both kids made me promise to ask you for the recipe!

It was a nice surprise and a wonderful dinner; your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you know.


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Thank You for The Gift

Dear Sam,

Please accept my best thanks for the gift you sent for my birthday. It was such a pleasant surprise to come home and find a package waiting for me at my door. And what a beautiful scarf! I have been wearing it every day. My friends are very jealous of how fashionable I look now.

Again, thank you so much. You always know how to put a smile on my face.


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Thank You Notes for Favors

Personal Thank You for a Favor


Thank you for picking up Emily after school on Thursday. I hadn’t anticipated my being unable to get to her on time, and knowing I could count on you made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. Emily loves her Auntie Eva, so being able to spend extra time with you was a real treat for her!

I appreciate your flexibility, and I hope I won’t have to call you again in such a panic. Your calm manner and willingness to help soothed my frantic mood. Thank you also for making the unusual transition so easy for Emily. I’ve been the only one to pick her up for the past several months, and your easy going persona kept her from questioning why her routine was different that day. She really loves you, and so do I! Thank you for being so willing to help on a moment’s notice.


When it comes to seemingly small tasks – such as picking up a child from school - expanding on why, in particular, you are grateful is essential. In the note above, Samantha outlines the unusual circumstance and how her sister’s willingness to help on such short notice was appreciated.

She also made sure to mention an extra benefit of the situation – that Emily got to spend additional time with her Aunt, whom she loves. Including additional benefits of the recipient’s actions brings your written thank you note full circle.

Thanks For Helping Me Move

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for helping me move last weekend. I’m not sure what I would have done without your incredible strength. :)

I know that you always say, “that’s what friends are for”. But most friends don’t own so many records. For that, please accept this modest gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse.

I will try my best not to move again any time soon, because I know that when I do, you’ll be there insisting on helping. You’re a true friend, and I love you.

Geoff R.

Thanks For Helping Us Move

Dear Mark and Julie,

I know buying you dinner in return for helping me move was our deal, but I couldn’t let your actions go without expressing my appreciation in writing.

Moving is never fun or easy, but somehow you two made it feel that way. I’ve never laughed so much while lifting heavy objects! Even early in the morning you were both chipper and energetic, which is more than I can say for myself (until I had some coffee, anyway).

Not many people will agree to help a friend move, let alone offer their assistance without being asked. You two are some kind of super heros – do you know that?

Many thanks,

Outlining how many different ways some one's actions have positively impacted you is always a good idea.

In this sample note above, Diana’s thanks Mark and Julie for the physical assistance in moving houses. However, she also pointed out that their humor and positive attitudes were of just as much importance.

When thanking someone, describe all of the benefits of their good deed.

Thank You Notes to Family Members

Too often, we neglect writing thank you notes to family. We feel simply saying, “thank you” is enough, and that our love and appreciation is a given. However, it’s often the people we are closest to who deserve the most thanks.

Take every possible opportunity to thank your family.

Thanks Mom

Dear Mom,

Thanks for being the greatest Mom a daughter could ask for. You’ve given me so much more than I could ever give back in return. I want you to know how much I appreciate the little things you did for me growing up.

You made me into the woman I am today. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

I love you very, very much.

Always Yours,

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Need Help Writing a Thank You Note?

We’ll help you with your thank you note wording.

Just describe, in detail the situation that you’re trying to write a note.

Ask a Question

We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

thank you note for weekend stay

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Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we promise to stay reliable. Just a quick note to say how much our team has appreciate your continued support during the transition. Thank you so much for your hard work over the weekend.

thank you note for weekend stay
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