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Thank you letter for donation to non profit organization
May 13, 2019 Teacher Thanks 3 comments

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One of the most important communications of any charity fundraising or donations campaign is the Donation Thank You Letter. Raising money is all about relationships and keeping those relationships healthy is vital to future fundraising success. There is no better way to do that than to show sincere appreciation to each of your donors through a personalized thank you.


A donation thank you letter can also double as the official donation receipt that the donor will need if they are going to claim their donation as a tax deduction (see the IRS guidelines). Continue reading below for tips on writing thank you notes, information about donation receipts and links to other resources.

Donation Thank You Letter Template

⤓ Download

For: Word 2007 or later & Office 365

Other Versions

Word 2003 (.doc)OpenOffice (.odt)Google Docs

Author: Brent Weight and Jon Wittwer

License: Limited Use


Select this template to you help you get started with a personalized thank you letter for a donation received. You can also use it to help with sponsorship thank you letters. Use the optional donation receipt section if you have not already provided the donor with an official receipt or written acknowledgement.

Tips: Writing a Donation Thank You Letter

Sending a donor a thank you letter doesn't need to be time consuming. Simply start with our free donation thank you letter template, personalize it, print it, sign it, and then send it. Follows these tips:

  • Make sure you are familiar with and understand IRS Publication 1771
  • Start with a statement such as "Thank you so much for your very generous donation of $... to [Your Organization]".
  • Thank you letters do not need to be long. Personalization and sincerity are more important than length.
  • Make sure to get the thank you notes off promptly – usually within 24 hours of receiving the donation.
  • Refer to the original request that resulted in the donation so the donor knows their money will go to the appropriate cause. Better yet, provide additional details about how their money will actually be used. This helps them to envision how they are helping and will lead to higher satisfaction.
  • Personalize the note; don’t just use a form letter. Mention specifics about the donor such as how long they have been donating or how good it was to see them at last year’s event.
  • Consider writing your letters or notes by hand – in today’s digital world they will really stand out. At the very least, skip the printed signature and get a real person to sign it.
  • Why not have one of the individuals who directly benefited from the donations write the thank you notes. While not always practical, this approach is powerful.
  • Sign the letter.

Donation Receipts and Donor Substantiation

The IRS has specific guidelines when it comes to charities, nonprofit organizations and fundraising. There are also rules that donors must follow before taking deductions on their federal tax returns. See the IRS Publication 1771 listed in the resource section below for more details. It is actually a well-written document that does a good job of explaining the requirements in a way that is both comprehensive and easy to understand.

Sample Donation Thank You Letters

Sample Donation Thank You Letter

The following is a sample thank you letter for a cash donation that doubles as the donation receipt.

Bill Stevenson
XYZ Charity
123 Anywhere Street
Somewhereville, Best State 88889


Mr. Ryan Francom
456 Somewhere Road
Best Town, Best State 88888

Dear Mr. Francom,

On behalf of XYZ Charity, I would like to thank you for your contribution of $500 to our Summer Camp program.

For over 30 years XYZ Charity has been helping children ages 8 to 17 attend summer camps where they not only have the best week of the summer, but develop skills and friendships that will last them a life time.

Because of your generous donation, we will be able to send an additional 4 kids to camp this coming summer. With your assistance we have now committed to sending 390 kids to camp and will continue working hard to reach our goal of 500 kids this year.

Again, we thank you for your generosity and look forward to working with you again next year.


[Signature Required]

Bill Stevenson
Fundraising Manager

Donation Receipt

Organization: XYZ Charity
Date Received: 12/3/2009
Cash Contribution: $500
Item Contribution: None

No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

Sample Donation Receipt Request Letter

The example below is an example of a letter a person might write to request a copy of their donation receipt.

Mr. Ryan Francom
456 Somewhere Road
Best Town, Best State 88888


Bill Stevenson
XYZ Charity
123 Anywhere Street
Somewhereville, Best State 88889

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

I am writing to request a copy of a donation receipt for tax purposes. Can you please send us a copy of our donation receipt for the 2009 calendar year? We made two donations totaling $500 dollars. We look forward to your prompt reply.


Ryan Francom

Additional Resources

  • Donation Form by - A customizable and printable form to give to potential donors.
  • IRS Publication 1771 (pdf) at - This document is written for the charity or organization that receives donations as well as donors. It outlines the record keeping requirements as well as the rules for sending or obtaining written acknowledgement or written disclosures.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice. Consult a legal or tax professional for questions regarding tax deductions and IRS requirements.

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Yet few organizations prioritize a new-donor thank-you program, Eyes, and How to Write Fundraising Materials that Raise More Money.

Many times in life, we know we need to thank people for helping out, but can’t find the right things to say. Here are some tips on how to say thanks along with a sample fundraising thank you letter you can copy.

The message should come from your heart, so please take a little extra time and personalize it with your own words. The key points to remember are:

  1. The thank you letter should be about them, not you. You are thanking them for their support, not boasting about how much money you helped raise.
  2. Tell the person the good things that their donation helped to produce. Be specific rather than general. For example, if they donated $100 to an AIDS fundraiser, you could say that their donation helped a deserving person get a much needed blood transfusion.
  3. Thank them in the same words or tone as if you were speaking face to face. For example, “Joe, I just wanted to say thanks for helping out. Your contribution means a lot to me and it really helped a great cause.
  4. Offer to reciprocate in kind. Chances are that they might have a favorite cause that could use a boost. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money to spare because your offer can be couched in terms of being a willing volunteer whenever the need arises.
  5. Thank them again at the very end of your thank you note!

Sample Fundraising Thank You Letter


Dear _______, (you can also skip the “Dear” to make it more personal)

I really appreciate your pitching in on the (insert specifics) fundraiser. You really did a wonderful thing.

Your contribution meant that (insert positive direct effect proportional to their donation – should be multiple sentences).

Imagine the look on their (help them visualize a sample recipient and the effect of their donation) face when they got the good news. Talk about (insert phrase such as: a smile that lit up the room or making a huge difference in someone’s life)!

If you ever need me to help with a charitable cause of your own, please let me return the favor. As you know, I’m pretty good at (insert skill that they know about or will make them smile. Example: working the phones, doing whatever it takes, organizing groups, etc.).

Again, thanks so much for all you’ve done for (insert your cause here)!



Typed Name

Sample Fundraising Thank You Letter Summary

Your thank you note should be highly personal in tone. It should sound conversational and heartfelt, so read it aloud and cut out any parts that seem stiff or contrived.

The purpose of your note is to make the donor feel good about what they’ve done, so give specific details that evoke strong emotions and create a vivid picture in their mind. Again, the thank you should be about them, not about you.

Your fundraising thank you letter should go out within a week of receiving their donation, preferably sooner. Keep a form letter version of it on your computer and whip up a personalized note of thanks as soon as possible.

Remember, a well-written thank you note is not only good manners, it’s good fundraising!

More Fundraising Letters

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thank you letter for donation to non profit organization

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We’ve written two posts now to our nonprofit customers to help them get the most out of their donation thank you letters. We’ve given some best practices as well 5 pointers on writing these letters. If you’re one of our nonprofit customers, we hope you’ve receive some insight from these posts. Now we wanted to include some sample donation thank you letters and emails from imaginary nonprofits to give a guide as you’re writing your own.

Work at a non-profit? Find out how MoonClerk can save you time and resources.

Here are our sample donation thank you letters and emails:

Sample Donation Thank You Email #1: Sent to donor automatically after his gift was received (MoonClerk provided service)

Dear Bob,

Thank you! We just received your generous $500 donation to Pine Hills Senior Center, and it means the world to us. Because of you, we can continue to serve at-risk seniors, and provide them a loving, nurturing, and healthy place to retire with dignity and grace.

We are so lucky to have you as a donor. Thank you for investing in our organization and in the seniors we serve. Your generous gift will go to good use, and we’ll update you throughout the year with program announcements and special events.

We hope you will join us soon for one of our weekly public dinners, where you can meet some of the seniors whose life you are changing! Call me at (123) 456-7890 to find out more and RSVP.

Thank you again for your investment in Pine Hills Senior Center, and your belief that our clients deserve to retire with dignity and respect.


Mary McHill

Executive Director

Pine Hills Senior Center


Sample Donation Thank You Letter #1: Printed, signed, and mailed 2 days after donation was received

September 2012

Mr. Robert Robertson, III

123 Main Street

Smalltownsville, XX 12345

Dear Bob,

Kathy is smiling because of you! Kathy is one of our residents here at Pine Hills Senior Center, and she’s been struggling with depression ever since her husband passed away late last year. Because of you, this year will be different. We’re making sure Kathy gets extra sessions with our in-house social workers this month, and have also signed her up to go to a local play with her friends. We’re working hard to make sure that Kathy is happy and healthy. Your generous $500 commitment is what allows us to do that.

We’ve been helping seniors like Kathy for over 20 years. Our staff includes social workers, nurses, and doctors, who work around the clock to make sure that at-risk seniors retire with dignity and grace. As you know, we are more than a nursing home. We are a place for seniors to come home, and to build a real life. You’re an important part of the community they build here.

Last year, your generous donation helped us plant a garden of local vegetables and herbs on our three acres of land. Many of the seniors have told us this is their favorite place on our campus. They work in the garden alongside local college students and community members, and once a week we enjoy dinner together, with fresh produce we’ve picked from the garden that day. We hope you can join us some night, and see the smile on Kathy’s face as she serves up her famous tomato salsa!

On behalf of Kathy and all of her peers, thank you again Bob. Your generosity and commitment are invaluable to Pine Hills Senior Center, and we are proud to call you part of our donor family.


Mary McHill

Executive Director

Pine Hills Senior Center


Sample Donation Thank You Email #2: Sent to donor automatically after his gift was received (MoonClerk provided service)

Dear Stacy,

On behalf of the many dogs that we serve, thank you for your donation of $250 received on September 13th, 2013.  Your gift allows the Animal Rescue Organization to continue its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs throughout the area.

There are thousands of dogs that need rescuing and we hope that you will consider giving again in the future. Please visit our website to support our mission.

Please keep this email for your tax records. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Jimmy Jones

Operating Manager

Animal Rescue Organization


Sample Donation Thank You Letter #2: Printed, signed, and mailed 2 days after donation was received

Stacy Perkins

123 W. Main Street

Chicago, IL 60001

Dear Stacy,

From one dog lover to another, thank you for your generous gift of $250. I am overjoyed to see such a generous first-time gift from you, and am honored to welcome you into our donor family.

Your $250 gift makes a big difference in the lives of the dogs we serve. Pumpkin is one of the more than 300 dogs that we will rescue this year. Pumpkin is a pit bull mix who was dropped off at our doorstep after being shot in the back leg. She was malnourished, afraid of people, and in incredible pain.

Stacy, you know that no dog is beyond hope. When we looked at Pumpkin we knew she was an amazing dog. Even in pain, she took treats from our trainer, and wagged her tail. She received emergency surgery from our partner vet clinic and was rehabilitated by our expert staff. Today, she’s receiving daily obedience training classes from our head trainer, John, and spends time snuggling with our Development staff in between meetings.

Your generosity and commitment to helping dogs like Pumpkin is what enables us to rehabilitate and adopt out hundreds of dogs each year. Thank you so much – on behalf of Pumpkin and al the dogs we serve – for believing in second chances. We couldn’t do this without you.

Please call me at (888) 321-4321 if you’d like to stop by the shelter and meet Pumpkin or one of our other amazing dogs, and see your donation at work!


Jimmy Jones

Operating Manager

Animal Rescue Organization


If you have any questions about how Moonclerk can act as a tool to help your nonprofit collect donations on your site, check out our page for nonprofits or shoot us an email.

Image by Flickr User: Dave Goodman

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While your grandmother may have taught you that sending a thank you letter after receiving a gift is just the polite thing to do, that's not the only reason nonprofits.

A Donor Thank-You Letter Template (Plus Extra Tips!)

Salutation: Unless your donor has insisted otherwise, address them by name. You are trying to establish a lasting relationship with this individual, so you want to treat them like a friend. This also helps to make the relationship feel a little less formal, and a bit more comfortable. But listen to your donor. They will tell you how they would like to be addressed. Stick with that.

Paragraph 1: Start by thanking the donor for their contribution. But take this as an opportunity to be very specific about the gift that you received. This helps to personalize the letter, and will make the donor feel a bit more appreciated that this isn’t a generic thank you message. If there was a specific campaign or impact area that the donor contributed to, you can mention it here as well.

Paragraph 2: After you’ve thanked them for their gift, start talking specifically about what that gift will do. Do you have giving categories that break down what each amount will do in the community? Talk about that here. Do you have a project that will get closer to completion because of the contribution? Tell them about it here. Do you know how many people will be positively impacted by this donation? Share those numbers with the donor here. The more specific you can get, the better.

Paragraph 3: After you’ve given a few more specific examples, you can talk more broadly about your organization’s work and mission. This is a great time to talk about how your donor’s contribution actually helps to accomplish the larger mission of the organization.

Close: Thank them again. There’s no such thing as over-thanking here. Let them know that they are important to the work, and tell them what will happen next with your relationship. Will they receive more information? Will they get progress reports? Detail those points in your conclusion.

Signature: Get someone high up in your organization to sign off with a warm greeting. This can be your Executive Director or even a board member. If you can’t get those individuals to sign off — sign off yourself. The important part here is that it the message came from a person — and not a nameless, faceless organization.

thank you letter for donation to non profit organization

A donation to your nonprofit organization is no different than receiving a candle for the holidays or a gift card on your birthday: Sending a thank you email is the.

thank you letter for donation to non profit organization
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