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Thanks for food
September 03, 2019 Teacher Thanks 4 comments

И еще -- он задумался и над тем, насколько могущественны силы мозга, находящиеся в распоряжении этих странных людей и без колебаний приводимые ими в движение. Не грозило ли ему какой-нибудь опасностью -- строить какие бы то ни было планы. Сирэйнис обещала, что не станет читать его мысли без его согласия, но нет ли обстоятельств, в которых это обещание останется невыполненным. -- Вы, конечно, не ожидаете, чтобы я немедленно принял решение,-- проговорил .

When’s the last time you told your friends and family that you love them?

Have you thought lately about how awesome it is that you have a roof over your head (a place to live) and good food to eat?

Sometimes we forget to feel lucky and thankful for all the people in our lives, and all things we have. That’s called taking things for granted. The Thanksgiving holiday is a day when we can remember all the things we take for granted on other days, and are thankful for them.

Thanksgiving is also a day when we eat a lot of food, so we’re going to look at the 10 most common foods to eat on Thanksgiving.

There’s no better way to feel great about the things you have than to eat lots of good food with friends and family!

What Is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November every year. When the holiday was first created many years ago, it was meant to celebrate the last harvest, the time when crops (plants) and grown food is collected from the fields.

Many Americans know the holiday better for an old story though: In 1621, the pilgrims (the people who were living in Northeastern America at the time) and the Native Americans had a three-day celebration where they ate together in peace. The two groups of people had worked together, and the feast (big celebratory meal) was a way to share and enjoy the harvest together.

Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, but slightly earlier than Americans. Canadian Thanksgiving is on the first Monday of October every year. Canada was actually the first country to celebrate the festival of giving thanks, which was started by Martin Frobisher in 1578 after he returned safely from an exploration trip.

Today, Thanksgiving has a slightly different meaning for people. For many Americans and Canadians, Thanksgiving is for spending time with their family, and to remember to be thankful for what they have.

Thanksgiving is also a time to eat… a lot! There are a number of traditional foods that are served on Thanksgiving, and it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.

10 Different Ways to Say “to Eat” in English

The Thanksgiving feast is huge! To enjoy your meal, you can’t just eat it—you might need to use some more descriptive words for eating!

Before you start eating, you should try a nibble of your food. That’s just a little bite to get a taste of the food in front of you before you dig in, or start eating.

When you eat your food, you could say you ingest it—but that’s a word often used by scientists. When you eat your meal very fast you, can say you devoured it.

When it comes to eating, no one does it as well as animals! When you eat a lot of food very quickly, you can say you gobble up your food (gobble is the sound turkeys make)! You can also wolf down your food (eat it quickly in big pieces), or pig out on it (eat too much).

When you finish the meal, you can say you have polished it off or cleaned your plate.

Is all this talk of eating getting you hungry?

10 Traditional Foods for a True Thanksgiving Meal

1. Turkey

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the turkey. The turkey is usually prepared whole, filled with fruit, vegetables or other stuffing (more on stuffing in #2!). It’s also usually seasoned, which means covered in herbs for flavor and smell.

The turkey is then roasted, meaning cooked in an oven or over an open fire. The best roasted turkeys are juicy and delicious, but roasting a turkey takes skill. The turkey is notorious (well known for something negative) for being dry.

You can learn how to roast a mouth-watering turkey—and some English vocabulary—with this FluentU video!

2. Stuffing/Dressing

“Stuff” is another way to say “things.” But the verb to stuff means that you fill something until it’s full. Thanksgiving stuffing (also called dressing) is the food that goes inside the roasted turkey.

But it’s also become a side dish, a dish of food that’s served next to the main course. Traditionally, Thanksgiving stuffing is made of bread and herbs, and sometimes sausage (a kind of hot dog) or other additional ingredients. Check out some stuffing/dressing recipes here!

3. Mashed Potatoes

Mashedpotatoes are potatoes that have been boiled and peeled, and then crushed (mashed) into a soft and creamy dish. Add butter, milk and some garlic, and you have a perfect dish!

4. Gravy

While you’re cooking the turkey (or many other meats), it will create juices. These juices can be turned into gravy, a thick sauce. This sauce is usually poured onto the mashed potatoes to give them more flavor.

5. Cranberry Sauce

There is something about the sweet but tangy (slightly sour) flavor of cranberry sauce that makes it the perfect side dish for turkey. There are plenty of places that sell cranberry sauce, but it’s very easy to make on your own as well.

To make cranberry sauce, boil cranberries, sugar, lemon zest (grated lemon peel) and water, and then simmer it (cook on a small flame). That’s all you need to do!

6. Corn

Bread rolls are another staple (an important part) of the Thanksgiving meal. Many times, these rolls are cornbread, which is made with cornmeal, a powder from dried and ground corn.

Corn is served in other ways at Thanksgiving, too. You might eat corn on the cob, which is grilled whole corn, or creamed corn, which is mashed corn soup or sauce.

7. Green Bean Casserole

A casserole is a stew that’s cooked slowly in the oven. Green bean casserole has cream of mushroom soup, fried onions and— of course—green beans!

8. Candied Yams

Sweet potatoes are yellow, creamy types of potatoes that are also called yams. The sweet flavor and soft texture of these potatoes make them a versatile (easy to use in many situations) side dish for the main course.

You can bake them, make a casserole with them or mash them like regular potatoes. Or you can add spices, brown sugar and butter, place marshmallows on top and bake them into candied yams—a deliciously sweet dish which might remind you of (make you think of) candy, like the name suggests.

9. Pumpkin Pie

The pumpkin spice flavor in America now means that autumn is here. Almost everything has a pumpkin spice version! There’s pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice cookies… there are even pumpkin spice sausages and bagels!

Surprisingly, the flavor doesn’t even have actual pumpkin in it. But pumpkin pie does have pumpkin. A delicious warm spice and pumpkin filling inside a flaky crust will always warm you up. No wonder we love pumpkin spice so much in fall!

10. Pecan Pie

Complete the meal with a delectable (delicious) pecan pie, a pie that uses pecans (a type of nut) with spices and maple syrup. Pecan pie is irresistible (hard to say no to). Even if guests are too full to eat any more, they’ll make room for pecan pie!

Vocabulary After the Thanksgiving Meal

Now that you’re done eating, you can forget about the holiday, right? Not quite!

The Thanksgiving meal is so large that for many days after the dinner, people have leftovers—extra food that is left (remains) after the dinner is done.

Even though there are leftovers, a lot of food is also eaten on the holiday. Many people eat so much on Thanksgiving that they feel the need to detox afterwards—to remove toxins or bad substances from the body.

The day after Thanksgiving is another famous day, known as Black Friday. On Black Friday, stores across the country have huge sales where people wait in line for hours to buy cheap products (usually for Christmas gifts).

Are you too full to go out the day after Thanksgiving? Just wait until the Monday after, which is now known as Cyber Monday, when stores move their sales to the internet.

You don’t have to live in America or Canada to enjoy Thanksgiving. All you need is a lot of food, an empty belly (stomach) and some family and/or friends. Remember to give thanks for all that you have!

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Giving thanks before meals is the most common form of spiritual nourishment.

Giving thanks for food before you eat is a tradition that has been followed for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. With the fast pace of life in the twenty-first century, taking the time to give thanks for a meal has more often than not been left behind. But using the simple act of eating and drinking as an opportunity to be grateful will increase the magic in your life exponentially!   If you think about a time when you were really hungry, you will remember that you could not think or function normally, your body felt weak, you might have started to tremble, your mind became confused, and your feelings plummeted. All of this can happen after not eating for just a few hours! You need food to live, to think, and to feel good, and so there is a great deal to be grateful for about food.  Think about the meat growers, fishermen, dairy farmers, coffee and tea growers, and all the packaged food companies who work tirelessly to produce the food we eat. The world’s food production is a breathtaking orchestration that takes place every day, and it’s unfathomable that it all works when you think about the number of people involved in maintaining the world’s food and drink supplies to stores, restaurants, supermarkets, cafés, airplanes, schools, hospitals, and every home on the planet.

Food is a gift! It’s a gift of nature, because there would be nothing for any of us to eat if nature didn’t supply us with the soil, nutrients, and water to grow food. Without water, there would be no food, vegetation, animals, or human life. We use water to cook our meals, grow our food, maintain our gardens, supply our bathrooms, sustain every vehicle that moves, support our hospitals, fuel, mining, and manufacturing industries, enable transportation, make our roads, make clothes and every consumer product and appliance on the planet, make plastic, glass, and metal, make life-saving medications, and build our homes and every other building and structure.

And water keeps our bodies alive. Water, water, water, glorious water!  In addition, your gratitude for food and water keeps the magic continuing in your life, and it will weave its glorious golden thread through everything that is dear to you, everything that you love, and everything that you’re dreaming of.   In ancient times people believed that when they blessed their food and water with gratitude it purified whatever they were blessing, and when you look at the theories and discoveries that quantum physics have made in recent times, such as the observer effect, the ancients may very well have been right. The observer effect in quantum physics refers to changes that the act of observation makes on whatever is being observed. Imagine if focusing gratitude on your food and drinks changed their energy structure, and purified them so that everything you consumed had the ultimate effect of well-being on your body?

Magic Practice Number 8  The Magic Ingredient

• Count Your Blessings: Make a list of ten blessings. Write why you’re grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say thank you, thank you, thank you, and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can.

• Before you eat or drink anything today, take a moment to look at what you’re about to eat or drink, and in your mind or out loud, say the magic words, thank you! If you want you can sprinkle your food or drink with magic dust.

• Just before you go to sleep tonight, hold your Magic Rock in one hand, and say the magic words, thank you, for the best thing that happened during the day.

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thanks for food

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Thank you for the food

Food. I love food as I enjoy eating. October 24 is National Food Day. In the last year, my diet has become much healthier as I’ve learned to cook and make most of our meals which includes hot breakfast almost every day!

Writing a thank you note for dinner is covered here. And there are several other posts about food: lunch with the boss, should you write a note for lunch?, Eat Out Often Enjoy Life, and food provided after surgery/hospital stays.

This post will focus on thanking those who make food for us on a regular basis. This could be someone living in your household such as your spouse or parent. Or visiting the home of a friend or family member on a regular basis for a meal. My family has a Sunday Lunch tradition at my mom’s and my sister likes to invite me over too.

Making homemade meals is time-consuming and then there is the cleanup time for washing dishes. Sometimes it can feel like a thankless job. I admit that I did not appreciate all the meals and time my mom spent making meals for me until I moved out and was responsible for my own meals.

A great way to thank the regular food maker is to give them a night off! Go out for dinner or take a turn making the meal and doing the cleanup. Even helping with the clean up is a blessing. I am always thankful when my husband does the dishes!

Saying “thank you” after the meal is nice. An occasional thank-you note is another thoughtful gesture.

Thank you note examples for the food maker:

Dear [Mom, Dad, or their name],

Thank you for providing wonderful homemade meals for the family. I know that sometimes they can take a while to make. Please know that I appreciate them as they provide energy and taste great! The shrimp dish you made last week was fantastic!

[Your Name]

Dear [Their name],

I enjoy the weekly dinner at your house. It’s a joy to see your family and also gives me a break from figuring out dinner! I am aware of how much time cooking can take. I’d like to have you over to my house soon.

Thanks Again,
[Your Name]

Dear [Their name],

I love the meals that you prepare! Perhaps, you can start teaching me and I can help out sometimes. I would love to be able to give you a break some nights. Can we start with something easy?

[Your Name]

Dear [Spouse’s Name],

Thank you for taking the time to make our meals and have enough leftovers for me to take to work the next day. Your meals are so much better than the frozen single serve meals we used to rely on. I understand that all the cooking can be a lot of work and time. It’s worth it. You are amazing and I love you for caring enough to make healthy food for us.

[Your Name]

Dear [Friend],

Thank you for having me over for lunch each week. I enjoy your homemade meals and desserts. You make the best chicken chili! Next week, let’s go out for lunch on me!

Thanks again,
[Your Name]

Dear Mom,

Thank you for having the family over most Sundays for lunch. We enjoy them and I like keeping in touch with the family. And of course, the food is wonderful. I also appreciate that you’ve switched over to making your own bacon bits!


How do you thank the people in your life that make your meals?

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When the Pilgrims celebrated the “first” Thanksgiving, it's very likely turkey wasn't the centerpiece of the meal. In fact, according to the.

Happy thanks giving card with delicious food vector image

All schools of Buddhism have rituals involving food. For example, the practice of giving food to monks begging for alms began during the life of the historical Buddha and continues to this day. But what about the food we eat ourselves? What is the Buddhist equivalent of "saying grace"?

Zen Meal Chant: Gokan-no-ge

There are several chants that are done before and after meals to express gratitude. Gokan-no-ge, the "Five Reflections" or "Five Remembrances," is from the Zen tradition.

First, let us reflect on our own work and the effort of those who brought us this food.
Second, let us be aware of the quality of our deeds as we receive this meal.
Third, what is most essential is the practice of mindfulness, which helps us to transcend greed, anger and delusion.
Fourth, we appreciate this food which sustains the good health of our body and mind.
Fifth, in order to continue our practice for all beings we accept this offering.

The translation above is the way it is chanted in my sangha, but there are several variations. Let's look at this verse one line at a time.

First, let us reflect on our own work and the effort of those who brought us this food.

This line is often translated as, "Let us reflect on the effort that brought us this food and consider how it comes to us." This is an expression of gratitude. The Pali word translated as "gratitude," katannuta, literally means "knowing what has been done." In particular, it is recognizing what has been done for one's benefit.

The food, of course, didn't grow and cook itself. There are cooks; there are farmers; there are groceries; there is transportation. If you think about every hand and transaction between a spinach seed and the pasta primavera on your plate, you realize that this food is the culmination of countless labors. If you add to that everyone who has touched the lives of the cooks and farmers and grocers and truck drivers who made this pasta primavera possible, suddenly your meal becomes an act of communion with vast numbers of people in the past, present, and future. Give them your gratitude.

Second, let us be aware of the quality of our deeds as we receive this meal.

We have reflected on what others have done for us. What are we doing for others? Are we pulling our weight? Is this food being put to good use by sustaining us? This line is also sometimes translated "As we receive this food, let us consider whether our virtue and practice deserve it."

Third, what is most essential is the practice of mindfulness, which helps us to transcend greed, anger and delusion.

Greed, anger, and delusion are the three poisons that cultivate evil. With our food, we must take particular care to not be greedy.

Fourth, we appreciate this food which sustains the good health of our body and mind.

We remind ourselves that we eat to sustain our life and health, not to indulge in sensory pleasure. (Although, of course, if your food does taste good, it's fine to mindfully enjoy it.)

Fifth, in order to continue our practice for all beings we accept this offering.

We remind ourselves of our bodhisattva vows to bring all beings to enlightenment.

When the Five Reflections are chanted before a meal, these four lines are added after the Fifth Reflection:

The first morsel is to cut all delusions.
The second morsel is to maintain our clear mind.
The third morsel is to save all sentient beings.
May we awaken together with all beings.

A Theravada Meal Chant

Wisely reflecting, I use this food not for fun, not for pleasure, not for fattening, not for beautification, but only for the maintenance and nourishment of this body, for keeping it healthy, for helping with the Spiritual Life;
Thinking thus, I will allay hunger without overeating, so that I may continue to live blamelessly and at ease.

The Second Noble Truth teaches that the cause of suffering (dukkha) is craving or thirst. We continually search for something outside ourselves to make us happy. But no matter how successful we are, we never remain satisfied. It's important not to be greedy about food.

A Meal Chant From the Nichiren School

The rays of the sun, moon and stars which nourish our bodies, and the five grains of the earth which nurture our spirits are all the gifts of the Eternal Buddha. Even a drop of water or a grain of rice is nothing but the result of meritorious work and hard labor. May this meal help us to maintain the health in body and mind, and to uphold the teachings of the Buddha to repay the Four Favors, and to perform the pure conduct of serving others. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Itadakimasu.

To "repay the Four Favors" in the Nichiren school is to repay the debt we owe our parents, all sentient beings, our national rulers, and the Three Treasures (the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha). "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" means "devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra," which is the foundation of Nichiren practice. "Itadakimasu" means "I receive," and is an expression of gratitude to everyone who had a hand in preparing the meal. In Japan, it is also used to mean something like "Let's eat!"

Gratitude and Reverence

Before his enlightenment, the historical Buddha weakened himself with fasting and other ascetic practices. Then a young woman offered him a bowl of milk, which he drank. Strengthened, he sat beneath a bodhi tree and began to meditate, and in this way he realized enlightenment.

From a Buddhist perspective, eating is more than just taking in nourishment. It is an interaction with the entire phenomenal universe. It is a gift given to us through the work of all beings. We vow to be worthy of the gift and work to benefit others. Food is received and eaten with gratitude and reverence.

thanks for food

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List of cute and clever ways to say thank you with food and drinks. Unique, fun ideas for saying thanks. Thank you craft and thank you board.

thanks for food
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